Friday, April 03, 2009

Her 'dad' who was a 'Monster'.....

'Morality sucks!!' thats what I would say after going through the series of distracting news which has been the highlight in different news channel and newspaper.Why on earth would some one do this to their closed one. When I first got to read this news ,I was shocked? "what the fuck?" was my first reaction .When I said this to my friend ,he told that I should blog this thing .Well,I am really not interested in writing about such things. But some how I feel that these types of things should not happen. Where is the religion ,faith and god? Are the gods blind or just they are watching such things happening . These 3 incidents which shocked the entire world in the past 3 weeks.All these incidents have taken place at different corners of the world like Austria,India and Colombia.They can be rightly called as "Monster" dads. Why on earth one would molest his own daughters.

Josef Fritzl, the 73 old man from Austria was the news when TV news channels followed him now and then. They were constantly coming with his news about his remands and judicial proceedings. He was accused of captivating his own daughter for 24 years and assaulted her. He repeatedly had sexual intercourse with his own daughter and had done so against her will. He is the biggest loser on earth who derived pleasure by raping his own daughter. .He used her daughter as a sex slave for 24 years.He was taken to judicial custody and was given life term imprisonment. If I were the judge ,then I would have shot him on the spot. Well ,you can know more about this by clicking here.
I would refrain myself from talking about that bloody rogue."Fucker!!!,
Such bloody filthy things begins from Europe.Europe is the epicentre of such things that happen which eventually gets attracted to other nations.Well,I wasn't surprised when I heard the name Austria, coz it was a part of Europe and may be I was hearing Austria's name for the first time in news. The bloody Europeans who rules us over more than 200 years had only such things to inspire others. Americans and Europeans have expertized this field.Only a 13 year old English boy can be the youngest father on Earth and mind it,such things only happen in Europe.

Two days later I read another news something similar to this. This time the news source was Hindustan Times.He was from Colombia and 59 year old farmer and was accused of incest for allegedly fathering eight children with his daughter.After observing the Josef Fritzl news on TV,this woman got the courage to inform the officials. Why the hell she needs to get news from TV. Such things happen in world and only a few come into picture ,thanks to newspaper and TV news channel for bring the real face of the culprits. Shame on you!!!

Well, I was shocked once again when I came to know that something similar happened in India and that too in a developed city like Mumbai.Mumbai’s Kishore Chauhan was arrested for raping his daughters over a period of nine years. Guess what his wife was his support system in this matter. Guess she was the biggest bitch on earth who would see her husband raping her daughters. Shame on you bitch,whore.........(fill in whatever you want).Chauhan’s wife has been sentenced to police custody for abetting the crime.It seems they wanted to become rich and a tantrik adviced him to have sex with his daughters.The tantrik told them that the family would prosper if the father were to have a sexual relationship with his daughters.Oh shitt!!!!!! I am angry and If I get to see him in real I would cut his.....How can a father rape his own daughter??? And how can a mother not speak up??? And which father would rape his daughter to become prosperous???

I feel these 3 fiends should be hanged and humiliated for the thing that they have done is annoying and disturbing.I hate Europe and America for such culture and for other things that I don't want to talk about.Rape scars a woman psychologically. Rape scars her for life; and the scars NEVER heal! (No amount of therapy, no amount of counseling heals a rape victim.)
Where are the religion and faith and what is the value of the holy religious books that teach us things that we shouldn't do and people do the same.

Now ,tell me what should be done to such people.Please pour in your views. I am angry and vexed and join in my anger

thanks Swats!!

**Thanks a lot Chandan for insisting me to write this.


  1. man is not the culprit..

    it is the evil that resides inside that makes man to do all these..

    it just brings me sadness

  2. I dono !
    I really dono what to say !

    I am too shocked to write
    so sad too :(

  3. GOSH...!! Filthy people.

    I have of the story and it still shocks me and brings shudders to me, even thinkin about it... the term Daddy's girl, goes to the bin with such cases.
    Few yrs bak i heard a similar incident in Delhi, where a father was into molesting his 2 small daughters, whose mother was already dead. its completely out of my understanding what gets into the minds of such bloody men to do such a filthy thing to their own daughters, bloody their own daughters fragments of their own soul, parents are someone we always look up to...such people should be burned alive.

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  5. Hmm sad to say, its not a case of America or Europe. This has existed all over the world, especially in the eastern world as part of traditional practices. So I don't really see why you have to hate Europe or America for this. I feel you are biased on this issue.

    I doubt you can say the Indian male is less sexually inclined!!??? :O

    It's just a case of the persons' moral values and ethics, for example the Mumbai case. Devout Hindu clearly, which is why he believes in the tantrick's stupid advice. But obviously almost all devout Hindu's will not involve in such activities. They know where to draw the line. it's just the few who don't know or care that get down to such activities.

  6. Before the Austrian incident, this term called Daddy's little princess was what everybody associated with a daughter... Austrian incident was one of the most horrifying things I had ever EVER heard! And to have it here in India, closer home makes me feel like, I wonder how many such incidents are suppressed...

    The Mumbai incident came to light only after the man tried pulling the younger daughter in the fray... I too would shoot them... or hanged till death in public... without a chance for a counter appeal...

  7. I agree with what Ash D said... on those counts... it's not one part of the world... it's everywhere, and God knows how many incidents are yet unknown...


    :'( I am too shocked too say anything seriously.. Where should girls go to? Too whom for comfort? I really want to know the answer if girls like us are not secured in our houses where we would then? I feel soo insecure seriously.. Its toomuch but killing these filthy people is not answer its increasing day by day we need to do something something to finish this up as killing one is not certainly the answer.. :| Isse ziyada I cant say anything..

  9. ppl like dem shud b given severe punishment.n it clearly shows dat education has had no impact on dem dats y dey had the courage to do such inhumane act...!!

  10. I hav a clear view abt dis!

    Rape = punishable by death

    No questions asked and no reasons given!

    One of the most heinous crimes committed even greater dan murder! I agree wid u Ste, des guys r bloody animals, nothing humane abt dem! :x

    I feel angry too!

  11. I don't know what to say...
    Its so sick to even hear about it..
    I wonder how TERRIBLE she would have felt who went through this..
    I too wrote smthng on ths..

  12. the saddest can these bloody men do with their own daughters??

    i think they should be made to stand in the center of every village and every daughter in that village must be made to slap with her chappal...atleast then the rest of such bloody fathers will be careful...!!1

    **btww....sorry that i am not into ur blog since a long time...will make sure that i wil be here...frm now on..!!!**

  13. Hmm... The news depress us so much.. even though we are not connected to it directly... jus think how the victims wud feel.. you are rite.. their scars wont heal so easily.. its not easy... !

  14. I am vexed at this too...really gross... no amount of punishment, feel, can justify this hideous crime... Lynching might come close

  15. oh my god!! stibu... why on earth??


  16. Filthy, filthy, creeps. I mean, somebody you gave BIRTH to..can't these b*st*r**s control their sexuality?
    THIS much? I mean there is no crime left to ur imagination sends a shiver thru my spine to even think about poor girls are not even safe with their dads?
    whr should they go? :(( it wud have been better, if he would have killed her, when she was born.. :|

  17. i think u said it all..but no matter how much you try to put it in words...the disgust never totally comes stays there..and u feel so gross about this...nothing to say.apart from this