Friday, October 07, 2016

The Jai Veeru of 21st Century

The story of Jai and Veeru reminds us of ideal friendship.  That's how true friends should be! Everyone craves to have a friend like Jai or Veeru with whom you  could share all your secrets.  You could blindly trust that friend. Very few are blessed  with such friendship. I consider myself lucky to have found a Jai in my life in form of my friend Ankit Jain who happens to be my blogger friend.

I could talk for hours and days about this special friend of mine. He holds a special place in my heart. During the young days of blogging, I remained anonymous. That was when I was actively involved in writing short fiction stories in form of series. It was then he discovered me through random blog hops. I never knew that he saw me as an inspiration. He soon  shifted to Mumbai, the city of dreams, to join a multinational software organisation as a Mainframe Developer. By then only my close friends used to know the real me.  It was during a book project, I met him. We used to meet quite often and it was one such occasion that he confessed that my blog was an inspiration to him. I was flabbergasted at first. I remained speechless for a while. I hardly knew him then. 

 From strangers, we got to know each other well. There was something that bothered him much. And it was food. Trust me, for someone who was used to eating homemade food, adapting to outside food is a terrible thing. My home away days made me transform into a better individual. During one such instance, I got to know that he was missing his mother badly and the food cooked by her.  Whenever we met, I used to bring home food for him. That was the least I could do for a friend like him. Since, then our friendship grew, even more, stronger. We used to travel together for various blogger meets. I used to call him at Andheri and he would arrive in time. But it would still take hours for us to locate as he would be at the rear end of the platform and me at the front side. And then we would greet each other abusing. Such was the bond! He is a numismatist and his love for collecting rare coins is admirable.  He used to cajole me to accompany him at various coin exhibitions. It wasn't my cup of tea but he made me realise the importance of hobbies. 

 I sought inspiration from him and I again started collecting postcards from different countries of the world. Table Tennis is a sport that is played across the world. Ankit is a die hard fan of table tennis.  During a birthday treat, we happened to bump across a venue at Versova. We spotted a table tennis  bat and a table. That was the first time when I played table tennis for the first time.  This friend of mine taught me to play table tennis. I am not a great fan of sports  but through his passion for Table Tennis, I developed a deep interest for Foosball. Ankit  loves writing. He loves writing Erotica. During our Bookster team meeting, he came up with a story of a mistress. I still remember to what extent we made fun of him. He is good at photography.  His Instagram account  is a proof of his photography talent. He has clicked some amazing photos and they are outstanding and picturesque. 

During his professional exile of  one year in the States, I missed this friend a lot. Of course, he was my partner in crime and a friend with whom I could go for various events. We used to talk through Facebook and Whatsapp but virtual communication is not as effective as a face to face meet up. That was when the memories of our South Mumbai travel, frequent HUB Mall movies flashed through my mind. Ankit loved a woman badly. But due to some personal reasons, the bond collapsed just like an old bridge. It was the most depressing moment of his life. All my  attempts to soothe him remained futile. I had never seen him upset before and for the first time, I saw tears rolling down his cheeks. I felt weird and helpless for not being able to help him much. But life moves on and he bounced back to normalcy soon. He is defiant and a rebel and his never say never attitude is something that I admire in him.  Ankit is back to town after 1 year of Firangi days. 

Everyone needs a friend like Ankit. He is my go-to man with whom you could talk when you are upset. He is a guy with whom you could share all your secrets and trust him because he is a trustworthy guy. You could abuse him and still find comfort in his company. In short, a friend like him is essential in life. I found my close friend in Ankit. What about you ?

Here is something I dedicate to my friend Ankit.

 Yeh dosti hum nahin todenge

Todenge dam magar tera saatha na chhodenge
Aye meri jeet teri jeet teri haar meri haar
Sun aye mere yaar
Tera gham mera gham teri jaan meri jaan
Aisa apna pyaar
Khana pinaa sath hai, marna jeena sath hai (2)
Saari zindagi
Yeh dosti...

Oh yes, we both call ourselves as the Jai Veeru of the 21st century :)

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Monday, October 03, 2016

Midnight Affairs 3

Continued from Midnight Affairs 2

I stood there admiring her. My own eyes deceived me. 
"How could someone be so beautiful?" I asked myself. I won't be exaggerating if I say that I've never seen a beautiful woman like her. 
She turned towards me as I looked at her without blinking my eyes. Her hair was dark as ink. Her eyes framed by long lashes adorned her beauty. I felt like getting dragged too deep into her eyes. It was full and beautiful. It seemed to have brightened my world. She had an arched eyebrow, a perfect shape I would say. It looked like the bow of an archer ready to wound me any moment. A long straight chiselled nose was perfect. Her lips, full and rosy seem to be the picture of perfection. It was the most riveting feature of her body. She smiled and got me arrested.  I was completely blown away by her beauty. 

"Haan Maa," she replied her mother.  Her voice ,sweet and  melliferous took me by a storm. She was God's perfect creation. A bundle of Happiness she was! She was designed to be beautiful, just as beautiful like I'd thought.
That night I couldn't stop thinking about her. She flashed into my mind several times. Her smiling face didn't let me sleep. 

The next day,  while travelling in the bus , I couldn't get over her! I was craving to see her again and talk to her once again.  I described her to my best friend Pruthvi.
"Hey Pruthvi," I said.
"What's up, Akshay," he replied and added," Anything special?"
"A new girl entered my life. I feel weird and strange. I think I like her," I said.
"I know what you expect from her." he said, " I know you very well, my friend!"
"No brother. She is not that kind of girl. I really like her and I always wanted to marry a woman like her." I replied.
Pruthvi cleared his throat and asked, “Isn't this foolish to fall for a girl even without talking to her?"
I listened to him carefully.

