Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Friend, Philosopher nd Guide!!!

My Friend, Philosopher nd  Guide!!!
I just called her few hours back and I told her that I would write something special for her.This person is some one whom I admire the most.So,here I dedicate this post to my Friend,Philosopher and my guide.

I met this person on 21st September two years ago in this social networking site called 'Orkut'.I know Orkut has done wonders and has played an important role in the building friendship between strangers.The result of this is that eventually strangers land up being good friends infact the best of friends.It was a random friends request.I just got through her orkut profile through a mutual friend who is no longer common to us.I was impressed with the way she managed her orkut profile."~~iT ()nly t@kes a sMiLe to stOp 1000 tEaRs~~" was written on her orkut profile. Now,don't click this link it will redirect to my Orkut profile and not hers:P. I promised her that I won't write her orkut link here. How thoughtful the line is?Just imagine, to stop some from feeling sad,upset and to stop their tears we just need a single smile.Trust me your Solitary Writer wasn't a blogger at that time.Probably few things like this forced me to write my own blog.This status message itself was enough and I got inspired.This instigated me to check her album.Believe me at that time there was no Photo lock like thing in Orkut and the photos that you upload was visible to everyone on Orkut.Perhaps this was the reason why Orkut came up with this photo lock thing.Ok,enough of recent development of Orkut.I would end up giving a seminar if I talk about it.
Well,her album didn't contained any of her picture.It was a mindblowing collections of thoughtful quotes ,images and cute baby pictures.Her about me was awesome.That was the reason why I send her an add request.Just read this.
I don't want 2 say anything
I don't want 2 put anything down
I don't want to smile or speak
U may find it funny and smile
U may find it weird and frown
I don't want 2 lie
I don't want 2 b true
So whatever u want 2 think
I leave up to u.........

How often do you see people with such About Me in your Orkut.I don't know why I send her friends request,just some real time response to stimulus after my brain decoded those beautiful lines.I was a bit skeptical that she won't add me for sure.I just checked my Orkut and yes she did add me .I was very happy that I atleast found a thoughtful person on my friendslist and believe me that was the time I was new to Orkut and didn't knew much about it.Now,the scenario is different.I just send her a scrap saying "thanks for adding me" and that was the day when our trsyt with "Thanks" started.Later on 'thanks' was accompanied by few other courteous words like 'sorry'.,'welcome' ,'forgive ' etc.I still wonder why girls like her say 'thanks' and 'sorry' often.She really gets pissed off when I call her an 'angel'.She refuses to accept it .She loves to be called a 'devil' or a 'frog' as I love calling her frog .Hey Mannat see I got a new nick for our best friend.Now,Stick to the tradition of calling her 'frog'.This nick perfectly matches her. I would definately say that she is a blessed person for she is surrounded by beautiful souls around her.Everytime I log in Orkut and I see loads of testimonials awaiting her from her friends .
She is a blessing in disguise to her parents,I mean not disguise but she is a blessing to her parents for sure. Such an attitude,just makes you wonder that this girl is not from our league.She is much more than an angel. I would like to write more about her,but I would do it some other day.I am pining for time as its my project presentation tommorow.I would like to show you the snippet of our convo few days back.
She: lame that i am
u r not
heheheh thanks 4 being so kind....its okie...
mujepata hai i'm lame its okie
even me lame ...me no less.
acha....lame aise hote hai????????????mad???????????????
ur an angel and jaldi list de.
:pehli baat i'm nt an angel and coming 2 d list.....

1.u've always listened n taken my nonsense patiently...
2.there were tyms i behaved in a stuck up manner,hurt ya...bt u always undrstood....n lt me be..n forgv me...
3.u always encouraged me fr thngs i nevr thought i cud do...
4....u wrote an artcle n a poem fr me....n gv me credit 4 things i dnt evn do
5. u always mk me feel remebered n special
6. u help me undrstand thngs...n try 2 improvise...evn though i show remote signs of improvmnt
7.u nevr complain n accept me d way i'm..evn though i'm a frog...
8. u nevr broke my trust...n gv me r friendship wich i cherrish
9. u nevr force thngs on me
10.n most imp 4 being wt u r....
She: i cn jus go on nd on.....bt guess..this much shud satisfy u 4 now.

