Friday, January 30, 2009


You may have seen many dumb people in your life.They would have done few silly things that would remind you of them.I have seen many dumb people in my life.But ,this thing that I am going to narrate will make you laugh.This incident took place when I was in Sem 3.That was the time when I was getting less marks in all my subjects.I was going through the bad phase of engineering where my attendance was less than 40% and I wasn't scoring good marks in my class tests.
I learnt that these class tests served as a term work booster.It was our discrete structure paper.I was not prepared for the test and I had a plan of copying from my partner,but unfortunately I couldn't.My friend Nishant had some different plan.Nishant and Divyanka made an agreement that they will help each other during the exam.Divyanka's roll number was 41 and Nishant's was 42.He was sitting behind Divyanka in the exam hall.My roll number was 59.When we got our question paper we all were looking at each others face.

This was what happened.

Nishant: ( Scans through the entire question paper as if he knew everything).Hey divya,what happened.You getting any answers.

Divyanka:(looks worried) Yaar,I am not getting anything.I need help re.

Nishant: What should we do now?

Divyanka:(gets flustered and looks at the paper for some time).Oh gosh!!!

Nishant: What is this gosh for ??

Divyanka:Shut up Nishant.Now write the paper.Atleast try to write something.

After that Divyanka scribbles something on her answer sheet.It seemed she was getting all the answers.Nishant was wondering what she was writing.He started peeping into her paper.

Nishant:Oye, let me see please.

Divyanka:I am writing some answers.Hope they are right.

Nishant: Mujhe bhi dikha naa yaar.Please show me few answers.

Divyanka:Shhhh!! apna kaam kar.

Nishant: please divyanka.

Divyanka:don't pester me dude.Let me write something.

Nishant: not fair.Show me few answers.

She got pissed off and finally she lets him see some answers.

Nishant: hey shift a little bit,I can't see answer to question 3A

Divyanka:Huh!! ok ok .(shifts and places the answer sheet to her right).

Nishant: (copies everything from her paper) Thanks Divya.

After the exam gets over.

Nishant:hey,thanks for showing me everything.

Divyanka:hehehe,I don't even know what I wrote.But ,I guess I would no flunk atleast.

Nishant:Waah! thats called confidence.


Nishant :Are you sure ? you gonna pass in this paper.

Divyanka: sure man.will pass for sure.

Nishant: Now that is called over confidence.(laughs)Lets see .Lets hope for the best.

Then me,Nishant,Satish,Shiva, Ashwin Kirkadkar and Ashwin Bhirad leave for the canteen.

After two weeks ,it was our Discrete Structure submissions.We were supposedly going to get our papers.Mhatre sir belonged to a different genre of professors.He followed his own set of principles.It seemed that he had not checked our papers and would check it in front of us.Nishant and Divyanka were confident that they will pass.

Shiva:Nishh,will you pass ?

Nishant: Han re,Divyanka ke barose likha hai .hehehe .I copied everything from her.I even took one supplement .

Shiva:good for you .

Mean while ,the sir had called for roll number 41 and 42.He was considering 2 people at a time.

Sir: come ,sit.

Nishant and Divyanka were hoping for good marks.

The sir was checking Divyanka's paper.We were surrounding both of them like some movie was going on.The sir scanned her entire paper.He then cancelled unwanted or irrelevant answers.He then read the answers for a while and gave 1 marks for it.He cancelled the entire answers there was no scope for any addition of marks.The sir looked at Divyanka's face and smiled.Later on he even cancelled the one mark that he awarded her.Nishant was dumbfounded and looked at Divyanka's face with shock.By that time,he may have known his marks as his paper was an exact xeros of her paper.Even he got a big zero.

While,we could not control our laughter .

Me:hehe ,Nishant 0 mila .hehehe.

Nishant: chod yar.It happens .I ponder what Divyanka wrote on her paper .She had written everything and all wrong.(laughs)

We all were making fun of Divyanka.She left as soon as she got her paper.I got 11 marks .

Nishant: Divyanka wrote everything to score 0 out of 50 :p (0/50)

And we all were laughing.One could not see a dumb person like both of them.Poor Divyanka.

This happened in sem 3 .I have changed names of main characters for some reasons.

Hope you liked it.

If something of that sort happened ,then please let me know....

Have a great weekend :)


  1. lol...mummy ne kaha tha cheating karna buri baat hai... :P

  2. she is so dumb that she wont catch me two timing

  3. as i told you a similar thing happened to me, but that was positive ;)

    lol.. yeah seconding pink cheating buri baath :D haha funny!

    kehte hain na ke 'Naqal ke leye Aqal ki zaroorat hoti hay' (you need geniuses for cheating) tu bas woi baat hay ;)

    i love to read bits of your past :) and it is equally enjoyable as its counterparts.

    hails ste.

  4. hahah yahaan ...they write "Copied" in the answer ppr if they find any ....

    How come the prof didn't catch both of them and say u guiyzz hv copied.....

    Guess dono ko zero milaa toh what he's gonna say guyzz get seperate supplements for unit test also :O

  5. I meant *U guyzz get seperate....

  6. lol... That was really dumb..when i was in tenth class.. This one girl in final chemistry practicles was asking me where is H2o. . She thought its some acid or some sought of it.. I opened up the tap and told this is h2o.. Meaning water.. We both laughed a lot after that..

  7. hehehe....!!! funny post..!!!

    i heard about such dumb people from my aunt....when she was giving her X pre-finals...a boy, strtedwriting everything that the girl infront of him was writing...!!!

    Poor fellow, he copied in such a way that he wrote her roll number in his paper too....!!!!

  8. He he there was no need to copy durin exams @ ma place :P
    invariably every one z paper would be blank :P

  9. hee hee that was funny. I think anyone who has been in college...esp engg will relate to this..maybe not the 0/50 thing but definately the copying bit :D. computer science??

  10. It reminds me of that incident...
    We were in ninth and we had C in the SUPW course... in the xam we had this very basic question of writing a program for printing your name on the screen. A guy while copying the program from another also copied his name in the printf statement... and this got publically announced in the class!!! There were peals of laughter everywhere...

  11. Freakingly hilarious... :D

    @Chriz - *ahem* Good luck! :P


  12. Oh man!! Poor people...
    That is why I study everything and give my exams...I dont like cheating...

  13. Poor Girl...

    M feeling so badddddd....


    :D Nice one.Read a funny post after agesssssss


  14. Cheating karna paap hai :P :D :P

  15. hahahhahahaha,it was so much fun to read,light, easy reading,i loved it!

  16. ha ha .. happens.. !! i hav also seen lots of similar incidents during exam time.. though i wont call them dumb .. but they jus do it without thinking at all.. and the outcome is funny.. !!

  17. hehe yes but kya karein

    temptation .....:p
    padhai nahi karte toh yahii haal hoga

  18. lol chriz

    divyanka is intelligent man
    she will

    but 90% dumb

  19. anu

    ur college is bad man :p

    ours is best

    kuch nahi kahte

  20. riya

    h2o thing is like too much yaaa

    itna dumb koi nahi hota hehehe

  21. yamini akka

    even me heard of such thingss

  22. aks thats really dumb yaaa

    itna toh pata hona chahiye tha naa usko

  23. ha ha ha that was really funny..

    well i remember once one of my friends ended up writing a movie story that we had gone for the previous evening.. and ended up clearing that paper.. hehe so no comments..

  24. hmm...really dumb...0/50....

    I hvnt come across any such samples yet..!!

    nice one...good tht u got 11..

    widout copyin ,I guess..!! :)