Tuesday, December 09, 2008

yay!!! Its Award time !!!

Ok.Its already December and award time on my blog.I am going to give awards to my fellow blogger friends.I would like to thank Ani for giving the rokin riter and blogging friends forver award.And Divvu for those beautiful awards.Ok lets start.

1) Rockin Riter award.
This award is given to bloggers who impress people with their writings.

Sameera : I got to learn a lot from you .So this is for you.

Rajesh:You deserve this for your impressive writings.

Criss:you mesmerize readers with the help of short stories which convey important messages

Asbah:Hey islex .. see this is specially for you girl...you rock girl.

Anurag:I have said time and again this guy has some talents and skilled with great writing .

Arjun :Really impressed with his work especially those which has a touch of humor in it

Valencia: you get this from me for your good writing work

Gauri: Some times brings in new topics and discussions .check her blog

Sandeep:Another gem on a crown ...a great friend of mine and mussadi man creator ..this is for you.

Akshat: a new blogger who is talented with really good writing skills.I was impressed after reading his first post ,so i decided to give this to him.Enjoy!!

Divvu: for her writings

2)Dark Writer Award.
This award category is for person who writes dark work which includes dark poems and stories.

Shruti:Well,I have observed that she is the only girl who writes dark poems and stories well and I could only find her on my blog list who writes great dark poem.This is for you miss dark writer:)

3)Rockin' girl blogger award

I present this award to Mehreen,Sameera,Keshi,Ani,Anindita,



Valencia,Preetilata,Myske lyke,

,Keshi ,Trina and all other girls on my blog list. Enjoy!!

4)The Thoughtful blogger award
This award are given to people who write posts that are thoughtful or thought provoking.

The Lover: his posts are really thoughtful.

She writes well and her recent works were pretty good and she deserves this.. girl you rock!!

Criss: read his stories and you will know why I gave him this award

Pratibha:her poems are thought provoking ...she is brillinat when it comes to poem and she deserves this.

Riversoul: his works are great .

Ani: i digged her past few posts from her blog and decided to give this to her.

Lena: girl , i should say that you work has impressed me a lot ...especially your inspiring and thought provoking posts.... that i read few days back.

Mona: for her wonderful and thoughtful poems.

Leo: for his poems.

5)Kreativ blogger award
This award is given to people who impress their readers by coming up with new creative ideas

Sandeep : I give him for the reason every one knows .He is the creator of the famous Mussadi man series.He comes up with his new creative ideas like mussadi man and other one of sandeep malan.

Karthik:Read his blog and you will knw why i gave him this award.I remember reading a discussion like post on his blog which was based on a good topic.

She is amongst my youngest blogger friend.And another creative blogger with all her paintings,photos and sayings .This is for you girl.

Asbah: this is for our very own Islex of writers lounge.She brings in topics that are really good and comes up with great idea for the writers lounge group blog.....check her blog

6)The Versatile blogger award
This award is given to bloggers equally talented with writing poems,stories, essays and writings of other forms.
The Lover:Many bloggers might be knowing him.Check his blog for more of his posts.
Mehreen:She is a talent hub.She writes poems,stories and thought provoking posts like that for AIDS awareness.

Priyanka:She is blessed with great poems and stories.She is an adriot ,do you guys agree??

Shruti:She is the girl who writes dark poems and stories.Remember our very own Shane character .....i still remember shane and will :)

Karthik:Another blogger with good writing skills and do check out his blog for his poems and thought provoking posts.

Sameera: She writes great poems and stories especially her short stories are great.

Usha: she comes up with great ideas and nice posts and poems.

Ok fine,done with award giving .Now an important announcement Writers Lounge has arranged a contest called "Rain drenched Lounge" and i guess you guys can take this as a challenge and do participate in it.

if i have missed out any ones name then let me know .


  1. thoughtful blogger??

    thanks mate!! :) thanks a lot!! :)

  2. welcome :)

    lol... tried some other name too ...but nothing struck so i decided this thoughtful blogger thing

    any way hows it??

  3. hey ste...thanks a gazillion times for my first award!!....gonna put it on my blog in a jiffy!!!:P :D

    I am oh-so-excited!!

    P.S..Exams over?????If not then when???

  4. lol thanks steph.. rocking riter for my writings ? :P

    thankyouz ;)

  5. Thanks Steph..!! :)


  6. its nice... very nice!! :)

    thanks again!! :)

  7. Never thought to get ANY award on blogs !!


    Can i plzzzz (*pleading*) copy these award images on my blog ????

    u see, like any kid, i count my awards and comments daily !!

    he he !!


  8. oopsie !! i forgot to say thankuuuu :D

  9. Hahaha--so I rock? !!!

    eeekk! Thank you!

    I gonna rock ur blog! or at the blogger world! ehh?

    Really, appreciate it. Didn''t know that a blogger will present an award to a fellow blogger! ...Seems fun, really!

    Take care---

  10. Wow man!
    Thoughtful Blogger award?
    I'm honoured!
    You really think so high of my Blog?
    Thanx a lot mate!
    Btw, forgive my absence from the writers lounge.... Xms going on, so can't get my hands on my pc to post.
    Will post from 15th of this month onwards

  11. Ps
    I always review and comment from my phone

  12. Hey thanx a ton for the awards bro!! :)

  13. awww...couldnt resist dropping by:D:D

    thnks a ton stephen!!

  14. thanks a lot ste..i m probably d only blogger who hs got an award without even having a blog!! :P
    thanks for ur kindness!! :D

  15. thank you so much for the awards :)
    i feel honoured :)

  16. hehe me thoughtful blogger.. lol

    thank u for the awards :) hehe they r very cute must say :)

  17. Sorry for getting a lil late coming to your blog.. Steph... it's such an honor :)

    I'm sho happy :)

  18. How sweet of ya! :) tnxx alot Solitary!


  19. Congrats to all..
    up dated mine..
    do visit..

  20. TWO Awards???

    Thanx a lot mate :)

  21. ty ty ty ty ty..
    cant thank u enuf Ste..
    this brought a smile on my face...

  22. a big congratulations to u as well as all who are awarded by u.

    thnks 4 d rocking girl award. :)

  23. whoa!! man your blog really rocks!! thanks for passing the link :) will keep visiting...

    blogrolling you... :)

  24. i am awarding u this time mate...!! :)

    giving u the Proximity Award...

    its in my Conjuring Kreativity blog...
    do visit sometime and accept/reaccept....!! :)

  25. awwwwwwwww..!!!!
    thankuu soooooo very muchh..!!!
    iss nannii munni bachii ko yeh award bhut pasand aaya..!!!!

    tanks steee...!!!!
    take care..!!

  26. thankyou thankyou :D i am over joyed!

    my blog is NOT award-less any moreee wow

  27. welcome every one

    i feel that u guys do deserve the awards

  28. Hello, I am trying to find the roots of The Versatile Blogger Award, so I am looing for the posts with the earliest notion about this award. Did you receive this award from someone or you came up with the idea of it?
    Thank you for answers.