Saturday, January 24, 2009

Taggie :)

I guess I have not done any tag since many months or so.Thank you Valencia for this tag.This is my first tag in this year .I am really feeling happy for this tag.

Here it goes.

1.What are you listening to now?
-"Munbe Vaa En Anbe Vaa" from "Sillu nu oru Kadhal" . I feel this song is very close to me.I love listening this song.

2.What is your occupation?
- I am a Computer Engineering student right now. Will be a Computer Engineer in few months time.

3.What was the last thing you ate?
- Ahh!!!,I am a Tamilian.Ate Idli along with Sambhar...

4.Last person you spoke to on phone?
- Divya,a friend of mine....she needed my help regarding some project.

5.How old are you today?
- 21 years , 2 months and 3 weeks.

6.Last movie watched?
- Dostana.I usually don't get time to see movies.

7.Favourite day of the year?
- Ahh nice question, 24th November,a tuesday when the Solitary writer was born.

8.Favourite toy as a child?
- hmm,I loved playing with Mowgli,Bagheera toys .lol,now I don't remember how it looks like.Hey ,wait do I used to play with barbie dolls :P

9.Favourite season?
- Offcourse has to be winter season.

10.When was the last time you cried?
- I don't remember.But I remember i cried when I was not selected in Accenture during campus placement last year

11.Who is the friend you have had the longest?
- My sister is my best friend.We are friends for around 15 years.Lol,as she is 15 years old.

12.What did you do last night?
- Chatted with Kan and Ajay till around 12.30 am and went to sleep.

13.What are you most afraid of?
- losing good friends,as I have very few good friends.

14.Favorite day of the week?
- Wednesday.Many good things in my life happened on Wednesday.

15.How many states have you lived in?
- One state .Lol,Maharashtra.

16.What is your wish for this new year?
- Study well,get good marks in exams,get selected in training and go for Job and make many friends

17.New year resolutions?
- I don't believe in New Year Resolutions.If you make any resolutions,then one should try to follow it else it would be bad.

Ok ,now I am tagging
Kajal, Prats,Anurag,Chriz ,Arjun,Mehak,Aarthi,Riya and any one who wants to do this tag.

Hey guys,college has started and I have been quite busy these days.So, I am unable to read your blogs.Will do it soon :)


  1. "Munbe Vaa En Anbe Vaa" from "Sillu nu oru Kadhal" WTH is that???

  2. i took this one last night bro.. my last tag was abt this one..

    njcely done...

    and accenture you weeped.. dont ya worry...

    all for good...

    and novemner 24th.. i have to mark tat down down...

    and dostana.... man.. why?

  3. thats a tamil song brother....... a seoothing effect....i love it

  4. nice tag....ste is a bachha...a he/she ( loves barbie dols..hehe...
    btw..i tagged u too..huh :P

  5. hmmmm... interesting :P

    i'll take it up very soon :)




  7. Hey.. 24th nov.. So you a sagittarian..Will surely let you know when i write the tag.. :-)..

  8. Hey Ste,

    Thank you for the very first tag that you have given me.

    Will do it just now.



  9. I love those songs too.. :)

    Nice tag buddy...:) Simple and straight.. ;)

    Thanks for tagging me..


  10. will take up the tag tonight..
    thank you for tagging me. and you ddi it wonderfully..

    munbe va is indeed a noce song...ennakkum pidikkum.:)but unsirippinil is the most favorite.. as in favoritist.. :)

  11. Nicely done tag dude ...Will take it up soon :)

  12. likhetu
    i tag u
    see my blog

  13. looks gud stephen...!!!

    gluck in the new year, happy studyin!!!

  14. stibu en blogkku vaa..awards lined up for you.. :D

  15. got to know more abt u

    my sis is my best friend too