Friday, January 30, 2009


You may have seen many dumb people in your life.They would have done few silly things that would remind you of them.I have seen many dumb people in my life.But ,this thing that I am going to narrate will make you laugh.This incident took place when I was in Sem 3.That was the time when I was getting less marks in all my subjects.I was going through the bad phase of engineering where my attendance was less than 40% and I wasn't scoring good marks in my class tests.
I learnt that these class tests served as a term work booster.It was our discrete structure paper.I was not prepared for the test and I had a plan of copying from my partner,but unfortunately I couldn't.My friend Nishant had some different plan.Nishant and Divyanka made an agreement that they will help each other during the exam.Divyanka's roll number was 41 and Nishant's was 42.He was sitting behind Divyanka in the exam hall.My roll number was 59.When we got our question paper we all were looking at each others face.

This was what happened.

Nishant: ( Scans through the entire question paper as if he knew everything).Hey divya,what happened.You getting any answers.

Divyanka:(looks worried) Yaar,I am not getting anything.I need help re.

Nishant: What should we do now?

Divyanka:(gets flustered and looks at the paper for some time).Oh gosh!!!

Nishant: What is this gosh for ??

Divyanka:Shut up Nishant.Now write the paper.Atleast try to write something.

After that Divyanka scribbles something on her answer sheet.It seemed she was getting all the answers.Nishant was wondering what she was writing.He started peeping into her paper.

Nishant:Oye, let me see please.

Divyanka:I am writing some answers.Hope they are right.

Nishant: Mujhe bhi dikha naa yaar.Please show me few answers.

Divyanka:Shhhh!! apna kaam kar.

Nishant: please divyanka.

Divyanka:don't pester me dude.Let me write something.

Nishant: not fair.Show me few answers.

She got pissed off and finally she lets him see some answers.

Nishant: hey shift a little bit,I can't see answer to question 3A

Divyanka:Huh!! ok ok .(shifts and places the answer sheet to her right).

Nishant: (copies everything from her paper) Thanks Divya.

After the exam gets over.

Nishant:hey,thanks for showing me everything.

Divyanka:hehehe,I don't even know what I wrote.But ,I guess I would no flunk atleast.

Nishant:Waah! thats called confidence.


Nishant :Are you sure ? you gonna pass in this paper.

Divyanka: sure man.will pass for sure.

Nishant: Now that is called over confidence.(laughs)Lets see .Lets hope for the best.

Then me,Nishant,Satish,Shiva, Ashwin Kirkadkar and Ashwin Bhirad leave for the canteen.

After two weeks ,it was our Discrete Structure submissions.We were supposedly going to get our papers.Mhatre sir belonged to a different genre of professors.He followed his own set of principles.It seemed that he had not checked our papers and would check it in front of us.Nishant and Divyanka were confident that they will pass.

Shiva:Nishh,will you pass ?

Nishant: Han re,Divyanka ke barose likha hai .hehehe .I copied everything from her.I even took one supplement .

Shiva:good for you .

Mean while ,the sir had called for roll number 41 and 42.He was considering 2 people at a time.

Sir: come ,sit.

Nishant and Divyanka were hoping for good marks.

The sir was checking Divyanka's paper.We were surrounding both of them like some movie was going on.The sir scanned her entire paper.He then cancelled unwanted or irrelevant answers.He then read the answers for a while and gave 1 marks for it.He cancelled the entire answers there was no scope for any addition of marks.The sir looked at Divyanka's face and smiled.Later on he even cancelled the one mark that he awarded her.Nishant was dumbfounded and looked at Divyanka's face with shock.By that time,he may have known his marks as his paper was an exact xeros of her paper.Even he got a big zero.

While,we could not control our laughter .

Me:hehe ,Nishant 0 mila .hehehe.

Nishant: chod yar.It happens .I ponder what Divyanka wrote on her paper .She had written everything and all wrong.(laughs)

We all were making fun of Divyanka.She left as soon as she got her paper.I got 11 marks .

