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That night at Pemako 5 - end part

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As the police constable removed the cloth, Ananya could not believe her eyes.

“Oh my God!, how could he be the one? ,” Ananya was shocked for a while.

She rubbed her eyes again and she merely fainted.

“This idiot has done everything,” Inspector Eddie said in a typical mallu tone.

“He can’t do that sir,” Ananya said to the police officer.

“How could Uncle Sai do this?,” she could not believe her eyes.

Inspector Eddie soon gave a punch to the culprit.

Ananya was shocked and so was Ishant. Ananya treated Sai as her own father. She could not accept the fact.

“C’mon Spill the beans, man,” The police officer slapped him.

Mr.Sai was feeling guilty .He could not look at his niece’s face. He faced the ground and agreed to confess everything.

“Since, childhood I was never loved by my parents. All they knew was just my brother Pratik.He was everything to them. They loved him to such an extent that they wrote a will stating that all the wealth belongs to Pratik,” Sai could not bear it any more. He started crying. He was now looking at Ananya.

“I had to suffer great losses and when I asked your father for help, he didn’t even bothered to look at me,” he said to Ananya.

“What kind of brother is he, who doesn’t helps his sibling at times of need?,” he added .

He said that his elder brother Pratik refused to help him overcome his financial debts. He urgently needed 25 lakhs, but there was no one to help him. He felt like he was backstabbed by everyone. Few days later he came to know about Ananya’s research tour.

“ I started following her secretly .As I expected, she slept with her boyfriend,” he said to Inspector Eddie Thomas.

He had a plan of capturing everything in a video camera and grab some money from his niece.

He started following them closely. It was 8 pm and they both got intimate with each other

“I took the help of a local Tibetian called ‘Yansu Choy’, and we both approached the place where they were resting,” Sai confessed.

Mean while Ishant was looking at Ananya to see how she reacted. She was worried and stressed.

“What about Sameer?,” Ananya asked her uncle.

“While we were shooting the video, Sameer got up and was creating troubles,” Sai said.

He said that Sameer fought with him and grabbed the video camera. Yansu Choy and Sai both took him to a corner of a tree and beat him to death.

“Where was his body when I came to take my HSBC credit card?,” Ishant asked him.

“We both were hiding behind a tree when you guys came at first. As soon as you left, we both disposed his body and perhaps that was the time when you came for your credit card,” Sai said to Ishant.

“Bloody Chap had planned it accurately, but no one can escape in front of Eddie’s eyes,” Inspector Eddie said.

The police officer asked him about the Tibetian Yansu Choy. Sai told that he never saw him after that incident.

“You have Sai in your name and you do such evil things to a person who is like your daughter,” The police said to Sai.

“Ananya,” Sai said to his niece.

“Don’t dare you call me, you bloody creature,” she said to her uncle.

“I won’t forgive you and I don’t wish to see you again in life,” She started crying.

Sai was taken in to police custody for 3 weeks .They were also searching for the Tibetian Yansu Choy who had escaped.

“He killed Sami,” Ananya started weeping.

“Sami died for me Ish,” she cried .She was missing Sami. Sami was her best friend.

“Sami died for me,” She screeched.

Ishant soothed her and wiped her tears. He took him to Bhadkal Lake.

Sami always used to travel 30 minutes from the main city to enjoy the beauty of the lake. He loved the lake very much like his friends. Ananya, Ishant and Sami used to meet each other at the Bhadkal Lake.

It was 7 pm. The night sky was tinged with purple and speckled red shades. The sun was setting below the lake. The sky was showing a stunning display of shades of purple, pink orange and red, a few dark spots and a bit of yellow reflections in the water.

They both lied on the green grasses. They looked at the sun.

People come and people go,
But losing you was such a blow.
Everywhere we look
It's you we see.

Your smile, your eyes
Your jokes, your voice.
Everything haunts!
Everything taunts!

It hurts each time we breath
For it is heavy with your memories.
It hurts every time we cry
For its your shoulder we miss.

Your words, your pictures,
Your love, your friendship.
Everything haunts!
Everything taunts

To lose you is like
losing our soul.
To know you is like
knowing ourself.

Your smile, your eyes,
Your jokes, your voice.
Everything haunts!
Everything taunts!

Are you happy there?
Are you watching us here?
Gently a wind blows.
You are right here with us!

"We miss you Sami, we love you," Ananya and Ishant said looking at the sky.

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  1. Ok! That wasnt expected...But I was wondering why did you introduce the party scenario..Now I know! :)

    Damn good, Ste! Waiting for the next series!

  2. Uncle Sai.....Shock and awe...Nice one mann ....Show this script now to a Bollywood Director :)

  3. it is a sure shot success story..
    i second anurag... take it to mahesh bhatt..

  4. omg...hw could he do that to his niece...amazing write up u have ny questions why i call u the story king...loved it ste...

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  6. I knew tat it was tat uncle character but i was not able to guess the reason at all!!! nice poems in all the posts!!! and nice story as well!!! :)

  7. Hey.. Really liked the poem.. gud one.. !!!

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    the first four parts went like ordinary stuff
    the climax was a ripper

    way to go bud...

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    It was damn good!

  12. ste, that was brilliant bro..!
    an uncle from nowhere! :D

    super! :)

    loved the poem too...

  13. The story was nice, could have added some depth, was moving very fast was like watchin a movie in fast fwd :D, climax was the best out of the lot. Luved the poetry :D:D
    and oh yeah.. needs more emotions, the (tragedy of losing a friend and the horror of being blackmailed).
    thats all i got to say. :P

    overall, it was a nice read :)

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    I felt like reading this Enid Blyton series- 'Famous Five'... I mean, the style of writing and ending was relateable.... :)

    ANyway, a wonderful series comes to an end.... Now go catch that korean director.... ;)

    Sry for commenting late... yest, Power cut..


  16. Hmm... first of all, bad Ste, you want more blog hits this way, eh???

    The ending was totally unexpected... even though I got plenty of hints... ;)

  17. wow ste.... this was WONDERFUL.... that poem in the end had me in tears... it was so touching.... i'm really sad sami had to die in the story... but i guess a little sadness always has a beauty attached to it

    GREAT work Ste... *applauses*

    You brought it out so well :)

  18. Wow!!! That's AMAZING!!! I wanted to wait till I read the whole story to comment.. I didn't expect the story to take a turn that way.. I thought Sami or he and Ishant were pranking on her..just to get laugh or something..
    Although, I loved the story cos it was such a blow to my expectation and I loved the poetry too!!..Great job Stephen!!

  19. anly

    am happy that u liked it.....coz no one expected this twist :)
    am glad

  20. mehak

    i told u naa ......thanks ...poems by rash and leo ....

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    thats y i asked u to think think think

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    climax ...i had to think over it and came out with that

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  33. First of all, sincere apologies for commenting so late!!

    Ste, you mentioned in one of your posts about u being nicknamed "the story king" by someone. Must say you have totally lived up to that! A brilliantly crafted plot tempered with soulful poems was just right for both the heart and the brain. Truly a treat to read!!

    However, I feel the suspense could have gone on for some more time.. but that may be becoz I was wanting more of the story!! ;)

    Once again Ste, kudos! Keep surprising us with such delightful reads... Can't wait fot the next one!

    Cheers and God bless!