Monday, June 30, 2008

Journey of life

I am a lonely bird,
desperately waiting to fly high in the sky.
I roam the world ,
just like a little sparrow.
when I get out of my home,
I feel like a new fresh day
I feel happy just like a canary bird when it gets freed from the cage.
A new day everyday ,
delights me,pleases me.
when I come back to home,
am in the darkness of the dark shadow of dirt and tiredness.
life is a cycle,
no one can stop it.
for benifit ,it shud proceed ,
if not life will end

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  1. "life is a cycle,
    no one can stop it.
    for benifit ,it shud proceed ,
    if not life will end"

    ....... very true....infct life wud be so mch boring too if it stops cycling. lovely..lovely..lovely post..write poems more oftn..i simply love thm.

    thnx 4 visiting my blog Stephen n for ur encouraging comment. wud b glad if u will visit agn n count me as ur regular reader from now on.

    keep blogging.. tc

  2. wow...!!!

    i am so in love with your poems...!!!


    ur a real gud poet... i must admit sometimes even better than me...!!!

  3. @ preeti
    how borin life wud be ...i seldome write poems

    ty so much ......

  4. i like the way you have related cycle of life with the day and night and the bird's eye view :P
    and the way that you;re a lonely bird.

  5. yes exactly asbah ....u were right

  6. Ths one's is really gud..
    Life is Gud..hope is the Way to Live..
    keep it Up..

  7. nice try
    at least fro someone who doesn't write poems as such

  8. yes i do not write poems as such...not used to

  9. A very meaningful personification...Well written!!!!


    Thanks for your appreciation too!

    Keep up your good work.

  10. nice u've written urself . Waiting for another poem written by three of u just like showers of pain :P

  11. hey that was the only one written by 3 of us ...and all others are my work...we did that for a change ...possibly would do that with a story or sort ....we wud talk about it laterz

  12. its true...

    we all are waiting to fly really high but the bondations are dont let us do so...

    some spelling mistakes like benifit should be benefit,shud should be should...

    sugeestions only.........

  13. hehehe yes i know that rinzu ...btw ty for letting me know although i knew it

    u see i am too lazy to edit my posts again will correct it

  14. nice ! the last for lines were damn true ;)

  15. ... be free, as you can rise on poetry 's gainings....

  16. Again a simple thoguht beautifully expressed ! Liked the closing lines ..


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