Friday, October 03, 2008

Rajni makes everything possible.....

He is a Super star.
He is the richest actor in India.
He is a Dream boy to every girl in Tamil Nadu.

He is a talent hub.
He is a style icon. He is a skilled actor .
He is .......... guess .
guesss.... and guess....

Rajni Kanth

Have you ever wondered how Rajni makes things possible.With his entry in Tamil cinema ,things changed drastically.He soon went on to become Tamil Nadu's youth icon in 1980's and a super star.He never knew that a Super star tag awaited him.He was simple yet sincere.He never showed off ,but to be honest he did and always does weird things in all his films.In this space I am going to talk about Rajnikanth and just Rajnikanth.
In Tamil Nadu,people are very fond of this super star called Rajnikanth.Many times I have wondered what is so special about this guy?.Some times I used to realize that he just shakes his head and hands here and there and people call it style. .I could not imagine to the extent to which people are crazy.Some people do pray for his films whenever it is released .I wanted to see his movie called 'Sivaji',but to my vain I could not get a single ticket and it seemed that the tickets were booked for the next 5 weeks.Finally ,I got to see this tamil flick after 3 months.Now,even I started liking Rajnikanths acting.He is the only Indian actor to have more than 150 fan clubs in India and Outside India.Amitabh Bachhan was way back behind RK.He is 59 and he likes the simpleton way of living life.Just check this picture and you will know everything.Please don't get frightened :P

I remember the stunt that he did in a tamil movie few years back.Consider the following scenario.

Rajnikanth is a police officer.The villain tries to ravish the heroin and tries to strip her naked.After few seconds,Rajnikant comes into picture with his khaki uniform.He waits and watches the villain and the heroin for a few seconds.He then removes a cigarette from his pocket.He then throws it up along with the lighter.I still wonder where the cigarette has gone and I was shocked to see it in Rajnikants mouth.I still wonder how is that possible.I myself haven't tried such weird stuffs.But ,I feel that Rajni makes things possible.

Scenario no.2
In another movie, Rajanikanth is confronted with 3 gangsters. Rajanikanth has a gun but unfortunately only one bullet and a knife. Guess, what he does? He throws the knife at the middle gangster? & shoots the bullet towards the knife. The knife cuts the bullet into 2 pieces, which kills both the gangsters on each side of the middle gangster & the knife kills the middle one.

Scenario no.3
Rajanikanth has a Brain Tumor which, according to the doctors can't be cured and his death is imminent. In one of the fights, our great Rajanikanth is shot in the head. To everybody's surprise, the bullet passes through his ears taking away the tumor along with it and he is cured!
Long Live Rajanikanth!..isn't that amazing .

Scenario no.4
Rajanikanth is chased by a gangster. Rajanikanth has a revolver but no bullets in it. Guess what he does. Nah? Not even in your remotest imaginations. He waits for the gangster to shoot. As soon as the gangster shoots, Rajanikanth opens the bullet compartment of his revolver and catches the bullet. Then, he closes the bullet compartment and fires his gun. Bang...the gangster dies...
I guess Rajinikanth dances well.I loved that song of his called "Tilana Tilana".I just want you guys to check that video.Rajni dances
Ok ,I was doing a research on this great actor and these were the results that I got.

1.)Outer space exists because its afraid to be on the planet where Rajnikant lives.
2.)Rajnikant has counted to infinity twice.
3.)When Rajnikant does push ups ,he isn't lifting himself up ,he is instead pushing earth down.
4.)Rajnikant is so fast,he can run around the world and push himself in the back of the head.
5.)Rajnikant never wears watch,he decides what time it is.
6.)Rajnikant gave mona lisa that smile.
7.)Rajnikant can slam a revolving door.
8.)Rajnikant's house has no doors, only walls that he walks through.
9.)Rajnikant grinds the coffee with his teeth and boils the water with his own rage.
10.)If you Google search " Rajnikant getting kicked",it generates 0 results as it doesn't happens.
11.)The Bermuda triangle used to be Bermuda square until he kicked off one of the corners.
12.)The only thing that runs faster and longer than Rajnikant are is his films.
13.)Where there is a will ,there is a way.Where there is Rajnikanth ,there is no way

In Other words ,bole toh ...
Mind It...enna rascala..
Live Long life Mr.Shivaji rao Gaikwad a.k.a Rajnikanth of Tamil Nadu

Rajini makes everything possible ,what say???


