Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mosaic Tag....... tagged by preeti

Ohk ,I was tagged by Preetilata  for this tag .Its called as the "Mosaic Tag".Ohk thank you Preeti for this tag.

So here it goes,

The rules are:

1. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.

2. Using only the first page of results, and pick one image.

3. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into Big Huge Lab’s Mosaic Maker to create a mosaic of the picture answers.

The questions:

1. What is your first name?

2. What is your favorite food? right now?

3. What high school did you go to?

4. What is your favorite color?

5. Who is your celebrity crush?

6. What is your favorite drink?

7. What is your dream vacation?

8. What is your favorite dessert?

9. What do you want to be when you grow up?

10. What do you love most in life?

11. What is one word that describes you?

12. What is your user name?

And here's is my Mosaic :))

Ohk ,now try to guess the answers  and let me know once you guess it.  :p :))  :d

Ohk ,now its my turn to tag  and I tag

Anurag,Anindita,Valencia,Shruti and  any one who would like to do it.


  1. first :d

    ok now that uve done the HUGE blunder of leaving answers to readers' gonna go helter skelter. :P

    ok lemme guess ur answers...

    1)ur first name is CATHEDRAL??

    2)ur favo fodd is kothmeer? :P

    3)u studied in a church? wannabe priest eh? :P

    4)ur favo color is the color ur shirt turns up with after too much blue liquid :P

    5)is she a celebrity?? :O

    6)pepsi..yeh dill maange more:P

    7)dream vacation in...ok wheres tht? palankhet? :P


    9)u wanna be a barren cold place wen u grow up???LOL.bad news for da gals

    10)u love kids the most??? :O paedophile!!!

    11)one word to describe u? CHINKY:P

    12)ur username is....."SWEDish" off white teeth? :O


  2. heheh criss

    very funny

    u guessed the 6th one right

  3. Thanxs for Tagging me dude .....Hv already done the needful ... :)

  4. thnks for taggin stephen, i'll take it up soon=)

    btw where did ur last post dissappear?

  5. ok so i m gonna try to answer some:PP

    name- stephen
    fav food rt now-some biryani
    high school- some catholic high school
    fav colour-blue
    dream vacation-some european place
    dessert-vanilla n stawberry icecream
    what do u want to be wen u grow up-sky's the limit??

  6. hey valencia

    ur 60% correct
    any more guessed

    i deleted the last post

  7. okk.. me tryin..

    name- St. Stephen
    food- egg pulao
    school- St. sumthng..?
    color- sky blue
    crush- sum gurl
    drink- :P
    vacation- sum valley, tuscany??
    dessert- cornettooo
    u wanna be a stream? solitary sumthng..
    u love- cycling? tricycles?
    describe urself- as a child.. innocent..
    ur user name is ur gf's name i think..


  8. Nice tag!

    Am I hallucinating or was there a post before this about you going off? :P

    Btw,not seen you around at my place of late.Have a great weekend!

  9. Good to see you still posting..tagging at least :)
    chal lemme guess...

    1. Stephen
    2. Biryani
    3. Some convent..St. ??
    4. Blue
    6. Pepsi
    7. Hills of ??
    8. Icecreams,,ummyyy
    9. Solitary writer
    10. Kids
    11. Innocence
    12. Stephen

  10. so here r my answers now

    1 my name
    2 every one guess right
    3 st anthonys
    4 sky blue
    5 hmm tough one...find out
    6 u can see lol
    7 its swiss
    8 cornetto
    9 hmm tough one....guess guess
    10 hmm guess guess
    11 innocence
    12 common btw me and my girlfrnd :p i mean our name

  11. LOL
    that was fun...
    the answers are already there..

  12. YaYeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
    i got most of it right :)

  13. your mosaic looks cute, and that ice cream looks sooooo yummy :D

  14. great one buddy!!!
    very very interesting..
    check out mine too..

  15. hehe snab yeah u got most of them right

  16. hehe kena yeah that icecream does looks yummy hehe

  17. @ shruti
    even urs is better

    i bet that my mosaic is just ok type lol

    no one knows my celebrity crush

    shez ana ivonovic

    tennis player from serbia

  18. @ anindita

    yeah i know

    seen ur tag gallore