Friday, March 27, 2009

The Election Algorithm.......

**See the Solitary Writer as a Whimper,Critic....which you don't see quite often.

Election algorithm is one of the most trickiest algorithm that I had ever learned during my college days. No wonder this is tricky ,but I should say that I loved it.It aims at electing the co ordinator while considering the process unique number. It may be bouncers or beamers to any one reading till this line.Hey Anurag and Ajay , I guess you both know this Algorithm.Election is up ahead in few weeks time and guess what all the good works of the Congress is coming to an end.Its now time to elect a new Prime Minister.Lets go tete-a- tete with this discussion.I am all excited as this is the first time that I will be casting vote. * Flying in the sky :P *

Last month ,I got a call from the regional election office to verify details and the documents for scrutiny purpose. I asked them about the voting process and the time period within which I will get my voter Id.He said that they would mail us the voted id to our home and one could see a delirious Ste. Now,It seem to me like my first movie or my first cricket match. I hope I don't mess it out and make the right choice to elect our nations wise man. But Sometimes I wonder what our leaders have done for our country. Seriously I expect everyone to think twice before voting.Well assess everything from the last time you elected your sagacious wise man....hey ladies by wise man here I refer our prime minister . Well,Jokes apart I seriously want my fellow country mates to think and lets see the drawbacks of this thing..hey not the election algorithm.My sir didn't teach us the election algorithm in that detail as most of the time we often have questionnaire session where he asks questions and experiments his teaching skills with clever students .Well, the name of this post may sound silly. It has nothing to do with the "Election Algo" ,but the real life election process and the election algo have some striking resemblances and similarities.During the last Lok sabha election, no wonder Congress won owing to various failures of the NDA govt at the centre. But , after 5 years now I wonder what has the UPA done for Indians .
The goal of the "Election Algo" is to ensure that when an election starts it concludes with all the processes agreeing upon who the new co ordinator is ,just like the Election Commisioner.
But in the EA, every process takes parts in the election and agrees upon a single co ordinator.On Contrary, in case of elections various parties decide upon their allies and finally if some one wins they couldn't decide upon their PM candidate.. such is the case in a democratic country like India. Another issue and this is a serious one and I just feel that the EC should take the necessary actions. During the last Tamil Nadu Assembly elections, Karunanidhi promised a free color TV for all those who votes for his party or may be a color TV to everyone after he wins the election.And on the last day of the election campaign Miss Jayalalitha announced free laptops for all students. I wonder wheter this trick would work. Why would she give Laptops to students, she could infact assured poor people about help and offering other services to them. Sooner or later Mr.Karunanidhi came into power and fullfilled his promises. Imagine giving a 1000 Rs color TV to people of TN... Waah!! we should learn something from this leader . Well, people should trust their leaders and have faith in them. These TV,Laptops and 2 Rs Rice won't help you win seats . Well ,these are used for the wrong reasons and it can be considered as bribing . Why is the EC not taking actions against such leaders. To rule a state or a nation ,leaders bribe people by offering TV,Laptop etc.
Well, thats past and lets talk about the future and current scenario. It seems Mr. LK Advani wants to seek youth votes by displaying his banners in social networking sites and in various websites. I had seen his ad on my facebook profile. The other day ,we had a group chat in gmail chat along with Chronic writer,Ajay,Rashi,Charu and my other friends. I was discussing about LK Advani's sms .I usually get up at 7 am and these days I am getting at 6 pm.I should give credits to Mr.LK Advani's election campaign skills. Now, every morning I get an sms where Advani jii reminds me to vote for him. These were the sms I get every day.

1.Shri Advani promises a better future for girl childs through his Laxmi plan.
Sir, in case you find yourself lucky in securing a seat ,I will be pleased and happy to know this . But during this tenure of 5 years what would you do?.How can you assure us that you will give better future for our girls.Wishing you good luck in this matter.
2.Advani promises a free laptop for all college students.
Hey,Sir I am game for this ..but I would rather prefer N96 or an Iphone..But any way your too generous and kind. I am glad that you got time to think about the youths. Wishing you luck sir.

There was a time when we all learnt "71% of people in India practice agriculture". He could promise something that might soothe and please poor farmers of India. I really wonder why they play a game with poor innocent people's heart. I don't have anything against Advani in particular. I am just angry with his reminder sms every day.These days I don't even use my alarm clock. "Advani jii ki jaai ho" for waking me up everyday. :P . Now ,its the time for the parties for the seat negotiations and yeah its a big thing naaa.It has to be "INC Vs BJP" for the center and this time it would be interesting to see who wins the election. Last time it was a clean sweep for INC in states like TN,punjab etc and I am eagerly waiting to know the result this time.
Few days ago,Congress came up with an announcement "25 kg of rice per poor family at 3 Rs/kg". Wow!!! we are gonna get rice at a cheap cost. But , the quality matters and I am game for this too. Thank god now poor people don't need to starve. Don't you think these enticements would work and these promises. Well ,my million dollar question is "Do we have a money tree outside our parliament?". These TV,Laptop and all are coming out from the goverments money and not from our leaders personal bank account. Yesterday our so called "Weak Prime minister " (as called by Advani) came back with a strong reply to Mr.Advani's comments by adding flavour to this tough tiff of words.They were just highlightin the pros and cons of their power during those stipulated 5 years time.The war of words have just begin and we are all set for a strong battle between the parties. Hope the better one to win in this game of politics and the better one survives. Let me write the "Election Algorithm" (not theDC one).
1. Start.
2.Initialization where the EC decides the polling dates.
3.Campaigning phase where the political party play the cameo game of mesmerizing people by bribing them TV ,Laptop,Rice etc.
4.Polling starts where the polling takes place in various phases.