Nishant: Divyanka wrote everything to score 0 out of 50 :p (0/50)

And we all were laughing.One could not see a dumb person like both of them.Poor Divyanka.

This happened in sem 3 .I have changed names of main characters for some reasons.

Hope you liked it.

If something of that sort happened ,then please let me know....

Have a great weekend :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thy Smile inspires me......

She will twine you around her fingers,
She is like a little bud,which would bloom one day,
Her cherubic face will turn you dotty,
And sometimes she will make you naughty.

Little she is,but teaches us great life lessons,
She smiles back whenever you look at her,
For she means,
Life is short,
Learn to smile at every instance of your life,
For smile doesn't needs money,
Smile and lets smile is what she says.

She is a little magician,
who mesmerises you through her seraphic smile.
She is nothing less than a saint,
her angelic face says the rest

She sleeps on her craddle,
Like the stillness of a lake.
For she means,
Life is a stack of sorrows,
At times you get hurt and you get vexed,
To stay calm is what she says.

Often she turns into a grumbler,
She weeps to meet all her needs,
For she means,
Life is an enigma,
Sometimes your hardwork may fall in pit,
To get ahead in life is best ,is what she says.

She is naughty at times,
She wants to make you happy ,
Through her sweet gestures and actions.
For she means,
Life is a game,
It teaches how to overcome failures,
Support others during their grief is what she says.

Little she is,but teaches us great life lessons,
Cherish every moment of life, without inducing sorrows,
For she is a young magician ,
Who inspires people through her heavenly smile.

Some one is learning to type.:)

Sorry guys ,I am busy and I am not being able to catch up with your blog.Will do it soon .:)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2nd blog anniversary.100 posts . awards.....

Ok.guess what was I doing 2 years ago at this day.Guess!! Guess!! I fooled my DBMS professor and was browsing some blogs in my DBMS pracs.I was inspired by some blogs.And of sudden,something struck my mind.My hands clicked the "create blog" button and thats how I got a new blog on 27-1-2007.Now,its been 2 years and my blog has turned 2 years old.Remember,its still a baby blog.

This post seems to be a special post as its my 100th post on my blogs 2nd anniversary.To celebrate it in a better way,I am giving awards to all my blogger friends..Enjoy!!

This award goes to 3 people.
Chriz for the way he writes his posts that induces laughter .

Arjun ,another blogger of same kind.He writes posts which will make you laugh.We both are currently working for a series in Writers Lounge.

Sandeep Balan,the jack of all trades.Check his mussadi man series.

The next award is called "Superstar blogger".It is given to bloggers who are talented and come up with good topics.
Shweta for her beautiful poems on Writers Lounge.

Prats for her poems on Writers Lounge.

Pink Orchid ,again for her poems on Writers Lounge and her wonderful replies.

Akshat for his work on his blog

Valencia ,another blogger on blogworld blessed with loads of talents

Aarthi ,My good and old friend who recently entered this blogworld.

Chriz for the known reasons.

Usha ,for her poems and her posts.I am really inspired by her works.

Lover.If you wanna know then check his blog.

Anurag,who is my friend and a very famous person in blogworld."Are you kidding me?" reminds me of this guy

Akansha ,for the tadka's on her blog :p .she writes well.

Neha P, for her her thoughtful posts.

Shruti ,for her dark poems.

Crystal.She is my partner in crime.We both work for a site called "Imaze", where we are responsible for designing templates and headers.

Riya,for her beautiful works

Mehreen, for all her thought provoking posts

Gauri,for her posts and clicks.

Pankhuri,for her creativity explored.

Leo, for his masterpeices in form of poems.

Riversoul,for his poems .He is our leader in "Imaze", a good friend of mine .

Rashi ,for her beautiful poems

Asbah, for her thoughts and poems

Divinediu ,for her random thoughts

Tan, for all his poems on Writers Lounge

akka for her thoughtful poems and write ups.

