Thursday, July 10, 2008

Contest Announcement.

The Bloggeratti Community  is organising a contest for all the Bloggers .This is the first time Bloggeratti is organising a contest ,so its a special occasion.It is a poetry contest.

The theme of this poetry contest is  "CHILD ABUSE"
All  Bloggers are invited to join in the contest.Also ,give a suitable title for the same.
All entries should be made before 31st July,2008.

The entries should be mailed  to

The entries will be judged by ELAAN, an NGO dealing with Child Sexual Abuse.
The winner's post will feature as the very first post on the official BLOGGERATTI Blog.

1).Your own work please

2).BETTER if they are fresh posts, but its ok if they are from your archives. But then use older posts only as a last option.
3).Co-written posts are absolutely fine

Winner also gets a badge for his/her blog.
Winners will be announced on 6th August, 2008


  1. Hmmm nice idea.Will try participating :)

  2. oh! I had written a poem on this topic before..but lost it..alas...

    oh well, i'll write another one.

    count me in!

  3. Oy!
    sexy new template.
    loved it!

  4. hey guys mail ur entries to that email id plssssssss

  5. Nice post.
    I will try to write a poem.
    keep blogging.

  6. oooo i love poetry contests!

    and ya i suppose it did hurt a little....bleeding and all. but considering what i usually have to deal know, running into doors and walls, falling up and down stairs, flying over the top of my bicycle at 30 mph and landing my chin on the know. nothing new ;) ;P

  7. i'm done wid d poem? bt i want sum1 to read it first...will u?
    if yes, leave a msg on my shoutbox...

  8. Gt to know thru Sameera..I try too...


  9. Yeah...
    Comin' In...
    On 30th July....

  10. well i got a message on my orkut profile about it..i'll try my best 2 write the poem..
    BTW...great template...just love the makeover of ur blog!!

  11. Me? frequently getting hurt? PSHFT! *blushing*

    I like to write day to day things...I mean sure I like poetry and books and all that too, but I think a lot of people miss the irony and the fun and the meaning in life. But when I write about it, I can remember it.

    I am going to go find my a scientist and chase him asking for tree seeds. ;)

    I do not post too frequently! I post the right amount! Lol!

    BASICALLY and American? LOL. I suppose I did curse America. Yep. That's all American baby!

  12. wow... thats nice...
    so wrote something for the contest.........

  13. Just one tree???? I would plant a billion of those trees! ...Of course, I don't know how well that would go anyways...have you seen my fern? Dying...shriveling...poor poor fern. Ah, well. It's worth a try, eh?

    You want to see America? So get over here already! lol. I suggest Minnesota or Oregon (for the greenest, prettiest states) and California (for the ocean, but not for the people, they aren't all friendly out there...some are, some are too rich to be) and to check out the great lakes. That's about it for this country worth seeing in my opinion though, lol. I want to see the rest of the world. Maybe then I might feel lucky to be here (or unlucky???)

  14. very nice post..

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. nice idea..will tk part.. let me knw.. how many entries per person? cn i hv more thn 1 entry?

    u r tagged........

    tc :)

  17. @ preeti

    yes u can have more than one entry