Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wednesday Wonders!!!!! - Kajal...

I wrote this for a friend of mine in reply to her poetry dedication :). I never knew that I will make good friends here and like her there are many other friends in the blog world where we share same thoughts and interests. This one is for my fellow blogger who completed her 100 days of blogging 4 days ago.This person is a talented person who is blessed with great writing skills.You have a long way to go,KAN. This one is for you and you know it.


In the search of my lost friend,
hopelessly I wandered.
As he being a guide,
inspiration and a mentor.

Days changed into months and years.

Seasons after seasons,
Searched hopefully,
Through harsher weathers.

Would have not believed in miracles,
hadn't been that night,when I found you
when my heart sang in delight,
for the blessing showered on my plight.

I found the source of my joy
in thy friendly bonding.
Strangers just a while ago,
Became friends,didn't we?

does wonders ,to people's hearts.
"Special" is a word
that suits you the most.

We will talk again my friend ,
and smile again together too.
I wish to be that true friend
without the shades of virtual curiosity.

I do have faith,where I stand,
We will remain friends forever,
You aren't a stranger any more,
As to me , you are my lost friend

Lost friends do come back
As you have come in mine.
Some times later,
on the crossroads of life,
when you pass by me
I won't give you a strange look

But, smile and say,


Well ,I still remember that night when I spoke to her. It was a random gtalk friend request.I got her gtalk id through Writers Lounge as I was the one who invited her .I can now call her as one of my best friend.... I never realized that she would dedicate a poem for me.We love fighting at times too.Kan,remember the WL MH post comment section .We both flooded it with the comments naa.How kiddish was that?Some times I still wonder If there was no internet then I wouldn't have met people like her.Lets be friends forever. Hope we remain best friends forever Kajal. :).Lets fight more like kids for its fun. .what say?
I know we both have really acted like stupid at times,...with all those fights and made people wonder what is wrong with both of us.We always prove that we both are best friends and everytime we fight ....there is a dedication waiting ...... I am really happy that I got a new comrade in this blog world.... Love you for everything you have done for me.You are a sweetheart for sure......:D
This poem is a dedication to a friend who completed her 100 days in this blogworld.I pray that you successfully blog for another 100 and 1000 days to come. We all are here to read your work. :) .Love you meri Jaan and a tight hug for this :D.This picture reminds of my childhood.It symbolizes you and me....

Happy belated 100 days of blogging....was actually busy with projects and assignments...so couldn't to it

God Bless you Kajal and you can read the poem she dedicated to me by clicking here
You are my best friend,Jaan,KAN,Champu and my bachhi

No words to describe how I feel....
For I don't know what to say,
My happiness has gone extreme
I'm dying for words,
to express my happiness.
In this world of virtuality,
I found a comrade just like me
together we cry
together we smile
together we fight
with all might
For days I pined for this
in search of this bliss

she wrote a poem which was addressed to no one....but only we both knw to whom it was addressed......i loved each and every line of the poem that she had dedicated to me.....even i had replied to her in similar manner.....yes kan ...if after few days if we meet in real i wud definately say that i know you......coz ur amongst my gr8 and best buddy...i wud rather be friend and support u on every step of urs.......apart from such things shez a damn creative person.....creativity has no bounds....she has explored her creativity on all spectrum ....wheter it be poems in english or hindi ,stories or anything......i bet very few people r like kajal..... people like her are very few ...she is a rarely found gem on a queens crown....we at writers lounge call her poetry princess just because she is damn good in writing poems....read her poems and u will know more......she is an active member from writers lounge and she is a very good person too......thanks a lot for ur friendship kan.....

**Wrote this for TOM ,KAN,JAAN ,Champu,my best friend.... .Love yaaa ...lets be friends forever :D ..I 'm sure your "Industrial Economics" paper wi ll go will....and I bet you will come with flyi ng colours in all your papers.


  1. hey steph, beautiful dedication to callie! may she have a lot more days in the blogging world.


  2. WOW!!! STIBU.. you are my sweet friend I told you.. being friends with you is one of the best things that happened to me in blogsville..

    thank you so much for the dedication.. and not to forget you are the first person on blogsville for whom i wrote a poem..

    God bless.. and stick around for me alright.. i will need you throughout..


  3. Kewl dedication dude... am sure she will be around for a long time here :)

    take care mate... cheers...

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwww :)

  5. pink orchid's blog dont seem to be a 100 day old ... she is rocking and running too fast ... may she get all the success that someone like her deserves!

  6. *sob sob sob sob sob sob*

    itna pyaar...itnaa pyaar.....itnaaaaaa pyaar...

    *sob sob sob sob sob*

    Borrows ste's hanky...

    *Empties the contents of his nose*

    God bless....Ste woh chota ladka tere jaise lag raha hain..ghonchuddin-e-aibak :-)

  7. Stibuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu there couldnt something sweeter in this whole wide world!!
    i so wanted to be your wednesday wonder the day I read your first one of this series...

    thank you soooooooooooooooooooooo much.. i have already told you a million times how much you mean to me!

    thank you so much for everything Baccha..

    love you loads!!

    you are the cutest jerry ever!! muah!!

  8. gosh just a while ago i told kajal u both really make me cry ...and specially u ste.....
    * sob sob*
    u did that yest aur aaj bhi
    *again sobs *
    mere tom aur jerry ...kuch to kam rulayo :P

    But ste and kaj as i said before u truly r best forever and will be forever.....
    and kaj is amazing at creativity trust me she will go million yrs :D

    and u both rock

    and ste ur poems....gosh made me so senti...now u better bear the effect...* sob sob*

    but still u both rock :D

    Love you guys and ya WL rocks :D

  9. Wow....a very lovely dedication.... :)

  10. ..really yaar u hv written very b'ful lines for ur frnd..!! no words u r damn good dis was direct frm dat bottom of ur where u treasure ur endless emotions..!!;)

  11. Long live friendship...
    ... I just want to thank you again, for inviting me to TWL...

    I'm still enjoying my vacation. Spent sometime in writing this story. want you to read it and tell me how it is. Hope you like it.

    Mistake: A Scary reason @ Thus Wrote Tan!