Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Promise I will be back soon......

You have been a great inspiration for me.
At times I struggled ,you were the one who supported me.
When all were against me,it was you who was on my side.
When I cried ,you were the only one who soothed me.
I was looking for help and it was you who stood by me.
You always thanked me ,but I owe all my credits to you.
You were annoyed when I spoke against our loved ones.
You have been a friend,guide and a philosopher.
your suggestions always helped me.
A peice of advice was all that I required from you.
I hurted you, made you cry and even sad.
Even then you called me a best friend.
You always want me to be first in life.
You got angry when I wasted my time.
It were you who changed my life.
My life would be incomplete without you.
You scolded me when I was naughty at times.
You helped me,when I was tired.
You accompanied me when I nervous.
It was on your shoulders that I relied much.
I trusted you and you trusted me.
But now everything is gone,
Every one is against me.
But I don't care ,but I do wait only for you.
I am going ,
I am going forever.
Thank you for all that you have done for me.
Thank you for considering me as a best friend.
Kill me,hurt me ,leave me.
But do remember me,
for I remember you as a person who changed my life.
I am going,far and away,
but will back soon.
Do remember me for the rest of your life.
Only thing I can say you now ,
Keep waiting,
I promise I will be back ,as soon as possible.


  1. awww..that was so sweet and touching

    Only thing I can say you now ,
    Keep waiting,
    I promise I will be back ,as soon as possible.

    loved these particularly..

    nd yayy..am d frst one 2 appreciate..

  2. that was so sweeeeeettttttt....

    a very hopeful poem...

    visit mine


    kindly leave a few comments......

  3. Steph..Just loved it.I ahve to read more of your writings.There was pain,anxieties,expectations, above all love..
    That made the post so special.
    keep writing...

  4. Oh this is so b'ful n touchy...
    Can I know the inspiration behind??

  5. omg u make such a wonderful poet mate....it was short and beautiful...that gurl might just love it...wish u write more man!! good luck..

  6. oh yeah sachhi u wanted the know the inspiration :p

    oh yeah i wud let u know soon :p


  7. friend this is wonderful...reminded me of someone...

  8. Very expressive!

    If you do not mind, there were some grammatical errors, else it is a really nice piece! :)

  9. oh yeah even i knew it :p...
    thank god u never read my stories

    well i write instantly so seldom get time to rectify it...

    ty for letting me know

  10. wow! tht was sweet!

    normally i m nt into romantic poetries much.. bt the way u d written it... it s sorta good!

  11. Only thing I can say you now ,
    Keep writing,
    I promise I will be back ,as soon as possible.

  12. I just loved this poem! I'm speechless!!

  13. nice poem!!!
    I don't have to say words I just can say that it was brilliant!!!

  14. Just loved the way uv strung the words!! Beautiful :)

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  16. Touching ...Its quite sad to part with your best friends , but we are forced to and we are always grateful for the person who was beside us and changed us , but the saddest thing is going apart from very those whom we love so much !!

  17. i loved all of your poems.they express a lot....
    check out mine too @ sayantini-bhattacharya.blogspot.com