Monday, June 30, 2008

Journey of life

Journey of life
I am a lonely bird,
desperately waiting to fly high in the sky.
I roam the world ,
just like a little sparrow.
when I get out of my home,
I feel like a new fresh day
I feel happy just like a canary bird when it gets freed from the cage.
A new day everyday ,
delights me,pleases me.
when I come back to home,
am in the darkness of the dark shadow of dirt and tiredness.
life is a cycle,
no one can stop it.
for benifit ,it shud proceed ,
if not life will end

Friday, June 27, 2008

I went to college today....

Today, I went to my Junior college where I completed my fyjc and syjc.I would not forget GNK as it was the best place where I lived ... I mean the happiest season of my life which I wont even tend to forget.I went to my college to buy admission form for my sister who just passed out her SSC boards.So I had to go to my college all the way from Santacruz to Kings Circle.This was the first time I went to GNK after 3 years.I found many changes and I even reckoned that it wasn't the same anymore.At our time ,the cutoffs for Science was around 81.5% and now its even more,thank you teachers as its because of the quality of education.I'd been to the corridors where we used to stand outside and bunk lectures.I still remember Neeru mam ,who caught us outside the classroom and she didnt allowed to attend lectures for a week or so.I remember how Singh sir used to scold us and share jokes with us.It was all just for 2 years.Many friends are still associated wth GNK as they are doing their B.Sc Microbiology and some others are doing BMM.Today, I met Guha mam who taught us English when we were in 11th and 12th.It was a different experience for me.I went to the classroom where we had lectures,Room NO 201.The same class room where I met Prashant,Feroz ,Milap and Imran on the first day.I was in College for just 45 minutes and my presence in college made me happy as this was the place where I enjoyed life and exactly knew what life was supposed to be.I would see all the passed out kids with their parents standing on queue just waiting for the person in counter to give admission forms.I always wanted to be a part of this college ,but I couldn't and we were a group of 6 close friends who were popular at that time.It is rightly said that somethings Money can't buy and those were the days which I would miss the most.I would be back there in few weeks time ,just to see the cutoff marks,hope she makes it there.This is like our family college where 4 of my cousins have studied and if Anu makes it there ,then she would be the 6th person from our family to study in GNK.Although ,now I am in a different college doing my graduation (B.E),but I would still remember GNK .

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I...................tagged by Sachhi. :)

Hey This tag was due and now i have completed it finally ,sachhi I have completed the tag.Well I am too sorry for this delay and I am lazy in completing tags.This time Sachhi tagged me .

I am : Stephen Anthony aka Stephu,Stibu,Steve and Anish to some people.

I think: Am too honest and should start lying :p and also I am very helpful,but that doesnt means that I will stop helping people.

I know: I have loads and lots of people who love me and moreover my family members are the greatest asset to me and I am very happy for that.

I want :a life which is full of happiness and life without tensions and may be a life in Switzerland where I would live peacefully.

I have : friends who love me and family that supports me and stand behind me every time and many friends who help me and encourage me in all my works.

I Wish : to meet my good old friends who studied with me in my school days and my class teacher who taught me in class 1,as she was the one who considered me a dumb child :p.

I hate : people who talk irrelevant things when you don't expect and people who blah blah all time and advices and my too proudy and selfish :p (would u believe this). :D

I miss : a friend who taught me what is life :) ... and my grandfather who took care of me till I was 6 but after that he passed away ...i really miss him lot and my junior college days.I miss nitin,prashant,feroz,milap,imran ,anojand my gr8 buddies a lot.

I fear : God ,Conscience and my Mom.

I feel : it depends on ur mind..right now I am very happy ,but it may not be same always.

I hear : good things what people say about me....:p ...but i dont hear bad things about me

I crave : for happiness.

I search : for true friends and happiness on my path.

I wonder: if I were Ambani's son or may be some person in Tata's or Birla's family.

I regret: the way i hurt people...sounds bad ahhh.

I love: my mom ,dad ,sister,cousins and all my friends and my miss right whoever it be.

I am not: a buchha ...grown up 20 yr old guy.

I dance : in my dreams and that too with Dia Mirza :p .

I Sing : only when I get a bhakra to listen my song :p .

I cry: oho do i cry ...coz big boys dont cry.