  1. This is till date the funniest post I have ever read...Hats off to you Ste...and even I have seen Rajnikanth's weird yet "stylish stunts"... :p
    My favorite amongst everything superb was:

    # When Rajnikant does push ups ,he isn't lifting himself up ,he is instead pushing earth down.

    # Rajnikant never wears watch,he decides what time it is.

    Amazing...left me and mom laughing out loud!! Now you see even mom is your fan

  2. Rajni truly rocks....

    Unfortunately he has not got any recognition in the hindi film domain which is really sad.. :(

    but nice post Stephen surely made tamilians happy with this.....So I just got only one thing to say...

    enna rascala....I like it !!! :D

  3. @shruti

    ty ty yaar

    i just wrote this for fun....dint had any intentions of hurting rajni fans and rajni kanth even i am his fan

    i love his movies

    great that ur mom liked it too

    say thanks to aunty jii

  4. yes anurag

    he hasnt got any intentions in hindi....

    but donno people in tn have strange affection towards rajni...they love him like crazy....

    hmm ty yaar

    enna rascala even i liked it

  5. i mean that was supposed to be recognition and not intentions

    galti see recognitions intentions ban gaya


  6. Thalaivar rocks....was good but don ever dare to make a mockery of him...he rocczzzz anyday maaan..


  7. oh mannn... he rocks..
    as rajesh rightly said..


    he's too good.. and more impt is his make up artist.. that guy is reallyy good.. yup yup especially for the movie sivaji.. chopped 2 decades off him..

    and his dialogues and stuff.. reallyy too good.. :)

  8. hahaha!

    *rolls on laughing*

    Oh my god!
    it is so fun :D
    i havent seen any Tamil film and I am not aware of this actor *sorry* but it is so hilarious i cant tell you!
    Pakistani Movie Heros possess similar character you know lol... but they cant run and push their back.. they cant throw their lighter in air and it will end in their mouth... it is Rajni's exclusive :)

    keep writing!

  9. so funny the other scenes i ended up sharing with friends and one said actually they copied all the stunts in 'Wanted' From this guy :D


  10. This was the funniest compilation i hav ever read on Rajnikant.. :))

    good work dude..
    it was fun reading..

    Rajni defies all the laws of

  11. Heh heh heh... I got a similar forward, not too long ago. ;)

    Am not a movie buff... So, just enjoyed reading it.


    Dude, blog updated. Drop in when u can...

  12. he is one cool dude... i ve seen most of the stunts mentioned in ya post (and am sill alive) :)

  13. That was a cool analysis of the "Badshah's style " :)

    Have a nice weekend!

  14. ha ha ha.....
    by the way he is not the richest star of india.....
    i have also updated my blog....
    have a visit...

  15. nice post brother......i like rajini

  16. indeed rajnikanth can make evrything possible..!! i heard dis pj sumtime bck..... "der is nothing which rajni'k(c)ant' !!"
    very funny post.... :D

  17. @ pri+yanka

    yes rajni makes evrything possible...isnt that amazing lol :p

  18. sambit dude he is the richest star...imagine 75 crore for one movie.... can u expect it from any other bolly actor

  19. @ faiz

    man he does every weird thing on earth ....see his dance u wud know

  20. @ kartz

    hope u liked it....

    wud do the honours soon

    dont worry..:)

  21. lol bk ,

    yes he does defies all laws of physics...hope u enjoyed it

  22. @ asbah

    hey ty that u shared the same with ur friends......btw i never knew that though lol

  23. @ asbah

    well dont worry u wd soon see a tamil movie and that too of the gr8 rajni kanth....i bet u wont stop laughing lol

  24. hey ani

    yes his make up man must be the most frustrated guy on earth...coz he has to do the make up stuff for rajni kanth.....transform an old man to a young one.....tough job haina

  25. @ rajesh,

    style + mass = rajnikanth....

    quite true man

    hey i am not making mockery of ur thalaivar lol

    style icon mannn

  26. trueee..

    but its soo worth it .. isn't it??
    that truly shows his skills..
    i mean come on.. making him look young and a bit fair .. tough task it is.. :)

  27. yes it is a tough task....i mean in sivaji he looked like a young man ...didnt he....and his real age is something 58 or 59 ...hw strange naa??

    but this man rocks big time

  28. iam still lolling..good blog..want to link exchange??
    if yes visit..
    and leave a message on my shoutbox or comment

  29. hmm well let me see and ty for ur comments dude

  30. As much as Rajni surprised Sir Isaac Newton with his out-of-this-world moves lol, he's a superstar..I agree. Alot of ppl love him and look upto him. And he's a great actor yes.



  31. i know keshi

    ty for visiting

    but he mismerises people with his styles and funny actions

    isnt he great

  32. funny post this guy also made some funny movies i remember but didnt know his name now i know it :D

  33. hhe dan great that u know it now

    u shud know that he is a famous actor in india

  34. rajni rocks!!!... ur post made me laugh my head off... hilarious..!!!

  35. LOL. Amazing ... I was smiling and then giggling through out !! Keep them coming ...


  36. Rajnikant gave mona lisa that smile.

    hahaha... lol :)
    i love his attitude and style in all his movies.....
    great post !!
    thanks :)

  37. Heyyy this was very funny :) lolz d scenario you described - dat bullet and knife one I have heard !! Humouraously very well written ;) And dont cone to Chennai at all , if so , you will get kicked by Rajini fans ;)so Beware of TN !!:P