5.Results annoucement
6.If party "P" wins ,then

a) Do the good work for 5 years, else
a) Get a tag as "Opposition party" and just play game on the "Ruling party" and try to bring their goverment down (eg the Nuclear deal where the opposition played an imp role for the anti 271 :p)
7.Tenure gets over and go back to step 2 and continue the entire process.

Well if you observe ,there is no stop to this "election algorithm".
Enough of "Election Algo" and "Election process", now its time for a change as I firmly believe that change is the law of nature.

Hey Mr Advani,if you win then I expect you to send me a laptop and yeah with bluetooth,WiFi connectivity,Cam and speakers. And yays!! yippie.....I am waiting for " 30/4/09" ...the big day in my life....I will transform myself from a "lazy citizen" to a "responsible citizen" by casting my vote.... *floating on air and watches the calendar and encirlces the date 30/4 with his red color marker pen*

**I am no buddha no jesus.I write my own thoughts and I am not Anti Advani nor Anti Congress........sorry if I hurt the sentiments of few readers.


  1. you are a good indian bro... and i am not gonna exercise my vote...

    need a presidential rule.. but not by Prathibha patil mam... need to organise everything.. have to cute the 50000 crore political money and the 55000 crore prosituition business in india..


    good point from you


  2. wow! ste such serious message coming from you makes me so proud of you da..

    pat on your back..

    good one Stibu :)

  3. oo gr8..that was a nice read...
    I m still in paradox to choose betn politics or politricks

  4. Hey ste, First of all that was so far the best article I have read on this big sack of election related posts everywhere on the blogsphere.
    Some rational insights blended with the right humor is always a good read.

    Coming to the post , Well you are definitely correct that this bribe game is so much prevalent that people just fall for it with absolute no clue to what the big picture is. That algo you mentioned is quite logical and rational and I liked it further more because there is little or no involvement of if else statements.

    We Indians are always hooked up with our trivial differences and our mind is always systematically brainwashed to believe and trust the system. Today students need better reforms with the 1950's substandard and obsolete education system than a fucking laptop. Election is just another form of business nothing else. Cost of production is taken into account, project definitions are defined, timeframe is calculated and finally an approximate speculation of how much personal profits a party can incur within that particular timeframe. Thats always has been the absolute agenda for any political party. And sadly people still believe that their choice of politician is going to give them Utopia.

    And that is merely another propaganda and nothing else. People need to stay away from their agenda too. Its funded by the same corporate powerhouses who funds the prime political parties here.

    Theres a whole dump of shit , people doest know about the government and the only way to keep the people inside a utopian myth is by disinformation and mass-hypnosis.


  5. Wow Ste... An amazing write up from you. And I like to second Rag, all these are mere marketing strategies, they were showing how the candidates were getting their photo shoots done for their banners. I mean that was completely a WTF movement. Thank got I am not receiving sms'es from L K Advani but yeah I do receive emails and numerous pop ups and ads while surfing over the internet.

    I don't think these people know what is the meaning of "Practice what you preach." The game is to lure mainly the rural public by giving them offers they cannot refuse [In Godfather style... Trust me... They can even go to the extent of kidnapping someones child for votes]. And I loved the silent but powerful response given by Manmohan Singh, it was completely a blow on Advani's face! But whatever.. Sab ek hi khet ki mooli hai!

    BJP has been spoiling its name time and again and proving the same thing to the public, that they are greedy bastards hungry for power and ofcourse we all know that they will use it for their own selfish motive. Yeh hai Kursi ka Kissa!

    I can never forget the day after the 26/11 incident occured, I had not slept all night, was watching news, and then I read the newspaper the next morning and I was completely outraged by the front page Ad given out by BJP asking for fucking votes to improve the security of the nation.. Another WTF moment! They have been repeating these cheap tactics and the leader of them all are these fuck all smses and advertisements.

    But yeah, if he does promise a laptop for every student, I am in for one too! Let us see how many laptops he would provide...

    Co-incidentally this is the first time I would be casting my vote too, that too on my Birthday! So I really hope I make no mistakes, or back off at the last moment, coz every vote counts!

