Saturday, December 22, 2007

Friends for life

Friends for life
Well I am in orkut for the last two years and by this time I had many friends who were really great and honestly i consider them as my best friends .Unfortunately due to my busy schedule in the upcoming year ,I wont manage my self to be online or many be manage my communities ,I perhaps transferred to my best friends in orkut.I would have loved to be here ,but unfortunately I have to leave and i promised them to return by early 2009 after my main exams.This what they said when i told them that i have to leave orkut.........I was really pleased to hear such things from them

Shifoo said "Hay Steph.. Hope everything is fine with you brother!!

Seems that you wont b coming online.. ya.. anything for your own good brother! I wish you all the best wishes for a wonderful future! Hope to see you soon around

wherever you are .. keep smiling & stay happy! "

Parul said "stephen...i understand ur dnt worry so much...u wl realy manage ur studies well....jus cum online wenevr u gt that u cn cheer urslf up being midst ur frens..... "

Mansii said "hey stephen ,,,cmmon yaar,,,dis is nt done,,,,,its cheatng leaving all ur frens,,,,puhleez............dnt go yaar like dis,,,,,,,,,,i dnt knw abt rest bt sure i'll miss u........ "

Sonam said "This is just disgusting........wat da hell on earth has happened 2 evry1 here..
Is this some kindaa epidemic spreading around.... i won't say nething 2 u buddy.. but i guess i'll be the next one to leave ...u r a nice person...seriously.. good luck for ur don't talk 2 me.. :(

Ritika said "steephie.........m gonna miss u boy..........
i jus hope 2 catch all ov us here......even if its after 10 years!!!!!!
we mite be jus frnds frm a virtual world............but i guess, we do share a gr8 bond wid each'd be gr8 to c everyone around smtime soon! "

Jayant said"hey stephen study hard,,,n best of luck !!!"

Akshi said"heyyyy steph whtz dz yaar....
y is evry1 leavin..... i mean itz gud dat u gv more preference 2 ur mba prepratn bt stillll atleast u shud b here, if nt evryday, thn atleast 1nc in 2-3 dyz,.......
will miss u...
tk cr n study hard "

I really like them a lot, as they are my true friends.Now i really cant stop crying ,but i cant help ........any way i will be returnin soon and most probably this would be my last post here if i am not wrong .........or may be i am planning to post here once in 2 months or so ..........

Miss me

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I jostled against the tide of time,
nothing is left in the journey of life.

things were thought differently,
never meant to go in such hurry.

I bleed to death with the appalling pain,
fighting to the last for what i have not gain.

Is this what is stored in my destiny,
half way through my life's journey.

expected so many avenues on the way,
but ended up like a seamless castaway.

Monday, December 17, 2007

My first experience in a local train

My first experience in a local train
Well such things happens only in India .I wont be surprised if you guys know it before.Well I would utilise this section to write about my experience in Indian local trains where i used to access local trains to reach my college .Believe me its unusual experience for me. Since I was 14 I always used to travel with my mom in the ladies compartments, to be honest my school was at a walking distance from my home and moreover my dad used to leave me to school.It was like I was not aware of how to go by trains and imagine after my 12th I have to do my engineering studies from a place which takes nearly 1 hr to reach.It really feels boring.I remember the first day when i took a local second class ticket and in India,especially in mumbai people go to work at around 8 am in the morning ,so at that time the train really gets filled with people talkin their own local languages.It was my first experience in a local train coz this time I was travelling alone and imagine at that time i didnt had any friends to accompany me.I was about to board a 8 :23 belapur local ,so i was allset for the train to arrive and i was of the plan that i will get a seat to sit,but evrything was goes to vain.Unfortunately i never got an opportunity to get into the train and i was pushed out side of the crowded train .The same thing happened in the 8 :35 train and 8:48 train.I was like getting angry with my self and imagine finally I got through the 9 :05 train and i was like relieved at that time.I could not go into the train and get a secure seat and so I had to stand for 45 minutes till my destination arrived.I felt somewhat strange as people were unable to stand properly and fights and quarrels all around.And this continues ,but the thing is that now i get into the train with my friends and i board the 8 :23 train lol ...Some time I used to wonder wheter this happens only in India ..but let anything happen in India that was a good experience for me ....

