Monday, November 12, 2018

Everything is blue now

Everything is blue now
How long do I remember you?
As long as there are days and nights
Till the sun and the moon shines
The birds are warbling and 
Winter is coming 
The snow is falling
But where are you?
Aren't you gonna come?
The wind whistles searching for you
The star weeps thinking about you
Will you ever come back?
No, never disappoint
Our hearts are already broken
Don't break it anymore
Oh Look, the voids have grown large
The bridge has fallen
And the gates have closed forever
The scars have turned dark
Our heart mourns and yearns
Everything is blue now
Aren't you sad seeing us in tears
The house that housed us together 
It isn't the same anymore
The womb that bore you is  filled with hurt
A joyful past we all had,
An hopeful future we all dreamed of,
But a present  full of pain is what we nurse
and tears without you 
Now Fake smile , broken dreams, shattered hopes
You know things aren't the same anymore
Now Everything is blue

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Dear Little Sister

Dear Anu, my little sister, 

Today is your 26th birthday. And you left all of us in distress last year when you ascended towards heaven. Did you know how much pain it caused us that day when you breathe your last on my arms. I can't believe I am writing this on your birthday in your absence that hurts me the most. I am a weak person and you, my little sister, have taught me some great life lessons. God punished you, an innocent being, by inflicting you with the deadliest disease in the world that even Medical science is striving to find a cure for! I detest God for doing this to someone whom I love more than anyone in this world. I know you would hate me for hating god for you have been the purest and god loving person in the world.  You know Mom and Dad are crying every single day since you left for the heavenly abode. I don't have enough courage to ask them not to cry.  Mother carried you in her wombs and fed you with love and treated you with utmost care. Our Father, whom I never saw so weak in my entire life is left heartbroken. I've never seen him cry so much.  Do you remember the days he used to carry you to school when you were late? Wasn't that amazing? Every time he would call you from his work to ask what you want for snacks.  And you would often ask him to get Samosa or Dabeli since you liked it the most. Do you remember how momma used to come home early during Saturdays so that she could spend most of her time with us? She still regrets leaving us home during our childhood. She holds herself responsible for whatever happened to you. She thinks she didn't love her children and she left them at home. But she did that because she wanted to raise her children well. Isn't that the story of every working parent? They have to sacrifice a lot to see their children happy. I remember the sadness on your eyes everytime Momma left for work because you wanted her to be with you. Anu, remember that we love you a lot. It's difficult to believe that you are no more I am not able to digest the events that happened that night when you left us. I am still in shock.  Is God cruel enough to take my 'only' little sister?  

You are special to me. I will never use a past tense for you because you are still alive for me. My mind is not able to process the fact that you are no more. Momma and Appa ask me to be strong but break when they say that. Even I can't control my tears when I ask them to stay strong. How can I say this to them? What they lost is something beyond imagination! I pray no parent ever loses their child.  It's the most painful suffering for anyone in this world.  Many say God took you because he wanted to reduce your pain.  Maybe that's true. You had written many letters to him and I remember reading all of those after you left us. Those letters were full of hope. You just asked him for miracles and he disappointed you. You suffered a lot of pain from the moment you came to know about this disease that killed you every single minute.  Maybe you shouldn't have browsed the internet or maybe it is my fault to have got an internet connection at home that was one of the reasons that broke you.  You would say that it's good to be careful and the internet actually helped you in some or the other ways. 
We hid your health issues from our family just because you never wanted people to look at you with sympathy.  You always were a strong girl till your last breath but I still can't understand how a strong girl like you succumbed. You, my little sister, would always stay special for me. You loved doing creative stuff. Your crochet works like bags, bands, skirts and everything you did as part of your fashion designing is still in our house. Your wall paintings, your artwork - be it your designs or croquis, everything is inside our home. God weakened you and tried to test our love. But we four stayed united and never gave up. Our love towards each other grew strong and our bond strengthened. 

