Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gully Cricket..

Gully Cricket..
As of now everyone knows that cricket is my passion.People in my country are mad behind cricket,everyone in my country admires the game.In India gully cricket(also called as street cricket) is famous.There cant be a single street in India where you wont find kids playing cricket.When I was 14 we used to play a lot of cricket,as those were the days where we really got time to play.At 19 ,its difficult to manage time and no one expects you to play at a street.
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Earlier we used to live in a society where we played with friends.Those were my school days .We used to play gully cricket at the age of 13 and most of our matches used to against big boys.Those big boys were like the mighty Aussies and we were like minnows before them,and obviously they were the favourites.I am going to narrate you about two incidents where we won the matches just because of me.I guess it was 23rd May ,2000 where I was having my school summer vacations.My friends and me used to play cricket at our school playground which used to be our gully cricket venue.It was a short match of 6 overs and we were put in to bat first .Those days underarm cricket were preffered over overarm as were were kids.We lost our first 2 wickets in quick successions and I was the person who controlled my teams scoring as all scorings were done by me.We made 117 of the stipulated 6 overs where I played my best of 98* of just 24 balls.I bet this is an unbeaten record in gully cricket history ...hahaha lol. and finally we went on to win the game.
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It was 17th December 2000 ,we were having our christmas vacations and that was the day when I registered my best bowling figures of 6-14 against the big boys and went on to win the game quite easily.Now its very difficult to find time to play cricket.But we play cricket during our off lectures .But now we call it as box cricket.I believe that with my left arm batting and right arm pace bowling ,I have always been the best among the rest.........may be a great gully cricketer.As I am a amateur cricketer ,I dont play that much of cricket.I really wanna play lots of cricket these days......but now we are big boys,arent we?.I just miss those days very badly.Gully cricket simply rockssss!!!!!

Gully cricket rocks!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Broken Toes....

Well,the title of this post may sound silly,but trust me I promise I won't induce humour in this post atleast. I don't know how I would keep my words, but I would try writing a serious post. :p

Ok ,the other day I was playing cricket with few of my colony friends. I was on the batting side. We were like 8 players in each side. Well,I would proudly call myself as the "night watchman" or the "last batsmen". Trust me I seldom play cricket .I didn't know when to apply front drive and square drive.Our opening batsmen were like genuine opening pairs of one day cricket like Sehwag - Gambhir or Gilly- Hayden. We were proud of the same.They played big innings and everything was fine until Niresh got out . They had put enough runs on board and our captain was going crazy. He asked me to bat. I was like "flying on air". I entered the field like an aggressive batsman. I don't know why,but when I stepped on the crease to bat,the wicketkeeper was sniggering at me. May be he was amused by my batting skills . The bowler came running towards me as if I had proposed his girlfriend on Valentine's day. His face exhibited anger and his gestures were not appreciable. He throwed the ball over my shoulder. I was like scared. I never knew what to do. I would tackle a spinner on any track,but this guy was frightening me with his looks and his bowling actions. I looked behind to see who was entering our building. When I looked at her,I felt as if shewas walking towards me. I could see her angelic face and would notice her seraphic smile from a long distance. I was immersed in some different thoughts. She was my neighbours guest and now I don't have words to describe her.
Some Aatif song was running through my mind whichwas completely unware of the bowler running towards me to deliver the ball.

"Pehli Nazar Mein Kaise Jaado Kar Diya Tera Ban Baita Hai Mera Jiya
Jaane Kya Hoga Kya Hoga Kya Pata
Is Pal Ko Milke Aa Jee Le Zara"
"Ouchh!!! Mummy," I screached. It was paining like hell. I soon came out of my dream song as the bowler yorked the ball straight on my right toe. I got hurt badly and I could not take it easily ,so I had to leave the field. We managed to make a formiddable score of around 127 in 10 overs. Now,we were supposed to bowl. The other team made a good start.I was fielding at the slip position. I didn't knew what silly point was until Rahul asked me to field at that position. I was pretty excited at first . Initially I was standing near the wicketkeeper (also called as slip).I presumed that silly point was some where near the boundary rope. I just ran towards the boundary . "Abhey kahaan jaa raha hai tuu," Rahul shouted as he was the captain.
"What the fuck ?," I was shocked and never realized that Rahul would do this to me."Yahaan," I asked him.

