Monday, February 02, 2009

Sandwiched between the chicks.....

Hey,this thing happened when I was in class 10 .I was just 15 yr old.I could not imagine that my hormones were over active at that age.I was very naughty and I never imagined that one day my naughtiness would cross its limit.It was my hindi lecture at my coaching class.

I was also know as "a late comer" as I was not punctual.I came back home from school at 1.30 pm.I soon completed all my works and reclined on my sofa just like reclining buddha statue.I never realized that I was getting late for my coaching classes.Classes were supposed to start at 2.30 pm.I was fetching snacks and food items so that I could eat something before I leave.I rested on my sofa and I slept for a while.By then ,it was 2.25 pm.A phone call awaked me.It was my dad asking me wheter I left for classes or not."Oh my God!!! I am sleeping here," I soon rushed to the bathroom.

I washed my face and got ready for my classes.I took my english text book instead of my hindi book.I didn't had enough bucks to take an Auto and hence I had to walk all the way.By the time I reached my classes premises ,it was already 2.50 pm. My Sir asked me to rush in quickly.When I entered the class ,every one stared at me just like they had seen any alien on earth."oh my , stop staring at me guys," I said in my mind.My eyes were wide open when I could not find any place to sit.The classroom was jam packed with all studentsI could not step in.Maa'm told me to sit at the second bench. I soon got a glance of two chicks on that bench.
"Maa'm ,there is no place , how would I fit in ," I said to my hindi teacher.
She told me not to waste any time and get settled as soon as possible.Any how I tried reaching the second bench.I asked one of the girls to shift ,but there was no place.Any how I managed to get into a position.Finally,I found myself sitting between both of them. Yes,I was sandwiched between two beautiful girls.Imagine,a 5'8" tall boy sitting in a small place and that too between two girls.At first , I felt like kicking my self.I was cursing myself for that short sleep at home.My butts were paining like hell.I could not widen my legs.I looked at the girls on either side.My eyes soon grabbed the attention of their legs.I was helpless and I couldn't do much.The teacher was teaching "Janak ki peeda," and here I felt like teaching her "Steph ki peeda ".
"Some one please save me," I felt like crying. In the event my hands touched their body .
"Oops," I guess you know what I am talking about.At the same time, an ant bit me.It added to my sorrow.Instead of scratching my thigh ,I scratched the others girls thigh.I thought I would get beaten up.But ,she didn't mind."Thank god," I said. But it was fun sitting with two chicks. I didn't knew what happened to me that day. I was fidgeting with my books and pens. I was frequently getting up and adjusting myself. It distracted my teacher and she asked me to sit at the last bench."Oh Ma'm,don't say that ," was my first reaction. It was just 35 minutes. Those 35 minutes were like 10 minutes for me. After that day,we three became good friends.
When I sat at the last bench,I could hear murmurs. Those were my friends."Sale ,Chance maar liya naa ,"they said to me."Shhh," I gave them a wicked smile.

After that day ,I tried coming late everyday atleast 15 minutes late. But I soon realized that I was early as all guys came after me. Hey,I guess I am pretty much inspired from the Chronic Writer :p

I still think of that day when I was Sandwiched between the two chicks.Yays,some one get me those past days

1.Rafal Nadal won his first Australian open title after beating Roger Federer in 5 sets.

2.Ste broke his previous attendance record of 37% which was created in Sem3.Now ,he has recorded a low attendance of 26% in his last semester .Here is the detailed analysis that was giving in his college site.

click image to enlage

ps: college has started and as a result I am not being able to catch up with your post.Will read your posts during weekends.


  1. Hehe... what will the girls say when they read this post... :P

    And yes, Ste is very very naughty... u were 5'10'' in tenth std???

  2. wow wow!!
    cudnt stop laughing man!!
    hormones dialogue mera chori kia.. :P
    ste ki peeda!! but it turned itno pleasure' wow! :D

    mast post!
    write such more often!

  3. hehe....
    how i wish i were in your position...

    which post are you referring too?
    cos i couldnt get that link here...

    sad that fed lost...

    and kudos for the percentage..


  4. :P keep bunking classes :P and enjoy sandwiches :P

  5. oh I thought i'm the first one :)

    but anyway, nice story, i love the part of being late but still being early :P

    keep writing such an adventurous childhood!!

