Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A date with a Stranger

Every one knows that I was not selected int the campus interview that was held on February 23rd.It was conducted on two days and based on the performance of the individuals on the first day itself.Earlier we had an aptitude test which carried 60 marks.Would you believe,we had to wait for 6 hours for the display of candidates list who made into the next round.It was a joint campus where around 2500 students all over mumbai applied .Finally at 6 pm in the evening ,the list was declared and I was happy that I made in the second round.Unfortunately ,none of my friends made into the second round.We were then asked to assemble in the seminar hall where we were given information regarding group discussion.I was placed in group no 11 and we were asked to go to class room no 405,where we would be having the G.D.
Finally,we were given a topic.The topic was "Is Mumbai a safe city??".This topic was very easy topic ,but all group members were talking in favour of the topic.I was the one who strongly opposed the topic and I was against the topic.All were against me,I just wanted to remain calm.I could hear a voice which was a girls voice who eventually supported my point.Finally,the H.R selected both of us and we were given the invitation card for the next round.By then ,it was 11pm.I was walking alone to the railway station.I heard a sound behind me."Hey,you spoke really well",she said.
"I am pooja(name changed),doing my I.T Engineering " ,said she.
"Hello,I am Stephen,doing my Computer Engineering from TEC",I replied.
She accompanied me till we reached the railway station.We were glad that we both got selected to the next round and we were asked to report at 9 am the next day and it was Sunday.She was with me in the train and we shared our experiences and talks .She got down at Vashi and I dropped by Kurla.I reached my home at 12:30am.Mom and Dad were really upset as I didn't reached home early and didn't called them..The next day we were supposed to have a technical and HR interview for which I had to prepare .I was not familiar with old concepts of C and C++ and I had to revise the same.I revised my concepts till 3 am and slept at 3:30 am and got up at 6 am.I finally reached the place at 9 am and I met the same girl Pooja in the train.It seemed that she was nervous and had done little as she had no time.We were asked to report in the assembly hall and I was placed in the group along with Pooja which would be having HR interview first.The HR who took my interview was very friendly and I answered all questions confidently and he selected me for the next round.The selected canditates were asked to wait at classroom no 203.We had 3 hrs to go before our technical interview.I was busy revising my concepts.
Me: hey guys any one knowing Data Abstraction.
Vivek:no idea ,yar.
She: hey I know it,data abstraction means considering only a part of information and not the whole.For eg,consider a refrigerator,you need not know the internal details of the refrigerator and you are just supposed to know the working.
He:Oh !! thank you,that was sweet of you.

She gave her Technical interview and it seemed the person was very strict.He did'nt selected her and even he asked me with some stupid questions althoughI answered all,but I was not confident at all.After interview ,I asked he,"hey ,did you get selected?".
She remained silent for a while and said"No!! i didnt".

We finally left for the railway station and she asked me"Hey,Steph will you please tell me the route to Thane".
"You go to sanpada and then change ",I replied.
"Best of Luck for the next interview",I added.
"Thank you and the same applies to you",she smiled.
"Bye ",then she left and I left .

I never bothered to exchange phone number with her.After that I never met her.
Finally,I got selected in TechMahindra on 27th February.That day was a very important day in my life,I remembered that stranger who accompanied me when I was trying for Accenture.


  1. superb post dude... I've my campus placements frm next month...so u gave me a good insight..

    Don't worry...she'll b reading this blog of urs in the near future..and u ll surely get in touch wit her.. All the best 4 work at Tech Mahindra..

    U'll meet many Poojas there :)

  2. hehe rajesh...that was gr8 of u
    hey any doubts regarding campus placements then u r free to ask meee.

    ty yaar i will do well in techmahindra :p hope she reads this blog

  3. hey congrats on getting the job..

    and must agree with rajesh.. am sure she will come across this and then who knows how many pooja's are instore for you at techmahindra..

    so cheer up :)

  4. My heartily wish she will be reading this post and contact you..
    cheer up man..nicely narrated..nice flow..keep posting

  5. u shudve asked for her no. man!!!

    khane aur patane ke mamle me no sharam!

  6. Hey I know someone who works for Accenture!!! He makes crazy money but he's an ass. Is TechMahindra a company like Accenture then?

    It's too bad you didn't see her after that.

    I can't believe you have never heard of Lo Mein before (ok i can, but still) it is just awesome. It is actually a simple dish. Chinese noodles.Except every time I try to make it homemade it never turns out right, because there are so many different recipes and I can't seem to find the right one! or maybe I just suck at cooking??? well, if you ever travel somewhere that has Lo Mein and you like oriental noodles, totally try it!

    Lets see...I am 20 from America, and I study Architecture (hence the castle and random pics you will see along the way ha ha). I love college. It kills me how expensive it is though.

    I blogrolled you too :)

  7. congrats............wonderful narration.................wish u all the best........

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  9. that's a very sweet tale yaar. all the best for the future!

    n ya, id love to know how you edited the html to change "comments" to "rants".

    meanwhile, check out ma blog. adios!

