Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Power of 8....Tag

I was tagged by Sachhi for a this tag but this is one of my oldest tag which I unfortunately deleted it few days ago! very sorry sachh (truth) :p.

Anyways continuing with the tag...

8 things I am passionate about...

* Travelling
* Cell Phone
* Studies
* Blogging
* Cricket
* Being an Indian
* Writing
* Reading

8 things I want to do before I die...

* Tell Mom that I love her the most
* Meet all my old friends .
* Write a book which consists of all my poems and stories
* Visit my cousins in Swiss and Ireland
* Thank people who helped me to live a successful life ..my frnds ,parents ,teachers etc...
* Do something for my country
* Play a one day international cricket for India Vs Pakistan under Dhoni[:p]
* And lastly, “Die happily without any worries!”

8 things I say often...

* arey yaar
* sahi !!
* abhi natak mat kar
* amma!!!
* Oye!!! sunnn
* am really getting irritated
* Achha aur kya hua
* so wht else ...

8 books I last read...

* Five point someone
* The other side of me
* Indian Captives by lionel lenski
* One night at a call centre
* Ivanhoe by sir walter scott
* A basket of flowers
* The monk who sold ferari
* Tell me your dreams

8 songs I could listen to over and over again...

* Every morning when
* I want to stand on your knees
* Tere Bin
* Every breath you take
* Temperature
* Mitva
* Zara Zara
* Ajab si

8 movies I could watch and over again...

*I am Legend
*Tarein Zameen Par..
*Jab We Met

8 cities I want to visit or keep visiting again...


8 people I think should do this tag...


  1. now i finally get what tagging means :P

  2. heyyy i liked the tag.. thnx for tagging me.. i'll do it soon!
    and i liked ur answers... u'd like to play cricket under dhoni!!! kewl... i'd sumday like to cheer 'stephen stephen'!!!

  3. yes i wud like to play under dhoni....btw ty if u cheer me :p

  4. good good..hope 2 see a jersey with our vry own Stephan's name...
    it was a good read...
    nd yeah thanks 4 tagging me nd commenting..

  5. very own jersey with mah name...gosh i cant even think of that ..........am too far from cricket these days

  6. hope ur wish comes true about (8 things I want to do before I die...):)

  7. hey ty dan ..so sweet of u dear frnd

  8. it seems you missed one thing you're passionate bout... "8"
    good post btw.

  9. lucky you..you can accomplish all of those things before you die other than may be playing under Dhoni for India...i have to see you play before i can start praying for you..y'know um too big a cricket fan. :P

    Nice list!

  10. oh yeah well that would be a dream

    now i dont play cricket ,you will know from my next post

  11. 8 thing i say often is the same man... but in tamil...

    arrey yaar - would be... enna da..

    good post man..

  12. hey i know it as well

    coz even i am a tamilian :p

    enna daaaaaaa lolx

  13. nice tag dear steph :)

    but y r u waiting .. go n tell ur mom rite now that u love her n do it each single day.. same goes to conveying ur thnx 2 ur loved ones.

    n all d best to u.. may all urs dreams come true.

    god bless u... take care

  14. hey thank u preeti..so sweet of u ..i love my mom very much ...