  6. AttenDANCE ONLINE! i'd have been screwed royally at home had that been put up on my coll website!

  7. hey that was fun through out :)
    luck guy i must say ;)

  8. nice haha! what a motivation to be tardy. =p

  9. nice haha! what a motivation to be tardy. =p

  10. naughty you are.. i wonder why the girls didnt have any problem when you ended up scratching them.. lol if they were blondes the pic describes.. i will say you got lucky... lol

    funny write up ..had me smiling throughout :)

  11. Girls don't do anything if you scratch them BY MISTAKE?! I would have slappped you. Thank God no one as rowdy as me was there :-D
    Was funnny!

  12. abbe kitna panga letaa hain stephen .....

    congo on get into defaulters :D

  13. hehehe..lolz..
    btw title mast hai..hahaha..
    i luved it more..

    thnk god u didnt done nything wrong :P ...
    n same for the gals..i mean chicks :P :P

    P.S : three cheers of nadal
    hip hip hurray x 3 :P

  14. Heheheheheh

    I loved it... seriously! keep writting ste i love readng u ...

  15. Hahahaha :D
    Way to go man! :D

  16. you sure seem to have had the time of your life even in a butt pain ;)

  17. hehe....
    saala... got lucky ...!! u scratched her thigh and she dint slap u?? try to remember...!!

    hehe.. nice funny write up man....

    Stephen ki peeda.... hehe.. lolz


  18. Those 2 girls dont read ur post huh?!

    and dude you live in mumbai and u used to go to hindi coaching classes?!

  19. dude,...10th standard and sittin with would have been likka dream come true back then eh. :D

  20. That was a mighty funny post.

    P.s. Nice blog you got here dude!

  21. lol.. verrry interesting buddy ;-)

  22. *ahem* Someone's had a good time... ;)

    Wow... And tht's some attendance. Had you been where I graduated, I would have pitied your plight. ;)



  23. hehe
    lucky you..
    woh ladki ne teko padak ke mara nai..?? hehe bach gaya beta

  24. man u are sooo naughtyy.. lol.. hehe

    hehe hope those gurls are not reading this.. if they are love to see their reactions.. ;)

  25. Lucky u... I wish I was... But no girls in boys school n no such coaching classes i attended :(

  26. ha ha, u have done a marvellous job wrt ur attendance, but 8th sem of engg, no one goes to class, not even me.
    But lucky you, we didn't have those three seaters in our class, just two seaters, so no sandwiching, huh!

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  28. omg...

    they didn't beat you up???? :O

    if some guy did that to me i would have wacked his head off :D

    (no offence meant budzz) :)

  29. lol aks no i w as 5 8 at 10th

    btw glad u liked it

  30. priyanka

    han hormone wala tera hi churaya hai


  31. chriz...if u wre in my position then it wud be more fun man :p

  32. yeah nan join me even i will give u a sandwich to eat :p lolz

  33. yeah islex

    i wud write abt it for sure

    i have loads of such things

    even i liked the late early thing hehehe

  34. jack

    nt lucky bro

    it was really paining man

  35. damm dish

    u call them poor girls hehehe

    poor mee ;-p

  36. arey kajal

    thats the trick naaa lol

    yes me very naughty .....see my past lolz

  37. lol aayush ur a brave girl rowdy types lolz

    hehe accept it

  38. hehe amrita mujhe aise hi title chahiye thaa re :p

  39. thanks insiiii ...

    i am really happy and glad that u liked reading it

  40. arjun nw dont get jealous maan....huh huh huh

  41. thoorika

    no they didnt slapped mee

    may be ultra modern girls lol

    hey i am nt good in hindi so had to go for CC

  42. nishanth yaaa

    late comer meee naaa :P


  43. hehe haan re bach gaya mein

    ladki ne mujhe kuch nahi kahaa ...meri dost hai naa re

  44. ani wht say

    do u want the girls to read this

    lol will ask them to mail their reactions to u wht say

  45. tequilla

    yes me lucky enough

    coz they didnt do anything coz of my attendance lol

  46. asmi

    hey i didnt do anything wrong nor did the chicks

    u see i am a very sweet kid naaa

  47. mehek

    thats u yaa

    bachke raho dudes....look whoz talking


  48. hehe glad that every one liked this post

  49. good memories huh?? :)

    hmmm..I am wondering about that girl who didn't mind being scratched by a boy..I would have smacked you right on your face..wud have shown you not just the stars but the planets as well..hahaha :)