Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Hare and Tortoise - Revisited

Hare and Tortoise were amongst the best friends in the jungle. They both served as a true example that clearly exhibited friendship. They were like made for each other. Hare was timid, but very fast .On the other hand tortoise was tentative. He was obsessed with the thoughts of doing good works to fellow jungle mates. Dozy, the donkey always used to be jealous of these good friends.Simha, the Lion who was the king of the jungle also appreciated them. He even arranged a seminar for the jungle members and asked hare and the tortoise to give speech on friendship. Sassy, the fox was known for its cunningness. He along with Tony, the hyena were s the villains in the jungle. They could not bear others happiness and would always tend to subvert the relationship amongst peers.They could not sustain others happiness.

One day Dozy, Sassy and Tony made a plan. They decided to separate Harry, the hare and Torti, the tortoise. Their main intention was to hurt them and create a drift between them.They decided that Dozy would provoke Harry and Tony would provoke Torti for a fight. But, nothing seemed to work.

At one point of time, it seemed that not even a single earthly power would destroy their friendship. Hati,the elephant was the jungle minister of the entire jungle and Sherry, the tiger was the sports minister of the jungle. They both had planned for a sports event. They both demanded active participation from all side.Dozy,Sassy and Tony were very much aware of this. They were sure that this time their plan won’t fail. Tony gave a wicked smile just like other Hyena’s. The entire jungle knew the history of the running race that took place few decades ago where Harry’s and Torti’s grandfathers’ participated .To summarize in short, the race was won by Torti’s grandfather as Harry’s granna slept on the way due to fatigue factor and laziness. This event shooked the entire jungle as it was the first time that a tortoise had won a running race. This event made way to various school textbooks and lectures. People all over the world used a phrase “Slow and steady wins the race” ,just to motivate people that even a slow start can lead people to victory.Dozy,Sassy and Tony were very much aware of this past facts. That event lead to woes and friends became enemies.Harry’s father and Torti’s dad never spoke to each other, but their kids were best friends. Even Harry and Torti knew about this fact. Initially ,Harry didn’t agree to the concord. But later on Tony’s insistence both Harry and Torti agreed to take part in the race. It was the sports day in the jungle .Harry and Torti lined up for the running race. It was a long race, so just two of them participated .Simha,the king,Hati,Sherry ,Bageera,the panther were present .Bandy, the monkey was the race instructor .He guided and instructed both of them and finally the whistle blew ,the race started.

Harry ran fast and Torti was slow just like his grandfather who won the race few decades ago. The whole jungle was keenly waiting for the result. Two hours later ,Harry started feeling tired and fatigue factor once again came into picture.He sat down near a bush and he slept. The tortoise was merely walking on the path. As soon as he reached Harry, he could hear snoring of Harry.Torti could well make use of this situation.Torti believed that Harry was his best friend and Harry believed the same. He soon woke up Harry and they make a plan. As per the plan Torti, walked fast and Harry followed him from behind. The jungle folk were much tensed and some of them betted that Harry will win.

They both reached the finishing end .Simha,Hati,Sherry,Bandy and Bageera were waiting at the other end. At the end ,they both place their foot on the line. The astonishing fact was that they place it at the same time. The judges were in a fix. They were clueless on what to decide. Dozy, Sassy and d Tony were anxious to know the result. Finally ,the judges declared both of them as the winner. Finally, everyone was happy as no one incurred loss,but Dozy,Sassy and Tony were vexed. At last it was true friendship which won.

Moral of the story:True Friendship and Love alone can lead one to victory.


  1. ...nice to read that fable ... it show us once again, how to rise, to become more can constrains us to change or to nuance ourselves and when we have no motivations we can find it on the others attitude...lets learn not to enjoy anymore by own successes....lets learn some from that fable....CONGRATS, Stephan !

  2. Yeh!Love and friendship triumphs any day.That was a nice way of putting it across,through this time old story :)

    People like Dozy,Sassy and Tony are everywhere,we just need to be careful around them.

  3. that was a different read!..loved ur writing style, will be bck soon..cya! ^^

  4. Different ending to the same story....
    u changes the jealousy and greediness of the old one to

  5. aha.. finally I get a chance to comment on ze veteran's blog..

    unique story... and very good one.. perhaps you should send this to the editors of Aesop's fables..

  6. ty olimpia,î hope u likd it.a smal change in story nd a new fable.isnt dat gr8

  7. yeah sameera v need to b away frm ppl like dozy n co.ty

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    umm... i wud love to help u for ur template but u see i am as ignorant as you or probably more.. it was sameera ( who designed it for me... i just gave her the pic and the theme..
    btw ... nice post .. innocently nice

  9. heeyy Stephen!
    keep Empowering:-)

  10. he he
    i loved it..
    It was my hobby to make such stories..
    I have a lot of cousines..when they were young i used to make stories like "the tomato gang and the potato king"..
    liked the moral too..
    expecting more..

  11. First time here n luved ur post totally... very nicely written :)

    well said n gr8 moral too :)

  12. @ attila am not a veteran blogger

    ty for ur comments

  13. @ mip

    wu+d love to read ur old stories

    must be fun naa
    i w love w+riting stories for kids

  14. really loved the remix of the old story...

    u r very gud in reforming the old stories with different emotional touches..

    Keep it up

  15. @ tm ty so much

    i dont know that

    but its my first take on the same

  16. wonderfull story

    i liked it

    keep it up brother

  17. Hey by now , getting used to your style of writign , and this time I guessed the endign in right !!! but I didnt know you could put the simple story so so beautifully !!!!!