"These are infatuations ,Akshay," he said.
"My Love for her is not like a One Night Stand, Oh Jaan , I love you miss you har lamha types," I  said and winked at him.
Pruthvi got vexed and said, " Stop it asshole, you are boring me now."
"Let's go to class," he said and we left for our classroom.
That day I found myself lost in my own train of thoughts where she appeared not just once but several times. I wanted to talk to her at any cost. It's crazy that I sought help from Google on how to impress her. 
I was standing at my gallery, sipping tea and I saw her once again. This time, she came  to remove the dried clothes. I glanced at her but she failed to notice my glance.  I just wanted  her look at me and smile at  me. 

"Oh Princess, look at me just once!" I muttered. 
 I was listening to a song from my favourite movie “Tujhe Meri Kasam” 

“ Wo hua jo pehle kabhi na hua, 
Kahi bhi dil na lage ye tune aisa kya kiya,
 Har chehre me ab tu hi tu aati nazar he, 
Ye mast hawa teri khushbu lati idhar he,
  Shishe me mere he saya tera ,
itna na sata O sanam” 

 It seemed as if the song reflected my current state of mind. I also had to complete my assignments.  But I could not focus on it. I wanted to sleep so that I could watch her all night in my dreams. My craziness grew to a completely new level. 
The next morning I woke up sharp at 7 AM. I completed my daily morning rituals of shower and breakfast.  I bid adieu to my mother and left for my college. 
"Pruthvi , my bro for life, how are you?" I said to him and hugged him tight.
"Awesome! Why do you look upset?" he asked," Did her brother bash you or what?"
He laughed at me. 

“Understand my feelings, bhai. I really want to talk to her badly. Please give me some nice ideas,” I said, exhibiting a frown.
 “If you really like her ,then have some guts to talk to her just like Maddy of RHTDM,” Pruthvi said. 
"How easily you said all this!" I retorted.
"Do you know what will happen if I say that?" I asked him.
"What?" He asked.

(Minight Affairs to be continued.)

This post is for Day 3 of UBC and Daily Chatter
PS - This is my friend's story. Do let me know what you think about it. If you want to share it then use the share button on the left side.

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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Midnight Affairs 2

Continued from Midnight Affairs Part1

I witnessed Mahesh making funny gestures from the last bench. My confidence shattered. 
The entire class burst into  laughter and I stood there like a clown looking at everyone.  It was an embarrassing event for me.  Prof Tayade got vexed. She turned red in anger as the session got interrupted. 

"With this attitude,  you guys are never going to get a job," she said and continued, " Mark my words you need to improve for your own good." 

Silence overshadowed the laughter. She stormed out of the class. I walked towards my desk and pondered on what Professor Tayade thought about us. It freaked me out!
The Maharashtrian girls from our class were huge fans of the Outside Maharashtra boys.  We hated these guys to the core as they had a huge fan following in our class especially the Maharashtrian girls. We would taunt and embarrass the girls when we found them chitchatting with those guys.  That's the reason why many girls even thought twice before talking to us. It was the same reason why I was single. The only drawback of my life is that my heart is sensitive.  That makes me fall for a girl any time and any place. That's not something I could brag of! Strange it was!  Some of my curious friends would ask me if I would still be the same after I get married. I would snap them and reply that I lived in present and not future.

Regular lectures at Gurukul had started. I never belonged to the breed of student who found interest in attending lectures. I attended them just for the sake of attending. Especially if the fine amount is 200 then anyone would think twice before bunking the class. I started saving money so that I would never bother my Aai for money. Pruthvi and Shiva were my bench partners. We would sit together and have fun at the last bench commenting at the girls. We would rate them, while the Professor teaches us. None of our teachers had a good impression on us. We studied one day before the exam and managed to pass. At the third year of Engineering, I wanted to fall in love and get into a serious relationship with a girl. But Almighty doesn't think the same like we do. 

We live in a spacious bungalow out of which 4 rooms were rented.
"Akshay, would you like to have some kadi?" Aai asked me. 
"Nako Aai, I'm full," I said, smilingly.
Aai told me that a new family would be coming to stay at the ground floor. 
"Aai, when are they coming?" I asked, curiously.
"They are already in," she said and left for the kitchen.
"They are Jains," she said from the kitchen. 
"What? Jains?" I uttered.

I realised that Jain's hail from North India.  I hoped  our new tenant had a beautiful daughter.
I rested on the couch and grabbed the TV Remote.  Aai completed her kitchen work and sat next to me. She ruffled my hair and asked, "How's college going on?"
"Chaan!" I replied brusquely.
During that conversation, she mentioned me about our new tenant. 
"Their family is like ours," she said.
"Ours?" I asked, curiously.
"I mean they have two children. One Son and one younger daughter," she added. 
"Younger daughter?" I murmured.
Now I got more curious and excited. I got a sudden urge to meet this new girl. My feelings couldn't be expressed in mere words.

"Am I getting a bit desperate?" I asked myself. 
The next day, Saturday, I roamed the streets of Solapur with my best friends. I spent the entire day  with them and we went for trekking for a brief period. 
 Tired and Lazy, I entered my house. Mom greeted me with a radiant smile on her face. I acknowledged her back with an equally radiant smile. 
I quickly refreshed myself. I had plans to visit the Jain girl. I looked myself in the mirror several times. I combed my hair neatly. I wore my favourite black round neck t-shirt and blue jeans.  I wanted to impress her as it would be our first encounter.  I believe that the first impression is the best impression.

My innocent brain believed that North Indian girls are always pretty and beautiful. 
"Aai, I'm going to the park," I announced to my mother. 
While walking downstairs, I moved my head and looked around to find the Jain girl. I stood there at the staircase for a while. 
She was mopping the porch. I couldn't see her face as she was facing the other side. I could only see her backside. She was wearing Salwar Kameez.  She was tall and slender. She had a perfect figure. I craved to see her face. She had a long hair, extremely long, that cascaded till her hips. I stood there and admired the way she was cleaning the porch.
And of a sudden, she turned around.
I looked at her face and got shocked.