I don't always :mingle with people,hmm me a reticent type kid. :p

I fight: a lot with my friends and my little siste

I write : when I feel i am doing nothing.

I win : ohk now start counting...cant count...but I lose equally :p .

I lose : oh now reset the counter and start counting again :d.....

I never : talk anything against my friends or someone who has immense trust in me.

I always: dream about me with Sania Mirza woaaaa....i wud have love it...

I confuse : people around me...oh I wud have liked to.

I listen: to wht I feel and my mind wants like.

I Can usually be found :thinking , watching tv and playin games in my mobile phone :d

I need : a visa to meet my cousins in Switzerland and Ireland...never seen them in recent years.

I am happy about : the way I live my life and I am satisfied with wht i have done till now and happy that i have kept my parents trust alive...wont betray them ever :) ..will be a true son forever.

I imagine: me occupying some important position in Accenture,Infosys,MS or any other biggies...

Ok so ,now its my turn to pass this tag and I would like to pass this tag to Shruti ,Arjun, Charu,Asbah ans Chriss.
So,Sachh finally I completed this tag :p .

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Promise I will be back soon......

I Promise I will be back  soon......
You have been a great inspiration for me.
At times I struggled ,you were the one who supported me.
When all were against me,it was you who was on my side.
When I cried ,you were the only one who soothed me.
I was looking for help and it was you who stood by me.
You always thanked me ,but I owe all my credits to you.
You were annoyed when I spoke against our loved ones.
You have been a friend,guide and a philosopher.
your suggestions always helped me.
A peice of advice was all that I required from you.
I hurted you, made you cry and even sad.
Even then you called me a best friend.
You always want me to be first in life.
You got angry when I wasted my time.
It were you who changed my life.
My life would be incomplete without you.
You scolded me when I was naughty at times.
You helped me,when I was tired.
You accompanied me when I nervous.
It was on your shoulders that I relied much.
I trusted you and you trusted me.
But now everything is gone,
Every one is against me.
But I don't care ,but I do wait only for you.
I am going ,
I am going forever.
Thank you for all that you have done for me.
Thank you for considering me as a best friend.
Kill me,hurt me ,leave me.
But do remember me,
for I remember you as a person who changed my life.
I am going,far and away,
but will back soon.
Do remember me for the rest of your life.
Only thing I can say you now ,
Keep waiting,
I promise I will be back ,as soon as possible.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Girl whom I never met

Image Source

Your eyes enlighten my day,
It’s long since I remember them,
But, these pain filled eyes still exclaim,
Hey, you’ll be with her!
I don’t remember the last thing you said,
But I assure you it wasn’t that nice,
But still, ineffable are our memories together,
When I was your sugar, and you, my spice.
I reminisce the day I proposed,
We were so young and far at heart,
But now my love is inexplicable,
As you are long gone and so far apart.
I love the things you said about me,
When you loved me, I loved you more,
But when you asked, “Can we be just friends?”
I was stunned, my heart beat all sore.
But,girl, I still kept your depressing secret,
That’s how strong my love is for you,
Not even hate will make me do that,
Telling others about it, I’ll never do!
I remember our little island,
Where we’d probably romantisize and kiss.
What a pity, we never even went there though,
That’s a part in my dreams, I won’t miss.
But now it’s all gone, I should stop dreaming,
We seem to fight, scowl and ignore,
The same old fights which were even then,
Showed less hate and the love was more.
I’m sorry, my Juliet, if I ever made you sad,
Or disappointed in the way I behaved,
Even after you left me, I couldn’t bear it,
I did bad things as I cried and raved.
Somehow, I feel you still love me, girl,
I’m the same optimist that I was,
What misery though, I feel you’ve changed!
It’s those new boys I hate, I’m jealous and cross.
But I love you, baby, I’d still take you in,
Resting your head, after meeting you, in my arm,
The other hand stroking that silken hair,
Bringing you no danger, just my charm.
So is it true with old sayings then,
That lovers love more after they’re apart,
From my side, I promise, it’s totally true,
Is it the same for you, my heart?
I wish you’d call me your “life” again,
I wish I’d call you that too,
Why did my family ruin it for us?
But you gave the final blow, didn’t you?
So that was my one and only perfect girl,
she’s gone. Her name? It is…not yet!
We loved each other but we broke up,
I’ll tell you about our love, she’s a girl I’ve never met!

