Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lazy people..

Lazy people..

Sometimes I wonder how lazy people are. Yeah that’s true, I have seen many people who are lazy. Well, I feel that I am the right person to talk about laziness. One should know that Lazy people tend to work less and they very often look forward for shortcuts.Ok, enough of laziness, now I wish to talk about the same but in some different perspective.

Lazy while going to college.

Lazy people always get up late. How late? One should better ask them. Usually I get up at 7:30 am in the morning during my college days and 11:30 am during holidays. My College starts at 9:15 am and I get up at 7:30 am. Finally I leave home at 8 am. I wait at the bus stop for around 30 minute’s .At last I reach my college at 10 am. Well, sometimes it is embarrassing to enter the class 45 minutes late. Some times I have to take risk at my own expense and very often I search for classmates so that we all enter the class at the same time.

Lazy during Examinations.

I always used to score well during my school days. Friends often ask me about tips for getting good marks. To be honest ,I don’t check my answers again and I am least bothered .If the examiner is too lenient and generous then give marks else I don’t expect marks.But any how I get marks .Thanks to Almighty. If it wasn’t Gods grace then I would have flunked in at least one paper in all my Engineering Sem Exams. And I haven’t flunked till now and I don’t hope so as getting KTs is easy ,but to compensate the failure is really bad.

Lazy while playing cricket.

Here it goes. I really like to talk about my sportsmanship and yeah I feel that I should talk about the way I play every game. I was known as master blaster (I mean not Sachin J) ,in fact I really hate running between wickets. I am very lazy you see. But people often compare me to Virendra Sehwag as we both play the same way .He likes playing big shots ,but he even likes taking runs .On the other hand I work well when I am not running.

Lazy while online.

I really hate coming online. But, once I come online I hate getting up and doing some other works. I start my pc hoping that I will be online for 30 minutes and finally end up with 1 hr.

I also believe that there are many lazy people like me. There are no bounds for laziness. I know a friend who gets up at 1 am everyday and takes his breakfast at 2 pm and lunch at 4 pm.Sounds weird ehh!

So tell me are you lazy? Tell me one incident which clearly depicts your laziness

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mosaic Tag....... tagged by preeti

Ohk ,I was tagged by Preetilata  for this tag .Its called as the "Mosaic Tag".Ohk thank you Preeti for this tag.

So here it goes,

The rules are:

1. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.

2. Using only the first page of results, and pick one image.

3. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into Big Huge Lab’s Mosaic Maker to create a mosaic of the picture answers.

The questions:

1. What is your first name?

2. What is your favorite food? right now?

3. What high school did you go to?

4. What is your favorite color?

5. Who is your celebrity crush?

6. What is your favorite drink?

7. What is your dream vacation?

8. What is your favorite dessert?

9. What do you want to be when you grow up?

10. What do you love most in life?

11. What is one word that describes you?

12. What is your user name?

And here's is my Mosaic :))

Ohk ,now try to guess the answers  and let me know once you guess it.  :p :))  :d

Ohk ,now its my turn to tag  and I tag

Anurag,Anindita,Valencia,Shruti and  any one who would like to do it.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nipped in the Bud....

Little Amy had a dream.
To excel in every stream.
A day in her life shatteringly dark.
left her wounded,bereft of her innocent luck.
She weeps with reminiscences
Submerged in a life time of painful reminders.
A dark cloud puts her to shame.
Seeing her innocent face,
the emotions wails like a silent dirge
Ruined by a monster at an early age,
she is locked in a pain filled cage.
Poor Amy left filled with loathings
She never speaks nor she smiles.
Calm down Amy ,is what all say.
The huge monster ,
a familiar face,ravished her puritan self.
shredded her virtue with a cruel dagger.
A word of comfort is what she seeks,
But there's no one to soothe her meek pleas.
Poor Amy, cries and weeps thinking ,
of what she would do in the face of adversity.
Shame and fear sealed her resolve.
reminding her of the unholy violence.
She wanted to remain away from these thoughts.
She recalls the horrifying crusade against her,
If only she could have done something to erase the hurt
Fear kept her frozen to the spot.
She became weak and even feeble.
She recalled the little girl that she used to be.
She curses her fate that lead her to vain.
which included tortures and pain.
Poor Amy, cries and weeps thinking ,
of what she would do.
Her dreams are gone,
She needs a helping hand.
Atlast, she is a solitary soul,
Shattered and left alone without any dreams to galore.....