I am amazed by the amount of love and respect she has for her parents and her brother.She is a perfect example of an ideal friend.I still miss those late night chats from 10pm-2am during April-May 2008.That was the most memorable days of our friendship where we fought,irritated each other.I was going through the bad phase of my life with fractured limbs and Pneumonia struck,I wondered if everything would be fine.There has been many days when I had drenched my bed with tears because of those bad times of my life.This was the period when I met this angel who seems to be so kind and helpful.I cherish your friendship and for days to come.We both will serve as a perfect example of best friends.Thanks a lot you have done for me,Parzz.
Thanks a lot my 'Frog','Angel' sorry 'Devil'. :P

She is my BEST friend.

Post inspired from Shweta for My Friend,Philosopher n Guide @WL

Friday, April 24, 2009

In Search of the Ratican

Wrote for Tell a Tale

"Andrew,focus the camera near the lake please," I urged our camera man to turn the camera near the oaks.
We were a group of 5 researchers and we all worked for "Adventure Channel". Jane,Nicole,Andrew,Richard were the other 4 from my group.We all have been roaming across the Amazon aimlessly for about a week in search of the worlds most dangerous snake called "Ratican".The name may sound strange but its highly poisonous and has the tendency of killing a person within 5 seconds.When we approached the locals for help,hardly anyone offered us any guidance.Finally we all took it as an assignment and left for the biggest snake hunt ever. The Ratican is a colorful snake and has a length of about 8 meters.
"Damn,Steve,where the hell is that limbless creature hiding?" Nicole was pissed off after the 12 hours journey.
"Nicole,girl its our profession dear,ACTV pays us for this and we have to work,"I said to Nicole.
"Ok Chief,"She winked.

We wandered the Amazon like homeless vagabonds.Somehow I had a strong intuition that we had taken a wrong path.I checked the map once again for verification.
"Sir,look this isn't the Berkenstien's path,some one fooled us,we are lost ," Jane was scared and afraid.
"Oh! dear no one has fooled us,lets check,"I soothed Jane.
"Andrew, guess we came across this lake,didn't we?"I asked my team mate and camera man Andrew if we came through that path.

"I guess yes,wait let me check the video camera,"Andrew played his video camera to trace the path.
"Yes,Steve,thats the path ,"Andrew added.
"Then how come we don't see this place on our map,"Now we all were confused.
"Sir, we have to do something,lets leave,"Richard and Jane said in unision.
"No, friends,we have to explore the Ratican on our channel and perhaps it would make us famous,got it," I smiled at both of them.
"Sir,we are hungry,and our food packets are empty,what will we do now?,"Nicole was famished.
"Lets go fishing and search for some nice big fleshy fishes from that lake,"Richard was drooling.

We 5 soon headed for the lake.Fortunately we were able to catch 12 fleshy fishes and Andrews contribution was handy as he caught 8 of those.We never knew the name of the creature that we were eating,but it was delicious.
"Jane,you cook well,"I patted Jane's back.
She smiled in return.
"Jane,you are awesome,"Richard winked at her.
"Umm!Yummy!" Andrew and Nicole said in Unison.

We were in the quest of the great Ratican ,the killer snake who got us into a spot.Ratican is an amphibious snake and belonged to the family of King Cobra and the rattle snake. A big Ratican has the ability to swallow a giant sized rabbit.

"Steve,what next?,"Andrew asked me.
"Lets take some rest,"I said and we slept under the giant Redwoods for a while.
We all dozed off for a while.When we got up after 3hrs,we got the biggest shock and we remained stunned.Richard was lying unconcious and his body had turned blue .His face was swollen.When I checked his pulse,everything was over.He was dead.
His eyes had turned pink and this itself suggested that the Ratican was some where around us. Richard was perhaps the youngest from our group and an enthusiast for adventure activities.
"Steve ,we have to leave now,"Jane was afraid after the Raticans curse.
"Chill,Jane!,"Andrew hugged her.
Somehow my guess was correct and the Ratican was one step away from us.We were a step away from exploring the Ratican.
"Oh!Jerk!"Nicole mumbled.

