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Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode 15)

Family,Office and Love.   (Blogisode 15)
‘Hey Parul,’ Ram addressed Parul.
‘Finally my parents agreed to our marriage,’ added he.
‘That’s great,’ Parul was happy.
‘I will talk to my father today,’ said she.
‘Archana started everything,she wanted a nokia phone and finally she went on to complain dad about us,’said he.
‘Dad was in a good mood and he said yes,’ added he.
‘Tell archie not to worry, she will get N95 soon,’ smiled Parul
Meanwhile Richa was in the rest room.She was watching BBC news channel .And of a  sudden she  changed the  channel and was shocked for a while. She increased the sound volume.A news was being showed which ev entually put her to stress.
Headlines Today and NDTV India were showing breaking news.
‘Massive bomb attacks in France and Spain,’ said the TV news reporter.
‘Over 800 feared dead. The  attacks were carried out in major IT industries of France .IT biggies like VENTSONT,TECHMONTEL,VREIEL,TECHNIWARE  were the main victims of the bomb blast,’ said the news reporter.
After hearing TECHNIWARE, Richa was shocked. She could not believe and that news itself put her to tears. She remembered that Sandeep was working for TECHNIWARE software.
“Here are the list of the people  who lost their lives
1)Adien Swartz(M51) – France.
2)Jenni Parkinson(F32)-France.
3)Shiva Subramanium(M26)-France.
4)Paula Gonzalez(M24)-Germany.
5)Raumbaug  Van Sudr(M44)-Netherlands.
446)Sandeep Balan V (M27)-India.
789)Stephanie Wazer(F23)-France”
After seeing  Sandeeps name on the list,she was shocked and she fainted. She wept and cried like anything.No wonder when this happens to our loved ones ,then we sould have reacted in a similar way.
‘Sandyy,Sandy ,’ she cried.
Every one could  hear her voice and came rushing to the rest room.
‘Ram,Sandeep’s left me ,’ cried Richa.
‘Am alone,he is dead,’ added she.
It was  a sad moment in the office.No one expected it in any way.Richa’s happiness had no bounds when  Sandy accepted her again.She could not bear Sandeep’s loss.She loved him.
After that tragic incident,Richa seldom spoke to any one.She  had dreamt of living a life with her love. His loss was unbearable.
‘well,’ said Ram.
(to be continued) 

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode 14)

Family,Office and Love.   (Blogisode 14)
‘Hello brother,’ Archana gave Ram a wicked smile.
‘Now what? ‘asked Ram.
‘I want a mobile phone,’ asked she.
‘Ok, I will give you 2000 bucks and you get a mobile phone,’ said Ram with a smile on his face.
‘2 000,’ Archana laughed.
‘I want to make better use of you, not 2000, I want N95,’ said she.
‘What N95? It costs more than 20000,’ said Ram.
‘So what, I need it,’ said she.
‘My salary is 23 grands and you expect me to shell 20000 for you,’ Ram was angry for once.
‘You dumb creature, bloody bitch’ shouted he.
‘Ok, I will speak to Mom and Dad regarding you and your girlfriend. Please don’t abuse your sister dude’ said she.
‘Ok, go and say, get lost,’ said Ram.
She was angry and told everything to her parents. Her parents did not believe at first and they decided to ask Ram.
‘Appa, Ram has a girlfriend,’ screamed Archana.
‘What?’ Ravi was confused.
‘Are you sure, dear,’ Ravi said.
‘Yes, dad 100% sure, lock it,’ Archana winked.
‘We are not playing KBC dear, am serious,’ Ravi showed a straight face to his daughter.
‘Yes dad,’ Archana added.
‘Rammm!’ Ravi shouted and Ram came rushing.
‘Yes dad,’ Ram came soon.
Ram believed that his sister had told everything to  dad. He was worried for once. He was afraid of his dad. He was embarrassed and could not face his dad.
‘Your sister says that you have a girlfriend,’ Ravi asked him.
‘Yes dad,’ Ram said.
‘Ahaan! My son is improving day by day, that’s good my boy,’ Ravi added.
‘Who is that lucky girl?’ asked Ravi.
Archana was not happy with her dad. She believed that Ram would be caught red handed and it was a mess of all her plan. It was a flop show. She never expected her father to behave in such a way.
‘She is my office friend,’ said Ram.
‘Her name is Parul,’ Ram added.
‘Oh!’ exclaimed Ravi.
‘Does she belong to our caste?’  Ravi asked.
‘No dad, she is a Hindu girl from North India,’ said Ram.
‘I want to marry her dad,’ said he.
‘Well we don’t have any objections,’ said Shyama.
‘Our son’s happiness is our happiness,’ smiled she.
Archana’s face went red and she was very angry and she left the place soon.
‘Well tell me more about her family,’ said Ravi.
‘She is the only daughter of industrialist Ajay Sinha,’said He.
‘She seems to be a rich girl, will they accept our proposal for your marriage with her,’ asked Ravi.
‘She will talk to her dad,’ said Ram.
Soon he left for his room .He was very happy  .Meanwhile Archana was reading “Five point some one” novel.
‘Thank you   sister,’ Ram was very happy.
Archana felt irksome and could not sustain the stupidity of her parents.
‘Don’t worry you will get your N95 soon,’ Ram winked.
‘Really,’ Archana was amazed.
‘Yes, pakka yaar,’ said he.
‘Thank you, brother,’Archie was very happy .Even she supported her brother now and the main cause for doing that was N95 mobile phone.

