Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Great Engineering Copycats......

The post below is a general observation of the writer.

Well,how often do we realize that exams are nearing and we are busy involved in some other activities rather than studying.Don't we feel the pain in our ass when there are just 2 or 3 days remaining for the exam.Yes,we do.But what if by the time we haven't studied anything or may be studies only few things.Thats the time when the devil plays a trick .He gradually occupies our mind and persuades us to take unwanted or unnecessary steps that can put us to serious troubles.I am an Engineering student and I bet most of my blogger friends here are engineering students like Anurag,Sid,Sambit,Divinidiu(sorry for the typos ). I want to know how many Engineering students try to or atleast pretend to study as their semester begins.You will be amazed to know that hardly 10% of them start their studies as their sem commences.
Let us stay in this topic as I feel I am diverting away from the topic.

Ok ,now I am going to speak about few copying techniques in which I was involved .But , you see I am a sincere student and I don't copy during main exams .Its just for college tests.

Let us see various techniques first.
1.The Cellphone trick
This one is tricky .This sort of copying involves using your cell phones with features like bluetooth and camera facilities .I know a person who has mastered this art of copying.I won't wish to disclose his name here .If I ever do that,then I am damm sure he is gonna kick my ass hard in college.He sits in front of me during exams.He plans a backup technique wherein if he feels that the questions on the question papers are totally different ,he would seek help from his mobile phone...Ahh!! now don't be amazed or surprised.As I said this is one of the most dangerous methods.Firstly ,he looks for the invigilator.If he doesn't sights the person ,he slowly and steadily removes his cellphone to get the snaps of the answer.He then writes the anwer on his sheets and finally done with copying.There may be cases when his peers may need the answer.Then he would ask them to connect their phone through bluetooth connectivity.Please ,don't ever try that.

2.The Supplement Swap method.
As the name suggests ,this method basically involves two candidates who aim to share their answers.The first one would pass on his main sheet and the 2nd one would pass his supplement and write the answers.After completion,they would swap the answer sheets once again to get back their own papers.This is risky at certain cases.Imagine the case where you have the answer sheet of the 2nd person and you want to return it back to him or her.If the invigilator is near you then are for almighty's help so as to divert the teachers way.I once tried this with one of my close buddy during semester 2 college unit tests.He had my physics paper while I had his chemistry paper and guess what we got same marks.

3.The Pendrive insert method .. applicable only for practical exams.
Look for opportunity ,if no one is aside you ...remove your pen drive..insert it on the slot and copy the programs directly.We un sincere engineering students do this.Imagine writing Cohen Sutherlands program which takes around 25 minutes.It is practically impossible to type the codes without any errors.Pendrive insert method may help in such cases.Few of my friends tried it once and they were successful.

4.The Table and desk method.

I do this thing ..where I write the formulae's and diagrams on the desk before the exams start.This is commonly practiced by our former topper of our class :p .Hope she is not reading this as I see her doing this everytime before
exams.Well,this is fun.

5.The chit

People make small chits with handwritten answers whose size ranges from 4mm to 9 mm.They make use of the chits for writing the answers

I advice all guys that you should study.The methods written by me are just observation.I have not tried it .Please do not try this .I didn't had any topics to write so I wrote on this.I have seen students doing this and thus wrote about it.Any ways good luck guys.....

Work hard and I bet you will get the fruits of your hard work in form of good marks.
Hope to see you soon.

What do you say about my observations and all methods?


  1. Nice..Nice..
    I've never tried any of these techniques..

    Pendrive wala and bluetooth and phone ones..scaryyyyyy!!

    Nice observations..

    By the way, if you keep on observing such things in the exam hall, do you write your exam or not..?? Lolz..kidding!!

    Good One!!



  2. I suppose this means that we'd have to revise and re word the old proverb, and make it

    There are substitutes for hard work!

    As an invigilator in exam halls, not beyond school examinations, or board examinations, it has always been a scary thing, personally speaking, to even get an inkling that a child might try to use malpractices to answer the papers. It's scary because the child would have to be pulled up, and the trauma that results is terrible, both for the child and the invigilator. Would it be better to just warn them and not report it? That is another dilemma. Fortunately, in all the cases so far, when attempts were beginning to be made, matters were taken into hand, stern warning issued and no further problem was encountered. Still, these are school kids [who, incidentally, never give up trying :)], and I'm sure it's a different ball game with the undergrad courses and above. Esp. engineering students. Having one at home sharing these little secrets has kept me informed though.

