Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Some one I loved.....

PS:Everything mentioned in this post is real.

Today is the last day of the year.I am going to admit that I loved some one few years ago.I was fond of her.Today is a special day for me as I had seen her for the first time few years back.My eyes will shed tears if I think of her.She was just 2 years old and I was 7 years old.I was pretty much fond of her.I loved her like anything.She used to live with my grandmother.Her mother used to work in our farm and my grandmother used to take care of her.To freed myself from boredom,I used to play with her.I always wished to live with her and even asked my mom to take her with us.But,mom refused to take her as she was just young.I was pretty much attracted to her.One day ,during my stay at my granny's place , I could not find her any where.I initially believed that she must be playing with her other friends.But ,she did not return home.I was depressed and I felt low as she was my good friend .I used to play with her and I was fond of her.I was worried and the same day my mom asked me to join in my cousin brothers function.She cooked a dish which I found it to be delicious and yummy.I liked it and I even praised my Mother for cooking such a tasty dish.But ,I was not happy as I wished to share my meal with my friend.I asked my mom about her.But ,mom was upset and patted on my shoulders as if I had lost one of my closest friend.She asked me about the curry.I told that it was tasty and good.She later on admitted that ,she had cooked my friend.I gave a dumb expression with my brows right up and my eye balls bulging out ."Whatt??",I was stunned.Granny was searching for a goat,but finally they had to settle with this little goat and they have to cook this.Well,I was talking about my best friend,I mean the black little lamb of mine .I used to play with this lamb when I was young.Kiddy,my black lamb was my best friend.




LOL,I some time fail to understand that I ate my friend,I mean I ate my Pet.Kiddy was my best friend.

Lol,Sorry Priyanka and Arjun I guess I disappointed yaa....wanted a good end to 2008 and so came up with this post........hahaha

Hey ,guys I wish every one a happy and prosperous new year on behalf of my friends and my family.May this new year bring happiness and may god shower all his blessings upon you.Love you all.Keep in touch
and once again

"Happy New year - 2009"
Have fun and blast

Friday, December 26, 2008

Hurt never,smile ever

Hurt never,smile ever
There was a boy called 'Joy' in Eastern London .Although he was named Joy,but his personality was totally different.One could not relate him to joy,just because his name was Joy.Joy always had this unique tendency to hurt every one.He did not even spare his dear and closed ones.He used to hurt every one .He seldom spoke and smiled. His teachers used to appreciate about his inherent talents in almost every fields like paintings,singing,writing etc,but it would be annoying for them to see the same frown every time on his face.Joy was helpless for the same reason.He tried changing this unusual habit of his.He started working towards this.His girlfriend called "Smile" left him for the same reason.He always used to curse her in every thing that she did.It was strange that Smile always wished to live with Joy.She could not think of a life without Joy.Joy and Smile were made for each other.They were unseparable .But ,this hurt factor changed their life.An unexpected controversy broke their friendship.Now ,Joy and Smile never spoke nor they met just because of this thing called hurt.Joy wanted to change this habit of his and wanted to live a happy life with Smile. A Smile is what he expected.
Later on he learnt that one should

Hurt never and smile ever.

Now ,Smile is back with Joy.Thus with this post of mine , I want to emphasize on the fact that we unfortunately hurt people by saying few words that may make some one feel bad or may be with our behavior.We often fail to accept this fact that its not we who get hurt when some one speaks against us.Even we do the same to others.Lets change this behavior and let make this place a beautiful place to live.

5 more days for new year ,what is your new year resolutions?

Well I make new year resolutions every year,but I fail to keep it up.
I took an oath to read bible every day on 1st January 2008,but I could not do it due to certain things.
I promised to never hurt any one,but I do hurt people now and then.
I wanted to help others, and yes I am helping poor kids.

This year my new year resolutions are the same.
This is probably my last post for this year .Oh!! yes I have one more post to be scheduled on 31st December at 11: 55 pm. It is some thing about some one special.I loved her since childhood and I am going to reveal her identity on 31st December 2008 at 11:55pm.Do read that.

