Thursday, September 25, 2008

A patch of dirt....

I sit in a dark room pondering,
nursing the brute's wounds.
For once they were close to me,
and now they are far away.
I helped them,loved them,
Alas! they were malefic.
They laughed and jested,
making me a pun in hand.
Why people are so mean?
I don't know ,but I feel people are mean.
Together we lived,together we shared,
but NOW its all past.
For once,they were good to me,
but now they have changed forever.
My past were glorious,
But,my present is worse.
Isolation is what I feel now,
for once we cherished life together.
Wash away the dirt,
for I lived with patches of dirt.

I would like to thank my blogger friends Gauri and Valencia for the awards


  1. nice...
    Why dont u write in a poetry manner.;

  2. well i guess even this is a poetry to one who feels that there is a flow of thoughts

    ty for comments

  3. they say..

    "we can't change the past and hence live with it.. n future,, well we have no control on it either.. al we have is the present.. so pickin up da pieces n livin da present happily is wat one can do.. mayb time shall heal watzz gone by.."

    i liked tis piece.. :-)

  4. People are mean...and they will be mean...but not all of them are mean...we still have genuine people around...
    Past is gone..I won't ask you to move on coz I myself never move on my past..
    You cannot change anything now..whats been done is done..

    I related to each and every word...
    every word was so true..
    Great work...reminded me of my past as well..

  5. its good stuff...try to make it a little more animated...but nice overall!!:)

    Scribblers Inc.

  6. this world sure is a mean place... but not necesearily generalisation works... its on us to find the finer elements of everybody's nature and life will be blissfull...

  7. :-)

    yes u were true ....forgetting the past and livin the present is the only thing

  8. @ shruti

    it reminded u of ur past...great and i know not all r mean....there r few good people as well......but i dont want to generalize


  9. @ scribblers

    ty dude....welcome here to make it more animated like....didnt got yaa;p

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  11. its gud .....but not as good as ur previous posts i read

  12. @ olimpia

    so sorry but whts that all about ...

  13. hey stephen, good work there...but did not understand the referenve to "the brute's wounds"...?

  14. hmmm @ mithila means how i complain against the people who once used to loved meee ,but now i hate them.....

    and ty there

  15. lovely poem..

    i can soo relate to it..
    its a bit sad though isnt it..

  16. hmm ty

    yes i started transforming myself into a dark writer.....

  17. i guess its to do with the experience one has..

    the present has got loads to answer for it.. am sure u wont be a dark writer for long..

  18. yes it does bad phases of life asked me to write such a peice....

    hmm i guess if i werent a dark writer

  19. like i said.. its just a phase..
    its all due to the circumstances..

    so u cant always be a dark writer..

  20. i believe so

    btw ...ur orkut account is not allowing me to add u

    its asking for an email id yaar

  21. oh yeh
    different country na.. thats why

    wait will add u

  22. my orkut link is on my blog
    just check it

  23. congrats for the awards! u deserve 'em!

  24. I can quite relate to that...

    Liked the way your thoughts have flown. It's the flow that should dictate the poem you have indited.


  25. reminded of a poem of mine .. actually an unfinished poem of mine ! i will do read ur stories with time ... but i prefer poetry more so chose to read this :)

    nice ideas ..

  26. Arey yaar..tum itna acha acha likhoge to mere pass to words ki khatam ho gaye praise karne ke liye !!!! This s one of the best works i have read of yours ...