Saturday, December 22, 2007

Friends for life

Well I am in orkut for the last two years and by this time I had many friends who were really great and honestly i consider them as my best friends .Unfortunately due to my busy schedule in the upcoming year ,I wont manage my self to be online or many be manage my communities ,I perhaps transferred to my best friends in orkut.I would have loved to be here ,but unfortunately I have to leave and i promised them to return by early 2009 after my main exams.This what they said when i told them that i have to leave orkut.........I was really pleased to hear such things from them

Shifoo said "Hay Steph.. Hope everything is fine with you brother!!

Seems that you wont b coming online.. ya.. anything for your own good brother! I wish you all the best wishes for a wonderful future! Hope to see you soon around

wherever you are .. keep smiling & stay happy! "

Parul said "stephen...i understand ur dnt worry so much...u wl realy manage ur studies well....jus cum online wenevr u gt that u cn cheer urslf up being midst ur frens..... "

Mansii said "hey stephen ,,,cmmon yaar,,,dis is nt done,,,,,its cheatng leaving all ur frens,,,,puhleez............dnt go yaar like dis,,,,,,,,,,i dnt knw abt rest bt sure i'll miss u........ "

Sonam said "This is just disgusting........wat da hell on earth has happened 2 evry1 here..
Is this some kindaa epidemic spreading around.... i won't say nething 2 u buddy.. but i guess i'll be the next one to leave ...u r a nice person...seriously.. good luck for ur don't talk 2 me.. :(

Ritika said "steephie.........m gonna miss u boy..........
i jus hope 2 catch all ov us here......even if its after 10 years!!!!!!
we mite be jus frnds frm a virtual world............but i guess, we do share a gr8 bond wid each'd be gr8 to c everyone around smtime soon! "

Jayant said"hey stephen study hard,,,n best of luck !!!"

Akshi said"heyyyy steph whtz dz yaar....
y is evry1 leavin..... i mean itz gud dat u gv more preference 2 ur mba prepratn bt stillll atleast u shud b here, if nt evryday, thn atleast 1nc in 2-3 dyz,.......
will miss u...
tk cr n study hard "

I really like them a lot, as they are my true friends.Now i really cant stop crying ,but i cant help ........any way i will be returnin soon and most probably this would be my last post here if i am not wrong .........or may be i am planning to post here once in 2 months or so ..........

Miss me


  1. ya freinds r great and i appreciate ur writing on that topic.

    i really liked ur blog-template too.

  2. friends come from an unknown way...

  3. they say net frnds die with their net ids.. i stil rem ma frnds i got thru ym whn i was in ma 11th grade.. and am in touch with one.. stil i feel my net frnds were more close to me as they were very much similar to me than ma too ordinary skul n coll mates

  4. @manorath

    it happens yaar..
    see i give equal importance to net frnds and real life frnds.. they both r same to me

    at times my virtual frnds have helped me at times and other frnds cudnt do much

    yes i got a project thru one of my frnd in hyderabad was at that time i realized about frnds




  6. I really envy you reading this post !!!Such cute , sweet , lovely frenz !!! i am sure you are in touch wid all of them still !!