Important Message:
Little Amy was just 8 years old when she was ravished by a person whom she knew very well. Unlike Other kids,even Amy had a dream ,a dream to excel and suceed in life.This tragic incident in her life had derailed her path to her success and shattered her dreams.Lets help Amy,there are many Amy's in this shadow of darkness who are the core victim of child abuse.Lets protect other Amy's all over the world.If we don't do it now,then its too late to do it.So,lets protect each and every Amy and other children's like Amy who are the victims of child abuse and lets help them so that they may attain a successful life.....

This is a poem dedicated to all people so as to create awareness against child abuse and protect children from getting abused...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Contest Announcement.

Contest  Announcement.
The Bloggeratti Community  is organising a contest for all the Bloggers .This is the first time Bloggeratti is organising a contest ,so its a special occasion.It is a poetry contest.

The theme of this poetry contest is  "CHILD ABUSE"
All  Bloggers are invited to join in the contest.Also ,give a suitable title for the same.
All entries should be made before 31st July,2008.

The entries should be mailed  to bloggerattirocks@gmail.com

The entries will be judged by ELAAN, an NGO dealing with Child Sexual Abuse.
The winner's post will feature as the very first post on the official BLOGGERATTI Blog.

1).Your own work please

2).BETTER if they are fresh posts, but its ok if they are from your archives. But then use older posts only as a last option.
3).Co-written posts are absolutely fine

Winner also gets a badge for his/her blog.
Winners will be announced on 6th August, 2008

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A date with a Stranger

A date with a Stranger

Every one knows that I was not selected int the campus interview that was held on February 23rd.It was conducted on two days and based on the performance of the individuals on the first day itself.Earlier we had an aptitude test which carried 60 marks.Would you believe,we had to wait for 6 hours for the display of candidates list who made into the next round.It was a joint campus where around 2500 students all over mumbai applied .Finally at 6 pm in the evening ,the list was declared and I was happy that I made in the second round.Unfortunately ,none of my friends made into the second round.We were then asked to assemble in the seminar hall where we were given information regarding group discussion.I was placed in group no 11 and we were asked to go to class room no 405,where we would be having the G.D.
Finally,we were given a topic.The topic was "Is Mumbai a safe city??".This topic was very easy topic ,but all group members were talking in favour of the topic.I was the one who strongly opposed the topic and I was against the topic.All were against me,I just wanted to remain calm.I could hear a voice which was a girls voice who eventually supported my point.Finally,the H.R selected both of us and we were given the invitation card for the next round.By then ,it was 11pm.I was walking alone to the railway station.I heard a sound behind me."Hey,you spoke really well",she said.
"I am pooja(name changed),doing my I.T Engineering " ,said she.
"Hello,I am Stephen,doing my Computer Engineering from TEC",I replied.
She accompanied me till we reached the railway station.We were glad that we both got selected to the next round and we were asked to report at 9 am the next day and it was Sunday.She was with me in the train and we shared our experiences and talks .She got down at Vashi and I dropped by Kurla.I reached my home at 12:30am.Mom and Dad were really upset as I didn't reached home early and didn't called them..The next day we were supposed to have a technical and HR interview for which I had to prepare .I was not familiar with old concepts of C and C++ and I had to revise the same.I revised my concepts till 3 am and slept at 3:30 am and got up at 6 am.I finally reached the place at 9 am and I met the same girl Pooja in the train.It seemed that she was nervous and had done little as she had no time.We were asked to report in the assembly hall and I was placed in the group along with Pooja which would be having HR interview first.The HR who took my interview was very friendly and I answered all questions confidently and he selected me for the next round.The selected canditates were asked to wait at classroom no 203.We had 3 hrs to go before our technical interview.I was busy revising my concepts.
Me: hey guys any one knowing Data Abstraction.
Vivek:no idea ,yar.
She: hey I know it,data abstraction means considering only a part of information and not the whole.For eg,consider a refrigerator,you need not know the internal details of the refrigerator and you are just supposed to know the working.
He:Oh !! thank you,that was sweet of you.