(Midnight Affairs to be continued.)

 This post is for Day 2 of UBC and Daily Chatter

PS - This is my friend's story. Do let me know what you think about it. If you want to share it then use the share button on the left side.
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Saturday, October 01, 2016

Midnight Affairs 1

Midnight Affairs
Image Source

Affairs represent the bond between different  things and individuals. Some affairs are related to jobs, some related to friendship while some may be extra marital affairs. It's these affairs that adds zest to our life. Well, these kinds of affairs never cease until we get married. It might even continue beyond that stage.  Life will be bliss if you happen to marry the one whom you love. If you don't then the world doesn't end there! Life changes and you move on. An intense  bond with a stranger might go down as a secret. But  would  you expose all your hidden dark secrets from your past affairs to another stranger who storms into your life under the tag of 'Life Partner'? I'm a Qualified Engineer whose young days often revolved around girls. Girls, Girls and Only Girls. I fell in love with almost every gorgeous girl I met. I say, our younger days were fun! We all had fun under the sun and college became exciting with each passing day. My futile attempts to impress each and every single girl whom I come across gained me several tags.  My attitude was such that  if a girl didn't respond to you then move on to the next. There is no dearth of wonderful girls in this world. My eyes randomly located beautiful girls within no time. Perhaps that was my talent. I was proud of myself. I tell you, it was few of those days.

They asked , "Can Love happen twice?"
I say," Love can  happen many times in your life. Just go out and explore! Who knows you might be lucky!" 

Engineering days were fun especially last year. I had spent most of my Engineering days at the cafeteria and the premises. My Final sem classes had commenced. You got to be extra cautious in an esteemed college like Gurukul  where discipline is given high priority. Every student is expected to maintain discipline.  Arriving late at college was a serious offense and they charged bomb if we came late.  It made me feel like we were house arrested or living in a Naze era with several eyes constantly monitoring us. I wanted to get rid of this place as soon as  possible. I sometimes used to feel weird that I survived 3 years of Engineering in a place like Gurukul. I lived at the college hostel but my Aai's memory would haunt me, making me feel homesick. Gurukul  was 80 km away from my home. So, I didn't mind travelling  every day. 

The best thing about Aai was that she used to pack lunch for my friends too. Owing to this she earned the love and affections of my buddies. Though Gurukul was known as a strict Engineering College in Solapur, we found a really kind man in form of Professor Nair.  He taught us Electronics and Communications. His teaching techniques were commendable and he had a unique knack of teaching concepts as if they were stories. We admired him and had great respect for Professor Nair. But he had an issue. He was short tempered and he abhorred mischief mongers like me and my friends who used to sit on the last bench and have all the fun.  At times, he used to give us sermons and lecture us about time management. Yes, he was kind enough to teach us life lessons. 

It was a general tradition at Gurukul that at the beginning of every Semester, each student is expected to give an ex-tempo speech on any topic. This was done to instil confidence into the student and get rid of stage fright.This was an exercise performed as a part of the campus placement programme. We constituted the rural population of Maharastra and expecting us to talk in fluent English could prove to be a bad idea. We never conversed in English even for basic communication. Marathi was our native language and we saw ourselves as the proud Maratha's. The worst thing about us was that we mocked those who spoke in English. We would hurt and hurl abuses at them. Some would call us the goons of Siva Sena and MNS, the popular political party notorious for attacking Non-Marathi's in Maharashtra. 

The Outside Maharashtra Students were fluent in English and they were abundantly talented. They hardly stuttered while talking in English unlike us who spoke English in Marathi tone.
We were proud inventors of new  English terminologies and our English was more Maranglish ( the hybrid product of Marathi and English).
"Akshay!" Professor Tayade called out my name.
Her loud voice got me out of reverie. 
"Yes, madam!" I replied, obediently.

"Come to the podium and give an ex-tempo speech," she ordered.
I couldn't refuse. I was certain that an irrepressible embarrassment awaited me.  I walked slowly towards the podium. It was payback time , I thought. 
"Hey Deva, Vachva re mala," I muttered. 

For once, I stood there in front of the entire class and could feel my heart beat racing. I didn't even know how to start. They say there is a silver lining behind every dark cloud. I took this word as a motivation and  thought that this was the best opportunity for me to impress the north Indian girls in my class. I smiled and greeted everyone. There was deafening silence as I spoke. My confidence surged immensely.
All my classmates looked at me, their eyes wide open without blinking. 
I had decided to talk about Mahatma Gandhi. 
"The Mahatma Gandhi is known as the Father of the India," I started my speech.
As I continued talking, I got distracted.
"Whaaaaaaaaaat..."  I screamed at the top of my voice, perplexed.
(Midnight Affairs to be continued in the next part) 

This post is for Day 1 of UBC and Daily Chatter

Read Midnight Affairs Part 2 

PS - This is my friend's story. Do let me know what you think about it. If you want to share it then use the share button on the left side.
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Friday, September 30, 2016

Corseca DM5810BT Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

Corseca 5810BT is a Bluetooth Headset with high-quality Stereo Output and inbuilt Microphone for clear voice calls. It is integrated with an MP3 Player that can be invoked through buttons available on the headset. There is  a charging slot and a chip slow where the MicroSD card can be inserted.The neckband is elegant and stylish. The material quality is not bad. The finish seems to be good and an advantage about the product is its light weight. It is easy to handle.
Now, let's see it's product specification before I tell you what I feel about this product.