Something to think about.........

Something to think about.........
I always wished that people around me should be happy and should be free from all sorts of troubles and worries,but do you think it is possible to keep people around us happy.I always have the habit of making fun and joking in front of friends,but who knows someone around you may be having some problem.Every day as the sun shines ,the problems in life increases.In this small world we are much frustrated that every second we think about ourself and our family members and not about others.There are millions of people in India below poverty line and others who just dont know what they are doing and take life as it is.People dont know how difficult it is to live in a city like Mumbai,Chennai or may be Delhi.They come from their village to cities in seacrh of jobs .If they dont find any job ,then they get into activities that may be no accpeted.I am an Engineering student from Mumbai and I always wish to help poor people ,I could not see people begging just for the sake of living.I know a place called Kurla where there are around 20 to 30 people who sit aside the ticket counter and beg for money .Some people carry small babies just for askin money .
Sometime I often feel ,how lucky we are to get a beautiful life ,our parents just give us things that we would never expect ,there are many who love us and take care of us but what about these people ,they live in such an extreme condition .New born babies who are known to be free from tensions are being used as a resource for begging in India,what will these innocent kids know.Its even worse when I see a 16 year old kid carrying a 5 day old baby.I used to get shocked and as of now I am used to all such things.An aunt of mine was so generous that she used to give 2 rs to these beggars and imagine giving 2 rupees not only to a single beggar but to all present in that particular place.I asked her why do you do all such things,she replied with an answer that inspired me a lot.She told me that we have poeple to look after us and at times there are people who understand us and help us at times ,but for these innocent people there is no one to help them and they dont even know what they are doing.If they'd knew what they are doing ?they themself would be dissappointed.Everday I go to my college by train.It is the mean by which all people in mumbai get to their work place,college,schools etc.Train is another place for these people to get into their job.I remember a lady with two kids who may be around 4 and 2 years old singing songs in second class railway compartments.The mom used to sing and the two kids used to ask every one for money.We always used to travel in group and we group of friends always make fun of people present around us.When these kids used to come to used to ask money then we would just close our eyes as if we were sleeping.I sometimes felt bad doing this and I never expect to do such things ,so I used to give them 1 rs .The kids used to give a smile and go back for their collection.I would rather feel that I have made a child smile.What exactly are we Indians doing??
Beggars in Uk and other countries are not called beggars because to dont beg and they impress people by playing some nice musics or may be dance and get some money from the mobs.But on contrary here in India when did beggars do such things?? they were just lazy sittin at railway stations ,traffic signals and markets and just chanting "allah ke naam pe do rupaiyya de do sir" which means please give me 2 rs by the name of allah .Even almighty allah would not suggest them to beg.Try to be innovative ..just come with a new idea and one day even they will be happy.Lets see how the goverment approaches with this thing and please dont neglect those people and help them .Because even they are Indians and it is the responsiblity of every Indian to help his fellow citizen. It is something to think about...................

(This is written after seeing the worst condition of beggars in mumbai especially in kurla region )

A Wish

A Wish
I lie on the ground
and I stare into space,
the satrs begin to move
into the shape of your face

I see you there now
looking down at me,
with that sexy smile
that I love to see

You say "close your eyes
tell me what you see,"
"I see only two people
just you and me"

We're wakling the shoreline
with our feet getting wet,
the horizon turns pink
as the sun begins to set

We make love through the night
on that white sandy shore,
then I hold you while thinking
I could want nothing more

Oh,I wish I could be
in that special place,
as I lie on the ground
and stare into space.

A great Indian - struggle or despair?

A great Indian - struggle or despair?
Shared by my friend Chaitanya Tengshe, so thought of posting it here!

A young farmer 34 year old was sleeping on a barren land with an innocent smile that exhibited a disparity from his real life. As he enters his dream of a land, filled with green grass, cows and buffaloes all around him, and wheat fields are swaying with the breeze and flowers blooming facing the sun. He dreamt on and on about a lifestyle as grand as a rich farmer can afford to have. And than as he turned around in his sleep a thorn pricked his shoulders and the dream was shattered in a second and he saw acres and acres of barren land filled with dead grass that said “pick me up and throw me out”. He than slowly walks into his house made of same dead grass and sees his son suffering with a disease and wife trying to cure him with certain amount of fake hope.

