Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Dreamer..

I am lonely wanderer ,
in search of true friends.
I roam across places,
in search of happy souls.
I live in the world of dreams,
but I owe nightmares.
My past has been worse.
I think of a good future.
I am a dreamer,
with fake dreams
I think of day,
but world of darkness invites me.
I wish to be first,
but my path prevents me.
I am a thinker,
Just thinking apart from doing anything.
I am fake with nothing to do,
Sitting alone may not help.
I think of helpless friends,
who backstabbed me .
I am a lonely soul,
whining all the way .
I wish to grab gold,
but I fall back in the race.
My dreams are high.
reaching the zenith.
Dreaming wont help,
for once I decide not to dream.
life is short,
dreams are big,
learn to work hard with no dream.
Never give up ,
like a little sparrow.
Touch the sky,
which is so high.
But first make a try ,
and then you will fly
high in the sky.


  1. this was written..... many years ago w+hen i was in school

    so its too simple like bachha sorts

  2. Feelings well put into words..That too u say it was long back... Gr8 work..
    But i feel, u got to dream... Wat's the meaning of 'sky limit' when u don't know wat it is....
    Hope i made sense..
    Anyway, keep posting..


  3. ty

    touching the sky means becoming successful and moreover u w+ill be successful only if u work hard and put in efforts for the same

  4. lol u were a dreamer in school?
    And this u call bachcha sorts :O
    in scholl i dint know what nightmares, fake dreams and backstabber meant!

  5. hmm may be u wre poor in studies and i was extra ordinary...i wrote my first story at 13

    imagine ....u wud be anazed if u read it

  6. @ divya

    i was not a dreamer in school....may be i was ..... but the purpose of this poem is to stop dreaming and put in efforts to bring things and ur goals into pictures

  7. Dude....please don call it bacha sorts...actually good...too good considering the fact that u were a kid wen u actually wrote....good job...keep it up dude..

  8. ...for sure you are a dreamer!it will help you change that world who unpromotes dreaming.....

  9. It may be simple but it touches the heart.. Really nice... :)

  10. hi, saw your question on Sameera's blog.. thing is you used the wrong url
    put this one in header section


    Thats in case if Sami has not replied yet :)
    Else she will sure help you out

  11. nice n lovely poem.
    many all ur dreams get fulfilled and u may touch d sky

  12. it doesnt matter if u wrote it when u were a kid..
    what matters is the feelings u put in there...

    great touching work

  13. its really nice..

    n i agree with shruti.. doesnt matter when u wrote it..its all about the feelings that u have put in it..

    "Touch the sky,
    which is so high.
    But first make a try ,
    and then you will fly
    high in the sky."

    itss so true.. one always need to try..

  14. @ anila

    yup thats right and very much true

  15. nice stephen.
    i luv writing poems too. a couple on my blog.

    cum to my blog sumtym?

    see ya

  16. hey sana nice seeing u here

    yeah sure wud love to go to ya blog

    will visit for sure

  17. rightly said

    Touch the sky,
    which is so high.
    But first make a try ,
    and then you will fly
    high in the sky.

    Visit your blog after a long ....... nothings changed except for the theme :)

  18. @ DAN TY DEAR



  19. wow!!...lovely poem

    loved ur new template..its cool!! ^^

  20. That was a good one bro'... Loved the ending. Reminds me of the following lines, my Prof's oft quoted saying-

    "Excellence is your watchword; the sky is your limit"

    a la the Indian Air Force. He coined it for them when he was part of the force.

    'Dreams will be high,
    The future is nigh,
    Have your goal in sight,
    And never give up without a fight!'

  21. yes i know thats true

    donno wht i was thinking the other day so penned it down

  22. I know you didnt know me when you wrote ths poem , but every word related to me !!! I wonder how you wrote ths ???