PS  - This Poem of mine was  stolen by a blogger from this site - Musing's of Pinnacle  and was posted on Jan 2010.  And I had written this originally on June 2008. Stop Plagiarism!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

We are One.....

We are One.....
We all share a Common thing amongst us.No matter we are different by name,caste,religion or community,its one word that bounds us.It is the feeling that bounds us together ,it unites us.We all live in a country like India and it is in this country that we have lived since our childhood.We have shared many things together in this country.
We cried when India lost to SriLanka in the 2007 world cup finals.We love the people who represent our country at International level.Wheter it be a Sportsperson,Politician or an Actor.In all fields , wheter it be Science,Arts or Technology we would like our country to be the first.This country had provided us shelter and we owe many thing to this land.
We were overjoyed when India won the T2O championship in South Africa.We ran across the street to celebrate the event.We started seeing MSD as our idol .It is this country in which we learnt many moral values ..we know how to love our neighbours despite they insult us or annoy us.
We all were shattered Tsunami struck India and neighbouring countries.We never knew each other ,despite we helped them like our very own family men.This is what we call as Indianness.Its the feeling that every Indian shares.Lets be one and bring this country to success and progress.Despite of various advances in Technology and other fields ,we are still a developing nation.Lets unite and lead our country to a bright future.We are the one who are responsible for this.Lets promise that we will be one under any circumstances.

Lets the strategy be "United we stand,Divided we fall"

Lets be a true Indian first ....... let us do contribute something to our country ........lets see our country emerge as a rising power ..

Monday, June 09, 2008

The Fourth Seat 5

The Fourth Seat   5
"Oh,common dad ,why do you say such things" said Ashu..
"Please dont say such things ,that really hurts me "added Ashu.

"Oh beta,tell me how were your exams and hows India,Which is better Basil or Mumbai" asked Sridhar.

"Offcourse Mumbai ,dad .Mumbaikars live a very peaceful life despite of such a miserable life ,you see they are very kind and helpful.I have many friends who have helped and supported me at times "she said.

"I love Mumbai rather than Basil",she added.

"Dad,can I ask you something" she asked.

"go on kid",said Sridhar.

"Why do you want to sell our company?whats the problem dad?"she asked.

"well beta,you should know that after me there's no one to look after our business,infact even you went to India.I thought that you wont return to Basil again."he said.

"Dad ,do you remember day you told me that after you, I have to take care of our company..I still remember that,dad!!.Its our company and we are responsible for it."said Ashu.

"Even,I have emotions and feelings dad,how can you imagine that I wont return back to India...yes I am insane and mad ...I had gone nuts for a I am alright and dont ever say that again." she asserted.

"Dad ,can I say one thing.."she asked.

"Yeah sure child,go on "said Sridhar.

"Dad ,I like Rahul very much and I want to live a life with him...I dont ever want to miss him again ? " she said

"I want to marry him dad"she added.

"Even I love her Uncle,Please talk to my Dad Mr.Vishwanath",said Rahul.

"Oh ,hmmm so finally some one finds her love in India" ,smiled Sridhar.

"Oh yeah Rahul,I would talk to Vishu about this" ,he added.

"You guys dont need to worry",he said addressing Ashu and Rahul.

"before that you have to promise me one thing ."he said addressing both.

"what??" asked Ashu.

"Promise me that you both wont go to India and will stay with us forever ."he said.

"You dont need to say that dad,we will be here with you forever .You need not worry ",said Ashu.

Later on Ashu and Rahul go back to India to take their certificates and they meet Rahul's parent.Also Ashu and Rahul decline the Job offered by Insciences Software.
They return back to Basil .

Mr.Sridhar speaks to Vishwanath and fixes a date for Ashu and Rahuls marriage .Finally,they both get married on May 19th.'

Now ,Ashu and Rahul take charge of Elite Software as President and Vice President respectively.
Sridhar and Vimla were very happy and sridhar continued to write poems as before.Now they all were happy ..
Even Anand and Ravi perform well in their exams .

Later on after few years Ashu gives birth to a baby boy and they all live happily..

The company's status improved and it came across many new offers and profits increased manifold..

Ashu,her husband Rahul,Sridhar,Vimla and her two brothers lived in the same house...Sridhar and Vimla only had time to play with their grandson Rohit.

They all lived happily .........