(to be continued)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode 13)

Family,Office and Love.   (Blogisode 13)
 (old friends and Sandy's call)
‘Hey, Richie, how are you?’ asked Ram.
‘Me good and you,’ said Richa with a sad face.
‘Why are you said?’ asked Ram.
‘Sandeep didn’t call me, it’s been a week since he called me,’ said she.
‘Don’t worry,’ Ram soothed her.
‘Why don’t you try your old office number? You used to work with him naa,’ said Ram.
‘Thank you bhaiyya, it’s a good idea,’Richa smiled and searched for Data-Link’s phone number.
She got the number and finally  tried talking to sandeep.
‘Hello, Rashid here,’ said Rashid.
‘Rashid bhaiyya,’ shouted Richa.
‘It’s Richa here,’she yelled.
‘Hey sister how is you dear, we missing you,’ Rashid was happy.
‘How is Adrian, Divz, Crystal and Everyone,’she asked.
‘They are good,’ said Rashid.
‘Yo, Rich babes! How are you doing, girl,’ Adrian pulled the receiver from Rashid and spoke.
‘Me good Addy,’ said she.
‘Where is Sandeep? I want to talk to Sandy,’ asked she.
‘Sandeep is in France .I believed that he informed you before going,’ said Adrian.
‘He headed for France few days ago…yes on Monday and will be back next month,’ Rashid added.
‘He is gone for some project work and assignment with Techiware Ltd,’ said He.
‘Don’t worry he will call you,’ said Rashid.
‘Ok, bhaiyya, Bye take care,’ said She and cut the phone.
‘It seems that Sandy’s gone to France for some project work,’Richa said to Ram.
The “Tere bin…” ringtone of Richa’s mobile rang.It showed a number starting from +331256####.
She confirmed that it was from France.
“Hello,’ said Richa..
“Bhhooo,’ shouted   Sandeep.
‘Hey dumbo, I know its you,’ Richa said.
‘But how come you know that I am in France,’ asked Sandeep.
‘Rashid bhai told me,’ said she.
Sandeep had called Richa several times before leaving for France, but her phone was not reachable. She was missing him like anything.
‘Achha sweety, Its ISD remember,’ said Sandeep.
‘Ok, will talk to you soon, bye,’ said Richa and she cut the phone.
Meanwhile Parul and Priyanka were involved in some deep discussion regarding some software.
‘Sorry to interrupt you guys,’ Ram said.
‘I want to talk to you Parul,’ added he.
‘No worries,’Priyanka winked.
‘Well, why are you upset today?’ asked Parul .
‘Archana came to know about us,’ Ram’s voice went low.
‘Chalo, that’s good naa,’ she grinned.
‘What good? now don’t show your 32 teeth,’ Ram winked.
‘Don’t worry, your sister wont eat you up,’ said she.
‘You know, she started blackmailing me,’ added Ram.
‘Very funny,’ Parul laughed.
‘Now, Mr. Romeo you’re caught,’ said she.
‘I will talk to my dad regarding our matter and you talk to your parents,’ said she.
‘I will try,’ said he.
‘Don’t try or at least ask your brave sister to talk,’ winked she.
‘Shut up,’ Ram said pinching her cheeks.

(to be continued)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode 12)

Family,Office and Love.   (Blogisode 12)
 (The black mailed)
‘Amma,’ shouted Ram.
‘Yes, I am here,’ said Shyama.
‘Do not disturb me now, I have an important work,’ said Ram.
Archana was upset as she had seen things that she shouldn’t have .She respected her brother, but that act of Ram put her into tears. All her friends teased her and it was embarrassing .At once, she decided to talk to her brother. She wanted a mobile phone, but her dad refused to get her one. She believed that it was the right time to buy a mobile phone and that too with the help of her brother.
‘Hello,’ said Archie addressing her brother.
‘Hi, how are you doing dear?’ said Ram with a smile.
‘I am fine,’ said Archana.
‘Hey, do you have a girlfriend,’ asked she.
‘Girlfriend!’ Ram gave a strange look.
‘No,’ said He.
‘I bet you have one, don’t lie, who is she?’ asked Archana.
Ram was confused for a while and felt strange. She was young and he believed that he should not confess everything to her sister.She asked him again and again.
‘I had seen you near the beach,’ said Archana.
‘You were kissing a white girl,’ said she.
‘You got a girlfriend from England,’ Archana winked.
‘Shut up, she isn’t from England,’ said He.
‘Then…’ Archana smiled.
‘She is my friend who works with me,’ said He.
‘Umm, she looks pretty and gorgeous,’ said she.
Ram was not happy with himself. He asked her not to tell parents about his girlfriend.
‘Promise me that you won’t let our parents know this,’ said Ram.
‘Sure, but on one condition,’ Archana grinned.
‘What?’ asked Ram.
‘You will listen to whatever I say,’ Archana winked.
‘Shitt, you dumbass,’ added Ram.
‘Blackmailing me or what,’ said he
‘Yes exactly,’ said she.
‘Ok,I will ,’ said Ram.
‘Hey brother, next time onwards don’t kiss in a public place,’ said she.
‘And I guess you see a lot of English movies,’ Archana winked and she left the place.
Ram was angry at her. He never wanted to say anything about Parul, but he was helpless. He was cursing his fate for having a sister who at times turns to a vampire(or vamp).
He wanted to marry Parul, but couldn’t talk to his parents regarding the same. He loved her and wanted to live a life with him.
(Next day)
‘Good morning guys,’ said Ram.
‘Gm, dude,’ said Prashant.
‘Good Morning,’ said everyone in unison.
‘Where is Richa?’ asked Ram.
‘She is in her cabin,’ said Priyanka.
Sandeep used to call Richa at least once in a day. Many days passed, even after many weeks Sandeep had not called her. At once, she was upset and sad.
She loved Sandeep very much. She was afraid that something happened to him. His phone was not reachable and this would annoy her.
‘The Vodafone subscriber is not reachable, please try again later,’ said the Recorded messages.
‘Bloody bitch!’said angry Richa addressing the recorded voice.
‘Sandy!’ yelled she.

