Friday, June 27, 2008

I went to college today....

Today, I went to my Junior college where I completed my fyjc and syjc.I would not forget GNK as it was the best place where I lived ... I mean the happiest season of my life which I wont even tend to forget.I went to my college to buy admission form for my sister who just passed out her SSC boards.So I had to go to my college all the way from Santacruz to Kings Circle.This was the first time I went to GNK after 3 years.I found many changes and I even reckoned that it wasn't the same anymore.At our time ,the cutoffs for Science was around 81.5% and now its even more,thank you teachers as its because of the quality of education.I'd been to the corridors where we used to stand outside and bunk lectures.I still remember Neeru mam ,who caught us outside the classroom and she didnt allowed to attend lectures for a week or so.I remember how Singh sir used to scold us and share jokes with us.It was all just for 2 years.Many friends are still associated wth GNK as they are doing their B.Sc Microbiology and some others are doing BMM.Today, I met Guha mam who taught us English when we were in 11th and 12th.It was a different experience for me.I went to the classroom where we had lectures,Room NO 201.The same class room where I met Prashant,Feroz ,Milap and Imran on the first day.I was in College for just 45 minutes and my presence in college made me happy as this was the place where I enjoyed life and exactly knew what life was supposed to be.I would see all the passed out kids with their parents standing on queue just waiting for the person in counter to give admission forms.I always wanted to be a part of this college ,but I couldn't and we were a group of 6 close friends who were popular at that time.It is rightly said that somethings Money can't buy and those were the days which I would miss the most.I would be back there in few weeks time ,just to see the cutoff marks,hope she makes it there.This is like our family college where 4 of my cousins have studied and if Anu makes it there ,then she would be the 6th person from our family to study in GNK.Although ,now I am in a different college doing my graduation (B.E),but I would still remember GNK .

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  1. going back to one's school or college.. always brings this nostalgic feeling..
    times gone by.. memories.. happy or sad.. and makes you feel goshh it was soo long ago..

  2. wow! u knw.. these kind of posts jst keeps gettin me nostalgic abt my col!
    gud wrk!

  3. junior coll...those were the best days of my life.
    although i wasnt among the bunking crew, my mates used to skip classes n go to beaches:DD

  4. Nostalgia they is a luxury few can indulge in

  5. yep...i muved on to a new city(b'lore), its been a year after my graduation...n when ever i go back home...i remember my same ol days...
    dun get a chance to make such visits...but yea i always cherish d memories of school n engg college (btw u being a mumbaite wud know of RAIT)...n wud cont to do so...

  6. It's always a pleasure to visit one's alma mater.

    That was a nice reminiscence!

    Thanks for the visit.Have a good week ahead! :)

  7. yes i do know RAIT engg ...yes we do miss our school and college days when we get into a job and wud feel nostalgic,after few days we wud realise oh common we were a part of something that changed our life and we made many frnds

  8. enjoyed reading this....good one

  9. Its so wonderful na to go back to places and relive those golden moments ! Bachpan ki baat hi kuch alag hoti hai !


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