Alls well that ends well..... :)

( Finally I end this story here,btw I believe that the ending is a filmy type.And I am havin my exams so couldnt do much ...will come up with a better story next time....Thank you to every one for their valuable comments.Thank you Nivipooh,Asbah,Arjun and others .. advice provided by you would be taken into consideration in future posts. thank you every one... see you soon ..)

Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Fourth Seat 4

The Fourth Seat  4

shu was very happy that finally she got in contact with her best friend.But she was upset as she knew Rahul as her friend ,but unfortunately Rahul didnt knew her as a childhood friend as he was just 11 then and by now he might had made many new friends in India.That worried her the most.She wanted to reveal her identity ,but she couldnt.By now,Ashita was Rahuls good friend and they shared many things between them.
In Basil,Sridhars business was doing well,but he never knew that his partner Mr.Neeraj never wanted to continue partnership with him.Once and clearly he told him that they would not like to continue business with sridhar.This was rude ,but Neeraj was the president and he was the one who took the decision and Sridhar could only listen to him.Sridhar realized that Elite softwares performed well only because of MSD sofwares.He was worried and tensed so as to what to do in future.

By the mean time Ashu and Rahul became good friends ,although she knew him .. they were like new friends who knew each other recently.
Sridhar was unhappy with Neerajs decision and was disappointed.Now he decided to take a brave decision whose outcome could be so strange which could be the turning point in Ashu's life.He decided to sell his company to MS Software which was America's leading software giant.This itself suggest that Sridhar was very feeble and was a weak business man who was afraid of losing.He could have learned something from the Phoenix bird.Vimla was upset when her husband told this to her.She was afraid as her kids were just 9 year old and what would they do if they sell their comapny.This question worried her much and she couldnt do much as her husband was the decisionmaker.
What next? was the question which was supposed to be answered by Sridhar.

Friday,6th June was Anand and Ravi's birthday and the family was upset to such an extent that even the parents forgot their kids birthday.Anand and Ravi eagerly waiting for their parents to wish them,but they didnt remembered.But they were confident that their dii would call them .

On the same day,Ashu and Rahul were completing their assignments and of sudden Ashu realized that it was 6th June and it was her brothers birthday.She loved both of them and she adored them very much.She called them to greet them and learned that they both were upset.She later on came to know that her uncle Sridhar was allset to sell his company to MS softwares.She was shocked for a while and asked both of them not to worry.

Rahul was with her.She soon called Sridhar and asked about everything.Sridhar told everything that happened as soon as Ashu left them and told that they would be coming to India.She was shocked,she asked him not to worry and she didnt wanted her uncle to take a feeble decision .He was upset and Ashu came to know this from his voice itself.He was talking as if everything was over.Ashu told him that she would be returning to Basil as soon as her exams gets over..."Am comin dad(uncle),am coming to Basil,dont worry !".Rahul heard all this and was surprised to know that it was the same old friend Ashita.He asked for the reason why she was hiding her identity and "I am mad and i am an insane person" was Ashu's reply .Rahul was anxious to know sridhars problem and later on they both decided to go to Basil,Switzerland.Rahul was keen to meet Sridhar.On their way to airport Rahul proposed Ashu and said that he loved her very much since childhood.

"Why did u suddenly left Basil when you were 11?"asked Ashu.
"My grand father had expired and there was no one to take care of our wealth in India which included a rubber factory and a shopping mall in Mumbai,dad was his only son ,so we had to go to India" said Rahul.
"Oh ,yeah that made you to forget ur best friend Ashu, isnt it?" asked she.
"I really loved you since when I was young and wanted to live a life with you.Am too sorry for whatever happened ,as of now I am back with you,so no worries."said Rahul(smiles).
"You know how much I love you,my love has no bounds and I dont want to miss you ever!!".replied Ashu.
They both hugged each other representing true love and friendship.She even said that they both were made for each other.

The next day ,they reached Basil.She reacher her home and was very happy to see her brothers and she hugged them.They loved her very much and this can be seen from the fact how they smiled and welcomed her diii.She sought blessings from Aunty Vimla and Sridhar.

"Finally ,beta you are back and who is this ?" he asked indicatingRahul.
"Yes,i am back dad " Ashu replied and "this is Mr.Vishwanath's son Rahul" she added.

"We missed you so much "said Sridhar
and later on he added that he never wanted to live just because Ashu was not with them.

