Thursday, August 25, 2016

Vastu Shastra Tips to Make Your Home a Better Place

You could be travelling the world, seeing places, living the most exotic life. You might be out all day and all evening. But in the end, all you will be doing is returning home. All of us refer to our living place as home sweet home. But how many of us feel the way we call it? Home can be a direct reflection of the kind of person you are, the way you live and the way you connect with other individuals. It is very important for you to have a home that is surrounded by positive energy and has the powers to eliminate all the negative vibes away from it and in turn, away from your life. In short, the proceedings of your life heavily depend on the décor, design and the way you maintain your home. This is where Vastu Shastra becomes an integral part of setting up your home. While some people think it is just eye wash, a lot of people think that vastu is the dwelling or home of gods and humans.

Vastu originates from the energies that circulate around the home such as the solar energy from the sun, lunar energy, cosmetic energy, magnetic energy, light energy, wind energy and thermal energy. If the house and its furniture and other décor objects are placed in alignment to these energies, the house can be an abode of happiness, peace and tranquility. Rajat Nayar, popular Vastu Consultant India, states that there is a bit of science, technology and a touch of experience to achieve spot on Vastu Shastra.

Home is where the heart is. Wouldn’t you want your heart to be at a place that is positive and healthy? In order to achieve this, you can take up Vastu Shastra to make it certain that your home will have no negative energy around it. Here are a few tips on how to make simple Vastu changes to your home to achieve the ultimate happy home:

1.       Always have a nameplate outside the house: This marks the ownership of the house to you and it welcomes new opportunities and new beginnings your way.

2.       Use lamps and diyas: Light from lamps and diyas are known to cleanse the home and avoid any kind of negative energy into the house.

3.       Kitchen placement: The kitchen should always be in the south-east corner of the house. If not, north-west can also be considered as an option. Irrespective of the placement of the kitchen, the placement of the stove should always be towards the south-east direction.

4.       Avoid keeping medicines in the kitchen: Keeping the medicines away from the kitchen means that you are healthy and happy whereas medicines in the kitchen can mean totally opposite, that is you are prone to being sick and unhappy.

5.       Put up some wind chimes: The noise generated can totally shoo off the negative energy in and around the house.

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Importance Of Periodic Table In Chemistry Exam

What is Periodic Table?

A Periodic Table is a horizontal arrangement comprising of all the chemical elements that are present in the order of their atomic number, electronic configuration and persisting chemical properties.
This ordering represents periodic trends where one row consists of elements that are metals, located to the left of the table and nonmetals to the right. The columns of a table are termed groups, and the different rows are known to as periods. Dmitri Mendeleev developed it to emphasize the periodic trends in the properties of elements.
This table can also be used to determine relationships between various properties of elements and also anticipate the properties of elements that are still to be detected. One can find its application in numerous fields of chemistry and more areas in science. The table comprises of 118 parts as per 2016.
Every chemical element consists of a particular atomic number illustrating number of protons present within the nucleus. Most of the elements are isotopes. They are grouped under a single element, and they are never separated in the table.

Why is Periodic Table Important?

The Periodic Table is said to be the most important part of chemistry as it makes it. All the elements are arranged in an informative order. They are positioned in the order from left to right and also top to bottom in an increasing order of their atomic numbers. This order coincides with the increase in their atomic mass.
Before the discovery of all the elements, this periodic table was useful in the prediction of the physical and chemical properties of all the elements present in the gaps of the table. In today’s world, It is also helpful in predicting the properties of those elements which are not yet discovered. Anyway all these newer elements are said to be highly stable and radioactive and can break down into various similar elements instantly.
This table is even useful for all the students as well as scientists as it is helpful to predict all the kinds of the chemical reactions occurring within an element. The table gives you a clear picture of the figures and facts of every element rather memorizing it. A glance at the periodic table tells about the chemical reactivity of the element, like whether it conducts electricity, soft or hard and along with all its characteristics.

Why Learn Periodic Table?