She gave her Technical interview and it seemed the person was very strict.He did'nt selected her and even he asked me with some stupid questions althoughI answered all,but I was not confident at all.After interview ,I asked he,"hey ,did you get selected?".
She remained silent for a while and said"No!! i didnt".

We finally left for the railway station and she asked me"Hey,Steph will you please tell me the route to Thane".
"You go to sanpada and then change ",I replied.
"Best of Luck for the next interview",I added.
"Thank you and the same applies to you",she smiled.
"Bye ",then she left and I left .

I never bothered to exchange phone number with her.After that I never met her.
Finally,I got selected in TechMahindra on 27th February.That day was a very important day in my life,I remembered that stranger who accompanied me when I was trying for Accenture.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Blog Makeover.

Blog  Makeover.

his is not the first time that I have changed the look of my blog...infact I have done it several times.So friends do let me know hows the new look of this blog.Infact I have worked for around 2 hours for making the corrections in code and manipulating the codes in the blogs html.I have introduced 2 side bars and expanded the header so that the header image occupies a sufficiently larger space.Also I have introduced tabs such as home,profile,orkut and facebook.Aslo a few more widgets like top commenters ,shoutbox,translators,and a search box.So, let me know about the new look and do leave me a comment to this message.

I was inspired by emila yosufs web page and jean chia's blog which provoked me to make few changes tomy ordinary blog

This is exclusively done by modifying classic blogger templates.
Thank you!!
Also ,suggest me wheter do I need new widgets or something like that .

Remember ,
Change is the law of nature :).

Thursday, July 03, 2008

A Cricket Fiasco...

Well for the past two weeks ,I have had enough of Poems
and Tags. Now, I have decided to write something different. Few days ago I came across a friends blog, in which he mentioned about his cricket team doing well in the Ashok nagar championship tournament. Thank you Rajesh, now that has inspired me to write something about Cricket.Oh!! Gosh, not the good things about cricket, I mean the humiliating defeats that our team encountered during mine tenure as a captain.I mean it would be an insane thing as I was the captain just for 4 games.
By then, I was just a College going adolescent. I went to live at my uncle’s place during my summer vacations. At that time all youngsters were indulged in some sort of cricket tournament in Navi Mumbai. I asked a boy perhaps a guy of 21 about the cricket fever and he informed me that there some sort of cricket tournament was to be organized t in Navi Mumbai. I was really excited and I represented my Uncles Apartment team (say “nm” ,can’t say the real name).Through shear practice and hardwork I got selected in that team ,by then I never realized that I would be announced as the captain.
It was our first game and at the same time it was India Vs England match at Lords. It was our first game and our team was like the current Ireland team.We were rated as the underdogs .The stadium was too big and we were playing against a strong team which we could only dream of defeating them.The Captains walked in for the toss.I was the youngest captain of the tournament (just 17 then).I won the toss and we decided to field first.It was a 10 over match popularly called as T10 (similar to T20).We were excited when we entered the field.We had some discussions going on in the dressing room and our Coach Mr Shashikant asked us to play sensibly and not to give up at any circumstances. Here we go .The first game was a big source of inspiration for us as we got to learn many new things from the opposition which we eventually went on to lose by 48 runs. After that we really played well and went on to win 7 matches on a streak which ultimately booked a semi final berth for us.We were playing the champions XI in the semi finals. We decided to field first as previously we had won all the matches chasing scores. The game started and only then we realized that we were haunted and hammered for 4’s and 6’s all over the ground. I couldn’t think of anything ,that led us to pressure as one can’t afford to lose a semifinal game .It was the 9th over and by then I had used all my bowlers .I had no options and I decided to bowl the last over ,a similar sort of situation prevailed in the previous match and I went on to take a hat trick on that over .I bowled the first bowl of the 10th over and he pulled it over the square region for a six. He hit 5 consecutive sixes on my first 5 deliveries. I was nervous and I was confused for a while like where to bowl and last bowl he hit a four over long on.I gave away 34 runs in my only over of that match which led to the event of we chasing 139 for victory. Our players were very nervous and We made a good start ,but at one point their off spinner did the damage and we were bowled out for 68.A lot was expected from me ,but I failed although I was the top scorer for my team with 27 runs. That was the biggest defeat I ever experienced and I was upset of the fact that I was the leader .After that match I returned to my place and regular collegel lectures started. It was a big fiasco .
"Shame on you Stephen ,a feeble captain unable to put your team to victory",thats what my college friends used to say after that match .I never bothered to play after that as I didn’t wanted my studies to suffer .It was indeed a big cricket fiasco.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Showers of Pain..