Do you remember the summer vacations of 2003 when we both cried when you left early for our village?  We both were quite young then.  Imagine I couldn't handle the pain of such a small period of separation, how can I handle this absence?  Mom, Dad and me are hurt and we know you have gone far away. We don't know what you are doing and what kind of life you are living. People who visit our home say that she is happy there with God. How can you be happy without us? You once said that we three are your world and you can't remain happy without your momma, appa and beloved anna. I know how much you loved us. It is evident from the letters that you have written. Mom cared for both of us equally but she never scolded you or beat you whenever you scored less in your exams during your school days. But she thrashed me whenever I scored less because she loved you and cared about you. She always cared about your happiness.  She knows what you like and what you love.  For people who say God has taken his child away from our parents. Does he know what you like? Momma and Appa know everything about your likes and dislikes. They worked hard for your expensive medicines. You were so mature that you used to advise me about life.  I still have that poetry with me that you had written about living life to the fullest. You really did. You had so many dreams in your eyes and goals in your life. Your dream is now mine! 

Dear little sister, I will work on all your dreams. You always used to say that when you grew up and worked, you will give away a small portion of your income to old age homes after you saw the sufferings of old parents in an old age home.  Anu, you were so kind and the best. I've always been proud of you and would proudly talk about you and show your creative work with my colleagues and friends at the office.  Everyone knew about you and your talent. Remember everytime you created something beautiful, I would share it on Facebook. That's because I wanted the world to see my sisters talent. I love you a lot. 

I can't control my tears as I type each and every word of this article. Maybe we loved you so much that your absence is terribly hurting us. It is piercing and hurting our heart. 
I still remember that early morning of 2011 when I left for Pune. You had a blackout and seizures. A part of me got destroyed that day itself. From that day itself, I pledged to myself to be the best brother to you.  I always wanted to see you happy and got you everything that you wanted.  I have written a lot of blog posts about you. And in all of them, I prayed to God to grant you a long and healthy life. But he never heard any of our prayers, even your prayers! How cruel can God be to our family? 
Do you remember that Thursday of 1994 where  you were sucking popsicles that our Aunt had brought you? You were just 2 years old and I snatched it from you and ate it. You just had your brand new teeth that you drugged inside my arms. I still have those scars on my left arms. Not just that there are numerous scars on my arms that you scribbled. 

You were an angry young woman and you got angry very fast but your heart was pure.  I will never ever get a sister like you. You were my best sister and my best friend.  And you live with us forever!
You are always the best and we will never forget you till our last breath.  Anu, stay happy. You are God's best angel and that's why he gave his best angel to us for just the 25 years of our life. When the time came, he took you! I miss you da and more than that I love you to infinity! Never forget us!

Yours loving Anna

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Writing my heart out!

Writing my heart out!
Image Source
I can't write my heart out
Painful thoughts engulf my mind
I lay on the floor deeming my past
Bliss and joy so vast
Now, my mind threatens my heart 
My heart fails every day, every night
Thinking of the old days
My mind commands me to move on 
But I simply can't, no never
And heart won't forgive me 
And my mind yells at me
Asks me to direct my life
Where did you go? Why did you go?
I know you'll never forgive me
But I can't just think beyond
Like winds, ocean and time, 
I'm not inured to move on
Maybe I'm just like that 
Maybe I'm weak and tired 
I don't know to explain myself 
I don't even know how not to care
Ima gonna try, tell me to move on
Hate me or love me,
My mind urges me to move on
Maybe I should listen to it
Maybe I will try
Maybe I'll never
Maybe I'll just pretend
Maybe I don't deserve all this

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Friday, November 09, 2018

Invest Smart with Orowealth

Invest Smart with Orowealth

Wikipedia defines Mutual funds as a professionally managed investment fund that pools money from various investors to purchase securities. We Indians are generally risk-averse by nature and because of this tendency we often tend to analyze various aspects before investing time and money in something. Well, that's in our blood! I've been like this too and I fondly remember one of my discussions with my brother-in-law who advised me to invest in mutual funds. At that time, everything was new for me because I was career focused and I hardly saved any money but as time progressed I decided to be responsible. At that moment my Jiju almost convinced me in investing in mutual funds but the ignorant me failed to understand his point. But I soon rectified my mistake after I got to meet many people. Generally, you got a whirlpool of ideas whenever you communicate with a multitude of people and through that my eyes got exposed to the financial aspect of life. It is because of these misconceptions about investing in mutual funds that investors are taken aback and they step backwards because they are not convinced. Investors sometimes find it complex and such complexity has been ruled out in recent times because of the platforms provided by companies that aim to make life easier for these investors. Because it is all about making the investor's life easier and better. Orowealth is India's Numero Uno direct mutual fund investment platform specifically designed to address the misconceptions created in the investor's mind.