Meet you on a brand new year 2009.In 2009, I will be completing my Engineering ,getting into job etc.Hope 2009 would be good for every one .

Just write in your new year resolutions in the comment section.

Till then Happy new year and happy Writing.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wednesday Wonders.....

Wednesday Wonders.....
Wednesday is a special day.People often say that wednesday is the best day of the week to do all your work.Many wonders can be created in wednesdays.Now ,don't ask me who told this.A princess called "Anupriya", an angel was born on wednesday.She is my sister and a little angel of our family.I got placed on wednesday.My little nephew was born on wednesday.Like that ,I can say that many wonders were created in my life on this particular day.Thus,I call it

Wednesday Wonders.

Every wednesday starting from 7th January,I will be coming up with a topic based on individuals.They are some one very close to me.They are amongst the people who have impressed me,who have supported me at times.These individuals are related to me through family,blog,school,college etc.This is not like a tribute series, I will write about something close to me.This will be done every wednesdays with new individuals each week.

Its from 7th January,2009.

Who knows even you might feature as a wonder on "wednesday wonders"

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pouring Rains......

rains poured heavily
my eyes searched the horizon
just another look.

its raining cats and dogs at the Writers Lounge.Its raining heavily since 9th december.Now,the rains are about to stop pouring as it will be winter at the WL. I present this haiku , with a little bit of help from Prats.

The Solitary Writer


Monday, December 22, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What ya think??...

What ya think??...

My exams have started and still two more weeks to go before a start of a brand new year.I remember reading this post from one of my blogger friends blog.So ,I stole it from her blog.Here ,it goes.......answer these questions and put in your honest views. :p .

1. Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3.Something I have and you want?
4.Give me a nick name and explain me why u picked it?
5.Describe me in one word?
6.What was your first impression of me?
7.Do you still think that way about me now?
8.What reminds you of me?
9.If you could ever give me one thing,what it could be?
10.How well you know me?
11.How do you see me in future?
12.Ever wanted to tell me anything ,but couldn't?
13.Are you going to put this on your blog and going to see what I say about you?

Lol ,if you want you can put this on your blog too and see what people say about you......coz even I'd took it from some where around.....bye

wish me luck for my remaining papers

Saturday, December 13, 2008

A short story of an Indian Farmer..

I was glaring at the sky with a hope that it would rain. Years have gone and seasons have changed, but yet it didn’t rain. It last rained on the monsoon season of 2006.That was a profitable year for us and we enjoyed farming. But now, things have changed.

Drought has not let us sleep peacefully. Barren lands have made our lives barren, drought has lead to devastation, destruction and despair. In Vidharba, many of my companions have committed suicide just because of this. The cuckoo is also not singing as if it is also silently mourning the death. If tears could quench the thirst of the lands, then we would never have to wait for rains anymore. Our tears would have been more than sufficient for our land. With this drying of lands, our hopes and life have dried.

I am a Marathi farmer, a proud son of Maharashtra. I some times feel what our government has done for us. Where is the money? I don’t have enough money to repay the loan that I had borrowed from Bank of Vidharba .My 7 children are starving for food. My people are dying, my crops have perished.

My family is dependent on me and I’ m dependent on Indra.If rain god Indra disappoints me then I will give my life and disappoint my family members. They are the one who look at me with hopes and expectations everyday and I could not see them in pain.

“I want an answer from you or I will come to you,” I said looking at the sky which was not showing any signs of rain.

Today I am going to see, wheter its INDRA or me..I soon turned to my room. I tried to hang myself under the ceiling. As I fixed the rope on my neck, the bright sky turned dark. It was showing sign of rains.”Baba,bagh, Paus padla(look, dad its raining!!),”my youngest son came running towards me. I was happy and finally I believed that INDRA has opened his eyes.

Darkness usually symbolizes despair, but it has brought us new ray of hope which the brightness couldn’t .The water of the clouds have washed away the tears of the farmers who had surrendered to the poverty and dryness of life.Finally,it was raining after two years and happiness all around my village and amongst friends.

word count:392

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Monkey faced fiend .....