Well friends,this poem is jointly written by Stephen,Charu and Chriss.All credits to 3 of us.

I sit and complain how I hate the rain.
Thinking of ways to get rid of this pain.
Wondering when the heavens will stop pouring.
Haven't I had enough of this lashing and splashing.
And I think of those days.
Oh!!those silly days.
when I loved the rains.

Thinking of rain ,
I recollect my past memories.
when I and she used to travel in a train.
But now,thinking of her causes me pain.
having met on a rainy day,
we made a long stay.
on a lone place where there were just 2.
Gazing deep into my eyes for a while,

Will you forever be mine??she asked.
For you're my love and you're my soul.
So I will be there for you and it wont be foul.
That pretty face with a silent smile.
Revealing what was running through her mind.
Her gorgeous looks and her blue eye,
Flattened me that very night.

Her innocent smile said it all.
feeling her love and her heavenly smile
I enjoyed the shower along the shore
Those rain pours along the shore,
and those heavy rains broke me to the core.
They snatched my love away from me.
Everything went in vain.
The rains ,they drowned me in pain.
Now I hate these pours ,the rain which gave ecstasy and joy.
kills me now and i can just cry.

Why it rained that Day..??
Bring me my love back,
for my love was true and pure.

For she once asked me,
will you be mine forever?.
Now what will she say when I ask her the same.
Rains will come and go.
Her memories wont fade.

Thinking of her....who changed my life...

Power of 8....Tag

I was tagged by Sachhi for a this tag but this is one of my oldest tag which I unfortunately deleted it few days ago! very sorry sachh (truth) :p.

Anyways continuing with the tag...

8 things I am passionate about...

* Travelling
* Cell Phone
* Studies
* Blogging
* Cricket
* Being an Indian
* Writing
* Reading

8 things I want to do before I die...

* Tell Mom that I love her the most
* Meet all my old friends .
* Write a book which consists of all my poems and stories
* Visit my cousins in Swiss and Ireland
* Thank people who helped me to live a successful life ..my frnds ,parents ,teachers etc...
* Do something for my country
* Play a one day international cricket for India Vs Pakistan under Dhoni[:p]
* And lastly, “Die happily without any worries!”

8 things I say often...

* arey yaar
* sahi !!
* abhi natak mat kar
* amma!!!
* Oye!!! sunnn
* am really getting irritated
* Achha aur kya hua
* so wht else ...

8 books I last read...

* Five point someone
* The other side of me
* Indian Captives by lionel lenski
* One night at a call centre
* Ivanhoe by sir walter scott
* A basket of flowers
* The monk who sold ferari
* Tell me your dreams

8 songs I could listen to over and over again...

* Every morning when
* I want to stand on your knees
* Tere Bin
* Every breath you take
* Temperature
* Mitva
* Zara Zara
* Ajab si

8 movies I could watch and over again...

*I am Legend
*Tarein Zameen Par..
*Jab We Met

8 cities I want to visit or keep visiting again...


8 people I think should do this tag...