Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lazy people..

Sometimes I wonder how lazy people are. Yeah that’s true, I have seen many people who are lazy. Well, I feel that I am the right person to talk about laziness. One should know that Lazy people tend to work less and they very often look forward for shortcuts.Ok, enough of laziness, now I wish to talk about the same but in some different perspective.

Lazy while going to college.

Lazy people always get up late. How late? One should better ask them. Usually I get up at 7:30 am in the morning during my college days and 11:30 am during holidays. My College starts at 9:15 am and I get up at 7:30 am. Finally I leave home at 8 am. I wait at the bus stop for around 30 minute’s .At last I reach my college at 10 am. Well, sometimes it is embarrassing to enter the class 45 minutes late. Some times I have to take risk at my own expense and very often I search for classmates so that we all enter the class at the same time.

Lazy during Examinations.

I always used to score well during my school days. Friends often ask me about tips for getting good marks. To be honest ,I don’t check my answers again and I am least bothered .If the examiner is too lenient and generous then give marks else I don’t expect marks.But any how I get marks .Thanks to Almighty. If it wasn’t Gods grace then I would have flunked in at least one paper in all my Engineering Sem Exams. And I haven’t flunked till now and I don’t hope so as getting KTs is easy ,but to compensate the failure is really bad.

Lazy while playing cricket.

Here it goes. I really like to talk about my sportsmanship and yeah I feel that I should talk about the way I play every game. I was known as master blaster (I mean not Sachin J) ,in fact I really hate running between wickets. I am very lazy you see. But people often compare me to Virendra Sehwag as we both play the same way .He likes playing big shots ,but he even likes taking runs .On the other hand I work well when I am not running.

Lazy while online.

I really hate coming online. But, once I come online I hate getting up and doing some other works. I start my pc hoping that I will be online for 30 minutes and finally end up with 1 hr.

I also believe that there are many lazy people like me. There are no bounds for laziness. I know a friend who gets up at 1 am everyday and takes his breakfast at 2 pm and lunch at 4 pm.Sounds weird ehh!

So tell me are you lazy? Tell me one incident which clearly depicts your laziness


  1. yeah lazy post for lazy people

  2. I was too lazy to read it
    Then i read it.

    I was too lazy to click on the comment section!
    but then i did it...

    Now I am too lazy to post a comment


  3. hehe, On a serious note. I am a lazy person, but on the contrary I am a very active person too... when i laze around I just do that, but I do things fast, I speak fast, I dont walk I run and I so rush and run that they all call me electron in excited state ;)

    I love lazing around.

  4. Yeah I am lazy!! Its on my profile too!!

  5. i didnt even bothered to go to examination hall ...and i get up at 9 pm go to sleep in the morning hrs...
    some times i manage to sleep at nights but then 7:30 for a class at 9?????...no way...8:45...reach hall at 9:15...adjust with the seats ..9:30...ask subject...before you get an answer ask whr's d attendance sheet...dont bother whos teachin...say hello to some of your classmates you haven't seen for days...mark your attendance..and then if you are gettin a feeling of a boring atmosphere...shout for lecturer to leave..else dont even bother other enthus are sitting there for it...

  6. @ a

    hehe yeah i know how lazy u r ...i mean on contrary ur very active....how fast u work and speak and u call urself lazy baapre ...very funny

  7. @ vatsal

    very much like us...even we dont bother wht the lecturer is teaching ....but thing is wherez the attendance sheet ....coz its the important thing for engg student like us where we r supposed to maintain our attendance upto 75% whole sem

    difficult job ahem

  8. well, i am sure lazy but thats hidden deep inside, am struggling hard not to be because life is too hectic to spend it lazying around!

  9. oh me?? darn lazy..
    wake up 5:30 classes begin at 7..i drag along the way to get ready by 6:45... 6:55 I reach my bus stop which is just below my house.. but... my legs.. they pain a heck lot...
    board the bus... im soooooooo lazy.. tht I cant keep quite... keeping quite cnsumes a lot of energy pls... so.. i jabber.. talk.. n the senior most.. so.... jabbering uninterruptedly id an added incentive.. but if sumone interrupts.. im tooooooo lazy to shut the person up....in due course he or she... gives up..lol.. and am so so so lazy... that...*yawn* il tell ya later

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    btw... click on tht.............. and visit my *yawns*... BLOG.. please

    tk cre.

  11. Hi,

    Ijust now read your comment on my "Cinderall of the underworld" poem about my childhood. I checked out that writing blog and contest you gave me..but since I'm on someone else's pc I"m not sure how I would enter it..copy paste? I'm afraid I"m a bit computer illterate but I manage to get by..

    Any advice on how to enter my poem more easily?

    Thanks solitary writer..

    With Blessings,


  12. lazy. i would rather sleep thirsty than be bothered to go all the way downstairs to get a drink. is that lazy?

  13. Qoute:
    And I haven�t flunked till now

    Then you ain't Lazy bro,Trust me ... :D

  14. lol...
    refreshingly lazy!!
    good 2 know ur lazy...
    every1 is lazy man...i am lazy to study accounts...lazy to clean my drawers...lazy to wash my bathroom...lazy to sharpen pencils...lazy to talk...
    great one...

  15. stephen nice post, yeah i m lazy wen it comes to college!!

    During coll days, I get up at 7.25 am, take the 7.50 bus, reach at 8 am, thats all i care for my 8.10 class!!!

  16. ...laziness is philosofhy's mother.....and even man was created by work nobody died by laziness.... these are old sayings !....and now a good joke:a man died and his friends made that inscription on his tomb:''here he keeps going to repose''....
    A great pleasure to visit your blog !! ...ill be back!!

  17. I never liked reading the lazy word so much :)

  18. Lazy bum you are! I'm lazy in the fact that I don't study! Not even during exams! :D

  19. guess everybdy is lazy in sum way..
    m lazy in everyway :P i read blogs on my reader.. n feel lazy to open the blog n comment.. many times i've read blogs n nt commntd :P

  20. @anindita

    u dont study during exam times and u call it lazy woaaa

  21. @confusions

    i guess every one is lazy in their own way naa

  22. Me too...i wanna join ur lazy bum club!!


  23. hehe that such a cool blog..

    well i can relate to the online bit right now.. and also college to an extent..

    sometimes i just cant be bothered.. and take a lie in at home.. than going to univ.. but thats like once a blue moon so my prof's cool about it..
    but online for 30 mins or so.. well that never works.. end up spending more time than that..

  24. yeah, i'm lazy too >< i'm always accused of not exercising.. how dare they! lol ok, so i've never exercised a day in my life, but it's not like i actually NEED to.. lazy person seeks good excuse for her lazyness xD

  25. hey yeah ani

    that toh happens naa

    thats y i wrote about it

  26. yes noelia lazy people do have excuses

    i reach college late and say that train was late and not mee

  27. this is the story of every-1 so..dont worry..

  28. yes i know that ...its story with evry1

  29. haaaaaaaaaaah u cant beat me!! in fact my laziness cud beat even a walrus :))

  30. @trina

    well every one is lazy in their own way.....

    am the laziest