Now ,this award is called "Blogscar".Arjun asked me to include this award .I am giving this award to people who have inspired me by their works.




Pink Orchid,kan








If,I have missed any ones name,then please let me know. :)


Monday, January 26, 2009

A lesson of hope...

I see the aurora,the first light ,
and I look at the mirror reflecting my melancholic smile.
That shine gives me a gloomy feel.
The chopped reflection of all my dreams
seemed to have been doomed.
I mislaid my future in extreme secrecy,
to observe all my futile dreams,

Life seem to have taken a drastic turn,
where I could see my happiness burn.
I refrained my self from the right,
as I considered it was beyond my might.
I thought myself as a rootless tree.
Sorrows and Struggles attracted me,
and my melancholy grew.

My hatred towards life took twist,
Until that day,for what I won't miss.
I couldn't and I can't was all that I knew,
and realized that people like him are very few.
Living life is not a big deal.
My Life was like a rudderless boat,
till I got a view of that divine soul.

For many ,he was a man without legs,
For few,he was an emeritus army officer.
His life was like a tree with leaves ,before that mishap .
With Autumn,trees shed their leaves,
Likewise his happiness got slaughtered.
An audacious officer walking on his sole,
was put to wheelchair all alone.

He never gave up nor he died,
As for every wound ,there is a heal,
for once,he took life as a challenge,
and now he lives a life against his hopes.
He paints,he writes ,he sings.
Every day he lives a new life,
which is like standing on the tip of a knife.

Looking at him,brings me back my lost hopes,
For I started rediscovering my forbidden goals.
his life taught me a lesson,of hopes and confidence.
For once,I was lost on my path.
it was a path full of griefs and sorrows.
He is an idol , a teacher and a mentor,
who inspired me through his life.

Just to inform that this poem I wrote as a dedication to the person for whom this post is addressed.I got to learn a lot from him.He inspired me from his life .A bird with broken wings can't fly and he proved it wrong.No matter a person have all his body parts or not,it depends on how your using it .A man with no limbs and doing all his work ,inspiring people is better than a person with all his body parts and doing nothing.Thanks sir!. I dont intend to reveal his name .

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Of Nick and Nicknames......

Ok,people are recognised by names,their own names to be precise.To make it more simple, they start creating nick.I have many nick names and I love all my nicks.I am going to enlist all my nick names in this post. Check 'em out.

1.Babloo:My cousin sister gave me this nick when I was 4 years old.It was said that I used to be plumy and chubby when I was young.Hence ,she started calling me Babloo.They all loved calling me by that name.

2.Stibu: Its the nick that my family gave me.I love it coz I see some thing close to me whenever some one calls me by that name.I am very popular by this name in my family.Special and close people call me by this name.Even Kan and Prashant call me by this name.

3.Stibu mama:This name is given by Melu,Jerry and Ketu.Ops!!Ketu is just 7 month old ,she will call me Stibu mama in few months time.Even Parul calls me Stibu mama .She says she loves the name and loves calling me by that name.Huh!!I am a mama to a girl younger to me by just 2 months(god please save me) :p

4.Dexter: School friends call me Dexter.May be coz I used to study more and score good marks.

5.Darling:Georgina mam,my class 7 class teacher would call me darling as she considered me as her own son.I used be happy when she called me darling.
6.Steve:Chandan Prasads invention.Foreigners call Stephen as Steve .May thats why he calls me so.

7.Stevo,Stevie,Steu: Variants of Steve.These names are given by my friend Chandan Prasad.
8.Steph: My yahoo friends gave me this name coz of my email id steph_cmpengg24.Crus,Nixx,Anant and Bio used to call me by this name

9.Stephy:Akshi calls me by this name.Don't know why but she loves calling me as Stephy :p

10.Ste: I am popular by this name in Writers Lounge.Asbi started this Ste thing.She says that my name is long and wished to cut it short and Ste came out as a result.