  6. Hey ash! very commendable thoughts you have got there. Well ..Mayer Amschel Rothschild, once said : "As long as I can control the power of money supply, I don't care who makes the law".

    If I may add to the list of mass-hypnosis there are basically three stages.

    [problem -> reaction -> solution]

    This methodology is the most trusted and widely accepted by the people/groups in power to forever sustain their power.And this is further achieved using a three step power control. Here it is :

    1. Control the mainstream media. And you own what information you got to send the public about yourself. Voila mass-mind control.

    2. Control the money supply. Yes thats one thing absolutely overlooked without any traces of audit in the RBI. Nobody really has any idea that the way new currency printed and supplied to the government has made it fall into huge debts. Our national gdp is merely a cover to the gross loans and kind of mortgage our nation is into.

    3. Control the mass using the classic British theme(divide and rule policy)-Yes this thing is still widely in use by the political powerhouses. I admire the British till today for crafting such cunning policy. Doesnt matter whether its BJP,Cong or any other party. They all are the same. Advani and ManMohan Singh shouts against each other in front of the press in the morning and at the same evening shares a light dinner in the janpath street.Delhi. (this shit is true)!

    That 2611 incident was inevitable.
    Look at the series of events that has taken place after the incident.

    Problem -> terror strikes ! Media comes into play. Nonstop coverage of the siege and people are right infront of the television set all day long like a one-day cricket match. Most of the live coverage did disclose the strategic military movement and also jeopardized the missions. Why do you think a highly trained lethal NSG team took 48 hours to clear the TAJ against 6 armed guys. Media said the terrorists had blueprints and intricate details of the interior of the hotel ? Well wasnt the NSG briefed about the same thing before they started the mission ?

    Reaction-> Mass scale protest against the govt. security infrastructure. Firing of politicians, media ignites more fuel into the public and the whole govt. structure shakes. Or atleast what it appears to the common mass.

    Solution-> Cabinet comes up with new security plans and coins this new agency called NIA(national Investigative Agency) just like the Homeland Security that was founded after the 911 event in US.
    In the name of National Security more anti-privacy and surveillance laws comes in. Just like the Patriot Act of US again. But heres a difference. The accountability is far more less in India than US. So nobody is really sure how much funds went into the development of NIA and how much went into the pockets of the politicians (profits)

    I'm not stating that 2611 was an inside job. But any event like this is very much welcomed by the politicians to further entrench their presence. Yes I do believe there were inside elements but the conspiracy wasnt hatched inside our country.
    Whatever I have said above is just bits and pieces of the whole order. I'm just touching the surface of the iceberg. Please for your own sake and to get a better picture of the way any modern era theoretically Democratic and practically totalitarian govt. works refer to these documentaries on Google Videos and I'm sure it will come as a shocker to you.

    1. Zeitgeist - Peter Joseph
    2. The Obama Deception - Alex Jones
    3. Kymatica & Estoric Agenda - Benjamin Stewart

    "People do not vote" thats all I can say. And boycott elections till the govt gives a public accounting of
    1.Where the tax is invested ?
    2. Details of rise in oil prices
    3. Details of funding the personal expenses of the cabinet
    4. Third party audit of RBI
    5. National Security Infrastructure

    Any the list can go on.
    And ash when is your birthday btw ??? :P

  7. A WOW back at you Rag :) And I would not be surprised if 26/11 had some political connections to it!

    By the way my Birthday is on 30th April :P

  8. Hmmm.. I read your entire post to know your views on politics!!! Karunanidhi's govt has done more harm rather than the other way around.. ! Do you know that there is one option where you have a right to not to vote?! Its like you dont want to vote any candidate and you want to record this fact. you can exercise this right if you feel that none of the candidates are proper enough to lead the country .. !

    I have still not received my voter ID card.. I have been applying for it regularly for past 2 years !!

  9. Yuppp there is an option like Thoorika mentioned. Guess you would like to have a look at this post.

  10. only messages for mr advani??? nothin for d weakest PM ever?? oh did i say that out too loud...if d PM hears this i think hez gonna cry...m sorry mr PM...i'll lend u a tissue...otherwise u always have mrs gandhis sari's pallu

  11. hehe ...what A thought ...Actual Election Algo ka toh keema banaa diya must say that's an important message at the time of elections ....

    And U mentioned me lol....Saale itna D.C mat padh ....hehe... me haven't started yet :P

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  13. distributed computing bro.....u hav started studying i guess....but srsly , this was by far one of d best things u hav written, dat too on a social perspective.....i share d sme views too!!!!!

    & yes, u hav mentioned me in it, but i dnt hav ny idea of dat algo....must hav left it in options...:)

  14. Hmm... Satans Darling and Ragpicker have talked a LOT about it and I don't think there's anything left for me to say... People are extremely scared(as in they run away from it) of politics... and at such a time, it is seriously really really good to see that the younger genre is coming forward to exercise their right...

    All I have to say is... choose who you think will be the best for your place... but what do you do when there is no deserving??? *the question lingers...*