Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thanks Dad ,for all that you have done for me

I'm sending this note especially for you Dad,

because you're the best Dad I could have had.

Thanks for teaching me right from wrong,

And what it really means to be strong.

You taught me its all right to make a mistake,

and to always be honest and never be fake.

You taught to value every life,

and that harsh words lead to strife.

Thanks for all the sacrifices you made for me,

And for teaching me that love is the key.

Thank you for showing me how to pray,

and that it is something I should do every day.

I am grateful for all you did to encourage me,

Without your help, I don't know where, I would be.

(I would like to dedicate this post to my father ,who has done a lot to my sister and me and how would I forget my mom ...... thanks mom and thanx dad for all you have done for me and Anu)


  1. hey u made me miss my parents badly.. am nearly crying.. i gonna call them now...

  2. Hi Stephane,
    Did your dad read this? I am sure he must have felt so proud and it must have made him very happy!
    nice post.
    Keep writting!

  3. Hey ..tats so sweet....
    I wonder how happy ur dad would be when he reads this..... :)
    Keep POsting...


  4. hey, that was heart warming. rarely have i seen sons adoring their dads and writing poems for them. :)

  5. hey. tht felt so good!
    keep writing!

  6. It was a sweet post
    Keep posting

  7. awesome poem!!!
    its really hart warming!!
    looking forward to more of these!!!!

  8. itz so real...very very touching..n very well articulated using simple words..u wrote ur heart out..keep it up!!!.... :)

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  11. really u wrote a very touching letter to ur dad....a chance to make our parent's feel proud about us....its always good expressing our love through letters......every1's gonna post it to their parents after seeing this letter.....
    nice post buddy

  12. Aww, truly the best thing that anyone can possibly do to their parents is to show their gratitude and you've done exactly that. :)


    thanks for droppin by my blog! :)

  13. awww....
    that so bful...

    dads are the best...!!!


  14. touched... nice poems your write.. keep up..

  15. dast so sweet !! in simple and short poem , you have said so much !!!