"We've lost our friend,comrade and don't want to lose anyone now,"She added.
"Nico,it would be nice gift for our Richard,"I said and we searched for the dreadliest snake on earth.
My eyes soon spotted a long snake with black and red stripes separated by a golden fringe.
"Andrew,get the camera near it,"I asked Andrew.
"Is it Ratican?,"Andrew asked.
"Hurray!!We have found the Ratican,"I yelled and screamed.
Nicole and Jane smiled and we all were happy.We carefully picked it and placed it on the box and left for America.
"Hip Hip Hurray,"we 4 shouted and had a group hug.
We remembered Richard at this hour of excitement and we were sure that he would be happy for it .
"Finally our mission is accomplished,"I smiled back at Jane,Nicole and Andrew.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


**Boy ,Girl

"hey Jaana,tumhe nahi pata how much I love you"
"Love , Isn't that friendship"
"No, it isn't.Why should it be friendship , dear?"
"Hymph! is it?"
"yes,other day I liked the way you smiled at me"
"Oh, did I ?"
"I love you, Jan," "Don't you get bored of saying things you don't mean?"
"Mean..I mean each and every word of it"
"I wonder you are a pro in flirting, Don't you get tired and bored of flirting"
"When my heart spits my thoughts,emotions and feelings,you call me a flirt"
"well,thats what you are doing to me"
"I'm sorry,but I didn 't mean it the flirt way"
"Sorry for what?,"
"What is love according to you ?"
"Well,it is something which shows you dreams and crushes you"
"why would you dream and why should it get crushed?"
"Suppose a girl is flirting with a guy and the guy takes everything seriously and thinks that she genuinely loves him and what would happen to the guy if the girl leaves him one day?won't he get hurt"
"perhaps it would hurt"
"Thats why I believe not to say anything I don't mean"
"Flirting breaks heart,breaks trust and hurts,and I prefer destiny"
"If people have to be together ,they will be even if they hate each other and viceversa"
" I am a girl who gets mesmerized from a small smile,I'm afraid of losing myself.A small smile means love to me,I don't want to lose myself"
"Well and I'm the kind of guy who will make people laugh for no reason in middle of sorrows and frown ,and burst out laughing in a silent hall in front of you.I hope to bring smile in your face."
"I'm already happy and smiling as you see my face "
"No but ,you are always my best friend and trust me we both will be friends forever and at any instance I don't want to lose you"
"Sweet of you,thanks"
They both hug each other

Saturday, April 18, 2009

6:30 PM

It was 5:59 pm as I stared my watch. The diamonds on the dial sparkled as it struck 6.It was not the first time, I was waiting for her. She was my wife Nikita. Nikita was pregnant when I left her. She expected me to come back home, but I was blinded. But now I miss her and my daughter. I want them back. Ketu may be one of the unluckiest souls on earth who had never seen her dad. I wanted to see Ketu.I called Nikita again to inform her that I was waiting for her, but no reply. I was waiting for her at the same place where I proposed her. It was near the escalator of a shopping mall that our lips locked for the first time with hundred souls watching us. Since then we never had time to interact due to our busy schedule. This was one reason why we broke up. I was happy as I was going to see my daughter for the first time. But maybe I wouldn’t be lucky enough as I believed that Nikita was still angry on me.
”Will she permit me to see my daughter Ketu?" , the question buzzed my ears.
I called Nikita once again as it was getting late. I almost left the place. “Daddy wait,” a soft voice beheld me.It was 6:30 pm and I could see Nikita and Ketu on the escalator.

Friday, April 17, 2009

An Evening by the Lake...

The night sky was tinged with purple and speckled red shades . As the daylight faded,the sun was setting below the lake. The sky was showing a stunning display of shades of purple, pink orange and red, a few dark spots and a bit of yellow reflections in the water.
They both lied on the green grasses. They looked at the sun.
"Do you remember this place honey?," he said to his wife.
"Umm!!,you proposed me near this lake," She said.
They sealed their love with a kiss near the lake. There was no one in sight for miles to see them.They both were isolated in the outskirts of the city.
They recollected their past where they both used to walk along the shores.He caressed her nape tenderly and firmly held her on his arms.With his elbows resting on the green grasses,he stared at her eyes. Those were the blue eyes that attracted him.
"there is no one here,"he said to his wife.
"Shh!! Umm!!,No honey,not now," she replied.
"Why?," he said.
"Cuz I feel we should go home now," she said.
"I Love you ,"he winked.
"So do I," she smiled.
They went closer to each other and kissed till no one was watching them.
"Umm!!No," She stopped her husband as he was getting naughty.
They both soon got up and walked along the shores.They looked at the sun which by then completely disappeared.
"I have a wish,"she said.
"I'm here to fulfill your dreams and wishes ,"he said to his wife.
"I want our new house to be located at this place, where I could see this beautiful lake and the sunset forever," she said.
"Anything for you,honey," he replied.
They splashed water over each other .
"Ehh!!!Reminiscing your past," their 8 year old daughter came running towards them.
"No,dear,"they both said in unison.They both smiled at each other when their little girl came up with a call.
The one hour by the lake rejuvenated them.
"Its too late," the wife said to her husband and her little daughter and they left.
The mother held her daughter s soft arm firmly while the father held her other arm and they left for their car

