Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nipped in the Bud....

Little Amy had a dream.
To excel in every stream.
A day in her life shatteringly dark.
left her wounded,bereft of her innocent luck.
She weeps with reminiscences
Submerged in a life time of painful reminders.
A dark cloud puts her to shame.
Seeing her innocent face,
the emotions wails like a silent dirge
Ruined by a monster at an early age,
she is locked in a pain filled cage.
Poor Amy left filled with loathings
She never speaks nor she smiles.
Calm down Amy ,is what all say.
The huge monster ,
a familiar face,ravished her puritan self.
shredded her virtue with a cruel dagger.
A word of comfort is what she seeks,
But there's no one to soothe her meek pleas.
Poor Amy, cries and weeps thinking ,
of what she would do in the face of adversity.
Shame and fear sealed her resolve.
reminding her of the unholy violence.
She wanted to remain away from these thoughts.
She recalls the horrifying crusade against her,
If only she could have done something to erase the hurt
Fear kept her frozen to the spot.
She became weak and even feeble.
She recalled the little girl that she used to be.
She curses her fate that lead her to vain.
which included tortures and pain.
Poor Amy, cries and weeps thinking ,
of what she would do.
Her dreams are gone,
She needs a helping hand.
Atlast, she is a solitary soul,
Shattered and left alone without any dreams to galore.....

Important Message:
Little Amy was just 8 years old when she was ravished by a person whom she knew very well. Unlike Other kids,even Amy had a dream ,a dream to excel and suceed in life.This tragic incident in her life had derailed her path to her success and shattered her dreams.Lets help Amy,there are many Amy's in this shadow of darkness who are the core victim of child abuse.Lets protect other Amy's all over the world.If we don't do it now,then its too late to do it.So,lets protect each and every Amy and other children's like Amy who are the victims of child abuse and lets help them so that they may attain a successful life.....

This is a poem dedicated to all people so as to create awareness against child abuse and protect children from getting abused...


  1. good cause.. all the very best..when did you write the poemm..?

  2. hmmmm.... man i've got competition! ;)

    the picture is very impressive.
    good going!

  3. it is too good to be commented upon...
    btw...its better than the poem you showed me..
    brilliant dead sure..ur work will gain the judges' attention...
    best of luck!!

  4. Beautiful poem!

    I wrote one along similar lines for the contest.

  5. ok i decided to write this poem from 3rd persons perspective,so i found a character called amy and then wrote whteva happened to her...actually i showed the framework to my frnds aditya,shruti,asbah,neha and priyanka before

    hope this one is good

  6. @ poonam

    i actually was thinking of the concept few days ago and i wrote in parts...and finally i completed it yesterday evening

  7. @divita

    oh yeah competition....well there are others as well...too many good poets participating ...lets see who wins

  8. @ shane
    hehe thank u ,even urs is good

    good luck to urs as well

  9. excellent i would say.a writer's job is to touch the heart of the people by his writing and you have succeeded in doing so!!

  10. I'l call this one as SUPERB !!

  11. HEY THAT NICE...



    KEEP IT UP... MAY U WIN......


  12. really nice poem, well thought of and well phrased.

    don't mind sum suggestions??

    it would have been very nice if u wud have given a positive ending. Being abused is not the end of the world. there is hope of rehabilitation and living a normal life.
    ur poem conveys that children like Amy have no more life. but they do. Oprah Winfrey is an example.

    If a person who has been abused at childhood does read ur poem.. it shud encourage him/her to look beyond and not get stuck on one incident.

    A very good attempt.. keep writing.. hope u win :)

  13. hey ty ssnab

    ty for ur comments ...yes i do know that...btw the theme is child abuse....i cud have extended to make sure for a positive ending....but i felt like that people shud know the feelings and emotions of a girl like amy and shud realize that by doing such things,how it hurts a young mind....its nothing about ending with a positive note....

    people shud automatically realise the things after readint the reactions of amy after abuses

    yes i know about oprah winfrey
    ty :)

  14. my poem doesnt conveys that childrens like amy doesnt have no more life....but it does conveys that such acts by cruel ppl basically affects young minds and shatter their dreams..........its just a part that i have bothered to write...:)

  15. wow!... u just brought me back to thinking poetry can be powerfull!! great post,great writing and a great cause...!!!!

  16. Amazing... each poem for the competition that i chance upon just astounds me more...

  17. hey yeah ash ...all poems have varieties and each one is special in its own way ...wht u have to say about it...

  18. @ ramanathan

    yes poetries are powerfull :)

  19. xlent yaar.......uhmaaaaaaa :P
    love this blog

    Cheeeers :)

  20. oh yeah karthik
    that was a nice way to comment without reading the post lol


  21. this is better!