(to be continued)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode 11)

Family,Office and Love.   (Blogisode 11)
(The shock..)
It was a fine evening with birds chirping all around.One could see the kids running here and there.People were having fun.There were many who swam .Many were playing beach volley ball.Some were enjoying the beautiful scenaries .Some boys just wanted to look at girls.
‘I am happy for Richie,’ said Parul.
‘Offcourse ,we have to be,’ smiled Ram.
‘I guess it was true love.True lovers can not be separated by any earthly powers,’ said she.
‘yes rightly said,’ Ram was looking at her.
He went closed to her.He touched her lips.Parul felt that every one was looking at her.
‘Stop it ,Ram’ said she.
‘Not now, its a public place,’ added she.
‘Just a kiss,’ said he.
‘ummmmm,’ Parul smiled.
At the same time ,Archana and her friends had bunked their Biology class.They came to the beach to have some fun .Archana was Ram’s younger sister.(Refer part 1)
‘Hey ,Neha , lets play ,’ said Archana.
‘Lets have some ice creams and sweets,’ said Shruti.
‘Sure,Baby!!,’ said Archana.
"Vanilla for meeeee,' shouted Neha.
Ram and Parul were kissing each other behind the icecream shop.Shruti ,who passed by the shop had a clear view of what was happening there.She was stunned and shocked as it was the first time she was seeing couple’s kissing each other.She was shocked to know that it was Ram Anna.She soon rushed to call Archana.
‘Archana, Archana,’ Shruti came running.
‘What?’ shouted Archana.
‘Look, what’s happening there?’ said Shru..
‘what? Tell me here,’ said Archana.
‘You just come and see naa,’ shruti added.
‘Ok ,whatever, lets go,’ Archana said and the whole gang went to see what was happening.
She was shocked to see what was happening around that place.She was stunned and could not believe that it was her brother .
‘I am shocked,’ said Archana.
‘It can’t be my brother ,’ said she.
‘He is Ram anna,’ Shruti said and they all left for their home.
Mean while , Ram and Parul were having a casual talk.
‘How are you parents?’ asked Ram.
‘They are good,’ said She.
‘Mom, asking me to get married,’ Parul said.
‘what did you say?’ asked Ram.
‘Not now and what else do you expect me to say?’ she said with a straight face.
‘Even my parents asked me the same,’ said He.
‘Really!!,’ Parul winked.
‘it seems that they have seen a girl who works in the HR dept of Accenture India Ltd,’ said Ram.
‘and they want me to marry her..,’ he added.
‘So you all set to ditch me for the Accenture girl,’ said she.
‘No way ,bachha,’ smiled Ram.
‘How dare you?’ winked she.
‘I’ll drop you on the way to your hostel,’ said Ram and they both head for their respective places.
The solitary writer says “is that everything about love.”.
“Amma,” shouted Ram
(to be continued..)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode 10)

Family,Office and Love.   (Blogisode 10)
(The Phone chat)

‘Hello , Sandeep,’ Richa shouted with joy.
‘Hello ,’
‘Hello,’ screamed Richa.
Sandeep remained silent for a while. He was feeling guilty of what he had done to her.
‘Hello , Richa,’ said Sandeep with a low voice.
‘Richa!! ,’ said Richa.
‘You used to call me “sweety” naa,’ said she.
‘Sweety dear, are you angry on me,’ said Sandeep.
‘Why should I be angry on you?’ asked Richa.
‘Stop talking non sense.I know you will be mine forever,’ smiled Richa.
At the same time every one in office came near her. Noticing this ,she went to the private room.
‘What happened ,you there?’ asked Sandeep.
‘Yes ,I am here dear,’ said Richa.
‘How are you?’ said he.
‘am fine,you say naa,’ said Richa.
‘I heard that you know many Richa, what was that all about,’ said She.
‘They were just my school and college friends,’ said He.
‘How dare you look at some one other than me,’ said she.
‘Our son will kick your ass,’ said she.
‘Son!!,’ said Sandeep.
‘You mean,’ Sandeep smiled.
‘Yes, mein teri bachhe ki maa banne vaali hun,’ said Richa.
Sandeep shouted with joy.He was very happy.
‘I bet it would be a girl,’ said Sandeep.
‘No No, a boy,’ said Richa.
They were talking for an hour or so.Time passed like anything.The couple's were talking after a long time and it was a special occasion for them.
‘I want to meet you,dear,’ said Sandeep.
‘Come to Coimbatore,’ said Richa and she gave him her address.
She was happy. Her voice itself suggested that she was glad and overjoyed.
Every one in office were happy for her.The scenario was totally different.
‘Parul,lets go out,’ said Ram.
‘Ummm… couple’s are going out haan..,’ winked Priyanka .
‘Sure,Ram just a sec,’ said Parul.
They both leave for National Park.
‘Bye Guys!!,’
‘Bye Richa,’ They both said in unison.
(to be continued..)
Thank You:
Richa and Mr.Sandeep Balan of yeM Bee yAe

Monday, August 18, 2008

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode 9)

Family,Office and Love.   (Blogisode 9)

(Sandeep's confession)

‘So you guys have done a good job,’ said Mishra.

‘What are you guys upto ?’ asked He.

