Friday, December 05, 2008

Rajini makes everything possible 2

He is a Super star.

He is the richest actor in India.

He is a Dream boy to every girl in Tamil Nadu.
He is a talent hub.

He is a style icon. He is a skilled actor .
He is .......... guess .
guesss.... and guess....

Rajni Kanth

No wonder ,the description suits him well.Very few actors in India are talented like him.He looks simple ,but he acts well.Imagine he rolls on floor,flies in the air,rotates his arms like crazy and fights the goon to protect the actress.Well,I am not trying to exaggerate.His trick works in humour as well.I liked one of his movie whose name I don’t remember.Its a tamil movie and an emotional flick.I wept and was emotionally touched when he runs through the mountain ,struggles in between thorny trees ,rolls around the slopy area just to cope up with the train on which the actress was going.In that movie,the heroin’s husband dies soon after marriage where he meets with an accident.Poor Rajinikanth loved this girl like crazy and the heroins mom didn’t accept his proposal of marrying her daughter.She makes an headlong effort to hide her daughter from Rajini and arranges her marriage with a rich mans son.Finally ,the hero gets a glance of the actress in an unacceptable position where she was seen in a white saree.At last ,after a big drama of rolling,flying,fighting with the thugs ,he finally mingles with the actress and “the end” is displayed on the tv screen.

Now,I would like to present this video to you.I could not stop laughing when I had seen this movie for the first time.I guess, I was around 12 or 13 years old at that time.This is amongst Rajini kant’s biggest hits in Tamil Cinema.”Anamalai” that’s the name of the movie.Sometimes,I still wonder how come Rajni has such huge fans following him.But after watching this video ,I assured my self that Rajni rocks for sure.Ok …here it goes.In this movie,Rajni is a milkman or “dhoodh wala” in hindi.As usual ,he roams across each street to supply milk at early morning.But,this day he was put to a fix by the hostel warden.He was a regular supplier of milk for the hostel girls.At that time, unfortunately a snake makes its way into the hostel room where the girls lived.Co incidentally,at the same time our hero Rajni goes to supply milk.All girls scream and yell as they sight the snake.They rush to the hero for help.Although Rajni was helpless,he tries to get rid of the snake.He sits on the ground as if he was about to perform padmasana.The snake soon follows him.It rolls along the axis of his body and finally reaches his head.

In the mean while,one should note his reactions and facial expressions.He shouts and screams as if he was excited ,but in real he was afraid.He waits for the snake to leave.It slides through the bed and reaches the bathroom where the actress takes a bath.He rushes into the bathroom after he hears the heroine’s scream.He gets to see a rare sight that every pervert wishes .His eye balls seem to get enlarged and his eyes stopped blinking for a while.He gets a glance of the actress without any clothes and he remains stunned for a while.After going out ,he just muttered everything and his behaviour was strange and unusual.”Kadavala,Kadavale” meaning “oh!! God,god”, “I didn’t want to see any thing,but I did see something,” that’s what he said to everyone he met on road.Finally ,the actress confesses that she would show her body only to her husband and one fine day they both get married.

Quite interesting eh!!!!. Well ,here’s another Rajni video shot from a music channel.Its a 14 second clip ,just to exhibit Rajni’s funny moves and style.Here it is and enjoy.

Now before logging out,let me enlist some famous Rajni dialogues for you

“Adhe kozhandhai kitta Alex Pandiyannu sonna, innoru kaiyale avanga amma vaayayum moodum! means ‘Alex Pandian’ to that same unborn child, it will even close its mother’s mouth with its other hand!”

“Naan solrathaiyum seiven, sollathathiyum seiven.” means “I will do what Isay, I will also do what I don’t say.”

“Naan oru dhadavai sonna nooru dhadavai sonna madhiri. means “If i say it once,I’ve said it a hundred times.”

“Naan eppa varuven, eppadi varuvennu yarukkum theriyadhu, aana varavendiya neratthil correct-aga varuven.” means “When I will arrive, or how I will arrive, nobody will know, but I will arrive when I ought to.”

“Andavan solran. Arunachalam seiran.” means “God tells, Arunachalam does.”

“Chuma adhurudalla means “Doesn’t it shivers!!”

“Kanna panninga than kootama varun,singham single aa than varum” means”Pig always roams in a groups ,but a lion dares to be single,”

Many leaders have insisted him to enter politics,but our hero would always listen to his conscience and would do only that which he prefers to be the best.This post is dedicated to Rajinikanth who will be celebrating his 58th birthday on 12th December .

Long live Mr.Shivaji Rao Gaikwad a.k.a Rajnikant of T.N

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  1. lol..rajni is funny...
    funny dialogues n video..

  2. @ Priyanka
    Funny dialogues eh???? U dunno abt him....That was a rage here....

    Thalaivar Rajni Vaazhga...he rocczzzz

  3. hahahaha...saw the vid and allow me 2 use this expression..
    it was fuck-all funny...

    Rajnikanth is probably bigger than AB in India...or Sylvester Stallone in LA...
    OMG...crazy crazy people..
    great work Ste

  4. hehe hez one of my favs too :) sweetheart hez :-*

  5. lols...the video was hilarious

    way to go bro!!

  6. Rajnikanth is rajnikanth..

    and the description fits him so perfectly.. and with such a mass following.. he's the super star..
    :) i love all his dialogues.. i mean.. his style.. way he does it.. even though his fight scene in practicality wouldnt happen.. but still who cares.. its Rajnikanth man.. he rocks..

    PS : check out my blog.. something waiting for you :)

  7. One more Rajni fan eh?

    Anyway, gotta give it to the guy.
    He's really a good actor.
    Blogrolling you.

  8. great post to great actor from a great writer!! :) :)

    he is one of the best in India...!! :)

  9. freakin' hilarious!! :)

    i love all of his dialogues! "naa oru dhadavai sonna nooru dhadavai sonna madhiri" and "chumma adhurudalla?" are my favs!!

    aaah, you took me back to the good ol' days :p

  10. Hey...stephen,

    Haha! I can't understand the language but the actions were so funny!

    He was not shocked when he saw the snake but he was shocked when he saw the girl's body!

    Is it really shocking with you guys if you see a girl's body?


  11. LOL! Nice post....imagine wat???

    I havnt watchd any of his movies yet :(


  13. Man i dunno why pulling superstars leg amuses you so much ?? but , i am gonna repeat what everytym in do - this was quite naturally funny !!! n yeah i have seen that arunachalam movie , and m nt fluent in tamil much ,his expression made me understand that situation !! ;) n hey nice collections of 'punch-dialogues' !! ;):P