11.Prince Ste & Princess Stephanie: I will kill Sandeep for this nick.Don't know why he thinks that my girlfriends name would be Stephanie.

12.The Solitary Writer,TSW: Thats my blog name. Known as TSW by many people.

13.The Story King: Don't know why Sweta calls me by this name.Still finding out the reason.

14.Likhetu: My recent nick .This is given by my good friend Chirag who is a member of Writers Lounge.

Ok ,you all have seen my nick names.Now,tell me which one you liked and why or are you gonna give me a new nick :p

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Taggie :)

I guess I have not done any tag since many months or so.Thank you Valencia for this tag.This is my first tag in this year .I am really feeling happy for this tag.

Here it goes.

1.What are you listening to now?
-"Munbe Vaa En Anbe Vaa" from "Sillu nu oru Kadhal" . I feel this song is very close to me.I love listening this song.

2.What is your occupation?
- I am a Computer Engineering student right now. Will be a Computer Engineer in few months time.

3.What was the last thing you ate?
- Ahh!!!,I am a Tamilian.Ate Idli along with Sambhar...

4.Last person you spoke to on phone?
- Divya,a friend of mine....she needed my help regarding some project.

5.How old are you today?
- 21 years , 2 months and 3 weeks.

6.Last movie watched?
- Dostana.I usually don't get time to see movies.

7.Favourite day of the year?
- Ahh nice question, 24th November,a tuesday when the Solitary writer was born.

8.Favourite toy as a child?
- hmm,I loved playing with Mowgli,Bagheera toys .lol,now I don't remember how it looks like.Hey ,wait do I used to play with barbie dolls :P

9.Favourite season?
- Offcourse has to be winter season.

10.When was the last time you cried?
- I don't remember.But I remember i cried when I was not selected in Accenture during campus placement last year

11.Who is the friend you have had the longest?
- My sister is my best friend.We are friends for around 15 years.Lol,as she is 15 years old.

12.What did you do last night?
- Chatted with Kan and Ajay till around 12.30 am and went to sleep.

13.What are you most afraid of?
- losing good friends,as I have very few good friends.

14.Favorite day of the week?
- Wednesday.Many good things in my life happened on Wednesday.

15.How many states have you lived in?
- One state .Lol,Maharashtra.

16.What is your wish for this new year?
- Study well,get good marks in exams,get selected in training and go for Job and make many friends

17.New year resolutions?
- I don't believe in New Year Resolutions.If you make any resolutions,then one should try to follow it else it would be bad.

Ok ,now I am tagging
Kajal, Prats,Anurag,Chriz ,Arjun,Mehak,Aarthi,Riya and any one who wants to do this tag.

Hey guys,college has started and I have been quite busy these days.So, I am unable to read your blogs.Will do it soon :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

That night at Pemako 5 - end part

Read Part 1 and Part2 and Part3 and Part 4

As the police constable removed the cloth, Ananya could not believe her eyes.

“Oh my God!, how could he be the one? ,” Ananya was shocked for a while.

She rubbed her eyes again and she merely fainted.

“This idiot has done everything,” Inspector Eddie said in a typical mallu tone.

“He can’t do that sir,” Ananya said to the police officer.

“How could Uncle Sai do this?,” she could not believe her eyes.

Inspector Eddie soon gave a punch to the culprit.

Ananya was shocked and so was Ishant. Ananya treated Sai as her own father. She could not accept the fact.

“C’mon Spill the beans, man,” The police officer slapped him.

Mr.Sai was feeling guilty .He could not look at his niece’s face. He faced the ground and agreed to confess everything.

“Since, childhood I was never loved by my parents. All they knew was just my brother Pratik.He was everything to them. They loved him to such an extent that they wrote a will stating that all the wealth belongs to Pratik,” Sai could not bear it any more. He started crying. He was now looking at Ananya.