Ashu was emotional as well.......

Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Fourth Seat 3

The Fourth Seat  3

hose were the days of her life where Ashu enjoyed living.She cherished every moment of her life and wanted to be the same ,the rest of her life.Ashu adhored some one when she was in Basil ,he used to be her best friend .But unfortunately he left her when she was just 10 years old.Ashu still used to think of him.He was the one who impressed her till she was in class 5th and she used to share all her problems with him and he used to come up with a solution next time.After her parents ,he was the one whom Ashu loved.Although Ashu's parents werent alive ,but this boy had made her life.She had great regards for him and wanted to live with him for the rest of her life....At that time she was just 10 years old ...but she still remembers those days of her friendship with him.
Now,Ashu was famous and imagine every one knows her .Ashita became popular in her college so as so that they even decided to nominate her for the general secretary post in her college.Her success story continued and she scored even more marks in 3rd and 4th semester and years passed by and she reached her 6th semester ....By now Ashu had been the general secretary of MBS for more than a year and she really worked hard.During this span of one year,she called her uncle sridhar and aunt vimla sridhar in between,and used to talk to them without any problem, not just like she used to do when she was in Basil.She never knew about their condition in recent years and assumed that they were living happily.Sridhar never wanted to reveal their condition to Ashu ,no matter whatever be as he always wanted Ashu to be happy.Sridhar's health status was good and improving day by day and he was overjoyed by the way his company performed .He was depressed for a while as his company did not perform well and that itself was responsible for his illness.But later on Elite Software ltd worked in coalition with MSD softwares and finally performed well.Thanks to Mr.Neeraj ,who was the president of MSD softwares and a very close friend of Sridhar who accepted his proposal.After that it was a different scenario.

Ashu was now in 3rd year and it was an important part in her life as she was preparing herself for campus recruitments and moreover she wanted to make a career in India and not Basil.So for this she was supposed to work hard.She attended the campus interview conducted in her college and she was amazed that she cleared her aptitude tests at first and later on got selected in Insciences software ltd.Infact Ashu and another boy from her college were selected and Ashu never knew that he would be her Mr.Right.She was very happy that she got selected in one of India's famous software company and remembered her mom at that time.
She said to herself thinking of her mom..."Hey,maa see your little Ashu has made you proud once again...see how happy i am ,mom?My happiness has no bounds mom,no limits .... thanks mom ..I lov you momma!!"
The very next day she was writing her OS assignments and suddenly she heard a voice which addressed her....."Ashu,is that your name?do you remember me?" ..."Oh yeah I do remember,you were the one who got seleted in Insciences along with me ,right? said Ashu .He intoduced himself as Rahul and told about himself.Ashita introduced herslef as a middle class girl from Bangalore who studies in MBS just because of the scholarship provided by Karnataka govt.But,Ashu alone knows the truth.They both get into a casual chat.The name"Rahul" was special to her as it was her best friends name who left her when she was just 10.He told that he came to India when he was 11 years old.Ashu was keen to know more about him. Rahul told that he used to live in Switzerland.With this ,Ashu got excited and she asked "Where in Switzerland?"as even she had spent most of her life in Basil.Rahul replied that he lived in Basil .Ashu was amazed for a while and later on he added that his dad Mr.Vishwanath and Sridhar,one of the very popular business man in UK were friends.Ashu was really shocked as this was the person who left her when she was just 10 years old.Ashu was confident that he was her friend who was close to her during her childhood.She was very happy for a while.She stared and glared at him continously she had found her friend whom she missed at a very young age.She came to Mumbai not just to see her home town ,but also to find her friend Rahul.She was very happy as she knew that she was talking to her friend Rahul,whom she adhored much,but she was pretty upset as she wont be able to reveal her real identity to him as evry one in Mumbai knew her as a person from Bangalore.Revealing her real identity may cause unnecessary problem and she was well aware of it.........