Orowealth provides personalized advisory for its investors through its platform that offers direct mutual fund plan. Through this platform, the investors can make more out of their investments.  A dedicated advisor working in sync with the investor and the company will facilitate the investment process by providing timely solutions and suggestions.  They can take care of the investor's special financial needs and also help in selecting customized investment plans.

Orowealth also allows you to switch your existing mutual fund investment into a direct plan. They help you satiate your financial appetite by creating custom-made portfolios.  They help you meet your financial goals. So, as an investor, you need to be least worried about your finance. The platform provides you all this as a paperless experience that is also hassle-free and helps you to invest in Direct Plans through Orowealth's web portal and its mobile application.

Being an NRI, I've always thought about investing in the different mutual funds and upon my analysis, I understand that Orowealth has a lot to offer to us. 

There are multiple advantages for the NRI's. I am listing a few of them below:

1.    End to End Paperless platform - Orowealth's hassle-free solution to your investment worries can help you breathe safely. Their end to end paperless platform i.e their web portal and mobile applications are very useful

2.    Analytics and Live Tracking - Analysis and Live Tracking is a great future and in a sector as deep as Finance, live tracking and analysis is a must especially when the stocks keep ticking

3.    Goal-Based Investments - With Orowealth's offerings, they help their investors in understanding their goals and requirements. Goal-based investments will help you reap the maximum out of your investments. 

4.    Financial Planning - Orowealth's advisory personnel will not only help you in establishing your financial goals but also help in your finances. They can help you in the different mutual fund's investment plans. Their portfolio tracking is the best in the market and is tagged useful by many industry leaders. With this, you can track all your mutual fund investment plans in a single screen. Isn't this amazing?

5.    Smooth Operational Flows - Their application is simple for anyone to understand.  Smooth Operational flow is the main aim of the company. It is best to make life easier. 

6.    Ease of use and round the clock services - Orowealth officials are always available round the clock. Customer satisfaction is a major goal for almost all companies and Orowealth has taken this seriously. And this is the major reason why they have focused more on the usability and availability of services. The customer is a king is a very famous saying in modern times but Orowealth folks have lived up to this expectation when they planned this company.

Orowealth provides a niche offering of various Automated and human advisory services to help their customers with various investment needs.  Wealthcare has been their main aspect and their main vision is to be seen as the Wealth Manager of the masses. It has a good customer base and presence across India and other countries.

Orowealth comes up with some great plans and it includes the Gold plan and the Platinum plans. If you avail the Gold plan, then a financial advisor is assigned to you to meet your investment goals. A free call can be arranged with them to discuss your needs.

In the Platinum plan, unlimited calls with the personal financial advisors can be arranged.  Aforementioned, Orowealth's primary aim is the wealthcare of their customers.  A good wealthcare means a happy customer and fret not, Orowealth is a pioneer in the investment market platform and known to help investors.

So worry not, and invest in the mutual funds. Avail the services of Orowealth and make the most out of your investment dreams! Always remember that Good Healthcare and Good Wealthcare are the most essential elements in a human life. Healthcare is in your hand and leave Wealthcare in Orowealth's hand because they are the best in the industry who know your investment needs. 

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Arjun wife 2

Arjun wife 2

"Arjun, why did you cheat on me?" Nisha asked.
"You have another wife?" She curiously enquired.
"Are you out of your mind?" Arjun said, visibly annoyed.
"Then who is Arjun wife 2 on your friend Deepak's phone?" She asked.
"His wife is my good friend and she told me this!"
"Yeah, buy another Jio SIM."

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Change Your Life With a Trip

Change Your Life With a Trip
Change Your Life With a Trip
If there was something about your life that you could change, what would it be? Would you want a better job, a healthy relationship, to recover mentally and physically, to live in a new location? You can probably list several things you’d like to improve, but as most know, change isn’t something that comes easily. When you’re bogged down by the daily pressures of life, stuck in routines, and tied to your obligations, advancing your life doesn’t come easy. Taking a break from “reality”, and going on a trip is exactly what you need to find new inspiration.

Improve Your Health
Trying to lose weight? Having trouble meeting your health and fitness goals? Planning a trip to improve your health is quickly becoming a popular option for travelers. Wellness retreats, for instance, provide visitors with the opportunity to focus on their health. Held at a luxury hotel and resort chains across the country, participants get an all-access pass to the program's tools and resources. There are exercise programs, diet and meal prep courses, group activities, and therapeutic solutions like massage therapy and meditation to help improve your health.