Learning periodic table is more important as it is systematically arranged to give a lot of information about the elements and the way they relate each other in various ways. Moreover, chemistry is all more about the chemical elements. Hence a good understanding of the chemical elements will discover more about chemistry.
The table describes various properties as given below-
     It predicts the properties of different elements.
     The Columns called as groups and rows known as periods indicate the elemental characteristics.
     The table makes different trends with the properties of elements
     The table gives a piece of information as to how the chemical equations are balanced.

Standard Periodic Table

Mendeleev developed the standard or modern periodic table. Atomic number forms the basis of this periodic table. Elements are usually placed in the increasing order of an atomic number. In the modern periodic table, elements are set in 7 periods and 18 groups. In this chart, elements are categorized into four groups namely representative elements, transition elements, inner transition elements and noble gasses
In the Standard Periodic Table, the elements are indexed according to the increasing atomic number. A new row initially starts when a new electron shell possesses the first electron.
Groups:  are determined by an electronic configuration of an atom. The atomic radii of elements increase from top to bottom of the group. Groups are usually numbered from 1 to 8 starting from leftmost column to rightmost column.
Period: Elements present in the same period exhibits trends in electronegativity, ionization energy, atomic radius and electron affinity. Atomic radius decrease in a period from left to right which in turn causes an increase in ionization energy while moving from left to right across a period. It is produced due to the addition of electron and a proton to each consecutive elements causing an electron to move closer to the nucleus. Electron affinity also displays a slight trend across a period.
Blocks: It can be referred to a distinct region in a periodic table in perception to the sequence, where the shells of electrons are filled. The s - block consists of first 2 groups and p - blocks comprehend of last 6 groups, f- block do not contain any members of the panel and d-block consists from group 3 to 12.
Metals, Nonmetals, and Metalloids: Metals are a solid substance, shiny, fusible materials possessing excellent thermal conductivity. Nonmetals can either be colored or colorless. Metalloids exhibit transitional properties.

How Byju’s Interactive Periodic Table Will Help Students?

The learning methodology plays an important role while you are studying especially with the subjects like chemistry. It involves a heavy memorization of the elements, their origin, characteristics, properties, applications and the reactions. This is not so easy as it looks. Hence the Byju’s Interactive Periodic Table will give you a clear and proper understanding of all the elements in a systematic approach. The table has all the information regarding each and every element as per the modern periodic table.
Apart from this, there are also engaging video sessions and classes held from our experts, wherein an interactive way, each and every topic is explained in an effective manner so that every student understands the basic concept coming within. Know more about the Periodic table and the Organic Chemistry & Inorganic Chmeistry concepts on Byju’s.
Stay on top in every subject with Byju’s classes from India’s best teachers including Byju Raveendran, using state of the art technology for visualization. Understand and master all the concepts of your CBSE Syllabus by installing the Byju's – The Learning App, to your smartphones and tablets and bring the mentor one step closer to you.
For more details call 09243500460 and talk to educational experts for proper guidance.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Different types of landlords you meet in your life

Different types of landlords you meet in your life

If you have been hopping homes, then you know it very well how fidgety or caring a landlord can be. Some are suspicious, some insecure, some caring, while some least bothered; however, tenants have to deal with them if they want to stay in rooms for rent in hyderabad. Some landlords act as parents as well, and impose restrictions like no late night parties or no opposite gender people allowed in the house. Some might also say no pets allowed. The list of their characteristic traits is never ending, hence taking a quick sneak peek at the different types of landlords you meet in your life should be a real fun journey!

1) The Least Bothered one
Some landlords are least bothered about what is going on in their rented apartment. They give the keys complete the documentation and just walk off till they do not receive their rent or your tenancy period is over. You may call him/her up, but he/she may not pick up your phone nor might come to flat to check the condition.

2) The Suspicious one
 If your landlord sneaks in each and every weekend or week in your house and enquires about the guests coming in or the condition of his/hers rented apartment, then he/she is the suspicious one. He/she will do no harm and may not kick you out of the house as well, however will surely keep checking in for the latest happenings in his home.