The farmer then moves on with his wretched life and for next few years he tries his heart out in search of new hope on a barren land, but all his efforts were in vain. The curse of money lenders increasing and the cost of managing children going up with their rising health problems, the farmer was now into the motion of depression. And now even as he slept on the same old barren land the naive smile has extinguished like the dream itself. The thorns that pricked didn’t matter much, because the moment he wakes up he knows that he will feel the sadness all around him. Then came the day when he thought that he would shift to a new place, a new land ,a new dream, a new hope and like many others he decided to be in the milieu of urban lifestyle , thus he would be able to relive a new dream. But no sooner did he think of this, he saw the image of the moneylender in front of his eyes. Even if he sells all the gold he has, it wasn’t enough. But still he decided he would leave the village at night and go to the city with a fresh hope and in search of a new opportunity.
The curious old farmer enters the city with age against him and unhealthy children not old enough to earn their bread. As usual he stays in slums like many other of his colleagues. And than searching a new job, trying to find a school for children and trying to make his wife culturally able to live in the city were just few problems or challenges he now faced, but he believed that this was the safer way to live a life. Finally he saw his belief after many years was turning into reality and again he dreamt as he slept now on land right next to gutters which now smelled to him like a lake filled with lotus, but now he could dream again thinking of moving ahead. The job that he did was of a plumber started with a colleague and later was capable to do it on his own. Children went to Municipality School, found new friends, also could afford good medical facilities and life was flowing again and it seemed like the river will now reach its destination, but than came a block. The block of the Government itself, and on a bright beautiful afternoon he lost his dream house which was ideally located next to a lake filled with lotus. And now he was at crossroads, where to carry his family. The village was filled with money lenders, searching his whereabouts and the city has just hit him in the face.

I am sure this is not a true story of a particular person. But this is a story of thousand and thousands of Indians trying to find a solution to live a peaceful life. They just want a land of 100 sq.ft not much. But now where will this fellow citizens go, for some the struggle will end for some it will began whether to call it a struggle or despair is something I live to the readers.


I wrote this poem for a 2nd std kid which I believe is one of the greatest help I did to someone .This will be a special poem for me as I am used to write sophisticated poem.This is a simple poem for a simple 8 yr old kid.

Some things are bounded by water all around,
Something cant live without water .
Something which whirls and curls its body .
Something which lives deep in the ocean .
Something which is predated by humans ,
Its the beautiful fish ;
beautiful to such an extent ,
that we keep it in our home .
but to vain we make it our food,

is it the beautiful fish ??

Flowers lesson

Flowers lesson
Its the birthday of the beautiful flower ,
look who has come to wish her.

The rivers sing a song for it,
the birds chirp along the musical show.

look what i have to do,
I have beautiful gifts for my beautiful flower.

i will light candles for her,
and give cakes to everyone ,
as the flower is special to me .

I will spread the message of love and peace ,
as the flower was my birthday gift.

It was born yesterday,
but might die soon.

life is short ,
but things they do pleases us .

Poem for the T20 Champions

The WANDERERS wandered onto the WANDERER,
Deep in their heart feelings of ectasy and fear.

An awesome opponent on the pitch,
Ready to kick with an awesome itch.

Some bowled without any care,
Some hit across the fence with dare.

Anxiety around the crease,
Ready to cross the breach.

Some lost their cool,
Some acted as fool.

But finally the harm was done,
The journey with the cup has began.

some brought hopes within them ,
while some were keen to break the hope.

180 minutes of game,
but last 5 minutes brought the fame which led to someones shame( fiasco).