Corseca DM5810BT Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

Technical Specification

  • It supports Bluetooth Version v4.1.
  • Supports Headset profile, Hands-free.
  • A2DP and AVRCP.
  • Bluetooth Class 2
  • 430 Mah Lithium Polymer Battery with a Charge time of 2 hours per Charge Port
  • Mirco USB 5 pin Bluetooth Mode.
  • Talk time of 20 hours.
  • Music Time up to 18 hours.
  • Standby time up to 70 hours
  • For Media Player, Music Time is up to 6.5 hours, Standby Time up to 16 hours
  • Size 155 x 115 x 25mm
  • Weight 73g
  • Operating Temperature - -10 to 50 deg Celsius
  • Storage Temperature- -20 to 80 deg Celsius

Now it's time to review it.
I was pretty much excited when I ordered this product from
My friend had informed me about this Bluetooth Headphone and last month she had purchased one. But that was a different Corseca Product. I asked her for a recommendation and she informed me about this DM5810BT version that comes up with a memory card slot that supports music player.  I was impressed after I  saw the product. I quickly ordered it and it got delivered in 3 days. To be honest, when I unboxed the product, I had struggled for about 45 minutes on how to pair the headset with the headphone.

Corseca DM5810BT Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

Dejected, I gave up and decided to experiment the next day. Even it's user guide  couldn't help me much. It was clearly mentioned but somehow my phone got messed up. Then I realised that a Philips Bluetooth speaker was already paired with my phone. I removed it and paired the new Bluetooth headset with it. It got paired and I was too excited to know how it performs. I quickly connected my music player to it and it played loud and better.
I then watched some videos on youtube. I even watched a movie using the JioCinema app and I didn't see any performance degradation. It was perfect. At the same time, my friend Ankit had called me, I spoke using this headset and I somehow realised that the volume was a bit low in case of phone calls. The voice quality is not good. Rest all was good. Even the music via the SD card was good. The charging doesn't take much time. It comes up with a nice beautiful case. 

Corseca DM5810BT Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

The user guide has some 18 instructions on how to use the buttons provided on the headset. It has a centre call button along with a volume adjustment button that allows you to lower or raise the volume.

Overall, I am happy with the product and impressed with it.
I highly recommend you guys to try this awesome Corseca DM5810BT Bluetooth Stereo Headset.

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

14001 - The Samjhauta Express

14001 - The Samjhauta Express

Samjhauta Express

 The evening sky looked gorgeous displaying a beautiful shade of Orange and Red. It looked unusual for me. There was something peculiar about the sky pattern. I rubbed my eyes and sprawled my legs. Looking at the sky shade indicated that it was evening. I looked around and saw that the train was empty.  There was no one in sight. It was dark.

I lolled on the train seat and wondered what had happened suddenly. The 14001 Samjhauta Express was a ray of hope to some people across the borders. I still remember that Kareem Chacha from Lahore used to regularly travel to India to meet his Khala who lived in Kanpur. Baljit Uncle from Amritsar used to travel to Pakistan using this train to meet his  best friend  Ahmad Khan who lived in Islamabad. The train was a breeding ground for so many amazing stories. I fondly remember the good old days where people used to chit chat with each other and talk about their Indo-Pakistan memories.  The Samjhauta Express displayed the friendship between people from both the nations. It was the government of the two countries that had a poor relationship but not the people. It's on this train where I and few of my friends used to steal Delicious Biryani from Nafeesa Chachi's food bag and consume  scrumptious Aloo Parathas from Amrit Kaur Aunty. That was our way of adventure. But they embraced us with an open heart, at least we felt so. I slowly walked inside the bogey to check if anyone was there. Alas! the train was empty. It was waiting at the Attari Station. 

Strolling inside the train, took me back to the memory lane. I reminisced the wonderful bygone days where I used to listen to the India-Pakistan partition stories narrated by older passengers travelling in the Samjhauta Express. I used to narrate those stories to my parents and even they used to wonder about the bond. There is no hatred between the people of these two countries but like I said earlier, its the government that's sowing seeds of hatred. 

" Motherfuckers! Not even a single fucking person on this train." I yelled at the top of my voice.
Devastated and Disappointed, I returned back to my seat.
That was when I eavesdrop on a discussion between two Indian railway officials. They were standing outside the train.
"I don't understand when will these Pakistani's stop killing Indian soldiers." The first guy said to the other.
The second person took a sip of the chai and said, "I heard the Pakistani Militants had killed 9 Indian sepoys."
"True. And I don't understand till when will India remain silent on such issues and keep condemning such attacks." The first person said to the other.
I listened to the conversation with complete alacrity.
"I think it's high time India should drop a nuclear bomb on Pakistan and regain it's lost territory." The second person replied.

"Holy Fuck! War is not a cake! It will kill innocent people." I murmured.
I moved my head and turned around to see if I could get hold of someone. But the train was still empty and these guys were talking about wars.
"I actually see no meaning of this train running too and fro between Lahore and New Delhi." The first person said and continued,"  There is no Samjhauta between our two countries."
"The train name is an irony. " The second person said and laughed.
"That's why this train is lying here like an orphan at this border town." The guy said.
I almost freaked out.  "What!!" 

As per the discussion, it seemed that the Indian government had decided to discontinue the Samjhauta Express train running between India and Pakistan.
Sad, I sat on my seat, resting my chin on my hand. I am definitely going to miss the wonderful stories between the two countries, I thought.

By now, the evening Sun had almost vanished. The moon, full and bright looked mesmerising.
My eyes aimlessly wandered around as I looked for those two guys outside. They were not to be seen. 
I walked towards the footboard. I stood there and spotted those guys again. Their political discussions were never ending. 

"Oye Sukhwinder, sunne,  just got the news from our station master," The first person said to the other.
"What news, Boobinder?" The second person asked.
"That our government is planning to reuse this train for some other route,"he said and continued, "We need to clean it and make it ready." 