‘Thank you sir, we are good,’ said Priyanka .

‘Any way , See you later,’ said Mishra and he left.

‘Hey Richie,I need Sandeep’s cell number,’ asked Ram.

‘its 998#######,’Richa gave Sandeeps Vodafone number.

Ram tried contacting Sandeep,but he wasn’t picking up the phone call.

The recorded message said,’The Vodafone customer you’re trying to call is currently not reachable.You can leave a voice sms which will cost just 75 paise per minute.’

‘fuck ,your voice sms,’ said Deepak.

Deepak tried calling Sandeep from his Idea phone .Finally they heard Sandeep’s voice.

‘Hello,’ said Sandeep.

‘Is this Mr Sandeep,’ said Ram with a tender voice.

‘yes,Sandeep here,’ said He.

‘I am Ram and I am Richa’s friend,’

‘I need to talk to you regarding Richa,’ said Ram.

‘What ?,Which Richa?,’ said Sandeep.

‘Richa Sinha,Richa Nair,Richa Iyer and the list goes ,’

‘I know many Richa,’ said Sandeep.

‘woaa… look he seems to be a ladies man ,’ Priyanka gave a strange look.

‘I am talking about Richa Iyer,’ said Ram.

‘What happened to her?’asked Sandeep.

Sandeep was working as a Senior Software Engineer in Data-Link Ltd in Mumbai.He had done his MBA from the ICB(Indian College of Business).He had many girl friends since his school and college days.He lived with his friends in a hostel and his parents lived in Kochin.

‘She wants to meet you ,’ said Ram.

‘Meet me, why?’ Sandeep's voice went low.

‘Hello Sandeep,’ Richa said grabbing the phone from Ram’s hand.

As soon he heard Richa’s voice,he cut the phone for once. She tried calling him again,but the phone was switched off.

‘The Vodafone Cell is currently switched off,please try again later ,’ said the recorded messages.

‘Fuck,off ,’ said Deepak.

Sandeep loved Richa Iyer very much.Once, he promised her that he would not betray her.He wanted to marry her.He thought for a while. He spoke to his boss regarding this.

‘Sir,I can’t marry your daughter,’ said Sandeep.

‘What?, Why?’ asked Mr Shetty who was the Chariman of Data Link ltd.

‘Sir,I can’t break the trust of some one,’ said He.

‘Sir, if some one trusts you very much and if you plan to do some thing against them then…,’ said Sandeep.

‘then,it would be very bad,’ said Mr Shetty.

‘it would hurt me very badly’ added Mr Shetty.

‘I can’t hurt her ,Sir,’ said Sandeep.

‘Hurt whom?’ asked Shetty.

‘Richa!!,’ said Sandeep.

‘Who is Richa?,’ asked Shetty.

‘She is my love, my Life,’ said He.

‘I cant marry your daughter,’ said Sandeep.

‘Fine, I will talk to my daughter,’ said Shetty.

‘Hope , Neha doesn’t minds ,’ said Sandeep.

“Kahiin naa Kahiin toh”,Richa’s cell phone gave a buzz.

(To be continued….)

Thank You:
Richa and Mr.Sandeep Balan of yeM Bee yAe

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode 8)

Family,Office and Love.   (Blogisode 8)
 (the discussion.)
‘Hey Parul,’ screamed Ram.
‘ Hay Daiyya, Look at  Ram,’ Priyanka  winked.
‘See the couples are back,’ smiled Disha.
Parul  embraced Ram.They kissed each other in front of their  friends.
‘Oye!!Chup karo yaar,’  Deepak laughed.
‘This is our work place,’ said he.
‘No kissing  and fishing at office,’said Priyanka.
‘Oh fine!! ' Smiled Ram.
‘Lets  go to the  rest room,’ said Parul.
Deepak was confused  and he stared at Priyanka.
Ram and Parul leave for the rest room.
‘Hey ,can I ask you one thing ?’ asked Parul.
‘Yes,sure,’ said he.
‘Why is Richie upset?’ asked she.
‘Its her personal matter yaar.We need to help her,’ said he.
‘What happened?’ Parul curiously asked him.
‘A guy called Sandeep  tarnished her,’ he sad with a sad face.
‘And it seems  she is pregnant now,’  Ram added.
‘Oh gosh!!,’ Parul was  upset.
They  went to  Richa to soothe her.
‘Don’t worry Richie,’ said Parul.
‘we are there for you, we will help you,’ said she.
‘Thank you ,bhaiyya and bhabhi,’ smiled Richa.
‘Umm ,I like when you call me  bhabhi  and Ram as your bhaiyya,’ smiled  Parul.
Richa was upset and  she  left early .The whole crew was upset.Richa was amongst the loved  member of the entire team of 9 people.
Ram,Parul,Priyanka,Deepak,Nisha,Disha,Prashant ,Shayan and Richa lived like a small family.Richa was  the youngest member  of the team. Shayan was in U.S.A and Richa was like his younger sister.He left for USA  few weeks ago  for some project work.
Ram called for a meeting  .They wanted to discuss about Richa and her life.
‘Guys,its really difficult to  know what happened to Richie,’ said Parul.
‘Yeah,even  I heard that ,’ Prashant said.
‘What can we do now?’ asked  Nisha.
‘Its all over ,’ said Deepak.
‘Shut up!!,’ shouted Parul.
‘Sorry !!,’ said Deepak.
‘We have to help our sister?’said Ram.
‘Sister..Eh.. woaa’ said Deepak.
‘Oh yeah sister,’ smiled Prashant.
The entire team was worried about  Richa.They wanted to make her happy.
‘Yem bee aaeee,’ winked Priyanka.
‘Shut up ,’ said Deepak.
‘Any how  we should talk to Sandeep,’ said Ram.
‘Yes,’ said everyone in unison.
‘Hey Guys!!,’ said the Boss.
(to be continued..) 

