Wednesday, April 22, 2009


**Boy ,Girl

"hey Jaana,tumhe nahi pata how much I love you"
"Love , Isn't that friendship"
"No, it isn't.Why should it be friendship , dear?"
"Hymph! is it?"
"yes,other day I liked the way you smiled at me"
"Oh, did I ?"
"I love you, Jan," "Don't you get bored of saying things you don't mean?"
"Mean..I mean each and every word of it"
"I wonder you are a pro in flirting, Don't you get tired and bored of flirting"
"When my heart spits my thoughts,emotions and feelings,you call me a flirt"
"well,thats what you are doing to me"
"I'm sorry,but I didn 't mean it the flirt way"
"Sorry for what?,"
"What is love according to you ?"
"Well,it is something which shows you dreams and crushes you"
"why would you dream and why should it get crushed?"
"Suppose a girl is flirting with a guy and the guy takes everything seriously and thinks that she genuinely loves him and what would happen to the guy if the girl leaves him one day?won't he get hurt"
"perhaps it would hurt"
"Thats why I believe not to say anything I don't mean"
"Flirting breaks heart,breaks trust and hurts,and I prefer destiny"
"If people have to be together ,they will be even if they hate each other and viceversa"
" I am a girl who gets mesmerized from a small smile,I'm afraid of losing myself.A small smile means love to me,I don't want to lose myself"
"Well and I'm the kind of guy who will make people laugh for no reason in middle of sorrows and frown ,and burst out laughing in a silent hall in front of you.I hope to bring smile in your face."
"I'm already happy and smiling as you see my face "
"No but ,you are always my best friend and trust me we both will be friends forever and at any instance I don't want to lose you"
"Sweet of you,thanks"
They both hug each other


  1. Girls are always careful.. But steve, the yellow lines are yours, we know but what about the pink lines?? disclose the name of Ms.PINK :)

  2. cool......kya baat hai ste
    nice and interesting convo and so meaningful indeed
    and ya Friendship rocks always :D
    lovely write :)

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  4. lol

    pink line is of no one

    hahaha just a simple thought runnin on mind.. .. wrte it here,,,

    yellow or orange lines arent mine h ahahaha


  5. i dont like the girls attitude :(

  6. hahah this is exclusive fiction work guys :D

  7. I'm proud of the girl.a thoughtful girl and amazing thoughts.

    very nice post.simple yet profound

  8. Like Karthik said, the girl is just being careful. Better safe than sorry right ? :)

  9. disha

    lol u r proud of the girl

    omg hahhahaha u shud beeee

  10. kuchh kuchh hote hote.. kuchh kuchh ho gaya.. :)

    ladki nahi pati.. :P

    koi na.. friendship rules!! :D

  11. ste.. brother its nice but could have been better.. I hope you wont mind comment but i just feel something missing may be a climax.. I am sorry if you mind it but ... its nothing like its not good, it is good nice approach nice thought i xpect far more better then this from you you are a gem in writtings i know...

  12. Wats up with all love posts all of a sudden?! everyone is getting mushy and senti!!! Love is in air I guess!!! :D

  13. hey is it true??

    i saw the line **I am the kind of guy...

    as ur status message sometym ago..even today :P

  14. I love the girl too... Hahaha!

  15. Haha cute convo... it's true "Friendship is forever"..

  16. Nice one ste......depth to the words which rang true at each level of emotive descent! likd it! :)

  17. The gal is practical... finally!

    Nicely written it is... :)

  18. Saale viva ke time pe tereko ye sab kaisa soojhta hain ??

    Romance and all haan crunch studing time...Good Good :D

  19. Ste YOU IN LOVE????????????

    Assuming that you are, WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL MEEEEEEEEE????? :(

    That's so bad :'(

    but hey... who's the lucky girl?? :)

  20. "If people have to be together ,they will be even if they hate each other and vice-versa"

    I like this.....

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  22. this is very sweet..

  23. "What is love according to you ?"
    "Well,it is something which shows you dreams and crushes you"

    So true.. Loved it

  24. Well, I'm a "love sucks" kinda phase right now.. :| but then I can pretty much relate to the girl.. :)