Shana was sound asleep as the hour hand of the clock struck 12 at night. As usual ,the monkey faced demon appeared in her dreams. For the past 4 weeks ,the fiend harassed her and tortured her in dreams. The Ogre threatened to kill her. It was a month full of nightmares for Shana. The monster resembeled Mojo- Jojo of the powerpuff girls. ”You stupid lady ,”the ghost spoke in her dreams . Shana was afraid and got up. This night she was all alone as her parents and siblings had left for Brussels. She was sweating profusely,she was thirsty. She moved on to the kitchen to fetch some water . As she was moving ,she could hear the pours of the rain , the thunder and the lightening. She felt as if her dreams turned into reality. It was heavily pouring outside her house. She sighted a structure that was following her. The fiend would not let her sleep. ”I will kill you”,the line buzzed her ears everytime. She was weeping all along. The monsters face reminded her of the school excursion . She recollected that night when she was all alone with Roysten. They made merry and they mingled . They slept under the huge Banyan tree. A monkey was keeping track of everything happening. It made sounds and tried to play pranks on them. Roysten got furious and shot the monkey dead. Ever since then,Shana used to get such nightmares of a monkey ribbing her. It was a rainy day ,with the clouds shedding tears. Shana couldn’t inform the police as the fact was unacceptable. It started raining heavily and she was leaning on the chair. The ghost ,tried to scourge her again and again. As she closed her eyes,she felt as if some one was soothing her body,providing her a good massage. She soon got up and ran around the corridors. She heard the same sound,what the monkey made when Roysten shot it. Shana was terrified and ran here and there like crazy ,she called her Paa ,but the phone line was dead. She was in a hurry to get out of the house. The staircase was drenched with the outside rains. She soon slipped from top and perished on the spot. There was no monkey faced monster in real, it was her illusion. The place was drenched with her blood diluted with the rain waters. The monkey died while it was raining,so did Shana.

word count = 383

which one shud i post for the contest ...this one or the previous one...lemme knw guys??

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Even she is a Woman

This is my entry to the "rain drenched lounge contest " at writers lounge

Her life was full of struggle and despair. Was being poor the only curse for her?Working as a maid in a rich mans house ,was all she expected since she was abandoned by her in-laws .Since then ,her life was full of nightmare.She was a widow and left with a 3 year old son. Her husband was swept away by the torrents on a rainy day.There was no one to support her nor provide solace to her.After that she started working as a maid in Seth Rama Saheb’s house for a low wage of 850 Rs.

Several thoughts were running through her mind as she was preparing Chappati’s for her master.The meteorological department had predicted heavy rainfalls for the next 72 hours.She had left her son alone in her house.She lived in a slum area in Dharavi, low lying area and which was easily prone to floods .She was in tears when she was preparing salads.The old thoughts that was washed away by rains again came into picture.Life without a companion is like a rudderless boat.What could a single mother do without her husbands support.She wept and her face turned red.She was cursing her fate for living a life like this.She had done her basic education ,but to vain was refrained from working.Like other children she wanted her son to succeed in life.Butunder such circumstances and with a salary of 850 Rs,what would she do?.Her pale skin and gracious eyes got moist due to the tears.She looked around to see if it was raining. There was a heavy downpour. Even the clouds would not stop crying after seeing her frown.Little Munna must be sleeping at home.A little pelt of rain might cause the house ceiling to crack,eventually leading to leakage.It was 9:30 pm.She asked her Memshab if she could go.She hurried as soon as she got a nod from her boss. It was raining like cats and dogs outside the bungalow.She expected the rains to halt.She waited near a banyan tree for 15 minutes,but rain didn’t stopped pouring.She sighted a young kid of Munna’s age who was playing with his parents.She glared at that child and pondered if even her son was lucky enough to be like him.It was dark.She was walking on the footpath with a plastic bag covering her body.”Oh! Munna”,she soon rushed for her home as her son was alone.

Word count = 399

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

yay!!! Its Award time !!!

Ok.Its already December and award time on my blog.I am going to give awards to my fellow blogger friends.I would like to thank Ani for giving the rokin riter and blogging friends forver award.And Divvu for those beautiful awards.Ok lets start.