Thank You:
Richa and Mr.Sandeep Balan of  yeM Bee yAe

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode 7)

Family,Office and Love.   (Blogisode 7)
 (Richa in trouble,Parul's return and Sandeeps entry)
‘Ehh!! Stop it,’ shouted Deepak.
‘Don’t  say anything about my God,’ said Deepak.
'Man he's crazy ,' laughed Priyanka.
“Rajnikant is to Tamilians,Sandeep is to me,’ said he.
‘Deepak is gay,hehehe,’ All girls  shouted.
‘No ,No, am not a gay,’ said Deepak.
‘You won’t believe me guys,’ cried Richa.
‘Why are you crying?’  asked everyone.
‘Tell us and how do you know Sandeep,’ asked Ram.
‘No .I don’t want every one to  get upset,’ said she.
‘You have to tell us,’said  Ram.
‘I loved Sandy like anything’ said Richa with a sad face.
‘We both worked in Mumbai. I remember the day he proposed me in front of 100 people.I kissed him  in front of many people, where every one  looked at us.Some even clapped and whistled at us.He was every thing to me.We made love quite often.He shared all his secrets with me.I  never knew that he will ditch me one day.It seemed that  our boss's daughter liked Sandeep and wanted to marry that pigeon head. He ditched me for this simple reason.'  
‘Well ,good that you came  to know about him.’said Deepak.
‘He doesn’t deserves   Richie,’ said Priyanka.
‘Thank god ,you left him,’ said Disha.
‘yeah ,but I am pregnant with his child,’ sobbed Richa.
‘What?’  said Priyanka and Nisha in unison.
‘You dumb.,don’t you guys use condoms,’ said Deepak.
‘No ,Deepak.I trusted him.’ Said she.
'I even left my home for Sandy,' cried She. 
‘Put your trust in bin,’ Said Prashant.
'Recycle bin...yucks!!!,' said Deepak. 
She began to weep.Priyanka  and Disha went to soothe her.
‘Stop crying baby,’ said  Priyanka.
‘I hate Sandeep,’ said Deepak.
‘Don’t worry  ,Richie,’ said Ram.
‘We are there to help you,’said he.
‘Is he married now?’ asked Ram.
‘No.He is getting married in December,’ said Richa.
‘We will talk to him,’ said Ram.
‘Do not worry’,Priyanka  soothed her.
‘Where is he now?’ asked Deepak.
‘Wait till I  get to kick his ass,’ said Deepak.
‘He is  Mumbai,Deepak’ said Richa.
‘Hey guys ,I am back ‘ said  Parul.
‘Whats the discussion going on?’ asked Parul.
(to be continued..) 

Thank You:
Richa and Mr.Sandeep Balan of  yeM Bee yAe

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode 6)

Family,Office and Love.   (Blogisode 6)
 (Solitary Ram ,Parul in Home town and Disha's Poetry contest)
‘Beep Beep,’  Mishra had called Ram.He had some work with Ram.
Ram was worried for once.He was not aware of his assignments .He  assured  his boss that his group would complete the project as soon as possible.
Soon after he realized that parul had given him a missed call.Its an age old tradition of love where the girl gives a missed call   and the boy calls  her.The same happened here.
‘Pari,did you give me a call.Anything important,’ Asked Ram.
‘I am leaving for  Jaipur today,I will  not be available for another week or so,’ said she.
‘Miss me ,dear.’Parul said with a sad tone.
Her  voice clearly indicated that she was upset.She was worried as her family members were asking her to get married.
‘I love you Ram,’  said she.
‘Will  call you as soon as I reach  Jaipur,’ Parul said and she cut the phone.
The very next day she reached  Jaipur.As soon as she reached ,she  informed Ram.Her parents came to the airport to receive her .Parul sought their blessings.Ajay Sinha was Parul's father.He was a very famous personality and was the president of  “Airvoice” telecommunications.They were rich  and had lots of wealth.Parul had done her Btech in Computer Science from  BITS. She wanted to earn money by her own and didn’t expected her fathers help.She decided to work and that’s the reason why she  joined Convex.Parul’s mother  was a house wife.
‘So, how is your work  going on beta’,Ajay  said to his daughter.
‘Its good,’ smiled she.
‘So,do you remember  us,’ winked Sharada .
‘yes,I do  maa,’ Parul said adjusting her hair.
‘you are 26 now and I guess  it is  the ideal age for girls to get married,’ Ajay said reading newspaper.
‘But dad,’ Parul was sad.
‘Well ,you should get married by the end of this year,’ordered Mr Ajay.
‘Dad!!,’ She couldn’t speak a word against him.
She went to her  room.
Ram was missing Parul like anything.Its  the first time that he was missing her badly.He wanted to see her ,but he couldn’t.
His group  had  completed the project .They were left with the presentation part .
‘Hey guys ,’ Disha called for help.
‘Am confused  now,’ said she.
‘What happened ?’asked  Deepak and  Prashant in unison.
‘Actually I am participating in a   poetry contest and my topic is “Who am I?”’ said Disha.
‘I really don’t know what to write,’She asked her  friends to help her.
‘Well ,’
‘I can help you,’ said Prashant.
‘Really,but how?’ asked She.
‘Check this one,’ said Prashant .
I don't want to say anything
I don't want to put anything down
U may find it funny and smile
U may find it weird and frown
I don't want to lie
I don't want to be true
So whatever u want to think
I leave up to u..........”
‘Hows this?’ asked Prashant.
‘Its good,’said Disha.
‘It is written by  the Solitary writer,’ said he.
‘You mean the guy called “Stephen”,’ said Disha.
‘Yes ,the same guy ,’ said Prashant.
‘I don’t know how come these guys write  such poems,’
‘He is still a student,’ said Prashant.
‘That’s great to hear,’ said She.
‘No wonder Engineers and  Doctors start writing their own novels,’
‘It’s the (Chetan)Bhagat kaal,’ said  Deepak.
‘I know a guy who  writes  fiction stories ,’said Deepak.
‘He writes  a  blog called  “yem bee yae”,’ said he.
“Yem Bee yAe”.
‘Very funny ,’ laughed  Disha.
‘May be ,it’s the mallu way of pronouncing MBA,’  said Priyanka.
‘Who is that smart chap ?’ asked Priyanka and Disha .
‘He is Sandeep ’,Deepak said.
'Our Boss Sandeep Mishra,' Priyanka gave a strange look.
'No ,Prii ,its  Sandeep Balan, and he is just 25 ,' said Deepak. 
‘I loved his Mussadi man series.I am his fan now,’ said Deepak.
‘Sandeep simply rocks,’ shouted Deepak.
‘Sandeep is a cheat,’  Richa said with an angry tone.
'He is a cheat and a big loser,'Her face became red.
'Cheat !!!,' she shouted and cried. 
(To be continued..) 