"Han,Vahii ,get closer to the batsman," He said as if he was taking revenge on me.I was standing at silly point without helmets and that too without supporters. Imagine how scared I was?.

Ashu was our fast bowler . He was allset to start his "Xpress train " . I was standing close to the batsman at silly point .My eyes soon got a glance of the same girl .Now she was leaving the gates. My body was turned at an angle of 68 degrees (now don't ask me how I calculated), and my eyes stared the same girl in pink dress.The same song was running on my mind.
"Pehli Nazar Mein Kaise Jaado Kar Diya Tera Ban Baita Hai Mera Jiya Jaane Kya Hoga Kya Hoga Kya Pata Is Pal Ko Milke Aa Jee Le Zara Mein Hoon Yahan Tu Hai Yahan Meri Bahon Mein Aa Aa Bhi Ja O Jaan-E-Jaan Dono Jahan Meri Bahon Mein Aa Bhool Ja Aa"

"Ouchh,Damm!!," I screamed for once and my dream song came to an end without any climax .This time the batsman had hit hard on my left toe.This time it was paining very badly.I was jumping like mad and people were laughing at me. The building watchman was keenly watching me for all the stupid actions of mine.
I finally played cricket after many years and after that I had badly injured both the toes of mine.Damm...nowi ts paining like hell.......its swollen red.......

and yeah we won the match by 19 runs.People were celebrating the victory and I was yelling in pain.......ouchhhhhhhhh!!!!

Monday, February 09, 2009

25 things you didn't know about me!

25 things you didn't know about me!
My good friend Asbah asked me to write 25 things about me.At first,I didn't knew what to write,but now I am writing this.Thanks for this tag Asbo.
Here it goes,

1. I hate my name .Its not because its a western name,infact all my cousins in my family have Hindu name although we are Christians.I am the only one with a hi-fi Western name which people find difficult to pronounce.To get a better feel of it ,come to my college and ask few profs to call me by my name lol.

2. I love my little kido,my sweet sister Anu. We fight like enemies and we poke each others with needles ,pen nib and pencils and after some time we are friends.See ,thats called true brother and sister.

3. I love it when people address me with a scholar tag .I feel like I am on the top of the world.I am used to such tags and nicks during school days.I was called Dextor by few friends during my school days.

4. I some times feel if I could have powers of a super hero like Spider man,Batman,Superman etc. so that I could rescue people from their woe's and bring happiness in their life.

5. I like blue color. Its just because my enemy and my ex best friend hates blue color.

6. I am Jester. I like to write funny posts and jokes on my friend. But when they do the same ,I won't spare them.

7. I like to clean my room and wash utensils in my kitchen. Its mainly because I want to reduce my moms work load and help her in household duties.

8. I am a flirt. If you don't believe this come to Nerul station ,you would find me with my gang sitting at the stairs and peeping at girls :p lol . Believe me or not.

9. I some times get inspired by weird things . For 1 month I travelled in Second class compartment .People used to fight for the fourth seat slot. This thing inspired me and I decided to write a story on it. I thought on similar lines and the story turned out to be different.But clever me ,I didn't changed the title :p

10. I like TV5asie ,a french TV channel. I don't know french ,even then I see it.Don't think that I am crazy ,but if you want to know the real reason,ask me in personal .My gtalk id is step47@gmail.com.

11. I have many nick names. Be free to call me by any name. My recent nick is Likhetu coined by Chirag, my Lounge friend.

12.I am the Co founder of "The Writers Lounge " group blog. The other two founders are Asbah and Sandeep Balan.

