Monday, July 07, 2008

Blog Makeover.

his is not the first time that I have changed the look of my blog...infact I have done it several times.So friends do let me know hows the new look of this blog.Infact I have worked for around 2 hours for making the corrections in code and manipulating the codes in the blogs html.I have introduced 2 side bars and expanded the header so that the header image occupies a sufficiently larger space.Also I have introduced tabs such as home,profile,orkut and facebook.Aslo a few more widgets like top commenters ,shoutbox,translators,and a search box.So, let me know about the new look and do leave me a comment to this message.

I was inspired by emila yosufs web page and jean chia's blog which provoked me to make few changes tomy ordinary blog

This is exclusively done by modifying classic blogger templates.
Thank you!!
Also ,suggest me wheter do I need new widgets or something like that .

Remember ,
Change is the law of nature :).


  1. change the blogger template if possble......



  2. hi steph..hope u r doing grt.

    abt the templt header i hv mentioned earlier also that i hv liked it a lot..(did u make d header image?). i love templtes which hv got personalized touch.. no doubt d header pic is grt.. (i hv a spcl plce 4 ink pen's in my heart) kudos to u for d header pic n also 4 2 hrs hardwork on html codes..

    but personally i feel that the header n d main page r quite unbalanced in terms of colors

    my suggestions...

    1) change the black color outside d header image border into the same color of the main page ( its white here)

    2) if possible change the white color of the main page into d same blue that is thr in ur header img..this way color coordination will be much more balanced.

    3) if u dont wnt to chge d black color that is there outside the header image border ...thn chnge d main page's white color to black.

    i hv a spcl liking for d color white infct its one of my fav colors but here it is not matching with d header pic's colors... though these r only my thoughts n suggestions. urs n othrs may vary n m sure it will. so do watever u feel is d best.

    take care

  3. Ok,btw i liked it . I wont change the template.thnx for ur opinion

  4. also cover the header area compltly with d img... (i.e inside d header border remove those small black part n cover it up with d image only..

    hope u hv got me.. n hv not taken my suggestions othrwise. ths r just some friendly suggestions from me.

    take care

  5. Hey, i came across your blog through one of my friends...

    I like the template..sad that i dont know how to code and change stuff :(

    Is it easy to learn?


  6. m so sorry to irritate n distur u steph... :(

    1 more thing i wud like to add... the main page in black color wont look good..but u may chage the blak color in d header part n cover the area inside d header border compltly with d image.

    agn m so sorry fren.. no intentions of disturbing n irritating u...:( ..u mst be thinking that me is minding n giving too many suggstions. wont any more...its bttr 2 mind my own business... agn m sorry.. hope u hvnt mind...

    take care

  7. Hey preeti no problem,infact i will make changes when i am free.ty for ur suggestions .i wil work on it

  8. Yes i made the header image or banner.photoshop work

  9. better ......... banner is excellent did u made it urself ??? can u make one for me i dont know :(........... i posted one template in my site chk it hope u like it :D

  10. hey preeti

    ty no problem at all..infact its a good thought

    i have filled the header with the image

    and removed black space...just check how it looks now

    i think we shud keep the background as white

    blue bckgrnd will look bad na

  11. hey dan

    yes i made the banner with the help of photoshop..
    yes sure would check it dude ...will help out

  12. @ daily blogger

    welcome to my blog

    hope u visit again

    ty for the compliments

    yes it is easy to learn coding ,but u shud be having some basic knowledge about css and html tags

  13. the new look is kinda good. i guess the structure is great. u might want to make it a bit more sleek and add a little bit of color or light shades! i guess it gets along with ur content..!

  14. Wel now i do not wish to make anychanges.the idea of 2 sidebar was to accomodate all the widgets so that they wont get complicated.about colors yes i can experiment with yellow or shades of blue and green.wel i am satisfied with the new look

  15. hey.. it looks damn cool. yes no need 4 d blue shade now. just ck one more thing.. can u chng the color of d header border lines to a bit darker shade?... (but thn i guess colors of all d lines of the main pg will be changed..rite?..) but do ck it out once.. i guess its just a matter of a click... anyways now its looking really well balanced, more matured n pretty.

    sorry 4 d suggstn agn..kya karu adat se majbur hu..pls bear with me one more time n ck it out wthr it looks gud or not.,.. :P

    kudos 2 u agn.

    take care.

  16. hey stephen,

    I think your blog looks gr8 this way.
    Well to be honest, yours was one of the few blog templates i liked and hence had changed my blog look.
    PS: your black template.
    But this one the orkut n facebook bar on the top=)


  17. @preeti :yes i wil check the border thing may be to a black dont u think the portion below the header wil become unbalanced in terms of colors.shud i work on the font and size.and once again thank u for ur suggestions

  18. @valencia:yes i remember u liked my black template.thnx for liking this template.yes i can help u in making that orkut,facebook tab on top.u just need to insert a peice of code on u html of ur template.

    @preeti:now ur at number 7 in my blogs top commenter list :-)

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  20. the amount f wrk u ve done was certainly worth

    but i would suggest u add some background other than white which is so so common that it is not pleasing to the eyes anymore

  21. ohk suggest me some back ground color if possible

  22. the bg messes a bit with the text
    overall its good

  23. yes i know frnd

    btw i dont know wht color to use for texts

    suggest me one

  24. The only thing constant in life is change!So keep it going :)

    I gave my blog a makeover too y'day!

  25. yes sameera thats true though

    let me check ur blog

  26. aloha :)

    whr did u get 3 column template?? i've bn searching for 1..

    btw.. liked ur new template..
    if u want my suggestion.. u cn make d side columns a lil diff shade than d post page..

    its looking great waise bhi.. :)

  27. yes thnk u

    i made i t by my own

    do u know wht
    this is a classic blogger minima template which i have modified into 2 sidebars and a post body

    have to make few changes yaar

  28. hmm..
    i hope i am seeing the final version.. or ..
    2 things may be:

    - font of the text. 1 size large
    -sidebars alignments for the post. leave a little margin.

  29. hey poonam i feel that the font size is ok ...not that large

    wht do u guys think about the colors...

    for post ...yes i will lemme check that ;)

  30. color is good..but as I mentioned earlier..tell you personal experience with the central aligned stuff,,, its keeps moving around. like your post list down there and its icons too..left alignment do is the best to view it in all the browsers...

  31. i haven't changed my blog since i got it lol call me lazy, or i just like the simplicity xD

  32. @ poonam ty for suggestions yaar

    btw tell me how come ur blog url is something different and how come its not

  33. @nolia
    hmm yeah i have changed it many times.....btw i never used to be satisfied with a particular now this one

  34. I have my own domain.. and I use my subdomain to blog. just like one section of my website..

  35. voww u have ur own website ...thats so amazing


  36. plz increase the font size bro!!

  37. well sandeep increasing font size ...ohk i will

  38. i liked your old theme though,.,, but even this is not bad :) looks like a detailed webpage with one million option!

  39. one, i liked the old template better.

    two, this one makes the blog look way too wide. I mean i have to keep moving my head, left reight left again right again..y'know? Almost shaking my head.

    (you can argue that i have small sockets for my eyes..but whatever. Moving just the eyed doesnt do the trick.)


  40. hehewell see sakshi....its a better way to exercise ur eyes naaa :p


    btw now its old one was better but i was really confused wheter o keep it or not....but now i dont think that i am going to make any changes noww..actually i think that the text area shud be in between and the sidebars on two sides wht say