Thank You:
Richa and Mr.Sandeep Balan of  yeM Bee yAe

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode5)

Family,Office and Love.   (Blogisode5)

( Not suitable for readers below 15 years.)

(Proposal and the first date)

Parul Sinha had joined Convex software much before Ram. She joined the organization 2 months before Ram actually joined .She was amongst the good looking girls of the organisation.She was gorgeous ,pretty and beautiful .She was new and she hardly knew any one . She was Ram’s senior.Practically they both were of the same age , but Parul was elder to him by few months or so.

Ram was new to Convex.The first time when he had seen Parul was a totally different sight for him.She was a very helpful person.She paid his 250 Rs fine for travelling ticketless.That was the very first day when they met each other.She was wearing a blue top and jeans.Ram was in formals as usual.

‘Thank you miss ….?? ‘said Ram.

‘You can call me Parul,’ said she.

‘Parul,I know that you work in my office,’ Ravi was shy.

‘Good that you came to know that ,I am happy for that,’ smiled she.

‘What else?’ asked Parul?

‘Do you have anything to say?’ asked she.


‘I mean yes,’ said Ram.He was confused.

‘Would you mind having a cup of coffee with me,’ said Ram

‘Oh ! no problem , its fine,’

‘Lets go,’ said Parul

And they went to nearby coffee shop.

‘Well ,I have been watching you for days,’

‘I really don’t know what has happened to me,’said Ram.

‘I think I fell for you,’Ram said with a low voice.

‘What?’ She was shocked.

(The Solitary writer says" May be this is what people call as love in first sight")

‘Really !!,’ asked Parul.

‘Yes, I do,’ said Ram.

After few minutes Parul gave a smile .This smile was enough to suggest that she started liking Ram.They exchanged their phone numbers and they would talk with each other for hours after they leave their office.It was like they were made for each other.

‘Call me when you are free,’ said she and they both left .

The “crazy kiya re” ringtone of Parul’s mobile phone rang .

‘Hello,Ram, Bolo,’ said she.

‘Listen, will you come with me tommorow’ said Ram.

‘Where?’ asked she.

‘Lets go for Kabul Express,’ said Ram.

‘Hey ,I have seen it.’

‘some different movie please and KExp is not good ,’ said Parul.

‘What about dhoom 2?’asked Ram.

‘Done,’ said she.

‘lets meet tomorrow at 6 pm at Satyam talkies,’Ram answere.

‘Sure,Bye,’ Parul cut the phone and she slept.

(The first date.)

They both meet each other at 6 pm.The movie was good according to them.Movie theatre is the best place for couples,because no one knows what they are doing. She was a big fan of Hritik and He was a big fan of Aishwarya .They could see Hritik doing the stunts and Ash performing an item number “crazy kiya re” which was the favourite song of Ram. There were many things to say ,but they remained quiet for a while.

‘What about coffee?’ asked Ram.

‘Yes,sure,’ said Parul.

Ram went to the canteen to get coffee and popcorns and at the same time Parul was enjoying he trailers of other movies.The second half of the movie was absurd where the hero jumps from the top of a mountain and he still remains alive.It is Hritik and he indeed makes things possible.Everyone in the theatre enjoyed the kissing scene between Hritik and Ash which was the controversial thing that highlighted the movie.Parul was looking carefully at what they both did.The movie got over and they both left.

‘How was the movie?’ asked Ram.

‘Hehe,I had already seen the movie before.I just didn’t want to disappoint you.’ smiled Parul.

‘What else ,Ram?’They both head for Wiles Park.

‘Tell me about your family,’ said Parul.

‘Well, we are a family of 4 members’.

‘Mom,Dad and little sister Archie ,’ Ram smiled.

They reach the gates of the park.Usually no one goes there at night.It was already 10 pm.The park was open.

‘What do you think about this place?’ asked Ram.

‘Its good,but its too late,’ said Parul by curling her hair.

‘Its just you and me here,’ smiled Ram.

‘I know your cruel intentions dear,’ winked Parul.