13. I treat Sandeep Balan as my guru and a mentor. I get inspired from him. He gave me certain tips and he taught me the concept of twist factor in a story. I tried to play a prank and included a character called Sandeep Malan in my "Office,Love series" and later on with "The Legend of Sandeep Malan".

14. I love my country and my language very much.

15. No one in my family knows that I am a blogger and I write short stories .

16. I danced for the first time during college fest and it was a funny incident.We all friends danced like mad.

17. I like painting and drawing.

18. I suck at poems as I always say. But some time I write good stories.... also called "The Story King " by Sweta.

19. I field at Silly point position without helmet and supporters .See how brave I am.

20. I copied for the first time in class tests and got less marks :p

21. I some times listen to musics.

22. All my cousins in my family know me as a good boy. But,to be honest I am a devil."An idol mind is a devils workshop" ....how true naaa.

23. I sleep in class during lectures and even got caught some times by teachers.

24. I am very shy when it comes to talking with girls. Believe me or not.

25. I am a lazy bum.....ask me something to do and I won't do it for sure. :p see how lazy I am.

thanks for this tag Asboo....

Saturday, February 07, 2009

The guy in the Lingerie Store.......

He was 21 years old and he was very popular in his college.He was doing his final year Engineering .He was a spoilt brat and a big time jester who amused people with his stupid jokes.There can't even be a single soul who didn't laughed at his jokes.The " young lady with the orange carrot" was one of his very famous jokes. I won't write about that joke as the contents of the same are inappropriate for certain readers .This was said by the same person infact he was the one who was involved in this story which I am going to narrate. We laughed when he told this to us for the first time.We all laughed like mad. Ok ,now its time for the story.

There was a guy who wanted to live life differently.He was 6'1" tall and was looking handsome and smart. Despite of such a physique,he failed to impress even a single girl. Some times he used to get upset .It was the biggest fiasco of his life and he could not bear it any longer.For once ,he decided that he would propose a girl before valentines day.He started roaming across roads and colleges in search of a good looking girl. It was evening and he was standing near his car.He was peeping out of the window as if a greedy man was looking at the stack of currency notes.But, our hero was looking out of the window in search of girls.He scanned the entire place and was dissappointed once again.He believed that it was his fate and bad luck that prevents him.He once again scanned the place in search of a girl.He was not a despo ,but some times a despo .Yeah,its confusing , but what to do read its my narration .

He got a glance of a young girl smiling at him.He looked behind to confirm that she was smiling at him. Now he was assured that she was smiling at him .He soon turned towards his car and combed his hairs and adjusted his dress. He soon removed his spectacles.He then headed towards the girl. Every one knew that he was color blind and without his glasses he could not see an image with proper clarity. He entered the store to meet the girl. As he entered ,every one started staring at him.He winked his eyes again and again in search of the girl. But ,he could only see womens all around .There was not even a single male around him. He didn't realized that he had entered the "My Heart Lingerie store".

"What is this guy doing in a lingerie store?" was the million dollar question to be asked at that time. He started walking towards the girl . She smiled at him once again.
"What do you want ,Sir? ", she asked him.
He soon pointed his finger towards a panty . He imagined it to be a male undergarment as he had removed his glasses.But in reality , it was a female undergarment or a panty in short.
"For your girlfriend sir,"she asked with a gentle smile.

"No,its for me," he said winking his eyes.
"Whatt??," the sales girl believed that our hero swinged the other way.

He was standing near the semi nude statues that were revealing the store's undergarments. He looked at the statue as he was feeling shy . Now ,the girl was really confused. She was wondering what the hell was wrong with this guy.
"140Rs, sir," she gave the bill to our hero.

He spoke to her and eventually they went on to become good friends.They also exchanged their phone number. At last our "Lonely hero" got a girlfriend.When he returned home,he was immersed in some thoughts.He was thinking of ways to propose her. He soon removed the undergarment pack which he presumed to be a male undergarment . He was shocked and stunned for a while. "Oh My God,"was his first reaction. He asked for a panty instead of an underwear. He was embarassed and was dumbstood. After few while ,he was laughing at himself. Now,he had an idea .He was allset to propose the sales girl of "My Heart Lingerie store" who smiled at him. He was excited that he will propose the girl on Valentines day. "Yays," he shouted.

