Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Showers of Pain..

Well friends,this poem is jointly written by Stephen,Charu and Chriss.All credits to 3 of us.

I sit and complain how I hate the rain.
Thinking of ways to get rid of this pain.
Wondering when the heavens will stop pouring.
Haven't I had enough of this lashing and splashing.
And I think of those days.
Oh!!those silly days.
when I loved the rains.

Thinking of rain ,
I recollect my past memories.
when I and she used to travel in a train.
But now,thinking of her causes me pain.
having met on a rainy day,
we made a long stay.
on a lone place where there were just 2.
Gazing deep into my eyes for a while,

Will you forever be mine??she asked.
For you're my love and you're my soul.
So I will be there for you and it wont be foul.
That pretty face with a silent smile.
Revealing what was running through her mind.
Her gorgeous looks and her blue eye,
Flattened me that very night.

Her innocent smile said it all.
feeling her love and her heavenly smile
I enjoyed the shower along the shore
Those rain pours along the shore,
and those heavy rains broke me to the core.
They snatched my love away from me.
Everything went in vain.
The rains ,they drowned me in pain.
Now I hate these pours ,the rain which gave ecstasy and joy.
kills me now and i can just cry.

Why it rained that Day..??
Bring me my love back,
for my love was true and pure.

For she once asked me,
will you be mine forever?.
Now what will she say when I ask her the same.
Rains will come and go.
Her memories wont fade.

Thinking of her....who changed my life...


  1. hey cool job! nice poem! can i contribute next time? :p

  2. oh yeah y not

    infact all three parts are written by 3 different ppl

    infact this is a new try rite???

    yeah next time u can join us :p

  3. ohhhhhhhh gosh...!!!

    i dont have words...i mean that a really bful one...!!!
    gooc combined efforts...!!

  4. nice thing ... I would like to join in too ... but let me make one thing very clear ... I suck at making poems.

    If u working over some story ... I would be happy to help ...

    otherwise it's cool ...

    keep up the good work brother(s)


  5. cool ya...
    really wish i cud write poems

  6. great combo work the three of you!
    erm, was it the same person you three wrote about?

  7. heuy love very well sandwitchd in rain....beautiful poem

  8. beautiful poem...
    gr8 wrk 3 of u..!

    rain, love and memories...
    beautifully put...
    keep posting :)

  9. beautiful
    realy nice poem there...
    n yes, one can't help but think..of "her" :)

  10. well..wat's wonderful abt dis poem is dat it's written by 3 ppl...n still it has a nice uninterrupted flow! keep it up! :)

  11. lovely poem,

    1/3rd hurrah for myself [:P]

  12. wowww..

    that was reallyy good.. appreciation for all the 3 :) hehe so that you can share it 1/3 each hehe

  13. @ ani
    yeah we can share it 1/3rd each...u see its a different and new style ....
    @misty rhytm
    yes ,it is writen by 3 of us,,me ,criss and charu.... 3some effect...but yet its come good :)...i liked the flow though

  14. love this blog.....just 2 words-->blog roxxxxx

  15. love, rain and memories has some great connection! I'm inspired by the same too.

    good post, I could see the whole situation moving before my eyes!

  16. nice post
    one thing strikes me.. solitary writer but you jointly write poems :)

  17. :p
    yes solitary writer can write poems too :p...solitary poet :p

  18. hey cool job but stephy i still wonder who is it dedicated too? :D

  19. simply superb.....
    this is the kinda writing that i likkkeeee......

    So is it true or fictious...???

  20. nice beautiful rainy poem :D

  21. I am amazed..so many comments....
    Guys..we have done a gr8 job guyss...

    And 1/3rd credit Goes to me..lol..

  22. hehe heya 1/3rd credit to 3 of us who worked in it :p lol
    btw even am surprised coz it has come good ...nevva expected ...it was a new try and worked out well

  23. nice one..but wud have been far better if it might have rhymed better...

  24. Hats of to all of you!!!


    Sad I cannot write poems :(

    Keep up the good work!

    [Engineers day is also celebrated on 15th September !!]


  25. @ disha ... no worries ..

    even i knew that engineers day is on 15th september... and thank u

  26. oh thanks.. no need to comment if u already have :)

  27. wonderful work..congrats to all the three of you..Chris, Charu and Stephen..it is great fun to write together...
    hmm...i will also try one..
    loved your post..

  28. It is a very feel good poem!!
    Good job! :)

    Blogrolling you!

  29. aah..I think I will never understand why people always feel sad when the rains come lashing.. :(

    I always get excited at the thought of a rain..I think I told Chris the same thing too..how poets always inevitably associate rain with pain..

