Thursday, July 03, 2008

A Cricket Fiasco...

Well for the past two weeks ,I have had enough of Poems
and Tags. Now, I have decided to write something different. Few days ago I came across a friends blog, in which he mentioned about his cricket team doing well in the Ashok nagar championship tournament. Thank you Rajesh, now that has inspired me to write something about Cricket.Oh!! Gosh, not the good things about cricket, I mean the humiliating defeats that our team encountered during mine tenure as a captain.I mean it would be an insane thing as I was the captain just for 4 games.
By then, I was just a College going adolescent. I went to live at my uncle’s place during my summer vacations. At that time all youngsters were indulged in some sort of cricket tournament in Navi Mumbai. I asked a boy perhaps a guy of 21 about the cricket fever and he informed me that there some sort of cricket tournament was to be organized t in Navi Mumbai. I was really excited and I represented my Uncles Apartment team (say “nm” ,can’t say the real name).Through shear practice and hardwork I got selected in that team ,by then I never realized that I would be announced as the captain.
It was our first game and at the same time it was India Vs England match at Lords. It was our first game and our team was like the current Ireland team.We were rated as the underdogs .The stadium was too big and we were playing against a strong team which we could only dream of defeating them.The Captains walked in for the toss.I was the youngest captain of the tournament (just 17 then).I won the toss and we decided to field first.It was a 10 over match popularly called as T10 (similar to T20).We were excited when we entered the field.We had some discussions going on in the dressing room and our Coach Mr Shashikant asked us to play sensibly and not to give up at any circumstances. Here we go .The first game was a big source of inspiration for us as we got to learn many new things from the opposition which we eventually went on to lose by 48 runs. After that we really played well and went on to win 7 matches on a streak which ultimately booked a semi final berth for us.We were playing the champions XI in the semi finals. We decided to field first as previously we had won all the matches chasing scores. The game started and only then we realized that we were haunted and hammered for 4’s and 6’s all over the ground. I couldn’t think of anything ,that led us to pressure as one can’t afford to lose a semifinal game .It was the 9th over and by then I had used all my bowlers .I had no options and I decided to bowl the last over ,a similar sort of situation prevailed in the previous match and I went on to take a hat trick on that over .I bowled the first bowl of the 10th over and he pulled it over the square region for a six. He hit 5 consecutive sixes on my first 5 deliveries. I was nervous and I was confused for a while like where to bowl and last bowl he hit a four over long on.I gave away 34 runs in my only over of that match which led to the event of we chasing 139 for victory. Our players were very nervous and We made a good start ,but at one point their off spinner did the damage and we were bowled out for 68.A lot was expected from me ,but I failed although I was the top scorer for my team with 27 runs. That was the biggest defeat I ever experienced and I was upset of the fact that I was the leader .After that match I returned to my place and regular collegel lectures started. It was a big fiasco .
"Shame on you Stephen ,a feeble captain unable to put your team to victory",thats what my college friends used to say after that match .I never bothered to play after that as I didn’t wanted my studies to suffer .It was indeed a big cricket fiasco.


  1. All I can say is winning and losing is a part of any game...

    And participation MATTERS!

    Well described!


  2. good to see something new :D

    u should be proud of urself as a captain u made ur team reached the semis ;)

  3. yes being proud is some different thing ,but winning matters..
    havin reached the semi's is not a big thing ..but shud have won that ...which wud have meant a lot....well reaching semis was a big thing for us...same like kenya did in the 2003 world cup where they were crushed by the likes of india...:p

  4. umm..okay.
    i am still undecided as to whether i should pray for you or not (the thing about you playing under Dhoni).


  5. hehe yeah do pray ..if by luck i get chance to play .:p
    btw it was my wish ...but am not that gr8 cricketer these days .....havin been in touch with it :)

  6. good going dude!
    if you got hit for 5 sixes in 5 balls, mebbe you should consider playing football.
    it aint over until its over.
    Not just one over.
    did that even SOUND funny?

    No seriously, it takes guts to write stuff like that.
    nice work.
    Glad to see you back in form.
    peace, dude.

  7. hey dude
    thats wht i say naa we didnt played that well....i had the only option of me bowling the last over ...all my regular bowlers had already completed their quota of 2 overs each and dude

    i even play soccer as well

    i was in the hockey team in my junior college but played as a substitute and never got opportunity to play though

    nope mihir ,it didnt sound funny :p

  8. participation is important
    but winning, even more

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  10. hey google sorry mate i dont know braziliam [:d]

  11. Don't get bogged down...these are once-in-a lifetime incidents... victory and defeat are part of a sportsman's life...keep rocking!!

    P.S: Two matches lined up for tomorrow morn at 6 and followed by one more at 11am...

  12. hey rajesh

    dont worry u wud win the ashok nagar cup


  13. dude...I rarely use tamil words in my blogs...could u cite examples ?.. i can't remember using any tamil word. thayir saadham is one such coz the situation demands here..

    I've always made it sound ENGLISH just to make reading easy for all..

  14. ohh cmon dude... u won 7 consecutive matches.. isnt that a feat in itself... so what if ur team lost. it wasnt ur day simply... u only said that u were rated as underdogs, and u proved them and rose upto the challenge... all to the captian's merit.. right!!
    so comeon... abi to bahot door jana h.. remembr, u hv to play under dhoni!!!!

  15. nevermind u lost to the champios lol .. anyways did u really neva played cricket after tht ...

    interesting write up


  16. hehe :p

    i play but not often...i seldom play cricket thse days

  17. Thats heck of a game!!:)

    Scribblers Inc.




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  22. interesting...reminds me of something ...
    well as dhoni says' .. a good game of cricket is all wins at the end.. and if you know what exactly your'e doing.. then comments hardly come your way..

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  25. hey cricket is all about winning and losing. dhoni who got us the t20 cup cudnt win in front of rajasthan royals. that doesnt mean he'll stop playing. i think you put up a good fight and shudve continued playing.

  26. hmm dont lose hope is d moral of the story.. never gv up dear steph.

    nice post.

    n this chotti is sooooooo cuteeee. :)

    take care

  27. Wel,suchi dhoni's team was a talented one&nd yeah but they did give a tuf fight in the finals of the ipl.we reached semis by winning 7 matches but that too by a narrow margin
    @preethi:thnks that was encouraging
    am glad that u likd my chotti :))

  28. good one man... nice ...

  29. Hi... Nice post.

    Anyway, sure let's exchange links.. I'll add you to my blogroll..

  30. Michelle is my best friend and roommate. Westley is my kitten. (scroll through my blog for pictures! he is the cutest furball with brain damage ever!)

    thank you for stopping by and droppin a comment!

    I love the poem Showers of Pain. It is really good writing.

    PS, what do you study? (you're passionate about studies?)

  31. wow nice 1....i guess ur turn wil cum 2 hit 6 sixes next tym 2 pik up a bat if at all u r sporting enuf 2 pick one up

  32. hey yeah alex ty for that...hope i hit 6 sixes

    till now i have hit 3 sixes in an over

  33. I love cricket..dis post made me nostalgic man..good one..keep posting bro..

  34. Hey,,,

    It feels good to read smthing different..liked the style of presentation !!
    Keep up the good work !!!
    thanks for commenting on ,my blog !!
    keep blogging

  35. hey u r one of the best bloggers i have seen so far... good stuff man !!!! keep it up...

  36. Awww dats so sad , that one defeat made you never to play that game again ! khel main to sab chalta hai , but i guess in that match you expected too much from yourself , but wen failed it hurt you lot !