He was thinking of some different gift for the girl.He was planning it to be a special gift.

hey guys,can you tell me what the gift would be ? Think of some funny ideas and write it on the comment section.

Will be back with the climax part of this story on 14th February.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Sandwiched between the chicks.....

Hey,this thing happened when I was in class 10 .I was just 15 yr old.I could not imagine that my hormones were over active at that age.I was very naughty and I never imagined that one day my naughtiness would cross its limit.It was my hindi lecture at my coaching class.

I was also know as "a late comer" as I was not punctual.I came back home from school at 1.30 pm.I soon completed all my works and reclined on my sofa just like reclining buddha statue.I never realized that I was getting late for my coaching classes.Classes were supposed to start at 2.30 pm.I was fetching snacks and food items so that I could eat something before I leave.I rested on my sofa and I slept for a while.By then ,it was 2.25 pm.A phone call awaked me.It was my dad asking me wheter I left for classes or not."Oh my God!!! I am sleeping here," I soon rushed to the bathroom.

I washed my face and got ready for my classes.I took my english text book instead of my hindi book.I didn't had enough bucks to take an Auto and hence I had to walk all the way.By the time I reached my classes premises ,it was already 2.50 pm. My Sir asked me to rush in quickly.When I entered the class ,every one stared at me just like they had seen any alien on earth."oh my , stop staring at me guys," I said in my mind.My eyes were wide open when I could not find any place to sit.The classroom was jam packed with all studentsI could not step in.Maa'm told me to sit at the second bench. I soon got a glance of two chicks on that bench.
"Maa'm ,there is no place , how would I fit in ," I said to my hindi teacher.
She told me not to waste any time and get settled as soon as possible.Any how I tried reaching the second bench.I asked one of the girls to shift ,but there was no place.Any how I managed to get into a position.Finally,I found myself sitting between both of them. Yes,I was sandwiched between two beautiful girls.Imagine,a 5'8" tall boy sitting in a small place and that too between two girls.At first , I felt like kicking my self.I was cursing myself for that short sleep at home.My butts were paining like hell.I could not widen my legs.I looked at the girls on either side.My eyes soon grabbed the attention of their legs.I was helpless and I couldn't do much.The teacher was teaching "Janak ki peeda," and here I felt like teaching her "Steph ki peeda ".
"Some one please save me," I felt like crying. In the event my hands touched their body .
"Oops," I guess you know what I am talking about.At the same time, an ant bit me.It added to my sorrow.Instead of scratching my thigh ,I scratched the others girls thigh.I thought I would get beaten up.But ,she didn't mind."Thank god," I said. But it was fun sitting with two chicks. I didn't knew what happened to me that day. I was fidgeting with my books and pens. I was frequently getting up and adjusting myself. It distracted my teacher and she asked me to sit at the last bench."Oh Ma'm,don't say that ," was my first reaction. It was just 35 minutes. Those 35 minutes were like 10 minutes for me. After that day,we three became good friends.
When I sat at the last bench,I could hear murmurs. Those were my friends."Sale ,Chance maar liya naa ,"they said to me."Shhh," I gave them a wicked smile.

After that day ,I tried coming late everyday atleast 15 minutes late. But I soon realized that I was early as all guys came after me. Hey,I guess I am pretty much inspired from the Chronic Writer :p

I still think of that day when I was Sandwiched between the two chicks.Yays,some one get me those past days

1.Rafal Nadal won his first Australian open title after beating Roger Federer in 5 sets.

2.Ste broke his previous attendance record of 37% which was created in Sem3.Now ,he has recorded a low attendance of 26% in his last semester .Here is the detailed analysis that was giving in his college site.

click image to enlage

ps: college has started and as a result I am not being able to catch up with your post.Will read your posts during weekends.