I keenly listened to whatever they were talking.
"Oh Wait, Sukhwinder!" Boobinder, the second person  looked at me.
I freaked out once again. I soon ran and hid  beneath the seat.
"Let me get that Black HIT right away." he continued, " they are such a menace."
He got vexed after he spotted me. He angrily walked to the Office to get the Black HIT.
Once I got to know his future action, I kept running. My life now was in my hand. I had to save myself. I kept running for my life. As I ran, I saw the virtual images of Ahmad Chacha, Kuldeep Uncle, Shana Begum and many other passengers.  How beautiful this train once used to be!
But now ,the train was empty! And I kept running to save my life from Boobinder!

 ‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

India Pakistan Keyboard Warriors

India Pakistan Keyboard Warriors
Image Source

Whenever there is a discussion involving India and Pakistan then there has to be growing animosity between the people from the two countries which basically transforms into a heated argument. I have recently noticed that the Times Of India Facebook page consists of more Pakistani users than Indians. The increasing rise of Keyboard warriors totally gives a different perspective. 

Who are Keyboard Warriors?
 Keyboard Warriors are basically netizens who spent most of their time online expressing their views on topics that need much attention. It may be economics, finance, terrorism, politics and god knows what not! The increase in the population of Keyboard warriors only reveals the power of the Internet and social media. Social Media plays a major role and majority of the younger generation can be found expressing their views and thoughts on the Social Media. They are the ones who readily give advises without a proper research or citing relevant sources. The outcome of frustrated Keyboard Warriors results in trends such as #KamjorIndia #BuzdilPakistan #FreeKashmirFromIndia #CowardIndia and such trends. Their involvement in such kinds of twitter trends is phenomenal.

India Pakistan Keyboard Warriors

The inability of Pakistan to control terrorism  is disappointing and it is serving as a breeding ground for Terrorism. The recent infiltration attempts by the Pakistani militants and the attacks on the Indian army men only strengthens the point that Pakistan is a major player when it comes to Terrorism. It is the primary reason for the growing tension between the two nations. The blame game between India and Pakistan is never ending and won't cease  to exist. That is because  of the sentiments and emotions attached with the two countrymen. In India, whatever Pakistan is doing is wrong and India needs to pay attention to it. Similarly on the other side of the border, people there have similar views about India. Let's come to the main discussion about the Keyboard warriors from across the border. The Indian and the Pakistani Social Media soldiers are actually smart because each of them knows how to respond well. Not to forget the numerous abuses that are hurled during the process.  You might get a clear image when you read the comment section of the Times Of India Facebook Page. That serves as the best example. Every time when I bump it, I am flabbergasted. So many views  and some of them are legitimate and valid. That is the speciality of the keyboard warriors. They give good suggestions and advises to the Government and help them in the decision-making only if someone actually pays heed to their words. Recently the  Nawaz Sharif speech at the UNGA attracted many eyeballs across the nations. Most of the speech seem to have been dictated by the Pakistani Army because it only had the Kashmir issue described in details. That was expected out of Pakistan because it always played the victim at international level and would stoop any low to bring India down. In response, the Indian diplomat's counter speech was brilliant. But again that actually was a food to many Indian news channels. Arnab Goswami went ahead with his own set of Ex-Generals and Ex-diplomats and did his best to defame the other country. Well, that's obvious. Wrong is Wrong and Wrong cannot be Right. That's the policy I follow. The growing battle between the twitterati's from both countries in Twitter gives so many views to the topic. That itself is an Indo Pak war in itself - The Great Indo Pak Twitter War!

The recent URI Attack provoked many Indian minds and put the keyboard warriors to work.  Their desperate attempts to bring each other down is commendable. Only if they put so many efforts in real world  non-trivial things then they would have risen in ranks and positions in their life. But sadly expressing views in Twitter is not going to do good to them. So, after the attack that snatched 18 Indian lives, many of us got angry on PM Modi. Many even labelled him as weak and loose canon. Because most of them wanted a war against Pakistan. Indian Government was hinting at tackling it diplomatically by isolating Pakistan at the international arena. War is never going to happen because if it happens then it would be a destruction of both India and Pakistan. Both are nuclear powers and we all are aware of what happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki many years back. An India-Pakistan nuclear war could take as many as 18 million human lives.  Pakistan could disappear from the world map. Also not to forget the impact it would create on the environment because of the radioactive elements. It would destroy the children for the next 40 years to come. Keyboard warriors should never get emotional without thinking about the outcomes of a war. Firstly ,understand the meaning of a war in its true context.  It is easy to ask the country to go for a war without thinking about its consequences. Think Rationally. 

A senior IAS officer threw a poll for the same that attracted users from both the countries. It was whether India and Pakistan should go for a war. He has been creating too many polls related to the present issues. . His poll creation spree seems never ending. His recent poll is related to the Indus Water Treaty. That is how certain Keyboard Warriors are showing their presence. 

India Pakistan Keyboard Warriors

After Keyboard Warrior's anger subsided, they started  a discussion about  the possibility of blocking the Indus Waters. It is to be noted that Indus is known as the lifeline of Pakistan as it is the major water source of Pakistan. Blocking the Indus water will create famines and droughts in Pakistan thereby killing many million Pakistani's.  This will be more dangerous than a war but in either case, it is the innocent civilians who would be losing their lives.  It could be seen as a Humanitarian issue and could bring a bad name for India at the Global stage because Pakistan would play a victim again. So after that, we took the issue of  liberation of Balochistan.

There is a secession movement happening in Pakistan where Balochistan wants to establish itself as an independend country. Many of the Indian Keyboard warriors believe that Balochistan will be the next Bangladesh. And India will help in its freedom. The same views are snapped by many Pakistani Keyboard warriors. 