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wednesday Wonders!!!!! - Kajal...

I wrote this for a friend of mine in reply to her poetry dedication :). I never knew that I will make good friends here and like her there are many other friends in the blog world where we share same thoughts and interests. This one is for my fellow blogger who completed her 100 days of blogging 4 days ago.This person is a talented person who is blessed with great writing skills.You have a long way to go,KAN. This one is for you and you know it.


In the search of my lost friend,
hopelessly I wandered.
As he being a guide,
inspiration and a mentor.

Days changed into months and years.

Seasons after seasons,
Searched hopefully,
Through harsher weathers.

Would have not believed in miracles,
hadn't been that night,when I found you
when my heart sang in delight,
for the blessing showered on my plight.

I found the source of my joy
in thy friendly bonding.
Strangers just a while ago,
Became friends,didn't we?

does wonders ,to people's hearts.
"Special" is a word
that suits you the most.

We will talk again my friend ,
and smile again together too.
I wish to be that true friend
without the shades of virtual curiosity.

I do have faith,where I stand,
We will remain friends forever,
You aren't a stranger any more,
As to me , you are my lost friend

Lost friends do come back
As you have come in mine.
Some times later,
on the crossroads of life,
when you pass by me
I won't give you a strange look

But, smile and say,


Well ,I still remember that night when I spoke to her. It was a random gtalk friend request.I got her gtalk id through Writers Lounge as I was the one who invited her .I can now call her as one of my best friend.... I never realized that she would dedicate a poem for me.We love fighting at times too.Kan,remember the WL MH post comment section .We both flooded it with the comments naa.How kiddish was that?Some times I still wonder If there was no internet then I wouldn't have met people like her.Lets be friends forever. Hope we remain best friends forever Kajal. :).Lets fight more like kids for its fun. .what say?
I know we both have really acted like stupid at times,...with all those fights and made people wonder what is wrong with both of us.We always prove that we both are best friends and everytime we fight ....there is a dedication waiting ...... I am really happy that I got a new comrade in this blog world.... Love you for everything you have done for me.You are a sweetheart for sure......:D
This poem is a dedication to a friend who completed her 100 days in this blogworld.I pray that you successfully blog for another 100 and 1000 days to come. We all are here to read your work. :) .Love you meri Jaan and a tight hug for this :D.This picture reminds of my childhood.It symbolizes you and me....

Happy belated 100 days of blogging....was actually busy with projects and assignments...so couldn't to it

God Bless you Kajal and you can read the poem she dedicated to me by clicking here
You are my best friend,Jaan,KAN,Champu and my bachhi

No words to describe how I feel....
For I don't know what to say,
My happiness has gone extreme
I'm dying for words,
to express my happiness.
In this world of virtuality,
I found a comrade just like me
together we cry
together we smile
together we fight
with all might
For days I pined for this
in search of this bliss

she wrote a poem which was addressed to no one....but only we both knw to whom it was addressed......i loved each and every line of the poem that she had dedicated to me.....even i had replied to her in similar manner.....yes kan ...if after few days if we meet in real i wud definately say that i know you......coz ur amongst my gr8 and best buddy...i wud rather be friend and support u on every step of urs.......apart from such things shez a damn creative person.....creativity has no bounds....she has explored her creativity on all spectrum ....wheter it be poems in english or hindi ,stories or anything......i bet very few people r like kajal..... people like her are very few ...she is a rarely found gem on a queens crown....we at writers lounge call her poetry princess just because she is damn good in writing poems....read her poems and u will know more......she is an active member from writers lounge and she is a very good person too......thanks a lot for ur friendship kan.....