It was all darkness all around. There was not a single soul in sight for a mile.The winds blew and the weather was pleasant. They were solitary and it was a calm place.They sat over the green grasses.Having laid on the grass ,she came closer to him.He touched her cheeks .

They both looked at each others eyes. He grabbed her and kissed her on her eyes .He slowly reached her lips and neck. She could feel his breath that was rising from his damp lips.He placed both his hands on her head and indulged in kissing for atleast 5 minutes.He was kissing all over her neck,face and shoulders.His hands were running through her hair like crazy.He loved her.She could feel the heat.He then reached her body .She held him tenderly touching her napes . His hands slowly moved towards her top.By now ,she could clearly feel his intentions.He removed the buttons of her kurti and slowly unhooked her bra.He undressed her and at the same time caressed her nape gently . She wanted more and the night was pleasant .It was the first time they were making love.It was a special night.They ensured that no one was seeing them.

‘I love you ,’ she said putting the hooks of her bra.

‘Promise me that you wont betray me,’ said Parul .

‘yes I wont, you’re mine?’, Ram assured her and at the same time he dressed.

‘I have surrendered completely as I love you,’ Parul said with a straight face.

‘I too love you ,dear,’ Ram walked.

‘I have to go now, other wise hostel warden will close the gate,’ said she.

‘Bye ram,’ and they both left.

Ram was deeply immersed recollecting his past date experiences with Parul.

and all of a sudden he woke up thinking of present..

Beep Beep…

(To be continued..)

Friday, August 08, 2008

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode4)

Family,Office and Love.   (Blogisode4)
(search for bride and past memories)

‘Appa I am back,’ Ram said to his father indicating that he reached his home.
‘Welcome daaa,’
‘How was your day?’ asked Ravi.
‘My day,’ paused Ram. ‘don’t ask me,’
‘I remember that you wanted to say something ,tell me now,’ Ram said removing his shoes.
‘Let your amma come ,she is making coffee for you ,’ Ravi smiled .
‘Here is your coffee ,Ram’ Ram sipped and asked them to continue the discussion.
‘You are 26 now,’ Shyama said.
‘Yes,so what?.’ Ram was leaning on the sofa.
‘We are getting marriage proposals for you, and we have selected a girl for you,’ said Ravi.
‘She is Priya and she is working in HR department of Accenture India Ltd,’ Ravi paused.
‘Woaa, Accenture India Ltd,’ laughed Ram.
‘Appa and Amma ,I am not interested in marriage at this point of time,’ Ram said to his parents with a slight indication that he loved Parul.
‘But why so?’ questioned Ravi.
‘I don’t want to marry now and that’s it ,’
‘Now do not disturb me ,I am tired,’Ram left the front room.
He locked his room door and was busy thinking of Parul.He was trying to recollect the colour of her dress when he met her for the first time. He soon recollected that she was wearing a blue top and  jeans .He even remembered that he commented on her dress on their very first meeting.He could not stop laughing after thinking of the way he proposed . He was really happy for her .
It was November ,2006.It was monsoon in Coimbatore.Retreating monsoon season is one of the speciality of southern states where it rains in the month of November and December unlike other states where it is winter.He met her for the first time in a different situation.
Once ,unfortunately he left his wallet at his home.He boarded the 12G bus and later on he realized that he had missed his wallet .He was embarresed as the conductor had his words on him.There was no one to support him.Finally a helping hand arrived who was none other then his girlfriend.She paid his 250 Rs fine .That was the way when they met each other.By that time he never knew that Parul was his office peer and he came to knew this later.He approached her later and that day itself brought change in his life.That night he never slept, thinking of her .He recalled his first date with Parul.
(to be continued..)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode3)

Family,Office and Love.   (Blogisode3)
(disappointed girlfriend)
They both sat down at the park for some time. Parul stared at Ram. Her blue eyes and her pale skin would attract everyone. She reminded Ram of their first date.
‘Achha, Ram '
‘Tell me, what was I wearing when I met you for the first time,’ Parul smiled at Ram.
Ram was quite nervous about the project .He was worried.
‘No, sweety, I don’t remember,’said Ram showing signs of tension.
She came nearer to him,but he moved away from her.
‘How, rude. You don’t know how to talk to a girl,’ sobbed she.
‘Yeah, I don’t,’
‘Lets leave this place, I have more work,’ Ram was in a hurry.
‘Don’t talk to me,’ cried Parul.
‘You don’t deserve a girlfriend,’Parul said to him.
‘You IT geeks are like this,’said she.
‘You don’t know how to talk to a girl,’ she went aside
‘Yaar, its not like that,’ Ram said to her.
‘You know me for the past 2 years, I believed that you know me very well,’ Ram said.
‘I am actually tensed and nervous,may be that was the reason why I didn’t respond,’ Ram said with a gentle smile on his face.
This is the first time that such kind of scenario has taken place.They both know each other very well.Ram was very much aware of her behaviour.She loved him very much and always wanted to live a life with him.She was hurt to such an extent and it was the main reason that brought tears into her eyes.Human behavior are subjected to tensions,nervousness and various other factors which eventually upset them.Parul was very much aware of Ram’s mental condition at that point of time and that was the main reason why she asked him to go out with her.She cared and adored him.The very first day when they met each other,Parul started liking him.She accepted his proposal just because of his character.He was from a middle class family unlike Parul who was a businessman’s only daughter .
‘By any means ,I din’t want to offend you,’Ram said .
‘Am sorry,’ Ram said to her.
‘No problem dear,'Parul said.
They both left for their office.
After few hours ,they reach their office. Every one could see Parul’s face swollen red. She had cried like anything.
‘What happened Pari?’ Nisha asked Parul.
‘Leave it.Its between me and Ram,’ she said to her with a sad face.
The group members were working fast so as the complete the project within the stipulated deadline.
‘Woa,see how hard we are toling .It seems like we are scrubbing our asses ,’laughed Deepak .
'Look at Richa,Man What the hell is she doing?' Deepak said .
‘Shut up ,’ shouted Richa.
(to be continued..)