 Then came the issue of  not giving opportunities to Pakistani artists. Fawad Khan, Ali Zafar, Rahat Ali Khan , Atif Aslam are few known Pakistani artists  who have been performing in India. The recent Uri Attacks made many warriors think why these actors didn't condemn the attack. So , there are many tweets and blogs that talk about this. 

India Pakistan Keyboard Warriors

Dear Keyboard Warriors, we all have an important role here. It falls in the Media sector so it's our job to ensure not to spread hatred and false information through the social media channels.  I clearly understand that the people from both the countries are bounded by emotions. Who will like it when your army guards are killed. Any country would think twice when there is a threat to the country. And it would not be wise to get emotional under such circumstances.

There are many Keyboard Warriors who have been planting false stories.  Let the government do the job. They are our voice. PM Modi better understands what is the best - be it a war or cutting Indus waters or diplomatically isolating Pakistan. Let the government take its stance. It will do the best and we as citizens of this wonderful nation should abide by it. Because our leaders job is to ensure that our nation and its people are safe. If any external force happens to destroy the peace and people of our country, then the government would take stern actions.

I am quoting my friend Padmanabh's Facebook status here. His status inspired me to write about this. 

"Dear Governments of India and Pakistan, you may be aware of  the rising Keyboard warriors from both the nations. who are desperate to fight it out against each other and prove their worth. They understand terrorism,  defence, politics and economics very well.  Please get a social media survey done ASAP, provide uniforms to these unsung heroes. Do not allow them to go waste. In fact, you could consider some of them for the Government Portfolios as well since they claim to understand in depth about Government and policies. And above all , replying to opinions with Abusive Language is one of their USP's. Make sure even this talent gets its due credit" 

His words clearly explained  the role of Keyboard Warriors.  Let's be good and respect each other's view. Let's have a constructive discussion instead of abusing each other and being rude. And here is a nice War Game idea if you guys are interested ;)

India Pakistan Keyboard Warriors

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Friday, September 23, 2016

The Client Appreciation

The Client Appreciation

India has turned into an outsourcing unit for the Western world. Most of the IT MNC's rely on countries such as India, Philippines and Indonesia  because they are the countries where most of their IT work gets outsourced. It's obvious that in such circumstances it becomes mandatory to keep the boss happy. There is a popular culture in IT called as appreciation ( also called as client appreciation). Client appreciation is a way to let the resources know that they have done a fabulous job in constructing a quality product. This appreciation episode reminds me of a funny incident that happened in my previous organisation.
For most companies, pleasing their client is an important activity. They religiously follow the customer is King mantra. Of course, the customer is definitely a King. After all, he pays you for the services that you offer. There was a guy with me named Nikhil who worked with me in my team. He was totally new to the team. He quickly got a grasp of the system but he was an arrogant guy. A Numero Uno Rabble Rouser he was! One day, the client representative wished him on the Office Communicator and said thanks.
It was "Thanks, Nikhil :) " 

This amazing gentleman took a snapshot of the chat and emailed it keeping the boss and the super boss in the loop. The Manager was impressed and he added few more senior officials in the mail chain just for that 'Thanks, Nikhil :)'
"That's impressive, Nikhil!" The Manager replied.
"Good work. You make us  proud!" The senior manager commented.
"That's sheer brilliance, Nikhil!" The director of the organisation replied to the mail.
 This went on and even our team was in the loop. Nikhil was enjoying the limelight.  We stood there flabbergasted when we saw the mail replies.
"Thanks is not an appreciation, dude!" I said to my close friend.
"I know!" he replied.
While we were busy engrossed in our work, our eyes chanced upon a mail that made us laugh. It was a laughter riot.
"I see "Thanks" in all the emails that the client replies to me. Does that mean he has appreciated me?" There was a witty reply by one of the onshore folk.
Yes, he was correct. Actually, he was referring the Email Signature.
 Sooner, another guy replied. "I also see Best Regards in all the replies that the client sends to me. Does it mean he is conveying me his best regard? Does he love me? "
That was hilarious. Poor Nikhil's email chain was clearly hijacked. By now it had a huge number of recipients.  That was the highest level of Trolling. Everyone on our floor was laughing.  This news spread like a wildfire and became a joke.
Indian Managers are fond of appreciating everyone. But they should remember that thank you is  not a token of appreciation. I have seen appreciation emails for "Good Job" and all.
Always remember that a proper appreciation mail is something where the customer mentions all details and how it has helped or benefited them.
Between, I recently got appreciation for one of my work and believe me it was a really good gesture by my client manager.
I'll see you the next time. Soon!

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Never Forget Gratitude

Never Forget Gratitude
Very few must be aware that 21st September is observed as the world gratitude day. I got to know it through one of my friends on Twitter who was randomly thanking everyone and expressing her gratitude.  This time, I have decided to talk about this with the help of a fable we all must have been aware of.

In ancient India, there was a man named Gautama. He did all kind of atrocities and sins. He had a bad company. Everyone stayed away from him because of his wrong deeds. He was widely hated by everyone. He used to rob from every home - money, food and clothes and thus gained the hatred of people. He never used to listen to anyone.

One day a wise sage saw him. He saw something in him. He approached him and sat next to him.
"Son, do you know what you are doing ?" The sage asked Gautama.
"No," Gautama replied.
"You are born to be a great man. Kindly do not fall prey to things that you shouldn't do." The sage said and continued, " you were born to rule this world. Such kind of things from you don't amuse."
"What do I do? I got nothing and no one," Gautama replied.
"Distract yourself from all that you are doing. Wrong things that you do today will haunt you in future." The Sage said.
"Thank you , Baba!" Gautama said, "You've opened my eyes."

He listened to the Baba's word carefully. He started contemplated about how his life had veered out. He had been killing people and looting them for his own gains but never thought about them for even one second.