**Wrote this for TOM ,KAN,JAAN ,Champu,my best friend.... .Love yaaa ...lets be friends forever :D ..I 'm sure your "Industrial Economics" paper wi ll go will....and I bet you will come with flyi ng colours in all your papers.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

If you think, you can...

If you think, you can
For there is a day after every night
If hopes are intact then
The chances of goal attainment are all bright

If you think, you can
You can break mountains into stones
It’s in your hands
Do not leave your hopes

If you think, you can
You can overcome your sorrow
And your tears can turn into smiles
You can regain your lost glories tomorrow

If you think, you can
You can carve a stone into a statue
A pain filled soul will work hard
Patience and dedication is a prized value.
But only if you think you can,

If you think you can
then you will,
For “I can’t” is meant for weak,
You are strong, so don’t give up the thrill!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Her 'dad' who was a 'Monster'.....

'Morality sucks!!' thats what I would say after going through the series of distracting news which has been the highlight in different news channel and newspaper.Why on earth would some one do this to their closed one. When I first got to read this news ,I was shocked? "what the fuck?" was my first reaction .When I said this to my friend ,he told that I should blog this thing .Well,I am really not interested in writing about such things. But some how I feel that these types of things should not happen. Where is the religion ,faith and god? Are the gods blind or just they are watching such things happening . These 3 incidents which shocked the entire world in the past 3 weeks.All these incidents have taken place at different corners of the world like Austria,India and Colombia.They can be rightly called as "Monster" dads. Why on earth one would molest his own daughters.

Josef Fritzl, the 73 old man from Austria was the news when TV news channels followed him now and then. They were constantly coming with his news about his remands and judicial proceedings. He was accused of captivating his own daughter for 24 years and assaulted her. He repeatedly had sexual intercourse with his own daughter and had done so against her will. He is the biggest loser on earth who derived pleasure by raping his own daughter. .He used her daughter as a sex slave for 24 years.He was taken to judicial custody and was given life term imprisonment. If I were the judge ,then I would have shot him on the spot. Well ,you can know more about this by clicking here.
I would refrain myself from talking about that bloody rogue."Fucker!!!,
Such bloody filthy things begins from Europe.Europe is the epicentre of such things that happen which eventually gets attracted to other nations.Well,I wasn't surprised when I heard the name Austria, coz it was a part of Europe and may be I was hearing Austria's name for the first time in news. The bloody Europeans who rules us over more than 200 years had only such things to inspire others. Americans and Europeans have expertized this field.Only a 13 year old English boy can be the youngest father on Earth and mind it,such things only happen in Europe.

Two days later I read another news something similar to this. This time the news source was Hindustan Times.He was from Colombia and 59 year old farmer and was accused of incest for allegedly fathering eight children with his daughter.After observing the Josef Fritzl news on TV,this woman got the courage to inform the officials. Why the hell she needs to get news from TV. Such things happen in world and only a few come into picture ,thanks to newspaper and TV news channel for bring the real face of the culprits. Shame on you!!!

Well, I was shocked once again when I came to know that something similar happened in India and that too in a developed city like Mumbai.Mumbai’s Kishore Chauhan was arrested for raping his daughters over a period of nine years. Guess what his wife was his support system in this matter. Guess she was the biggest bitch on earth who would see her husband raping her daughters. Shame on you bitch,whore.........(fill in whatever you want).Chauhan’s wife has been sentenced to police custody for abetting the crime.It seems they wanted to become rich and a tantrik adviced him to have sex with his daughters.The tantrik told them that the family would prosper if the father were to have a sexual relationship with his daughters.Oh shitt!!!!!! I am angry and If I get to see him in real I would cut his.....How can a father rape his own daughter??? And how can a mother not speak up??? And which father would rape his daughter to become prosperous???

I feel these 3 fiends should be hanged and humiliated for the thing that they have done is annoying and disturbing.I hate Europe and America for such culture and for other things that I don't want to talk about.Rape scars a woman psychologically. Rape scars her for life; and the scars NEVER heal! (No amount of therapy, no amount of counseling heals a rape victim.)
Where are the religion and faith and what is the value of the holy religious books that teach us things that we shouldn't do and people do the same.

Now ,tell me what should be done to such people.Please pour in your views. I am angry and vexed and join in my anger

thanks Swats!!

**Thanks a lot Chandan for insisting me to write this.