    Having said that, kudos to you for churning out this piece.. :D

  30. @ man in paiting ..thanks mate ...it goes to all three
    @ anidita...ty

    @ ninita
    yes poets associate rain with pain ..not that very often

    rain can be thought as a relief or respite for farmers in villages...
    i remember manmohan singhs poem ....he expreses the same thing with the help of a cuckoo who brings on the good news of rain and respite from schorching heat
    isnt that amazing

  31. hey guys i adopted a new pet

    chotti .........my sweety tweety bird

  32. Beautiful poem Stephen. Simple yet profound. Kudos to you three.

    It's the first time I am dropping by your blog and I must say that you have built up a beautiful space here.

    Keep writing! :)

  33. hey abhinav that was gr8 of u

    do keep visiting

  34. i love it.

    I love rains, i can dance in rains, and i think something else too, which we'll discuss on the forum maybe.

    let me share something i wrote when i was 15, i always say that i was sane when i was young, i could write sense then.

    [i] the clouds gray-white
    beheld me crying
    they lauded the sight
    and it has been raining
    since last night! [/i]

    aug 2003.

    ps. i love the fact that it, despite being written by three people, is still coherrent! cheers!

  35. @ asbah
    ty dear....btw u r a good writer and a poet too....

  36. nice poem yaar... u guys did a neat work there... the pain touched my heart
    heyy i also wanna join in sumtm...
    lets thnk of sumtng different where we involve multiple bloggers in one post..

    n hey stephen.. u dint comment bro on the previous reply to 'Leave a comment' thread in Bloggers community.. and probably again u have replied after me.. so m waiting for 2 valuable comments frm u :)

  37. hey yeah pranay that was a good thought ...btw i will reply on ur blog post

    and yeah we shud think about it

  38. Liked the whole read..it reminded me something..maybe my old wounds..keep on writing :)..!!

  39. aloha :)
    thnx fr visitin my blog. will blogroll u too..

    @ post
    simple and nicely written poem. towards d endin i loved it more n more :P

  40. Nice. Although I feel there could have been a little more to it. Keep trying :)


  41. @ cherry...we felt this was enough ....lol
    @ confusions confounded...ty so much

  42. "awww..."
    was my first reaction
    but then hey,this isnt your life's story, right?
    Beautifully written and i love the fact that it rhymes just perfectly!
    Nicely done. :)

  43. Wow !!! Superbly Written .....
    Must have Taken lot of time this ....
    I had Written a poem on a similar thought but reading this I felt mine was so amateurish :D

    Kudos !!!

  44. @ SAKSHI : this isnt my lifestory :p... if it was my lifestory then i wudnt have written :p

    @ anurag
    yup took time but easy to work on ,oh yeah now i want to see ur poem ...show me :p and then i will say wheter it is amateurish or not....btw poetries r words in flow ...u just got to think and imagine .....thats how i write when i am doing nothing ...btw i was free in june as engg exams got over and u can see from my previos posts that i just post 1 topic in a month but this time it exceeded the normal quota of 1 :d

  45. It's that last portion: "thinking of her... who changed my life..." that literally makes me want to cry. That one sentence says so much... very beautiful piece.

  46. For she once asked me,
    will you be mine forever?.
    Now what will she say when I ask her the same.

    I love these lines!!

    Really touching poem!

  47. oh it made me nostalgic !

    n i love ur chhoti bird ! :-)

    gud going bro !

  48. hey am very happy that u liked my bird..am very happy

    and ty for the appreciation :) am pleased

  49. beautiful poem dear steph... loved it.

    applause 2 all 3 of u.

    btween d new look of ur blog rocks..

    tk cr

  50. Nice lines!

    Have a nice weekend :)

    Thanks for blogrolling,you are blogrolled too!

  51. ty for appreciation sameera :)

    nd ty for blogrolling too

  52. @ preeti : ty ...i mean the previos dark look of m blog was not pleasing for mee...so i decided to keep it simple with inbuild blogger template and a custom designed head banner

  53. Great poem!

    Added you to my blogroll! Thanks for the link!

  54. heah....dnt feels so bad dude....i gone through the lines nd just forgot to put comments on it...k itz ma fault...let me srry 4 tht

    nyways gr8 lines infact as itz raining here too nd it also let me remember bout ma love in all these nice work dude.....

    let me again srry 4 nt cmmnting on previous occassion

  55. hey dude no problem .... and ty for ur comments

  56. Already 60 comments up there ! What more can I say apart from the word Awesommeee !