Friday, June 06, 2008

The Fourth Seat 2

The Fourth Seat   2

ow Ashu was busy studying for her exams,she worked hard day and night as she wanted to prove herself just as she scored merit score in 12th grade in Basil.On the other hand,Sridhars health status was worser than before and company performed very badly .They were unable to pay the interests within the stipulated time.
Even Ashu was a normal child till class 3 (8 yrs old),but Mr.Sridhars personal diary revealed all her secrets to her.Till 8 years old Ashu was very happy, living her life with her family.Mr.Sridhar and Mrs.Vimla Sridhar were her mom and dad,but unfortunately she had never even dreamt in her life that she was an orphan,and Mr.Sridhar was her caretaker.After that she developed a strange habit sort of thing which had deeply affected her.She seldom spoke to any one in her family and she hardly made any friends.She had a best friend till she was 10 years old,but to her vain even he had left Basil by that time.
Ashu worked day and night and finally tasted the fruits of success.She passed her semester exams with distiction scoring 74.5% marks.She was very happy and remembered her mom and dad at that very time.She imagined how happy her mom would be ,if she was alive?.but unfortunately she wasnt?.Mr.Sridhar was improving day by day and so was his business.Elite software ltd which was a leading software company in Uk had failed to perform well but was showing signs of improvement .
Mumbai University organised an intercollege seminar where talented students from all colleges were invited to participate in it .Gyanpeet seminar was very popular and it naturally gave students opportunity to explore themselves.For the past 6 years ,MBS students didnt perform well and it had been a big disappointment to all the staffs.They wanted a fresher to represent the college at Gyanpeet seminar.Students were told about this and it was a shocking fact that every one suggested Ashita's name for the event.Ashu was shocked for a while,she never expected this and at first she refused it.Ashu knew that her friends were responsible for all this.Mrs.Melba ,her science teacher spoke to her and then after few days she agreed to participate.She was thinking of a topic and suddenly she decided to talk about life in Mumbai.On Friday morning at 10am ,every one assembled in the seminar hall of Mumbai University where one of the biggest talent show was supposed to start.Every student did their level best and even Ashu tried her level best.Ashu spoke about the difficulties people have to face in mumbai and despite of such a difficult life ,they live peacefully.It reminded her of her life in Basil which wast all that she spoke at the seminar hall.Her performance was good and impressive.The judges declared Ashita as the winner and it made all MBS'ians happy as this was the first time the college had seen a winner in this competition.This girl made evry one happy ,now every one in college knew Ashu almost everyone.
MBS college had seldom produced any winners in any major event and Ashu had created history for them.She made everyone proud .Imagine a girl who was no where in Basil,now marks her footprint in Bombay by winning an award.MBS college of Technology decided to arrange a felicitation ceremony for this pretty girl for her remarkable performance in the Gyanpeet seminar held by MU.The principal thanked her for making Mbs'ian proud and wished her to continue the same in all fields.When Ashu came to speak she emotional for a while ,she said that she really missed her parents at this time and she literally started crying.
She thanked Anu,Priya,Priyanka,Suni and neha who suggested her name for the event as she was gratefu to them as if they dint suggested their name then she wouldnt have won the event.
She said to herself thinking
of her mother"Mom , i really miss u mom , i lov u ...where are you mom.. ur little baby Ashu is waiting for u!!! mom please share this award with me mom..... I have made my friends and college proud ...where r u mom and paaa ...I really miss u mom ....I love u !!"

No one knows Ashu is deprived of motherly love..she was amongst the unluckiest creatures of earth who had not got the privelege of being with parents.....there came a tear in her eyes which clearly exhibited all the feelings in her mind ...everything she felt .....what was running through her mind that even made her forget her brothers whom she loved much...

