Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Yesterday , "The Excellence award" were presented at the WRITERS LOUNGE. This award is given for acknowledging talents.I was really surprised after the awards were announced. I finally made into 5 categories.Yays!!! 5 excellence award for me..Here is the award that I won.

Thanksgiving speech

"Well...I am shocked.. to be honest. . hey !! can I jump or pinch my self. ......or is it an illusion or a dream that I am seeing.. .. When the awards were announced yesterday ,I was quite sure that I would win atleast one,but at the end of the day I won 5 ' excellence' awards. This award is no different than the Oscars for me.I am honoured and overwhelmed.I am speechless.... thanks a lot guys for considering me for the various categories ....I am very happy now...I would like to dedicate this award to my country and city "Mumbai" .It was this little city that gave me the strenght and inspired me.Thanks a lot Sandeep Bhai for inspiring me through your every write.Thanks a lot Mom, Appa and Anu .. ..for supporting me everytime.I would like to dedicate this award to my best friend Parul...through whom I see my reflection.She has encouraged and motivated me at times.At times when I thought of deleting my blog, it was she who supported and inspired me through her each and everyword.. In this 3 years of blogging ,I have won many awards from my friends,but this one is special one for me.... .Hey, I would like to give this awards to my nephews and neice Melu,Jerry and Ketsiya......your Stibu mama won an award guys.... ..and also to the little baby boy who entered our family 3 days ago ....your stibu chachu has won an award for u daa ....may god bless u .. ..and lastly I dedicate this award to Almighty.. ...if it wasnt his grace. ..then I would be no where..... thanks a lot Writers Lounge for this award .. .Love yaa guysss......."

The Solitary Writer was awarded for the following categories
#1 Best Initiative (prose) - Chain Posts:
I was awarded along with Sandeep ,Lover,Asbah,Rashi and Priyanka for our work on the post called "The Kiss" which was a chain post

# 2 "The Jester @ Lounge" Award (humour):
I am honoured to share this award with two other humour writers...... offcourse Sandeep being the king of Humour ....... . and yeah even Arjun....the witty humour writer... congo guys....

#3 Best Comic Character Creation (Series):
Yays....I won this for the comic character I created....He is called "Sandeep Malan" and the series is called "The Legend of Sandeep Malan" .....

#4 Best Youth Centric Story(Series):
I again share this award with Arjun, my partner in crime.... we both write this story series called "2 POINT SOME ONE"... do read it when u r free.....

#5Lifetime Achievement Award (Award for exceptional contribution towards the lounge)
This one is a big one for me....thanks Writers Lounge....Love u guys.....

And yeah the other day .. . KAN awarded me this award called "honest scrapper"

I give this honest scrapper to all my blogger friends who regularly visit my blog and comment on each and every post of mine....

And yeah ,I dedicated this poem to my brother Sandeep for his birthday... happy birthday sandeep bhaii iii ( 30th march)

I looked at the sky to see the stars,
It was you who showed me one.
You taught me what is life?
You made me sane from insane.
You 're my guide,my mentor , an alter - ego
I suffered all the pains,
and it was you who shared my sorrows.
I cried aloud to show my grief,
It was you who gave me a helping hand.
on the rocky road wherever you went,
I followed you right behind.
You were my guru,mentor and a guide.
I had a brave chivalrous knight in form of you.
You had done a lot to me,
You stood by me on my every decisions.
Its me who hurt you,
with all those jokes and pranks on you.
Now when you revert the same,
My weak heart is not approving the same.
I love you brother,
For you are my elder brother.

Thanks a lot Meri Jaaan
Love you Bhaaaiiiiiii

You're my support system....Love yaa

Thanks every one.... Love yaaaa.... and yeah as usual,..me busy with college project works.....will be back to blog hopping very soon


  1. congrats likhetu ,you deserve those awards

  2. and ohh!! congrats dude, 5 awards in one , plus Lifetime excellence... thats excemplary... keep the good work up ;)

  3. Congrats! u nd Kajal tryin to emulate Slumdog's sweep of da oscars??????? :P :P :P :P

    bt seriously awesome achievement! go, revel nd bask in da glory! coz u deserve it! :)

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  5. Warm felicitations on the award. Richly deserved.

    Good luck with ur project. Ve been busy meself... Catch u sometime soon.


  6. congratulations my pokemon.. you deserve every bit of it..

    hugs!! :)

  7. congrats bro..!!! ;)

    Keep the good work going...

    Stephen zindabaad..!! ;)


  8. wow congrats :)
    you truly deserve this one for the amazing job at WL :)

    keep up the good work!

  9. So many awards?!! Congratulations !!! where is the party?!

  10. have a mask party... halloween types..

    and sandeep turned 30?


  11. U truly deserve all these awards ste..
    N btw.. NICE but LONG Speeech..phew..:D

  12. congrats
    nice speech
    awesome poem....

  13. kaun diye hai award naam batao...
    ste toh nautanki hai...
    kaha se laya hai bol be

  14. its the first time I am visiting you blog and I see a winner dere. :)

    Congratulations! for all of your awards and hope you keep the good work coming.