  22. Yesterday I saw a blog post by someone talking about the same issue of child abuse and today I saw urs dealing with it in a poetic language...really touching bro.. keep it up!!

  23. very very very touching...
    every sentence fitted in perfectly...
    am entering into the contest too..and i realized i really got compeitition ;-)
    read ur date wid stranger too...u can improve ur sentences a bit, but overall...awesome work there...
    cheers :-)

  24. nice poem dude.... and this is a better template :)

    keep writing...

  25. @ anurag

    hey brother yes...guess u guys have seen many blogs with such kind of poems ....btw ty

  26. @ mads ...ty for ur suggestions yaar
    and yeah do give us a tough competition yaar ....there are many good poems

  27. Hey stephen nice poem u r a nice poet too..
    all the best for the contest!!

  28. @hashan

    ty ,...i dont know wheter i am a nice poet or not :p ...its for u guys to decide...
    ty for ur wishes

  29. Amazing..very well written& very touching.. Ilike your blog & way of writing.. keep it up..

  30. hey this is really good. Turned out much better and I loved some of the expressions you used.

    Great going buddy!

    The Lover

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  32. well...whether u win the prize or not is secondary...but u deserve praises for having come up wit such a wonderful poem...kudos!!!..very best wishes 2 u

    P.S: My blog updated

  33. whats more tough than engineering?

    and ull see why im angry and bitter in the post previous.

    dude. im learning photoshop. self leearning. hmmm.

  34. the only messenger i have is AIM --thegreenmachein4 is my user name

    dude, im so gad im learning it too!!! :) right now i am just using photoshop express and im trying to download it right now (well see what happens?) i love tips or suggestions!

  35. I have sat here for a bit, just thinking about the poem. Pure power of words.
    I have a 7 yr. old daughter, so this hit me hard. Also, I'm a teacher at an elementary school and know so many young girls that have problems. It hurts so much to watch them and know that I can't fix the whole thing, just try to make them smile for a while.
    I'm not a tearful person, but this brought me close.

  36. @ susan

    seld learning is the best learning.....and i reckon that u wud do well when u sit alone and work on something...solitary lol

  37. @andrew....i am really happy that u took ur time to come here and read this poem of mine....yes i believe that we have to do something for this....against child abuse

  38. I've updated my read it..

  39. hi... what i liked the most in this poem is the way in which the anguish has been expressed...

    a poem for a cause ! fantastic...

    PS: check my blog

  40. if only i could figure out how to download the full program ! i am working on photoshop express online right now...ugh!

  41. It is so touching..

    As far as the poetry contest goes.. This is too painful for me to write about.. I support the cause but I cannot describe the pain..

  42. @ chandrashekar

    ty yaar,will check ur poem for sure

  43. @ anidita

    yes thats wht it feels like

  44. very good!
    best wishes for the competition..

  45. Thank you for this most excellent "telling it like it is" poem about child abuse. It's hard to come to a conclusion of "being postive" unless people around your "Amy" were able to acknowledge what happened, don't pretend it's all fine and no one says anything..Amy in her own misery without a hand to hold or listen or encourage her that she is still "Good" and she is not the bad one. Acknowledgement and dealing with "Amys" issue first by someone near to her who will help her and bring her back to her true self that she lost from all this. For many around her to "deny" does not heal..but with healing comes the pain of dealing through the process, this is true I know...people need to stop saying "oh just be positive" can one be unless one is acknowledged and helped to heal in some way?

    I wrote a poem in my blog a while back titled "Cinderella of the Underworld"..about my childhood..and I noticed many didn't like the "negative honesty"..well too helped me to heal just by writing little family was so cathartic..I think I will come back here and let you know which blog post archive it is..I will go look so you can read it..if you wish too..

    I don't know you but I"m very proud of your blunt honesty..and how the world would be a better place to live in, if the people in families that "Know" this is going on have the great courage to speak up and do something about it..instead of that ole fear game..and just "looking the other way" do they live with themselves? To destroy a child knowing whats going on and to do nothing about it makes me sick to my stomache..just like when someone see's someone attacked on the street and they "just walk by" either numb to it or that same ole "Fear" of becoming in involved controls them..

    Maybe I wrote too much food for thought here, but it really is time for a "CHANGE" in this country and more ways then one!..

    Bless your courageous heart for wrting this story you made up about "Amy" as it rings true for many many real life..and you have helped just by writing this..



  46. OKay, if your interested in reading my "Cinderella of the underworld" you can find it in my blog archive dated 1/17/06


  47. simply terrific...

    luved the picture...

    keep writin'

  48. ....Im desgusted by that especial aggessors groupe with mental exciteds.... and Amy's voice who asks for normality scared me......No,nothing will be like before.....
    Nice to read even it let me a bitter taste......