1) Rockin Riter award.
This award is given to bloggers who impress people with their writings.

Sameera : I got to learn a lot from you .So this is for you.

Rajesh:You deserve this for your impressive writings.

Criss:you mesmerize readers with the help of short stories which convey important messages

Asbah:Hey islex .. see this is specially for you rock girl.

Anurag:I have said time and again this guy has some talents and skilled with great writing .

Arjun :Really impressed with his work especially those which has a touch of humor in it

Valencia: you get this from me for your good writing work

Gauri: Some times brings in new topics and discussions .check her blog

Sandeep:Another gem on a crown ...a great friend of mine and mussadi man creator ..this is for you.

Akshat: a new blogger who is talented with really good writing skills.I was impressed after reading his first post ,so i decided to give this to him.Enjoy!!

Divvu: for her writings

2)Dark Writer Award.
This award category is for person who writes dark work which includes dark poems and stories.

Shruti:Well,I have observed that she is the only girl who writes dark poems and stories well and I could only find her on my blog list who writes great dark poem.This is for you miss dark writer:)

3)Rockin' girl blogger award

I present this award to Mehreen,Sameera,Keshi,Ani,Anindita,



Valencia,Preetilata,Myske lyke,

,Keshi ,Trina and all other girls on my blog list. Enjoy!!

4)The Thoughtful blogger award
This award are given to people who write posts that are thoughtful or thought provoking.

The Lover: his posts are really thoughtful.

She writes well and her recent works were pretty good and she deserves this.. girl you rock!!

Criss: read his stories and you will know why I gave him this award

Pratibha:her poems are thought provoking ...she is brillinat when it comes to poem and she deserves this.

Riversoul: his works are great .

Ani: i digged her past few posts from her blog and decided to give this to her.

Lena: girl , i should say that you work has impressed me a lot ...especially your inspiring and thought provoking posts.... that i read few days back.

Mona: for her wonderful and thoughtful poems.

Leo: for his poems.

5)Kreativ blogger award
This award is given to people who impress their readers by coming up with new creative ideas

Sandeep : I give him for the reason every one knows .He is the creator of the famous Mussadi man series.He comes up with his new creative ideas like mussadi man and other one of sandeep malan.

Karthik:Read his blog and you will knw why i gave him this award.I remember reading a discussion like post on his blog which was based on a good topic.

She is amongst my youngest blogger friend.And another creative blogger with all her paintings,photos and sayings .This is for you girl.

Asbah: this is for our very own Islex of writers lounge.She brings in topics that are really good and comes up with great idea for the writers lounge group blog.....check her blog

6)The Versatile blogger award
This award is given to bloggers equally talented with writing poems,stories, essays and writings of other forms.
The Lover:Many bloggers might be knowing him.Check his blog for more of his posts.
Mehreen:She is a talent hub.She writes poems,stories and thought provoking posts like that for AIDS awareness.

Priyanka:She is blessed with great poems and stories.She is an adriot ,do you guys agree??

Shruti:She is the girl who writes dark poems and stories.Remember our very own Shane character .....i still remember shane and will :)

Karthik:Another blogger with good writing skills and do check out his blog for his poems and thought provoking posts.

Sameera: She writes great poems and stories especially her short stories are great.

Usha: she comes up with great ideas and nice posts and poems.

Ok fine,done with award giving .Now an important announcement Writers Lounge has arranged a contest called "Rain drenched Lounge" and i guess you guys can take this as a challenge and do participate in it.

if i have missed out any ones name then let me know .

Friday, December 05, 2008

Rajini makes everything possible 2

He is a Super star.

He is the richest actor in India.

He is a Dream boy to every girl in Tamil Nadu.
He is a talent hub.

He is a style icon. He is a skilled actor .
He is .......... guess .
guesss.... and guess....