  10. It is nice to find such a warm person to talk to amongst the many unknown faces! :)

    Congrats on your selection! :)

  11. I just hope that she reads this :) as fast as she can...
    Next time don't shy away in asking phone numbers! Ok?

  12. ohh!!?!!...dude....as your story says that girl would have been just more than a stranger...how can you miss such a gr8 opportunity......neways congs for your job ....i just wish pooja will again meet you.

  13. She meant something to you which made you write about her.Why don't you try to find someway to get in touch?

    Congrats on the selection! :)

  14. Dude I am Just a little Confused on Two Things ......
    1.Was it really a "DATE" ?? ..I mean Sure we Bump into Strangers of the opposite Sex a lotta Times and hv similar Conversation but don't think that can be Classified as a date ??
    2.How come she did'nt know the Route to thane ...She did come by that Particular route Right ??

    btw was this Particular Drive Conducted @ pillai's ?????

  15. @ anurag : yes it was at pillay's :p lolx

    i guess u an engineering student haan.

    its just a meet ...well i used date so that the title looks catchy ....

    well dude she wanted to go to thane....she was new naaa and moreover she lived in vashi....now dont ask me about that
    i dont want to recollect anything now

  16. @ the lover...
    well mein kisi stranger se phone number nahi leta dude.....:p

  17. @ susan

    yes techmahindra is as famous as accenture ,but i wanted to get in accenture my dream job....but however i messed in the interview....may be i wud join accenture after few yrs ...:p

    any way yes thank u told me about the chinese dish ....name sounds funny though...yes i will try it....hmm u an architect woww..i wanted to be one....but unfortunately or fortunately i made my career in engineering....now life is engineering ....for me atleast

    and thank u for blogrolling me

  18. @anindita: i just felt like writing...like that toh i have met many people ...unknown faces in my life everywhere i go ...btw i guess i really wanted to write this one....and ty now thats an old story since i got selected on feb 27th already 5 months gone...fir bhi thanks a lot :)

  19. @ sachi

    as i have already told....i dont ask phone numbers ...and i dont expect her to read this yaar :p

  20. @ vatsal...yes she was a stranger and how can u say that i missed a gr8 opportunity :0 still confused wht do u mean to say dude....lolz her name is not pooja...it has been changed lolz

  21. @ space girl

    for changing the comments to rant ,u need not edit the html

    just go to layout->post section or the message body and change comment to whtever u feel like and yeah will visit ur blog for sure

  22. @ sameera:thank u

    well i dont wanna be in touch with her...coz after all she was a stranger...i didnt knew her...i just meant to write an experience of mine where i wished to narrate this thing about the girl

  23. i guess ur quiet ikely to meet her again :)

    crongrats on tech mahindra

  24. It felt good to read this.

    Actually I wonder so many times-

    What would be the "reaction" if we've written something for "someone" and he/she reads it!!!!!!

    I guess,you don't want that girl to read it;But what if you write something[on the blog/anywhere else] and want someone to read,but he/she doesn't!!!!


    Keep writing.

  25. congrats on tech mahindra bro...it so happens that we happen to bump into people with whome we connect easily...read many lives many masters by brian weiss...u will start to beleive that u are destined to meet her again..he he...nice post...points brought out well...on the suggestions part..a lil bit of attention needed on the grammar part bro..like "didnt called" "didnt reached stuff"...u shud iron out these minor flaws to become an even better writer...and increase the font size yaar..it is too much strain on the eyes right now...cheers!

  26. ohk thank u for the suggestions brother

  27. :) these kinda things happens very very often these days ... :) you made me remember one of my events ( like that ) too .. :)

    ~~~Golden Vulture ~~~

  28. HEY U GOTTA A JOB...???



  29. yes i got a job 5 months ago

    thats an old story now...any way thank u rinzu

  30. i hope ur not missing the girl (u know what happens when ppl fall in love)............so did u get a job ???

  31. hehe missing her ,,,...i remember her dude..nothing like missing n all ...am not in love with some one whom i meet at first sight naaa :p coz am not a movie star ....yes at that campus i didnt get a job ,but in the next interview i got a job... that was my 3rd interview

  32. if you see the girl again, let us know - now I'm interested :)
    thanks for visiting my blog - hope you come back!

  33. thank you ! :)

    What did you mean by how architects would be working? Do you just mean how do architects do it?

  34. thanks a lot for ur help dude... keep up the gr8 work!

  35. @ andrew: hey yes i iwll inform u if i meet that girl again....be a regular visitor here...yes sure count me as a regular visitor to ur blog

  36. @ susan

    yes i meant the same...how do u guys do it.its really amazing

  37. @space girl...pleasure u need not thank mee yar

  38. congrats dude...

    Gud write up!!

  39. random strangers you meet sometimes feel like friends, even if it's just for a little while. they're there, you talk for a bit, joke around, and then you never see them again. kinda sad since that connection could've created such a good friendship, but it's like it wasn't meant to be.. a one time thing lol

  40. hey yes rightly said yaar...that was a perfect comment :) ;)

  41. ....university years Storyes .... or theoryes about Regrets?....which of them worry you most?...if is the last one, well than try to find her...get some of you've lost....

  42. Happens ..sometimes , a person cross in our life only to create wonderful memories , thoguh its only for a short period ..