Saturday, August 02, 2008


Where do the good times disappear,
When they have come and gone...
Replaced with new friends, not by choice,
But cause something went wrong?

My new friends may bring with them,
Some words that make me smile,
Still I feel melancholy,
For what was once our style.

I think about times passage,
About a promise gone,
Are friendships not forever?
Meant not to last for long?

At end of each new day now,
Without a word from you...
I try to cover up the hurt,
Pretend that I'm not blue.

I try to go on with my life,
Accept you're not a part,
But sad eyes are the mirror of,
The ache that fills my heart.

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  1. Very nice poem
    it was excellent.
    keep it up.

  2. hey vinayak even ur blog is awesome and ur a 9 yrs blogger rite

  3. short and sweet.. good one...

    check out my blog:

  4. ....Im sure it was not your best day....anxiety, tension , questions.... find enjoyment of walking away!... tomorrow will be different...HEY! dont make me feel like optimistic!....even i liked it to red!

  5. Life is all about how quick you learn to let go of things. And how you move on. I know its easier said than done but still...


  6. very nice !! keep it up !! \m/

  7. Beautiful verse.True friends do come back.

    Take care,have a nice weekend.

  8. Beautifully put.
    Have been reading you for some time, and yesterday finally linked and blogrolled you.
    Will come back to read your other posts.

  9. i tried defense
    but your aim was too precise
    how can me ,a mere painting
    escape when sheer beauty strikes..
    there was pain..
    keep posting
    thanks for reading 'notapoems'

  10. Beautiful mate .... Nice ending ...but wat happened ??...Sadness exudes from this post..

  11. that was a really lovely post/poem

    true .. ppl always come and go in one's life.. sometimes you just rejoice thinking about the moments and sometimes feeling sad about them.. but then memories are always there.. as part of your life..

  12. @comfortably numb

    rightly said dude...well said

  13. @sameera
    true friends do come back one day....sure they wud definately come back one day

  14. hey mampi yeah i noticed that

    thank u for blogrolling
    will do the same and once again thanks for ur comments

  15. @anurag

    nothing much dude...just thoughts thats it has noithing to do with my life...u see i am a solitary writer naa

  16. @ ani

    yes ur right true frnds go and come back in life....
    i met a good frnd of mine few days ago....really was happy to see her

  17. one can never completely fill the empty space in the heart when some of friends are gone because of hurt and misunderstandings. Sometimes we can make up, usually we have no options but move on.

    Nice poem :)

  18. Hello
    My name is Nick I like your poetry.
    I am looking for blogs to link with, would you like a link?
    My blog is:


  19. very nice poem..
    its really sad when friends leave for no reason.. feel so horrible..

  20. @ssnab

    yup ur exactly right

    it feels bad when frnds leave for no reason

  21. hey nick

    sure we can have a link
    no problem from my side

  22. saaaad :( ...that will hopefully never happen to me :))

  23. @ trinaa

    good that u can say that wont happen to u

  24. awesome, too touchie:P:P

    hope you had a gr8 day today!!!!

  25. nice!......u cldn't hav weaved it any better!.....

  26. @ vals

    yes my day was good

    went to church ...evrythings fine

  27. awww y r u so sad. someone left u???

  28. @ susie

    i have lost many good frnds

    cant count

  29. Sometimes life gives us everything,
    Sometimes life takes it all,
    But whatever be the times,
    There are always memories,
    Good, bad, ugly
    But cherished they can be,
    Only you have the control, n decide

    liked ur verse on life n friends.. :-)

  30. True !!! may be the bitter truth , which i guess evryone in life goes thru usual well written !!


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