Monday, August 18, 2008

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode 9)

(Sandeep's confession)

‘So you guys have done a good job,’ said Mishra.

‘What are you guys upto ?’ asked He.

‘Thank you sir, we are good,’ said Priyanka .

‘Any way , See you later,’ said Mishra and he left.

‘Hey Richie,I need Sandeep’s cell number,’ asked Ram.

‘its 998#######,’Richa gave Sandeeps Vodafone number.

Ram tried contacting Sandeep,but he wasn’t picking up the phone call.

The recorded message said,’The Vodafone customer you’re trying to call is currently not reachable.You can leave a voice sms which will cost just 75 paise per minute.’

‘fuck ,your voice sms,’ said Deepak.

Deepak tried calling Sandeep from his Idea phone .Finally they heard Sandeep’s voice.

‘Hello,’ said Sandeep.

‘Is this Mr Sandeep,’ said Ram with a tender voice.

‘yes,Sandeep here,’ said He.

‘I am Ram and I am Richa’s friend,’

‘I need to talk to you regarding Richa,’ said Ram.

‘What ?,Which Richa?,’ said Sandeep.

‘Richa Sinha,Richa Nair,Richa Iyer and the list goes ,’

‘I know many Richa,’ said Sandeep.

‘woaa… look he seems to be a ladies man ,’ Priyanka gave a strange look.

‘I am talking about Richa Iyer,’ said Ram.

‘What happened to her?’asked Sandeep.

Sandeep was working as a Senior Software Engineer in Data-Link Ltd in Mumbai.He had done his MBA from the ICB(Indian College of Business).He had many girl friends since his school and college days.He lived with his friends in a hostel and his parents lived in Kochin.

‘She wants to meet you ,’ said Ram.

‘Meet me, why?’ Sandeep's voice went low.

‘Hello Sandeep,’ Richa said grabbing the phone from Ram’s hand.

As soon he heard Richa’s voice,he cut the phone for once. She tried calling him again,but the phone was switched off.

‘The Vodafone Cell is currently switched off,please try again later ,’ said the recorded messages.

‘Fuck,off ,’ said Deepak.

Sandeep loved Richa Iyer very much.Once, he promised her that he would not betray her.He wanted to marry her.He thought for a while. He spoke to his boss regarding this.

‘Sir,I can’t marry your daughter,’ said Sandeep.

‘What?, Why?’ asked Mr Shetty who was the Chariman of Data Link ltd.

‘Sir,I can’t break the trust of some one,’ said He.

‘Sir, if some one trusts you very much and if you plan to do some thing against them then…,’ said Sandeep.

‘then,it would be very bad,’ said Mr Shetty.

‘it would hurt me very badly’ added Mr Shetty.

‘I can’t hurt her ,Sir,’ said Sandeep.

‘Hurt whom?’ asked Shetty.

‘Richa!!,’ said Sandeep.

‘Who is Richa?,’ asked Shetty.

‘She is my love, my Life,’ said He.

‘I cant marry your daughter,’ said Sandeep.

‘Fine, I will talk to my daughter,’ said Shetty.

‘Hope , Neha doesn’t minds ,’ said Sandeep.

“Kahiin naa Kahiin toh”,Richa’s cell phone gave a buzz.

(To be continued….)

Thank You:
Richa and Mr.Sandeep Balan of yeM Bee yAe


  1. Waiting for the continued.... bookmarked!

  2. hey ..its a nice post what i like is its bit light hearted unlike most blogs which are complicated to comprehend..waiting for the continuation:)

  3. I have been following this series on and off.Looks like you are coming up with a novel :)

    Keep it up!

  4. I found the dialogue quite engaging. Looks like a nice little mix up is coming our way!! :)

  5. ....just like on real life... all it can happen... but the show must go on.....

  6. read only this episode s far,but it seems nice

    Quick question: Why is my comment a rant? i though the espisode was quite good :)

  7. haaww..missed so many blogisodes...
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  12. i see the suspense building up..
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