Thursday, September 07, 2006


Well I was in 5th std and I was among the elite students during my school days.I always used to score good marks in all my exams and used to be in top5.At those times we used to have a subject called morals where we were taught nice topics such as courtesy and things about god and all.I used to be the favourite of all teachers in my class and everyone used to know my name.
Our morals teacher gave a project which constituted 75% of our marks and told that this project would decide the marks in the final terminal exams .She told us to make a group of 5 students each and gave topics to each group.She gave topics such as patriotism,courtesy ,patience,anger,anxiety etc.The most dissappointing thing was that I was not present, the day when our teacher gave us the topic due to fever.As a result my friends were supposed to note the topics.The topic which we were supposed to work on was "patience" and my foolish friends noted it as "patient".Since i was absent that day , even i didnt realized that it was patience and even I thought that it was patient and we went on to make a project on patient. Friday was the deadline to submit our projects and teacher told us that late submissions would yield us a deduction of 20 marks which would result in marks loss.So we tried hard to complete the project within the stipulated time .
The next friday everyone was ready with the projects .We submitted our projects as well.The astonishing fact was that I was the group leader of my group .So our mam went through all our projects and she came through our project as well.After seeing it she was shocked for a while and called me .She said to me
"Stephen!!,I never expected this from you.You were supposed to make a project on patience I suppose and what is this"
without knowing I was stunned and I replied
"What??? patience friends told me it was patient"
she said this to evryone in the class and the news spread like a wildfire.This embarassed me to great extent.All my teachers were surprised as I used to a brilliant student.I asked my teacher to give me a chance ........after requesting she allowed me to make another project.
I wonder this was the funniest thing that happened in my life.I was embarassed for a while and this incident hurted me a lot.After this I decided that I wont indulge in any group activities for any projects and all and I would do my project works and home works by myself and I follow this till now.Thee thing is that no one in my family knows this till now .........its disguise and i wont tell my family members as well.


  1. When such things happen they are embarrassing initially but when we grow up we just look back with a smile. I'm sure you;re still a brilliant college student!

  2. everyone has such memories and selective memory helps us get rid of such experiences and the crux of such theory being, we recollect such happenings rarely. It's a good thing you wrote a blog about such an experience. Eww! I don't want to look back into my past.

    happy writing!

  3. ha ha.. that's so damn funny... why do you call that an embarrassment?? I would have paid for being in such a situation :)

  4. @ :) well that wasnt funny for me ....coz that was first time for me and i dont want to face such situation again,......

  5. It happens...even I've done things..and when I think about them now then I feel I was so dumb..I mean I already am but then I was extra dumb :)