    Finally, it's always better to be honest and sincere, no matter that it is an internal test or the Universtity Exams...:)

    All the best with your Exams!

  3. Well Mr.Social Baba... ;)
    U gave tips on how to do it, how they did it and then finally say dont ever try it.. This is cheating..!!

    Which method do u adopt Ste??? It's okay tell.. its okay.. its okay...


  4. arre stephen tereko toh sab maloom hain re.... sahin mann lol....
    well let me comment on it one by one ...

    1.The cell phone trick....

    just recently mumbai university has "officially" banned the use of cell phones in examination halls..*notice*..but this trick definately works during college unit test time ;) but not during main exam time...

    2.The supplement Swap method

    This cannot be done during main exam time as the supplement is too thick ....31 pages...but the best method used during unit test time ...Ye toh main bhi "karta tha" :D

    3.Pendrive Insert
    Doesn't work these days mann ....All are disabled...unless u know how 2 enable them ;)...Used to work earlier but techonology mann....I did hear some of them used it though during aoa time 2 years ago :P....but prof's are more cautious and aware...password and all....Doesn't work :P

    4.The table and desk method....

    This is by far the most "in" method to copy ....I don't do it because I am a good guy :D but most of them do....use it mostly during main exam time....But if u ask me it doesn't work...kitna likhe gaa koi usmein ....but ppl do ohh yes they do my coll around 2 out of 5 do ....Approxiamately :D

    5.The Chit
    Most dangerous method mann....Pakda gayaa koi toh bahut phattti hain...Only the "daredevil guys" do it....But they do...about 2-3 out of 60 definately do it....But by far the most risky method.......

    I don't follow the above methods ppl...but like the solitary writer I too see it...and it's not good...not good at all.Period.

  5. in our days it was chit and using rulers and also the big scientific calculators.. the chits will be in the underwears...

    :) the present generation is lucky... technology is helping

  6. ha ha.. nice thesis ... i have once tried writing on table ... but mstly i am the one telling answers to the one sitting in front or behind me :)

  7. in ur post u r trying to say that cheating is bad.. yes. cheating is wrong.. cheating in small tets in college is ok.. but in universities it can turn out to be horror.. i remember one of my friend who cheated n got caught and she was terminated for one whole year.. cheating is wrong yeh...

  8. an interesting read..

  9. hey stephen...
    tried the pendrive trick... worked too!! :D

    the supplement method too... tho not the others! :)

  10. Nice
    I've tried the pen-drive trick bfore.
    Worked everytime
    But one time, we got a tricky lab-in-charge.
    The pain-in-the ass psycho had disabled all usb ports using xp pro's management tools
    But i kicked his arse anyway.
    Guess how?

    I knew that psycho was upto no good, so i'd pre-loaded a portable linux OS in my pendrive, and booted from it at the lab.
    Through linux, i then proceeded to copy out all necessary files to the hard drive.
    Left him stupefied when i showed him the fresh set of programs.
    Ah! His face was photogenic

  11. hey riversouls

    ur a clever chap teach me this trick sme times later :p

  12. Well well well... Someone has researched a lot. ;)

    Paathu pa, paathu... :P


  13. karthik

    ama terium idhu risk ,but observations illaya

  14. leo

    i just tried

    pen drive,desk wala and chits one

    i dont have guts to try supplement wala

  15. +ahh riya

    that sounds scary haan

    really ...but i say dont copy but be prepared and if u copy then get ready for the consequences

  16. chrizz

    chits in underwear

    then how do u remove it for copying

    and wht abt scientific calci trick

    let us knw

  17. anurag

    yes i knw all ...but saale drawbacks pata hai toh solution lekar aana

  18. lol arjun
    haha me social baba hehehe
    :p +funny

  19. usha

    yes some times it bad to see all this happening as a teacher u might be knwing well

  20. Contrary to usual thoguhts of copying is cheating cheating is actually fun !! It improves your bonding with friends ;) right ? and yeah copying for class tests can be lot more fun , when papers are being circulated ;) and you have listed the most famous one ;):)