From Canada to India

From Canada to India
Muthu had three brothers of which he was the youngest one .His elder brother was very popular in the village where they lived .Muthu had 4 childrens of which the first one was a boy and remaining 3 were girls.Velu and satya were Muthu's elder brothers.Muthu's family was rich enough to employ 50 people in their factory.During those days, Colombo was a very important commercial centre and basically Muthu and his family members were Indians ,but they lived in Srilanka.Muthu's brother velu was very much interested in growing up his own business and inspite of owning a big mill in colombo ,he decided to start a new business.During those time tamilians from srilanka were told to go out of srilanka and muthus and his family had to flow back to their hometown in India.Velu was not interested in getting back to his motherland.They all were born and brought up in Srilanka and leaving lanka was like leaving their own mother .Velu for once decided that he wanted to live in srilanka and wont go to India just for the sake of living .Few days later Muthu and Satya left velu and they went to India with the help of a boat.
Few years later in the mid 60's ,muthu and satya developed their own business and became rich and even they became popular in the town in which they lived.Muthu respected his brother very much and considered him as his father as satya was the one who took care of two brothers since when his parents died when muhtu was just 6 years old.By the mean time velu became more rich .It was known from the fact that his 2 sons studied in a convent school in srilanka which could not be afforded by a common man.Srilanka is the place where there used to be conflicts between the tamil speaking communities and the srilankans.The Srilankan army used to attack the regions where the tamilians lived.Velu and his son lived in a popular place called radhapooram in srilanka which was the prime location where most of the tamilians lived .It was friday and at 9 pm ,the srilankan army carried out a major attack on radhapooram.This tragedy costed many lives of which velu was amongst the people who died.Muthu and satya never knew this and they led a succesful life in tamil nadu along with their family members .They came to know about this incident few years later ( in 1973) and they both rushed to see velu ,but to vain there was no one in velus house and it was locked.Their farms were totally destroyed and they searched for them at many places,but could not find them.They were unaware of the fact that velu died and later on assumed that they all died in the attack carried out by the srilankans.Quietly they returned back to India.
Years passed by ,Muthu and Satya grew old and their childrens got married . Satya died due to stroke in 1985.Now muthu was all alone with his wife as his childrens settled in Mumbai along with their childrens.Muthu's 2nd daughter was with him in his hometown.Even muthus children didnt knew about their uncles family and to muthu's grandchildren it was like a bed time story.On march 1997 ,Muthu died due to heart attack and muthu's wife came to live with her son who was a very popular business man in mumbai.Selvan was Muthu's only son and it was his responsibilty to take care of his 3 sister and he fulfilled his responsibilty.Selvans sister lead a very prosperous life and each of them had 2 childrens.Their led a very happy life until selvans mother(muthu's wife )told evrything about velu and his sons.She believed that they would be alive and one day they would return back to their home town just to see their relatives.
The turning point of the story was when Velu's son "kumar" visited tamil nadu in search of their relatives.He came to India and searched each and evrytown of tamilnadu in search of his cousins.Finally after 16 days he spotted selvans 2nd sister who lived in village.She was amazed to see kumar along with his family.Kumar had two sons called anoj and dinesh who just resembled their grandfather Velu.The sister called Selvan and told all thing about kumar and his family.Selvam rushed to tamil nadu and asked kumar about the things that happened to him and his brother .Kumar told that he and his brother vijay were not present in srilanka when the incident occured as a result of which they lost their parents.They didnt knew anyone in srilanka and off sudden few people running missionaries in canada visited them and were eager to take kumar and vijay along with them.Like this they settled in ontario,canada.
Selvan was happy to know this and invited him to his house in mumbai ,but kumar refused as had to leave for canada,the next day and promised to visit mumbai next year .Selvan noted kumar's phone number and his email id.Months later they used to chat through yahoo messenger.Selvans other sisters were happy and they were interested to meet kumar as well.
Things never happen as u expect.One would never expect one to trace back his past and return to his homeland to visit his cousins and relatives.My eyes startd watering when I heard this thing from my friend.Its his real story,where he was none other than selvans younger sisters son.I was really proud of his family was how they expressed their love from canada by visiting their cousins in India.It was seen that selvan had invited kumar for his elder daughters marriage .

(This is a real story and the characters name have been changed appropriately.The character velu,muthu,satya,selvan,kumar,vijay are names used for just as for the purpose of writing this story .They are not related with the actual people )