Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Girl whom I never met

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Your eyes enlighten my day,
It’s long since I remember them,
But, these pain filled eyes still exclaim,
Hey, you’ll be with her!
I don’t remember the last thing you said,
But I assure you it wasn’t that nice,
But still, ineffable are our memories together,
When I was your sugar, and you, my spice.
I reminisce the day I proposed,
We were so young and far at heart,
But now my love is inexplicable,
As you are long gone and so far apart.
I love the things you said about me,
When you loved me, I loved you more,
But when you asked, “Can we be just friends?”
I was stunned, my heart beat all sore.
But,girl, I still kept your depressing secret,
That’s how strong my love is for you,
Not even hate will make me do that,
Telling others about it, I’ll never do!
I remember our little island,
Where we’d probably romantisize and kiss.
What a pity, we never even went there though,
That’s a part in my dreams, I won’t miss.
But now it’s all gone, I should stop dreaming,
We seem to fight, scowl and ignore,
The same old fights which were even then,
Showed less hate and the love was more.
I’m sorry, my Juliet, if I ever made you sad,
Or disappointed in the way I behaved,
Even after you left me, I couldn’t bear it,
I did bad things as I cried and raved.
Somehow, I feel you still love me, girl,
I’m the same optimist that I was,
What misery though, I feel you’ve changed!
It’s those new boys I hate, I’m jealous and cross.
But I love you, baby, I’d still take you in,
Resting your head, after meeting you, in my arm,
The other hand stroking that silken hair,
Bringing you no danger, just my charm.
So is it true with old sayings then,
That lovers love more after they’re apart,
From my side, I promise, it’s totally true,
Is it the same for you, my heart?
I wish you’d call me your “life” again,
I wish I’d call you that too,
Why did my family ruin it for us?
But you gave the final blow, didn’t you?
So that was my one and only perfect girl,
she’s gone. Her name? It is…not yet!
We loved each other but we broke up,
I’ll tell you about our love, she’s a girl I’ve never met!

PS  - This Poem of mine was  stolen by a blogger from this site - Musing's of Pinnacle  and was posted on Jan 2010.  And I had written this originally on June 2008. Stop Plagiarism!


  1. that was one heavy set of words...
    b'fully written!!!

  2. wow man....u r awsome......
    make sure u use some easy going words....
    here's mine

  3. yay buddy
    gud 1
    i bet u are either single or recently single :D

  4. that's really bful....
    kp it up...!!!

    i too write poems... u an visit my poems at

  5. u say the gurl's not real but i have never seen such a realistic seems real...anyhow i loved it..u make an awesome poet!!

  6. yes the girl is not real pradd


    I’ll tell you about our love, she’s a girl I’ve never met!"

    may be u can take it as a girl whom i have never met or may be a girl with whom i chat [:(][:p]

  7. very nice !!!

    keep posting !!

  8. Ooooooooooooossummm.. Keep posting like that...Too good

  9. hey. now how can u love a gal uve never met?? [:O]

    and if uve never met it, no wonder ur parents mustve opposed.

    hope u get over it soon..

  10. lolz

    its an illusion


    wht do u mean by get over it soon

  11. its eternally beautiful..its just something..umm..i have no words about!!!
    so touching nd real!!
    ****am a fan****

  12. I will say it is a nice try.
    Don't take it otherwise, but It lacks something.
    Yet, it is going good.
    I am no poet in general but I write poems too and I have my genre my taste, so may be because of my taste of poetry, I am not getting yours interesting...
    Yet by reading it, what I felt is, it is a very nice try and worth appreciating.

  13. nicely written!

  14. Nice poetry dude ... well written

    U need to change the color of ur text and the font too ... so that it's a bit easier on the eyes ...

    Go thru my blog to know more ... abt the color combo n stuff ...

  15. A good piece f poetry...
    Touchy types..:)

  16. ohk :p

    btw am not used to such poems before

  17. Now i know for sure that its Sania Mirza !

  18. hehehe

    yeah u can say that

    sania mirza :p very funny

  19. I read it in ur Tagged post :P

  20. Being a guys that helluva potential for writing poems ...

    But i have to admit ... ur poems seem to have rhyme and chime.
    (I used that word only becuz it rhymes)

    And I know KLPD ... Can we be friends wala thing ...

    And that thing "believing in everything you dont" is a bit ballzy when proposing ... !


  21. itss was beautiful..

    you really have a way with words.. do continue to write.. will keep coming back for more..

    hope u dont mind me blog rolling you..

  22. dats a nice description of the "gal of ur dreams"...


  23. but then u shud have met her once...!!!!

  24. Ah... The pulchritude of it all! Another work of art... My musings on parallel lines? Read @


  25. so romantic lines for a dream gal ! i am wondering had it been real what it woulr have comeout as ;)