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7 Embarassing moments of my life...

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Getting embaressed is not a special thing.But it is to be noted under what circumstances you were put to test.Common!! by that I mean that what actually made you feel so.I am enlisting certain things that happened in my life which embarressed me to such an extent that I decide to write a blog post about it.I am going to write 7 such things in other words 7 embarassing moments of my life.Here we go

1)Patient and Patience
I was in class 5.People addressed me with a scholar tag since I never scored less than 80% marks . (hey! I was in class 5 and not engineering ehh!!).Once ,our Morals teacher asked us to make a project on patience.Our dumbi gang of guys heard it as patient and guess what I was the group leader.This all happened in my absense as I had taken an official leave of 1 week due to high fever.I assumed that my friends were right and they didn't suffered from any ear defects and we made a project on "patient" with doctors and hospital scenarios.On the project submission teacher asked me about this and She said that she never expected such a foolish act from a brilliant student from me.I had previously written a blog post about this incident.Read the post here

Ok,this took place when I was in class 7th.Our teacher was discussing some thing about properties of a magnet and I was busy sleeping at the last bench.We were last benchers.And of sudden,I heard a voice "Stephenn, roll num 26 tell me about magnetic poles," .I was just 12 then and what could you expect from a 12 year old .First of all she asked me something that was greek and french to me at that stage and secondly she asked me something when I was asleep.I just stared at her and gave a smile.In reply she slapped me and asked me to get out of the class.This was the 2nd time when I seriously felt embarressed.

3)Sleeping again
This is similar to what happened at 2nd point.I was in class 12 , and a long night of study forced me to sleep in the lecture.The sir soon got a glance of me and asked me to explain "Entropy" of Thermodynamics. Yes, I did explained him some thing ,but it seemed like he was wanting more information from me.Gosh!!! I shut my mouth .He then gave his bashans and asked me to wash my face.I was really pissed off and wanted to get out of his class as soon as I could.

4)Sleeping once again.
Hey,there is a striking similarity between the 2nd,3rd and this scenario.I was again sleeping but in engineering lecture.He asked me all about ERD and I was standing with my half eyes open.I could hear the same lectures and same result and I enjoyed the rest of the 40 minutes in the project lab surfing internet.

5)Alone with someone.
This took place recently.My cousin sister came to my house with one of her friends.Surprisingly she was amongst the most prettiest girl I had ever seen in my life.Unfortunately she was 26 . :p .Someone called my sister and she had to leave and left her friend with me.She promised that she would be back in 1 hour.I remained stunned for a while.Hey dumb!! how can you leave me alone with a stranger.?That one hour passed like anything.I hardly spoke any word ,it was she who was doing the talking thing with me and I just replied to whatever she asked.The next day I had a complaint from her.She informed my cousin that I was a shy person.As if she knew if for the first time.Well,ask my other friends how naughty I am . * wicked smile*
But ,I feel bad that I could not talk anything to her...may be because of my busy schedule with studies or something that disturbed me.

6) Collision with Dimple.
We all were leaving for home.There were a group of naughty brats who loved playing pranks on others.I was just passing by the corridors and some one pushed me over a girl.During this event,my hands unfortunately touched her body parts .huh!! may be you guessed it right :p .I never had any plan of getting beaten up by a girl.I was expecting a tight slap from her.It didn't happened as she was one of my buddy.I gave a stupid smile and I left ,later on I realized how stupid I was.I could not even apologise. idiot me ,ehh!!

7)A virtual friend who seems to be real
Hmm,There is some one from my college or to be precise my classmate with whom I talk online in gtalk ,but in reality I am least bothered to talk to her be honest .One day when she asked me something in front of my friend,I gradually escaped from the scene as I didn't wanted my friends to pull my legs .I feel that its an embarassing moment ...huh....stupid me once again...
ok ,what do you infer after reading this....
yes i do sleep during lectures :( :p

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  1. Finally I'm the first one to leave a comment !!


    Thank you so much for the award.!!