3) Only Vegetarian please
Some landlords are vegetarian and they want their tenants to also be so. Hence, they reject all the non-vegetarians while selecting the tenants. So, if you have lied to your landlord about this, be careful, as he/she might come to inspect this anytime in your house.

4) No House Parties, and No Late nights
Some landlords do not allow their tenants to host late nights or house parties. They also do not allow drinks, cigarettes and drugs in the house. Hence, be careful if you enjoy house parties and your landlord does not allow it.

5) We Hate Pets
There are some landlords who hate pets, even if the tenant loves them. They will not allow their tenants to keep any kind of pets in the house. If you have a pet, then this type will ask you to leave the house or your profile may not be considered for the rented apartment.

6) The Most Caring one
Feel like home when you are sick or hungry? This can be because of your landlord cares for you as your people back home do. Your landlord will get medicines, food and also might take you to the hospital also. He/she might sit beside you till you get well.

Source: wikipedia

7) The Hitler
The Hitler is undoubtedly the worst kind of landlord to have. He is one of those people who scare you so much that even if something is wrong in your rental flat in Delhi, you will think a hundred times before calling him up and asking him to fix it. It’s just what the Hitler does to you!

8) The Houdini
What else can you expect from a landlord who behaves like the world’s foremost escape artists but to never be there when he is needed the most? This is the landlord who, when you call him to report a leaking faucet in your apartment in Bangalore, will make up an excuse so amazing that you’ll never be able to find so faults with it. And the leaky faucet will never be repaired!

These are some of the different types of landlords we have come across. If you have any more, let us know your experiences.

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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Reading Childhood Books As An Adult

My first foray into the world of books and literature like many children was thanks to Fairy Tales. I found the concept of living happily ever after beautiful. I thought the Prince Charming really would come charging through on his white horse. A dream I kind of held on to till I was seventeen and then my world came crashing down because suddenly I was legally an adult.
(Big deal, though, here! Because you can be 18 and you can be 25 but here in India as long as you live at home you’re still kids. Kids who cannot stay outside past 8:30pm, kids who cannot go out to Friday night parties because disapproving parents will stay up to receive you and yell at you over your hangover. But mostly because you like this perfect image of yourself that has been crafted in front of your family and you’d rather not ruin that reputation of yours. But I digress.)
A long time ago, I was asked to write a guest post for The Solitary Writer and because of varying reasons and quite a handful of excuses, I hadn’t been able to get the work done that was until this evening, though. Suddenly nothing seems more important to me than sharing with you, certain books from my childhood and what I think about the books that had made up my whole Universe once upon a time!

      1.     Grimm’s Fairy Tales:
We were all fools once when we believed that every one of us got to live happily ever after in the end. Because now that we closely examine the story, we see that not everything ended with being neatly tied up in a bow. There are also so many gaping plot holes in some of the stories, that enthusiasts such as myself are willing to read up every single version of the stories known to man to know where I could possibly find the missing pieces! My way of thinking was pretty simple back when I was a child.

      2.     Hans Christian Anderson’s Fairy Tales
I am never going to understand why this man’s stories were called fairy tales. Because the Little Match Girl dies, The Mermaid dies, and even the Steadfast Tin Soldier falls into the fire before he can tell the ballerina he loves her! Exactly, how does anyone in his stories reach the promised ever after?

     3.     The Legends of Greece and Rome
The Gods are supposed to be great. The Goddess are supposed to be just and kind. But these legends paint them as merely human with the gift of immortality and power. Come to think of it, they are no better than vampires! Especially the ones which have come to greet us through our television screens now! If you look closely, every story in these legends is someone manipulating someone else. One person is the puppet, the other puppeteer. Suddenly, as adults we look past the thrill of adventure we felt as kids and realise that Gods could walk the Earth once upon a time. And they weren’t quite the saints we make them out to be.

     4.     The Little Prince

When you read this book as a child, you find it amusing and beautiful. You want to be best friends with The Little Prince. But when you go back to the book as an adult you finally realise what the book had been trying to tell you all along. The adult world is complicated. Children’s worlds are far better and far simpler. It was pretty heart breaking for me to realise what the real message of this book was.