Monday, August 04, 2008

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode2)

Family,Office and Love.   (Blogisode2)
 (From Office)
‘Hello RK,’ said Deepak with a big smile on his face.
‘Good Morning, Deep’ Ram said with a straight face.
‘I wanted to ask about the agreement that we made with “Swire”, do you have any idea regarding that,’ Ram asked Deepak.
‘You need to talk to our boss , how can I say that. You  are the team leader and you are asking me,’ Deepak  was confused.
Ramkumar (also called as RK by his  office peers) was working as a senior software Engineer  at Convex  Software Ltd.He was  the senior most member along with  Parul Sinha. He was the team leader of his group that comprised of 8 members.
‘May I come in sir,’ Ram stood by his boss’s cabin door.
‘Yes ,’ said  Mr. Mishra.
‘I actually wanted to know the status of your project RK,’
‘You should know that you just have one more day to go. How far have you reached now? Tell me the project status Mr. RK,’ Mishra asked Ram.
‘Actually sir ,we are still spotting out the error. May be we will complete it by Saturday” Ram said with a sad face.
‘Saturday!!’ Mishra was angry and shouted at Ram.
‘You were supposed to  submit the project by Thursday and I hope that you were aware of the deadline,’ Mishra was angry .
‘Complete it fast and submit it as soon as possible,’ Mishra was annoyed.
Ram was quite confused. Being a team leader, he was responsible for the delay of the project work. He was helpless and urged his team members to complete the work as fast as possible.
‘What happened,’
‘Ram,I hope you are alright,’ Parul said with a smile.
Ram was in a deep thought. He was unaware of what was happening around him.
‘Ram!!!’ screamed Parul .
‘Ahh, hi Pari ,’ said Ram.
‘So whats up !!,’asked Parul fidgeting her mobile phone.
‘Just screwed up in this thing called Project,’Ram said with a sad face.
‘Common!! Project isn’t everything Ram,’ Parul said to him.
‘Lets go out, refresh yourself,’ Parul compelled Ram.
‘But yar, boss is angry on our group, we need to submit our project,’ Ram said.
‘Mr. Ram, spending  1 hour with your girlfriend is no harm at all,’ Parul winked at Ram.
‘Let’s go,’
And they both went to Wiles Park, the place where they went for their first date.
Every one in office knows about Ram’s and Parul’s relationship.They both were dating each other for the past 2 years.
'Lets go now,' and they both leave...

 (to be continued...)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode1)

Family,Office and Love.   (Blogisode1)
 (All characters in this post are imaginary.)
'What is this, Ram? I need to talk to you regarding some serious issue’, Ravikumar said to Ramkumar with an angry tone.
‘What matter?’ asked Ramkumar.
Ramkumar was Ravikumar’s only son .Ravikumar (will be called Ravi from on) and Shyamala were very proud of their son Ramkumar.He was the biggest asset to them. Ram was their only hope to the family. Ravi and Shyamala had laid all hopes on him and were hopeful that he will take care of his sister Archana.Ram was turning 26 and his parents had some different plan.
‘Dad! What happened?’ questioned Ram.
‘I am getting late for office. Shall we talk later dad.’ smiled Ramkumar.
‘Sure son, but do come home early ‘Ravi said addressing his son.
‘Fine Appa, I will try’ said Ram.
‘bye Appa, bye Amma ‘Ram left.
‘Shyamala, can you get me a cup of coffee, dear?’ Ravi asked his wife, with Hindustan Times on his hand.
‘Seri (ok)’ Shyama went to kitchen to make coffee.
Meanwhile Ravi was reading Hindustan times.
The Kumar’s lived in a small town near Coimbatore .They were Orthodox Brahmins from Pallakad.Ravikumar was working in Customs .Few years ago, he took voluntary retirement for his son’s education. He took his VRS when he was left with 10 years of his service.
‘Take your coffee ‘Shyama placed the coffee cup on the table.
‘Umm, the coffee is sweet just like my sweet wife’ Ravi said taking a sip.
‘Archana is here and you should know that she is a grown up kid now’ said Shyama.
‘Shyama, you make me feel old .Who would say that I am a father of 2 children’ winked Ravi.
Archana was Ravi’s   daughter and she was doing her 12th class from Sri Kalyan College of Science near Coimbatore. As usual she was once again late for her lecture and was late for her Zoology class. Shyama was having a casual chat with her husband regarding their son.
‘Amma!!’ Archana shouted for once.
‘Where is my lunch box’ Archana shouted at her mother with an angry tone.
‘Take your lunch box and do come home early’ Shyama said to Archana with a straight face.
‘Seri Maa (ok mom)’
‘Bye Appa’ Archana hurried.

Saturday, August 02, 2008


Where do the good times disappear,
When they have come and gone...
Replaced with new friends, not by choice,
But cause something went wrong?

My new friends may bring with them,
Some words that make me smile,
Still I feel melancholy,
For what was once our style.

I think about times passage,
About a promise gone,
Are friendships not forever?
Meant not to last for long?

At end of each new day now,
Without a word from you...
I try to cover up the hurt,
Pretend that I'm not blue.

I try to go on with my life,
Accept you're not a part,
But sad eyes are the mirror of,
The ache that fills my heart.