“I had to suffer great losses and when I asked your father for help, he didn’t even bothered to look at me,” he said to Ananya.

“What kind of brother is he, who doesn’t helps his sibling at times of need?,” he added .

He said that his elder brother Pratik refused to help him overcome his financial debts. He urgently needed 25 lakhs, but there was no one to help him. He felt like he was backstabbed by everyone. Few days later he came to know about Ananya’s research tour.

“ I started following her secretly .As I expected, she slept with her boyfriend,” he said to Inspector Eddie Thomas.

He had a plan of capturing everything in a video camera and grab some money from his niece.

He started following them closely. It was 8 pm and they both got intimate with each other

“I took the help of a local Tibetian called ‘Yansu Choy’, and we both approached the place where they were resting,” Sai confessed.

Mean while Ishant was looking at Ananya to see how she reacted. She was worried and stressed.

“What about Sameer?,” Ananya asked her uncle.

“While we were shooting the video, Sameer got up and was creating troubles,” Sai said.

He said that Sameer fought with him and grabbed the video camera. Yansu Choy and Sai both took him to a corner of a tree and beat him to death.

“Where was his body when I came to take my HSBC credit card?,” Ishant asked him.

“We both were hiding behind a tree when you guys came at first. As soon as you left, we both disposed his body and perhaps that was the time when you came for your credit card,” Sai said to Ishant.

“Bloody Chap had planned it accurately, but no one can escape in front of Eddie’s eyes,” Inspector Eddie said.

The police officer asked him about the Tibetian Yansu Choy. Sai told that he never saw him after that incident.

“You have Sai in your name and you do such evil things to a person who is like your daughter,” The police said to Sai.

“Ananya,” Sai said to his niece.

“Don’t dare you call me, you bloody creature,” she said to her uncle.

“I won’t forgive you and I don’t wish to see you again in life,” She started crying.

Sai was taken in to police custody for 3 weeks .They were also searching for the Tibetian Yansu Choy who had escaped.

“He killed Sami,” Ananya started weeping.

“Sami died for me Ish,” she cried .She was missing Sami. Sami was her best friend.

“Sami died for me,” She screeched.

Ishant soothed her and wiped her tears. He took him to Bhadkal Lake.

Sami always used to travel 30 minutes from the main city to enjoy the beauty of the lake. He loved the lake very much like his friends. Ananya, Ishant and Sami used to meet each other at the Bhadkal Lake.

It was 7 pm. The night sky was tinged with purple and speckled red shades. The sun was setting below the lake. The sky was showing a stunning display of shades of purple, pink orange and red, a few dark spots and a bit of yellow reflections in the water.

They both lied on the green grasses. They looked at the sun.

People come and people go,
But losing you was such a blow.
Everywhere we look
It's you we see.

Your smile, your eyes
Your jokes, your voice.
Everything haunts!
Everything taunts!

It hurts each time we breath
For it is heavy with your memories.
It hurts every time we cry
For its your shoulder we miss.

Your words, your pictures,
Your love, your friendship.
Everything haunts!
Everything taunts

To lose you is like
losing our soul.
To know you is like
knowing ourself.

Your smile, your eyes,
Your jokes, your voice.
Everything haunts!
Everything taunts!

Are you happy there?
Are you watching us here?
Gently a wind blows.
You are right here with us!

"We miss you Sami, we love you," Ananya and Ishant said looking at the sky.

--------------------------------THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGEMENT ------------------------

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

That night at Pemako - 4

Read Part 1 and Part2 and Part3

She was worried and was feeling bad. She soon sat down on the stairs and was deeply immersed in some thoughts. She felt as if every thing was over. She lost her best buddy and gave some one a chance to know her secrets. She stared at the green plants and the grasses. She was hoping if some one could rescue her from all her woes.

That night, a moment I couldn’t decide,
I did choose wrong, to do it that day,
I don’t know why, my heart beats so,
I wish these horrid thoughts would go away.