Shattered and hopeless, he walked to an unknown destination. He didn't know where to go and what to do. He was totally devastated and lost. He sat under a Banyan tree. He was tired of walking and thirsty. He sat broken and tears rolled streamed from his eyes. A sagacious Cuckoo was watching everything from the branch of the tree. It was a special bird. Through years of efforts, it was blessed with the power to talk.

The Cuckoo went to him and offered some water to quench his thirst.
"What happened to you?" The Cuckoo asked Gautama.
"Why so serious and sad?" It continued.
Through weak eyes , he looked at the Cuckoo. He was clearly ashen and looked wan.
"I got no one in my life and I don't know what to do. I don't have money in my life to fend for myself." Gautama retorted.

The Cuckoo carefully listened to his words and asked, " So what is your need?"

"I want money so that I can buy some food right now and fend for myself. "  Gautama said.

The Cuckoo sat on his  shoulder and said,
" There are 4 ways to earn money in life.
First is through Education."

"I've never visited school even once,"Gautam replied.

"Second is through Family." The Cuckoo replied.

"I got no one whom I could call my own. I don't have a family." He replied.

"Third is through Luck." The bird replied.

"If I were lucky then  I don't think I would be suffering like this," he said.

"Last is through friends." The Cuckoo said.

"Unfortunately ,none of my friends could help me and they all are wrongdoers." A visibly upset Gautama said.

" Don't worry I'm your friend now," the Cuckoo said and smiled at him.

"I know a King from the neighbouring Kingdom. He is a close friend of mine. "  The Cuckoo said and continued, " I will write a note and all you have to do is just give it to the King."

The Cuckoo smiled at Gautama and said, "My name is Rajdharma."

Gautama had heard a lot about Rajdharma, the talking bird. He thanked the bird. He had to walk 120 km to reach the Village.  During those days, there was no carts or vehicles so the only option left was to walk. So he walked and one day later he reached the Kings castle. The guard informed the King that Rajdharma had sent a man to meet him. The king was pleased to meet his friend Rajdharma's messenger.

He read the note written by Rajdharma, the Cuckoo and gave Golds, Silvers and Diamonds to Gautama. Gautama was extremely happy.

He carried the heavy sack containing the precious jewels and walked back to the tree. He reached there after one day but he was very hungry. He had everything now but no food. And it was cold!

He came and slept under the tree. He could feel rats rumbling inside his stomach because of hunger. Rajdharma, the Cuckoo was watching everything.

The Cuckoo  created a bonfire for him so that he could feel warm. After this, the Cuckoo went to sleep.

Gautama was feeling hungry. He saw that Rajdharma, the Cuckoo was sleeping peacefully. He picked it from the branch and pulled out its feathers and legs and roasted it on the bonfire.

He ate the Cuckoo to fill his hunger. He had no signs of repent.

Days passed and the king was worried about his friend Rajdharma, the Cuckoo. He sent out his guards to enquire about him and got the news that Gautama  had eaten his friend.

The king called Gautama and asked him, " how come you do this to someone who only helped you?"

Gautama had no answers.

"Our Kingdom never forgives anyone who forgets gratitude." The king said and continued, "we are feeling ashamed to have helped you."

He took back all the jewels he gifted Gautama.

Later he asked his guards to throw Gautama in the cage containing the packs of Wolves.

Gautama died a miserable death.


Through this story, I want to emphasise the fact that ways be thankful to anyone who has helped you. Never forget gratitude come what may.


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Saturday, September 17, 2016

How to forward messages in Whatsapp?

Today I  would be teaching you how to forward Individual messages in Whatsapp to other contacts or other groups. This was a new additional feature introduced in the last few updates. Initially we used to have a broadcast list where you could send a message to multiple contacts. Well that feature is still intact but this forwarding option allows you to forward a message to a group or any contact. It also allows you to send a particular or multiple messages to multiple contacts or multiple groups or broadcast lists.This indeed is a good feature. So lets see how we can do this.

1. Select a message or a group of message from a contact chat screen or any group where that needs to be forwarded to. This can be done by performing a long press on the messages.

2. On doing this , you can see a new right arrow on the top icon bar. That is used for forwarding the messages. Click on that arrow.

3. In the next step, you will see the Forward to.. screen where you can see the contact list and the groups where you have interacted. 

4. Select a particular contact or multiple contacts to whom you want to send the message. Similarly this can be done for forwarding message to single or multiple groups. You could also select broadcast lists in this case. 

5. Click on Send icon and the message would be forwarded.

6. And then wait for your friend to reply something stupid like this :D 

This is how we forward messages to multiple contacts or groups or broadcast lists in Whatsapp. Next time we will meet again with some other how-to stuffs. Till then take care and be in the best of your behavior. 

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Sharma Ji Ki Beti 3

Read Part 1 , Part 2
Bunty cried whole night thinking of his plight. For days, he drenched his bed with tears thinking about his Papa. Having an understanding mother was his lone strength. She was his support structure. 

"I'm still waiting for the day when I can be proud of my son. I don't see that day coming anytime soon." His Papa's words flashed on his mind. That couldn't let him sleep for days. He was clearly demotivated.
Years passed and he was in 12th Class now. It was an important phase of life for many students in India. Papa and Bunty were not in talking terms. This hurt Bunty immensely.

Tired of life, he even tried committing suicides several time.  But every time he thought of that, his twitter, facebook, snap chat and his mobile phone flashed in front of his eyes. One day while he was taking rest on his bed, he saw a tiny spider trying to reach the ceiling. 

That day he got reminded of a story that his grandmother told him when he was young. It was about a Scottish King named Robert Bruce who derived inspiration from a tiny spider trying to reach its cobweb at the roof.  Shattered and Hopeless, he tried of running away, but this spider motivated him for a new beginning and it taught  a great lesson to the King. Bunty's situation presently was no different than the King. He saw the tiny spider on his wall trying to reach the ceiling.