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Fourth Seat

The Fourth Seat

A shu was born and brought up in Switzerland under her uncles guidance.She lost her mom when she was just 3 years old and so her uncle had to take care of her .Mr Shridar,Ashu's uncle was a very famous personality in UK.He was a very famous business man in Switzerland and a very well known writer.I still wonder how he used to get time to write stories despite of his busy schedule.He was of his own kind and he had two beautiful children Anand and Ravi ,both of them were twins.Mr.Shri was busy with his own work and seldom got time to meet his childrens.Ashu,although she was his sisters daughter,but he really had great affection towards her .He loved her like his own child.He always used to say "Ashu,you are like my own daughter and the first kid of the house".Even his wife didnt opposed this statement,even she loved Ashu like her own daughter.Mr and Mrs Shri were childless and Ashu was like a blessing in disguise to them.They were Indians who settled in Switzerland over a decade ago.Ashu was a brilliant student and Anand and Ravi were like her best friends..she used to share all her secrets with them.
Although ,Mr and Mrs Shri treated Ashu like their own child,but Ashu never used to feel that .Ashu wanted to live with her parents .Her dad died few months after her mom died and this was the reason why Shridar decided to adopt and take care of Ashu.Sridhar was a Software engineer and owned a software company in Uk.Ashu should be proud of them,but she wasnt.She missed her mom and dad very much .Afterall Mr and Mrs Shridhar were not her own parents .She used to wonder why she didnt died after her parents.She was living a luxurious life in Basil,which no one would ever think of,thanks to Mr and Mrs Shridhar.Without them it wouldnt be possible.She was feeling alone.Her uncle was always busy with his own work and used to return home after 10 pm,and so she would hardly get time to speak to him.That very year she passed her 12th grade exams with merit scores and wanted to pursue a career in Engineering as she was deeply inspired by her uncle.She told his uncle about this ,at first they thought for a while as they never wanted her to be isolated or never wished to get separated from her.This was because she was a special gift to them,a gift which they got when they desperately needed .Finally they agreed to send her to degree school to study engineering in computer science..Ashu never had friends .no one to cherish and her life was a real mess and thats why she decided to go.Her brothers were the one whom she would miss a lot as she loved both of them.Even while going she promised both of them that she would return soon ,but who knows she meant it or it was just a statement made by her.She wished to see her home town in India.She came to study in Mumbai and she lived with her granny for a while.She took admission in a very famous college in Mumbai.She hated the luxurious life that she lived in Basil.She always wanted to get rid of such a kind of life. She entered Mumbai with a big smile on her face.Ashita's(Ashu's) main intention was to visit the place where her parents lived.She starved for love although she was loved by her Uncle and family.She liked the way people lived in Mumbai ,a very sweet and simple life ...altogether this was a different experience for Ashu.Ashu now decided to explore her life and to live a life which is deprived of tensions ,furies and lonliness.She lived in a hostel and she had three roommates with her.At beginning Ashu was a stranger to every one ,no one used to talk to her as she looked more like a foreigner.When asked about her, Ashu used to tell every one that she was from a small town near Bangalore , as she thought that no one would talk to her if she revealed her real identity.Anu,Priya and suni were Ashu's room mates in hostel.Ashu was totally different from them.Although she was born and brought in Switzerland,but was a simple Indian girl and was not fashionable at all.She seldom spoke to a boy nor she communicated with a stranger.She was a very good friend of mine.At beginning ,Ashu never realized that communication would be a barrier to her.She never knew hindi as they all were used to English when she lived in Basil.Even in college she used to talk in English and she was too fluent in english just as any outsider would.She wanted to learn Hindi and make friends.In our first introductory lecture in first year ,she introduced her as Ashita(Ashu) and every one stared at her for a while,as this girl was amazing.She pretended to be a girl from Bangalore and spoke as if she was living in New York.She started learning hindi and asked us to talk in hindi as she wanted to improve her Hindi.She started loving the way things were going around her.Her life was taking a big twist and it was like she was forgetting her family who loved her.Her 3 room mates were friendly to her as well.
At the same time this was a very different scenario in Basil,Sridhars business was facing a big threat due to some famous company and it was running in losses.This all started just as Ashu left them.Her presence was a big boom for them.His business was doing extremely well when Ashu was with them.But as she left them everything changed,they loved her very much...but did she realized that someone was thinking about her.Their condition were really disastrous and they had to take loan from banks to run their business,it saw all loses and no profits.As of now ,Mr.Shri started facing big health problems as well.Ashu was the only hope for him,as he considered her as the eldest child of the family.Once he even told that after him,Ashu would take care of the business, as his very own childrens were too young as they were just 6 years old when Ashu left them.But any way they really started missing her and wanted to meet her soon.But it was not possible at that instant as their business was suffering badly and absence of Sridhar would see more disastrous performance.
Now Ashu realized that life in Mumbai was not easy as that in Basil.Did she realised that she was badly needed in Basil, did she realize that their business was under threat of extinction?.No one knew what was she upto and she seldom thought about them ..that too only when she thought about her mother and that time she used to think about her brothers Anand and Ravi as she promised them to return soon .Even they were eagerly waiting for their diiii,but who knew what was running in her mind.Moreover she had to concentrate on her exams as well.....she was busy waiting for her exams to begin.