Friday, October 17, 2008

Movie tag..... tagged by Valencia

Once again ,I thank Valencia for this tag.This tag is called as the movie tag.Here ,it goes..
1. Name five of your all time favourite movies.
- Forrest Gump

- Kuch Kuch hota hai

- Ghajini ( tamil one)

- Taarein Zameen Par

- Rang de Basanti

2. Name one movie which you recommend as a "must see".
Rang de Basanti...i feel all youth should see this movie and only one movie that you have seen many times.

- Om Shanti Om... around 5 times.

4.which movie comes to your mind when I say funniest?
- Welcome.

5. which movie made you really emotional?
- Kuch Kuch hota hai

6. which movie series was as interesting as the first part?
- to be honest I hate the concepts of sequels.But ,the I liked Die hard 4,all the other 3 parts were awesome.I personally liked it.
Die hard 2,3 and 4.

7. which movie didnt, according to you, live up to your expectations?
- Kabhie Alvida na Kehna

- Kuselan.
( it came out as a shocker ..)

8. which movie surprised you?
- Chennai 28.

- Jane tu ya jaane naa
( surprised to see it being a super hit)

Ok ,now I am tagging Shruti ,Anurag , Ani, Mehreen and Gauri.
And all others who wanted to do this tag

PS: Campus Files - 3 will be posted soon keep guessing what the idea would be :)

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  1. *awesome*
    nice nice...
    will do this tag in a few days.. :)

  2. yenna da..tag lam balam ah iruku ..!..well yar..tera to PR 3 dikha raha hai ?? tune bola PR 4 hai?

  3. hmmm this is gona be difficult.. im not into movies that much.. but i'll give it a try :)

  4. Nicely done tag dude ...and thanxs for tagging me ...will do it but not now..
    padhai chalu kiya kya "Scholi" :P ???

  5. awesome mix...!!!

    yeah jaane tu surprised me too.. it....saw it yesterday again.


  6. hehe that makes me 2 tags to do.. :)

  7. U watch alot of Hindi and Tamil movies. Nice :)

    **Forrest Gump

    is one of my favs too.


    I didnt like it much but I loved the songs in it! :)


  8. haan deepz galti se pr 4 bol diya asal mein 3 hai

    aaama paa tags ballama erukku enna panna anna

  9. hehe anurag ..mujhe scholi mat bol

    padhai as usual start nahi kiya re abhi tak

    slow and steady wins the rce for mee hehe

    wht abt u tune start kiya kya

  10. @ keshi

    arey yes i watch tamil movies too coz i am tamil naa

    hey i forgot to mentions ice age yaar

    i loved itt

  11. Ice Age is nice yes. but hv u seen Finding Nemo...if not u should :)


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