Curious, he saw the tiny spider moving slowly and gently. He used a magnifying glass to study its behaviour. The tiny spider caught the attention of Bunty and tried talking to him through telepathy. Bunty was amazed at first. "Oh Fuck! That's a talking Spider." Bunty freaked out.

"Hey Spider, inspire me please!" Bunty said.
The tiny spider showed  Bunty its middle finger and said, "Enjoy your life. Don't be serious. It's a trap. Don't pay heed to your Papa, Bunty!"

The tiny Spider seem to have been exhibiting its thug side very well. The tiny spider gave up when it couldn't reach the ceiling and left.
Even the tiny Spider could not inspire Bunty. Even a spider behaves like a thug, Bunty thought!
Shattered, Bunty switched on the TV to his favourite music  channel.
He lay on his bed and was immersed in his own train of thoughts.

Han yehi rasta hai tera, tune yeh jaana hai,
Haan yeh Sapna hai tera, tune pehchana hai,
Tujhe abh yeh dikhana hai,
Roke tujhko aandhiya, ya zameen aur aasman
Paayega jo Lakshya hai tera
Lakshya ko har haal mei paana hai

The lyrics of that song from the movie Lakshya , travelled deep into his veins and arteries. He got super motivated. He jumped from the bed and opened his books.  Bunty and his books were like the worst enemies. He touched his book only during his exams. If his books could speak, even it would have abused him badly for not touching it every day.

He took his Science Book and started with chapter 1 . He read the answers carefully and tried to understand the concept. This went on for days. Maa would give him Bournivita every night and Horlicks every morning. He religiously visited temples, churches, mosques and gurudwara's in his locality every day. He studied for 4 hours every night. Now his sole intention was to get one mark more than Sharma ji ki beti, Shalini Sharma. He wanted to win back his Papa's trust.

One Night at 3 AM, when Papa went to the washroom to attend nature's call, he realized that Bunty's room had its light on. He peeped in through the window and saw Bunty studying.  He couldn't believe his eyes at first. He rubbed his eyes with his fingers and pinched himself to confirm if it was Bunty or someone else. Yes, it was his son Bunty! He smiled and left for his room. Days passed and Bunty started studying for 6 to 8 hours every day. Every time his eyes closed, Shalini Sharma would appear in front of his eyes.
Bunty's board Exam days neared. He now started studying every day for 18 hours and slept only for 4 hours. He stayed away from social media and everything that could distract him. Finally, he gave his exams. All his papers went well sans Mathematics. Every day after exams, he used to look at Shalini Sharma and watch her reaction. She had Eureka moment every day. According to her friends, it seemed could get 100 marks in all her papers.
He almost gave up. Seeing her confidence of getting the first rank dimmed his hopes of impressing his Papa. He was clearly disappointed.
His holidays flew so fast just like the monsoons in Delhi. Bunty's Maa had immense faith in him. Finally, the result day had arrived. He logged into his laptop and launched the board exam results website.
The server was busy. After  refreshing the website 150 times, the moment arrived.

"98.8% marks.Congratulations!!" The message read.
Bunty's mother almost jumped from the seat. "I'm so proud of you, beta," she said,ruffling Bunty's hair.

His nervousness hiked. He started sweating profusely. It was Shalini Sharma's marks. He hadn't scored more than 65% in his entire school life. If he had to win his Papa's trust, then he should score more than 98.8%. He believed in Give your best, God will do the rest. 
His current situation was like that of an Indian Athlete trying to defeat Usain Bolt in the 100 metres race at the Olympics. 

"Maa, that's not my marks.  That's Sharma ji ki Beti's score," he told his mother.
"What about yours?" She asked curiously.
He entered his seat number in the text field and hit the submit button. The site was overloaded with too many requests. It was still loading and after 15 minutes, it got opened. Bunty and his mother joined their hands and remembered all the Gods from all religions.
Bunty opened his eyes and cried.
"Papa, I let you down again," he screeched.
He was sad for not scoring more than Shalini Sharma. She had secured the 1st rank in his school.
"97.5% Congratulations! " He read the message again. Bunty stood 2nd in his school but he was upset that he couldn't make his Papa happy. 

He wasn't happy for his own achievements.
"Maa, I got 97.5%!" he said, upset.
His Maa hugged him tight and said," All your hard work paid off!"
"But Papa won't be happy!" He cried.
Papa had come home early that day. Maa offered him a glass of Chaas.
Bunty went close to his Papa and sat next to him.
"Papa.." he said.

Papa was busy reading the newspaper.
They both never talked much  all these days.
"Papa..." he said again.
Papa looked at Bunty and asked, "Did you call me?"
"Papa, my 12th Std results are declared." Bunty said.
"Okay! Great! " Papa said.
"I scored 97.5% ,Papa!" Bunty said to his Papa.
"I am sorry , Papa!"  Tears welled in Bunty's eyes.
Papa looked at him. There was deafening silence for a moment.
"Come, here beta," he said.

Bunty obediently went close to his dad.
 Whenever his Papa called him, Bunty got beaten terribly. He expected something similar.


Bunty realized it was a dream. Papa had not slapped him.
Papa hugged him tight. "You've made me proud, Bunty!" Papa said and asked , "Mithai Nahi doge Papa ko?"
"But Papa, I'm sorry!" Bunty said.
"Why?" Papa asked.
"Sharma ji ki beti scored more than me," he said.
"It's okay!"he said and replied," Scoring 97.5% is a very big thing in life."
"You have proved me that you are the best." Papa was visibly happy.

"Sharma ji ki beti may have got more marks than you but you have given me extreme happiness today," Papa said.
"Mera Bunty Zarur Engineer Banega!" Papa announced.
Bunty looked at him helplessly and gave an animated smile, concealing all his dreams and ambitions within.

... To be continued.

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