Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I...................tagged by Sachhi. :)

Hey This tag was due and now i have completed it finally ,sachhi I have completed the tag.Well I am too sorry for this delay and I am lazy in completing tags.This time Sachhi tagged me .

I am : Stephen Anthony aka Stephu,Stibu,Steve and Anish to some people.

I think: Am too honest and should start lying :p and also I am very helpful,but that doesnt means that I will stop helping people.

I know: I have loads and lots of people who love me and moreover my family members are the greatest asset to me and I am very happy for that.

I want :a life which is full of happiness and life without tensions and may be a life in Switzerland where I would live peacefully.

I have : friends who love me and family that supports me and stand behind me every time and many friends who help me and encourage me in all my works.

I Wish : to meet my good old friends who studied with me in my school days and my class teacher who taught me in class 1,as she was the one who considered me a dumb child :p.

I hate : people who talk irrelevant things when you don't expect and people who blah blah all time and advices and my too proudy and selfish :p (would u believe this). :D

I miss : a friend who taught me what is life :) ... and my grandfather who took care of me till I was 6 but after that he passed away ...i really miss him lot and my junior college days.I miss nitin,prashant,feroz,milap,imran ,anojand my gr8 buddies a lot.

I fear : God ,Conscience and my Mom.

I feel : it depends on ur mind..right now I am very happy ,but it may not be same always.

I hear : good things what people say about me....:p ...but i dont hear bad things about me

I crave : for happiness.

I search : for true friends and happiness on my path.

I wonder: if I were Ambani's son or may be some person in Tata's or Birla's family.

I regret: the way i hurt people...sounds bad ahhh.

I love: my mom ,dad ,sister,cousins and all my friends and my miss right whoever it be.

I am not: a buchha ...grown up 20 yr old guy.

I dance : in my dreams and that too with Dia Mirza :p .

I Sing : only when I get a bhakra to listen my song :p .

I cry: oho do i cry ...coz big boys dont cry.

I don't always :mingle with people,hmm me a reticent type kid. :p

I fight: a lot with my friends and my little siste

I write : when I feel i am doing nothing.

I win : ohk now start counting...cant count...but I lose equally :p .

I lose : oh now reset the counter and start counting again :d.....

I never : talk anything against my friends or someone who has immense trust in me.

I always: dream about me with Sania Mirza woaaaa....i wud have love it...

I confuse : people around me...oh I wud have liked to.

I listen: to wht I feel and my mind wants like.

I Can usually be found :thinking , watching tv and playin games in my mobile phone :d

I need : a visa to meet my cousins in Switzerland and Ireland...never seen them in recent years.

I am happy about : the way I live my life and I am satisfied with wht i have done till now and happy that i have kept my parents trust alive...wont betray them ever :) ..will be a true son forever.

I imagine: me occupying some important position in Accenture,Infosys,MS or any other biggies...

Ok so ,now its my turn to pass this tag and I would like to pass this tag to Shruti ,Arjun, Charu,Asbah ans Chriss.
So,Sachh finally I completed this tag :p .


  1. looks like you dont have any regrets in your life. :P

    good post

    keep writing..


  2. niiice bro

    i am gonna do a tagged soon ,,,

    i really liked the start counting while winning and losing :P

    really cool ... :)

  3. nice one stephan..nd thats true...u seem 2 have no regrets..

  4. hmm nicely written!
    I hope you get a visa soon, a job in accenture, and a girl like Dia mirza or Sania Mirza (ps, why mirzas??)

    keep tagging and doing tags!

    ps. 20 is NOT young, i'm 20 and i am NOT young :)

  5. nicely written bro....

    all d best....!!

  6. hey v well done!
    Swiss is gr8..N so is Sania n Diya Mirza :D

    Don;t start lying :(
    In btw..We hate same kind of people...n have same fear :)

    Wish you a happy n successful life(Do employ me too if I m left unplaced :P)

  7. Firstly.....Thank you for tagging me... I may take ages to be able to complete it though.... :)

    U seem to be a very good son...Ur parents r lucky i guess..!! :)

    Nice post to know abt u..


  8. nice tag....and sania cool...even i'm a sania fan...keep writing...keep visiting my rolling u :)

  9. nice tag! learnt a lot abt u!!

  10. itne saare naam? :P

    how do u hurt ppl man?

    u like only gals with the last name mirza? [:P]

    nice knowing abt u man :)

  11. haan yaar they know me by different names...yes i do hurt if i really get angry then i really dont know wht i speak ....and i remember a frnd of mine....i always hurt her and say sorry...simple....hehe girls with last name mirza woaaaaaa

  12. cool post man! and ya.. ur blog's appearance looks technically sound and its nice.... keep up the good work! :)

  13. wow! nice tag...but u seem to have no regrets??? neways thts a gr8 thing!

  14. yeah havin no regrets is a gr8 thing :p...any way most of the people who have commented have said this thing

  15. everyone has regrets
    we just don't know :P

  16. Nice to know more about you ..quite a +ve approach towards life !