      5.     Alice in Wonderland
Last but not the least, the tale of Alice who went down the rabbit hole! Those of us who grew up doting on this little girl and wonderland, now realise what the true meaning behind those seemingly childish words were.
“How long is forever?”
“Sometimes, just a second.”
And with that, I am going to end this blog post. It is quite nice to know that there is comfort in re-reading our childhood books even though we get the hidden messages. Most of all, we finally realize what this books have tried to tell us from the start: no matter what happens to you, no matter the pain and the heart breaks you suffer, and no matter how difficult it seems to get through the day, always remember that there’s something constant. That there’s something that will always wait for you. Your favourite childhood book! J

I am the author of When Our Worlds Collide, The Guitar Girl and The Secret Proposal. My short story ‘The Difference’ was featured in the anthology Voices: Old and New, and my other short story, ‘Time After Time’ is part of the anthology called ‘Curtain Call.’
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I also blog at:
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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Addicted to you - by Avicii

Salam Bloggers,

Today  while listening to music,  the music player played this particular music twice. It was 'Addicted to you' by Avicii. There was something so pleasing about. 

"I don't know how it happened, I let down my God. Swear I never fall in love again, I fell hard... I should have seen that coming..caught me by surprise...."

These words juggled inside my head. Wait! Why so? There was something special about this song. If you listen to the music, it take you through the memory lane. Everyone must have a special kind of feeling for someone in their life time. Be it any phase - school, university or office and anything thing for that matter. But you would call this as the best phase of your life because of the special memories attached to it. That special one might have a special significance in your life. If a life of togetherness was possible then it was a game of fate and destiny allowed you to be with your loved one but if it didn't then life was harsh and  destiny had something different in stores for you. 

Curious, I logged on to to check out the official video of this song. A big shock awaited me when I saw it. Prior to it, I was of the opinion that it was a kind of love and betrayal song between two individuals  - heterosexuals! But the video showed two girls who had hots for each other. It showed smooching between the two. The growing love affair between them and their profession i.e robbery couldn't ensure that they stay together. But love wasn't meant for them and the cops killed one of those girls. Unable to accept the loss, the other girl blasted eventually killing all of those present at that spot. It is indeed heart wrenching. 

Avicii is a talented young singer from Sweden and few of the songs from his album has been sung by several amazing singers like this one. I personally loved the Wake me up, Hey Brother a lot  and I am a fan of his songs! 

Some love stories never happen and some happen by chance when no one wants love to happen, it happens accidentally. 

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Monday, June 20, 2016

How to Identify an Anti-National in India?

anti national, India
Image source
India has seen a lot of intolerance - tolerance and national - antinational debate over the last few months. This division has caused a rift and this resulted in a birth of new species called anti-nationals.  So , if you say anything against the sentiment of the country , then behold you might be tagged as an anti-national by a group of sadhu's , saints and chamcha's of the cow loving party of India. Everyone has a special place for their country in their heart. Of course, the nation comes first to anyone. But for an anti-national, India comes at last on their priority list. Their love for their nation eventually  declines at some point in time. So , let us see how to identify an anti-national.

1. Rational 

Image Source

They are self-proclaimed Rationalists.  They tend to be logical and will take you down in any discussion by providing facts and statistics. Stay away from these guys. They will kill it with logics and make you less patriotic.

2. Liberal

Anti-nationals are liberals. They are fondly called as Libtards. Are you one?

3. Secularism

Image Source

Secularism might be a fabric of India. But  there is some group of them who want to remove this word from the Indian constitution. Anti-Nationals are those who are seculars and talk about rights of individuals from all communities in India. 

4. Aren't religious

Image Source Okay , he is an Anti-National

Their religious sentiments are held loose. Anti-Nationals are least bothered about different kinds of rituals and they keep individuals ahead of religion. They don't believe in Gods!

5. They eat Beef

Image Source

Anti-Nationals consume beef. The  cow is our  mother and how dare they consume beef. It's like hurting Bharat Maa. They deliberately arrange beef eating festivals in order to hurt Indian sentiments.