Kick Bad Habits
There are some bad habits that can ruin your life if you continue to indulge in them - like doing drugs or alcohol. Addiction is a disease that impacts a person’s physical and emotional well-being and ruins families, relationships, careers, finances, and more. For someone who recognizes the consequences of addiction, sometimes traveling to kick the bad habit for good is necessary.
Going to a medically supported detox far away from where you live increases your chances of completing the program. Many rehab centers and sober living facilities are located in nice destinations with impressive views and luxury accommodations. The idea is to take the person outside of their environment and away from their triggers and place them in an environment where they can be at peace and really heal.

Find a New Start
Feeling like where you are isn’t where you want to be? Are you living in a town where the cost of living is too high, there aren’t many career opportunities, or you’ve simply got a bad past from? Well, traveling can be the tool you need to make a new start for yourself. If you’re thinking about relocating it is recommended that you travel first, get acquainted with the area, and then find a permanent place to live.
Taking a trip to a new city, state or country can give you a better look at the opportunities out there. You can check out neighborhoods, visit local restaurants and shopping centers, talk with residents who’ve lived there forever, visit schools, experience the culture, and get a wealth of information that can later be used to determine where you’ll make your fresh start.

Spark Creativity
If your profession requires you to regularly come up with consistent and creative new ideas, staying glued to the desk or in the office can stunt your creative abilities. All work and no play can also drain you cognitively making it hard for you to be productive. A week-long trip to another country, for example, can ignite that fire once again. The time alone by itself is enough to clear the fog and clutter from your mind.

Trying new things, seeing new sites, and making new connections through travel is immensely instrumental in helping the creative mind. It can be just the experience to spark a new blog entry for a writer, the right scene to capture new pictures for a photographer, or the right connection to give an entrepreneur a new idea.

Living a perfect life, as you know, isn’t possible. Yet, making positive change and progress is imperative to your happiness and longevity. If there are things about your life that you wish to change, but can’t seem to do in the environment you’re in or with the obligations you have, take a trip. It may seem strange how impactful a few days or weeks can be to one’s life, but the truth is a vacation can be life-altering. Whether you’re trying to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle, kick bad habits that are tearing your family apart, find a new place to start life, or looking to spark new ideas you can accomplish many of these things through travel.

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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Ways To Finance Your Travel

Ways To Finance Your Travel
Many people don’t travel because they do not have the money to do so. But, you do not have to be rich to travel to the shores of Mangalore, India. There are several ways that you can travel the world on a budget. The following list will help you if you want to know how to pay for travel.

Cut Down on Your Spending
If you want to find extra money for traveling, then you will need to start by looking at your budget. Living within your budget is one of the keys to paying for what you want and need.
Look over your budget and see if there are things that you are spending money on things you do not need. For example, if you have a club membership that you are not using, then you should get rid of it. You may also want to get rid of expensive cable. Additionally, preparing your meals at home will help you save money.

Take Out an Installment Loan
An installment loan can be a great way to pay for your travel expenses. An installment loan is one that you will take out and pay back over time. In most cases, you will have 12 to 60 months to pay it back. But, there are several criteria that you will have to meet to get approved.
You will need to shop around and compare different lenders before you apply. Find out about the requirements. You will also need to find out about the interest rates. You can check out personal installment loans online for a variety of options.
You will also need to check your credit. Most lenders need people to have good or excellent credit to get approved. Not only will you increase your chances of getting approved but you will also get a better interest rate.
Additionally, you will need to review your budget before you apply. If you have good credit, then you will likely be able to take out a larger loan. Yet, you do not want to borrow more than you can afford.
Keep in mind that there is a difference between a secured and unsecured loan. Lenders need collateral if you have a secured loan. You can use your home or car to secure the loan. You will not need collateral for an unsecured loan.

Find Ways to Bring in Extra Money
Increasing your income will make it easier for you to fund your travel. You do not have to take a second job to pay for your travel. You can do things in your spare time. For example, if you are good at writing, then you can write articles in your spare time.
You can also babysit or dog-sit if you love pets and children. Additionally, you can tutor in your spare time. You can make hundreds of extra dollars per month by working in your spare time.
Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be a millionaire to travel the world. You can pay for traveling by making some adjustments to your budget. You should also look for ways to make extra money in your spare time. Additionally, you can take out an installment loan. No matter where the money comes from, traveling is a worthwhile expense. The memories made are priceless.

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