Monday, June 09, 2008

The Fourth Seat 5

"Oh,common dad ,why do you say such things" said Ashu..
"Please dont say such things ,that really hurts me "added Ashu.

"Oh beta,tell me how were your exams and hows India,Which is better Basil or Mumbai" asked Sridhar.

"Offcourse Mumbai ,dad .Mumbaikars live a very peaceful life despite of such a miserable life ,you see they are very kind and helpful.I have many friends who have helped and supported me at times "she said.

"I love Mumbai rather than Basil",she added.

"Dad,can I ask you something" she asked.

"go on kid",said Sridhar.

"Why do you want to sell our company?whats the problem dad?"she asked.

"well beta,you should know that after me there's no one to look after our business,infact even you went to India.I thought that you wont return to Basil again."he said.

"Dad ,do you remember day you told me that after you, I have to take care of our company..I still remember that,dad!!.Its our company and we are responsible for it."said Ashu.

"Even,I have emotions and feelings dad,how can you imagine that I wont return back to India...yes I am insane and mad ...I had gone nuts for a I am alright and dont ever say that again." she asserted.

"Dad ,can I say one thing.."she asked.

"Yeah sure child,go on "said Sridhar.

"Dad ,I like Rahul very much and I want to live a life with him...I dont ever want to miss him again ? " she said

"I want to marry him dad"she added.

"Even I love her Uncle,Please talk to my Dad Mr.Vishwanath",said Rahul.

"Oh ,hmmm so finally some one finds her love in India" ,smiled Sridhar.

"Oh yeah Rahul,I would talk to Vishu about this" ,he added.

"You guys dont need to worry",he said addressing Ashu and Rahul.

"before that you have to promise me one thing ."he said addressing both.

"what??" asked Ashu.

"Promise me that you both wont go to India and will stay with us forever ."he said.

"You dont need to say that dad,we will be here with you forever .You need not worry ",said Ashu.

Later on Ashu and Rahul go back to India to take their certificates and they meet Rahul's parent.Also Ashu and Rahul decline the Job offered by Insciences Software.
They return back to Basil .

Mr.Sridhar speaks to Vishwanath and fixes a date for Ashu and Rahuls marriage .Finally,they both get married on May 19th.'

Now ,Ashu and Rahul take charge of Elite Software as President and Vice President respectively.
Sridhar and Vimla were very happy and sridhar continued to write poems as before.Now they all were happy ..
Even Anand and Ravi perform well in their exams .

Later on after few years Ashu gives birth to a baby boy and they all live happily..

The company's status improved and it came across many new offers and profits increased manifold..

Ashu,her husband Rahul,Sridhar,Vimla and her two brothers lived in the same house...Sridhar and Vimla only had time to play with their grandson Rohit.

They all lived happily .........

Alls well that ends well..... :)

( Finally I end this story here,btw I believe that the ending is a filmy type.And I am havin my exams so couldnt do much ...will come up with a better story next time....Thank you to every one for their valuable comments.Thank you Nivipooh,Asbah,Arjun and others .. advice provided by you would be taken into consideration in future posts. thank you every one... see you soon ..)


  1. nice story. and nope, it was hardly filmy and you did a really good job

  2. it was a gud one!! as far as i kno... one of the best blogs in the same category.. :)

  3. ty venkat am really happy for it

    will improve in my upcomin posts

  4. very very nice !!!

    keep posting !!

  5. I ahve been reading this story continously , i mean one afetr the other n honestly , thoguh the ending was bit filmi type , as u said , i loved the flow ..The emotions , expressions , love , lonliness , evertyhing was there in right ...Its very well written !