6. Never believe in the power of Goumutra

Image Source

Once our great baba Ramdev said that Goumutra is the best form of disinfectant and cures many  diseases. So, if you are an anti-national then you won't believe in the power of Goumutra.

7. A non-believer of ancient Indian inventions

You would gain animosity if you admit that you don't believe in ancient Indian inventions. Believe it or not, it was an Indian who invented the Airplane before the Wright brothers. Us Indians are the minds behind the first head transplant of Lord Ganesha. Pythagoras cried because of us Indians. If you don't believe it, then you are an anti-national.

8. Enemies of Bhakts

Anti-Nationals hate this lovely family- Image Source

Anti-Nationals are the greatest enemies of Bhakts, a new species of Indians who came into existence after Modi Ji came into power. It's the war that can go strong because both of them are good at arguing and their skills can be put to a test. Do you hate Bhakts? You are an anti-national!

9. Modi Haters

Image Source
All the Modi haters can be labelled as anti-nationals. Modi Ji is the symbol of patriotism. Never ever, ever, never question Modi Ji's love for the country. Anti-Nationals always tend to question about Modi's role in the 2002 Gujarat Riots. They never forget 2002. 

10. Follow Anti-National Facebook Pages

Image Source

Like Anti-National , Like Anti-National Pages. These are the people who follow Anti-National Pages on Facebook like - Unofficial - Subramaniam Swamy, Beef Janata Party, Logical India, Unofficial Narendra Modi and so on. They never fail to share their anti-national posts.

11. Frustrated Indian

They are the ones who post rational comments on national posts on the Frustrated Indian Facebook Page adding to the frustration Quotient (FQ) of the Frustrated Indian.

12. Question about Modi Ji's degree

Modi Ji glaring when an anti-national asks for his degree. Source

Anti-Nationals are often found questioning about Modi Ji's degree. They are keen on finding his degrees because they think that Modi Ji never went to school.

13. Keen on finding Modi Ji's customers 

Image Source

They want to know about  people who were Modi Ji's customers who drank Chai made by Modi during his childhood. They post memes and share jokes on Modi Ji's childhood.

14. Don't appreciate Modi Ji

Image Source

They never appreciate Modi Ji. Recently Modi Ji received some 50 claps and standing ovations. But Anti-Nationals would snap it and  post facts about previous PM's who got similar standing ovations.

15.  Never believe in Acts of God's 

Image Source

They won't call disasters that happen because of man  as acts of God. According to Modian philosophy, if your state is ruled by a bad administrator and if any non-natural disaster happens , then that is an act of God.  Anti-Nationals won't buy this theory.

16. Would call BJP's pre-election campaigns as conspiracy to POLARIZE votes by causing communal tensions.

Image Source

According to them, BJP's pre-election campaigns are a conspiracy to Polarise votes by causing drifts and conflicts between the Hindus and the Muslims.

17. Hate Anupam Kher, Pahlaj Nihlani, Gajendran, Subramanian Swamy et al

Anupam Ji shocked after hearing that anti-national hate him:( Image Source

They  detest Anupam Kher, Pahlaj Nihlani, Gajendran, Subramanian Swamy who are pro-BJP and support all the policies of the ruling party.

18. Baba, Sadhu and Sadhvi haters

Image Source

Anti-Nationals hate Baba's , Sadhu's and Sadhvi's who share their thoughts about peace and unity in our country. This Cake is a lie , Okay? 

19. Questions BJP Corruption but not Congress's

Modi Ji asking why  to anti-national. Image Source

Anti-Nationals emphasise more on BJP scams like Vyapam ,Chikki and lot more. They keep their mouth shut when it comes to Congress scams. They defend Nehruvian and Gandhian ideologies and question about RSS and right principles.

20. Non-Supporter of BJP

Image Source

Anti-Nationals never support BJP or Right ideology.  If you never support BJP, then you are outright Anti-National.

Modi Ji is upset because of Anti-Nationals :( Source

So, see now I taught you how to identify an anti-national. Be good and don't fight okay? 

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