How was I caught in the act, I know not,
In that place, so far away from here,
Now I know not what to do, how to escape,
What will the future hold, I only can fear.

I lost that night, a treasure I long had,
I lost my best friend, a person unique,
I miss him so much, his tears and his smile,
Just wish he was here to hear my heart speak.

In this times, of doubt and tensions much,
I have by my side, a loving and chivalrous knight,
To comfort me, to say all will be well don’t worry,
Just those little words, make my day bright.

These days to come, will be torturous,
I hope all will be fine at the end, and soon,
Even in my dreams, I shall pray for that too,
Lord, I beseech you, please grant me this boon.

Soon, some one

from behind touched her. She could feel the Solace. That gesture suggested that the person will be with her at any circumstances of life to support and protect her. She looked behind to see who it was. It was her boyfriend Ishant. She knew he would support her and won’t betray her. She hugged him.

“Listen, go to your uncle’s house and attend your cousin’s birthday party,” Ishant said to his girl. He wanted her to stay cool, and get freed from all sort of worries.

“Ok, Ishh!,” she gave him a smile .

It was 7 pm. Ananya had gone to her uncle’s house to attend her cousin Anurag’s birthday party. Anurag was turning 4. Uncle Sai and Aunty Sonia welcomed Ananya.

“Beta, how are you?,” Sai asked Ananya. Sai Prakash Shergil was 35 yr old. He was Mr.Pratik Shergil’s youngest brother. Sai admired his brother and his babhi Aditi. They both were like god to him. At times, Mr.Pratik used to help him. Sai was faithful to his elder brother.

“Where is Bhaiyya and Babhi?,” He asked Ananya with some curiosity.

“They have gone to attend some office meeting, Chachu,” Ananya replied.

At 8 pm, the birthday party began. Little Anurag was ready to cut the cake. Ananya along with Aunty Sonia was standing behind Anurag. They all sang “Happy birthday “song for little Anurag. Ananya gifted her present to her cousin Anurag and kissed him.

Soon minutes later she got a phone call. It was from an unknown stranger.

“Hello,” she said.

“Lalala, 3 more days to go,” the caller reminded her about Saturday morning.

He soon cut the phone. This time it was from a different number. Now, she started sweating.

“What happened? Beta you alright,” Uncle Sai and Sonia asked her.

“I have to leave, its already late,” She said to them and left for once.

The next day, she told Ishant about the phone call. They later on planned to inform this to police. They soon left for A10.

“Hello, this is Inspector Eddie Thomas here,” The police inspector said to Ishant and Ananya.

He was brown and had a short hair. He was 6 feet tall and was looking like a typical Mallu . He had a bunch of “medals” on his chest, though they don’t really mean anything .He just liked to show how they looked.

“Sir, we are under a serious trouble, we need your help,” both pleaded and said everything about what happened. They told him about Sami’s death and about the phone call they received.

“So, who could it be,” Inspector Eddie asked them.

“Sami,” Ishant said.

“The Tibetian guy who followed us,” Ananya said to the police officer. “What?,” Ishant was now confused .

She said about the Tibetian guy who followed them for a while and later on disappeared.

“Interesting case,” Inspector Eddie was keen to solve the mystery. Both had high hopes on him.

“You can go now, I will call you soon,” The police officer said to both of them..

“Please, don’t let our parents know all these,” Ananya said to the police officer and they left.

Ananya and Ishant had a sigh of relief for a while.

Inspector Eddie and his team had already started with the investigation work. Along with cyber crime officials and research experts, he traced the network of the person.

Three days later, Inspector Eddie had called Ananya and Ishant to the police station.

He showed him a person whose face was covered with a black cloth.

“Remove the cloth from his face,” he ordered the constable.

“This is the person behind everything,” He told both of them.

As the police constable removed the cloth, Ananya could not believe her eyes.

“Oh my God!, how could he be the one? ,” Ananya was shocked for a while

To be continued...