    Nice post...Even I've been embarassed 2-3 times.Will try to post it on my blog too!

  2. Thanks 4 the award..

    Maybe it was embarrassing, but it was fun reading.. A good read...

  3. Hey.. First of all thanks ste for my very first award.. You really made my day! Reading this post was a total fun.. Specially i found out that one of my friends is not the only one who slept in college n school during its u too. So i think theres nothing embarassing in dat. U know what we hav made an inference dat people sleepin during lectures are intelligent coz all from our class who slept were very intelligent. so 4 me u come in the intelligent group. Secondly.. I think the 26 year pretty girl incident must be quite embarassing.. Dont do it the next time.. Specially when you know the girl wants to talk to u. .all in all.. A gr8 post.. Cheers!

  4. congrats for being voted as the best blogger.. wow..

    and thanks a bunch for the award you gave me bro...

    and interaction with dimple... hmmmm

  5. thank you for the awards...i will reaccept it...!!!

    i was embarassed lot many times..i try better not to remember them..!!!

    congratulations for the recognition and i know you deserve it..!!!

  6. collision with dimple was the highlight!!!
    good heavens u were not trashed..!!

  7. LOL

    good one

    and congrats on being selected as the best blog for 2008 :)


  8. thank you so much for following the blog.. OMG!!! i am still pinching me coz i cant believe it.. i am honoured.. and i dont know how to explain that...
    i wrap all this within this "Thank You Ste".... ummmmmm.... Prince Ste.. ;)

  9. *pinching myself..
    oops for that typo..

  10. Hey.. ste... I have something for you on my blog... Check it out...!!!

  11. Ah... Life! :D Sometimes it's good being a spectator. ;)

    Warm felicitations on the award... How are/were your exams?

    Yep, me back from a "forced" hiatus.


  12. wow
    congratssss stee, u desevred dat
    chal ab party due hai meri...

    n yeah thanx for d award

  13. Congo Stephen and thanxs for the award mann .....

  14. hey thnks stephan...

    and loved the post...

    ur blog totally deserves to be voted the best....congrats...!!!

  15. Forgive me steve, but though i know you probably had a pretty bad time everyone of those times...
    But i definitely had loads of fun imagining you in all those situations.
    But i have gone through most such situations, though not bcoz of sleeping. . . Just bcoz of gawking at one girl too many!
    Thanks for the award though

  16. Hey congratz for the fav blog award '08...and thanks for the award!!!

    Well got some similar ones.....i too sleep a lot in class...but my friends always save me by telling answers to the teachers random questions!!

  17. hehe.. nice post...

    First of all Congrats bro.. n thanks for passing the award on.. :)


  18. Hey check your mail dude
    Need your feedback fast

  19.'re on big "sleeper"
    Can't imagine how someone can manage it..
    Bt anyway.thnku for the award and congrats on being selected for the best blog!!..:)

  20. disha

    do write about it yaar....special moments naa

  21. riya

    yes happens naa
    and welcome yesthat 26 yr old girl incident was embarassing yar

    my sister told me baadmein

  22. chrizz
    ty welcome

    i will say ur hi to dimple if u dont mind :p

  23. ty yamini akka

    ty for reaccepting and yes its better not to remember them ....but dont knw it can also make u laugh some time

    ty for ur wishes

  24. aparna

    i expecting slaps from dimple

    she dint as she was my frnd ehh

  25. ahh tpo

    ur honoured for wht

    i like ur blog hence followed it

  26. arey neha

    party kis baat par

    aap logo ne mujhe vote kiya hai

  27. +huhuh

    sidd.......yes laugh laugh

    even i laugh now:p

  28. riversoul

    yes done it

    and its beautiful

  29. tune hi toh kaha tha vote doge toh party dunga

  30. So Mr.Sleeper of the class , i hope you are awake while reading this !! Well i wouldnt say all wer emabarrsin , except the sleeping one ( though it was unintentional in 4th one ) ..well such moments do come in life !! But it was swet of you to have shared it in public :)