Rajni Kanth

No wonder ,the description suits him well.Very few actors in India are talented like him.He looks simple ,but he acts well.Imagine he rolls on floor,flies in the air,rotates his arms like crazy and fights the goon to protect the actress.Well,I am not trying to exaggerate.His trick works in humour as well.I liked one of his movie whose name I don’t remember.Its a tamil movie and an emotional flick.I wept and was emotionally touched when he runs through the mountain ,struggles in between thorny trees ,rolls around the slopy area just to cope up with the train on which the actress was going.In that movie,the heroin’s husband dies soon after marriage where he meets with an accident.Poor Rajinikanth loved this girl like crazy and the heroins mom didn’t accept his proposal of marrying her daughter.She makes an headlong effort to hide her daughter from Rajini and arranges her marriage with a rich mans son.Finally ,the hero gets a glance of the actress in an unacceptable position where she was seen in a white saree.At last ,after a big drama of rolling,flying,fighting with the thugs ,he finally mingles with the actress and “the end” is displayed on the tv screen.

Now,I would like to present this video to you.I could not stop laughing when I had seen this movie for the first time.I guess, I was around 12 or 13 years old at that time.This is amongst Rajini kant’s biggest hits in Tamil Cinema.”Anamalai” that’s the name of the movie.Sometimes,I still wonder how come Rajni has such huge fans following him.But after watching this video ,I assured my self that Rajni rocks for sure.Ok …here it goes.In this movie,Rajni is a milkman or “dhoodh wala” in hindi.As usual ,he roams across each street to supply milk at early morning.But,this day he was put to a fix by the hostel warden.He was a regular supplier of milk for the hostel girls.At that time, unfortunately a snake makes its way into the hostel room where the girls lived.Co incidentally,at the same time our hero Rajni goes to supply milk.All girls scream and yell as they sight the snake.They rush to the hero for help.Although Rajni was helpless,he tries to get rid of the snake.He sits on the ground as if he was about to perform padmasana.The snake soon follows him.It rolls along the axis of his body and finally reaches his head.

In the mean while,one should note his reactions and facial expressions.He shouts and screams as if he was excited ,but in real he was afraid.He waits for the snake to leave.It slides through the bed and reaches the bathroom where the actress takes a bath.He rushes into the bathroom after he hears the heroine’s scream.He gets to see a rare sight that every pervert wishes .His eye balls seem to get enlarged and his eyes stopped blinking for a while.He gets a glance of the actress without any clothes and he remains stunned for a while.After going out ,he just muttered everything and his behaviour was strange and unusual.”Kadavala,Kadavale” meaning “oh!! God,god”, “I didn’t want to see any thing,but I did see something,” that’s what he said to everyone he met on road.Finally ,the actress confesses that she would show her body only to her husband and one fine day they both get married.

Quite interesting eh!!!!. Well ,here’s another Rajni video shot from a music channel.Its a 14 second clip ,just to exhibit Rajni’s funny moves and style.Here it is and enjoy.

Now before logging out,let me enlist some famous Rajni dialogues for you

“Adhe kozhandhai kitta Alex Pandiyannu sonna, innoru kaiyale avanga amma vaayayum moodum! means ‘Alex Pandian’ to that same unborn child, it will even close its mother’s mouth with its other hand!”

“Naan solrathaiyum seiven, sollathathiyum seiven.” means “I will do what Isay, I will also do what I don’t say.”

“Naan oru dhadavai sonna nooru dhadavai sonna madhiri. means “If i say it once,I’ve said it a hundred times.”

“Naan eppa varuven, eppadi varuvennu yarukkum theriyadhu, aana varavendiya neratthil correct-aga varuven.” means “When I will arrive, or how I will arrive, nobody will know, but I will arrive when I ought to.”

“Andavan solran. Arunachalam seiran.” means “God tells, Arunachalam does.”

“Chuma adhurudalla means “Doesn’t it shivers!!”

“Kanna panninga than kootama varun,singham single aa than varum” means”Pig always roams in a groups ,but a lion dares to be single,”

Many leaders have insisted him to enter politics,but our hero would always listen to his conscience and would do only that which he prefers to be the best.This post is dedicated to Rajinikanth who will be celebrating his 58th birthday on 12th December .

Long live Mr.Shivaji Rao Gaikwad a.k.a Rajnikant of T.N

PS:Also read "Rajni makes everything possible1"