Friday, June 26, 2009

Cricket,TV Soaps and more...

Guys,I am back to normalcy after a long time.After having written few long series and short series ,now I switch to single post.I'm infact glad and overwhelmed after reading your responses .I'm actually sorry for not updating "When V Met " series. For the last few weeks , I don't know why,but I feel like my mind has occupied the 7-11pm tv serial slot.Wait, is this any hormonal change or somethings wrong with me.Why the hell am I showing interests in TV Soaps?.God forbid! Well,a perfect delight to the week where Pakistan claim the world champions tag from India.Nevertheless ,they have shown this sporting spirit even in a turmoil like condition ad mist bomb blasts and other factors.All hail Pakistan team for winning T20WC and my favourite player "Boom Boom Afridi". Umm!Now let me write something about my favourite TV serials one by one.

To be honest,I have never cried after watching a TV Serial.This programme had made my eyes moist.I never knew a serial would make me cry."Mumma! Yeh kya hua Bindiya ko,".
The main protagonist of the show Bindiya is being harassed by her in laws after she was forcibly married to Vinay .This not so good marriage happened without her dads consent.Her dad was off to Patna when this illegal wedding occurred.Vinay was kidnapped by Raja,the rogue brother of the actress and one of Pappu's loyal aide.The emotional "gudiya rani"songs played during the scenes has to tendency to make anyone cry.The music scores are really brilliant.The female who plays Vinay's babhi is really malicious. Her looks and acts adds flavour to the show.I'm really glad that really good shows are being shown these days.Count me as a fan....hehe...I feel bad for Bindiya who now lives in a cow shed.Hope she will be fine.Colors:Monday - Thursday @7pm.

2.Bhaskar Bharti
Umm!this is an adaptation of the Argentine comedy show "LaloLa",which was shown on Firangi few days ago.Bhaskar,a ladies man uses girl like tissue papers.He was a flirt by nature who made fake promises to impress girls.Like this ,he approached Gita ,who was a simple girl.He used this experience to write an article about traditional girls for his magazine where he is the chief editor.Gita cursed him and wanted him to understand a woman.She turned Bhaskar into Bharati and the fun arrives.Sunny - Arman romance bit was funny.Amarjeets word of day is really stupendous.Hahaha! stupendous,context, conclusion, juvenile etc are few of the words which are used by Amarjeet to discuss his tactics.
Sony TV:Monday to Thursday @9pm.

3. Baalika Vadhu.
Most popular show currently being telecasted by Colors.I like watching this show. The girl who plays Suguna is amazing."Haina". She is pregnant. God forbid.Shyam is in love with her.He even proposes her for marriage but Suguna refuses.Maajisa ,another flamboyant character in the serial along with the other protagonist.Super super exhibition of acting skills by really talented actors.
Loved the way, it is scripted and I enjoy every bit of it.

Colors:Monday to Friday @8pm

4.Entertainment ke liye kuch bhi karega.
A show which is used to showcase talents across India. People have to entertain the judges and the audience within 1 min.The judges are annoying Anu Malik and rude Farah Khan.Pretty Annoying!ehh!. "can't help".Well Vishal and Mona are really cool. People do anything to entertain others.Sometimes the acts are really dangerous and sometimes ridiculous.Daily winner get a chance to compete others on friday for the Maha
entertainer title.
Sony TV:Monday to Friday:10pm.

Aila! enough of tv serials.The Indian are going to take on the might Windies in their own soil.Gayle,the prince calypso doesn't wants to take this superstar deprived team lightly.MSD would or may try to experiment something new just like he did during T20WC . I just hope that we won't get humiliated once again.Vaise Chris Gayle is a cool customer. I'm actually in love with his new shades.I'm being honest guys.I'm searching for this yellow shades of his.God!mindblowing colorful it is.

Neela chasma,Kala chasma,
Kya dekhi hai aapne Gayle ka chasma,
Seedha chasma,Tedha chasma,
Kya dekhi hai aapne Gayle ka chasma.
Rocking chasma,shocking chasma,
Gayle ka chasma,anokha chasma.
Black background mein yellow foreground,
Waah! bhai kya color effect hai.

Indians,I warn you .Stay away from Chris Gayle.He might scare you with this shades and we have to lose one player.Waise yar!yeh chasma kahaa se milta hai.....I want it too....


  1. hahahaha ouch ste...kuch nahi ho sakta tera...lovley...inmein se i love the balika vadhu...and gayle ka chashma...oh my my...i am still laughing :P :D lovley svthrt

  2. i dont watch soaps... and yes indians need to be careful abt that yellow glasses

  3. i dont watch soaps... and yes indians need to be careful abt that yellow glasses

  4. poor Gayle..:P I guess he needs to be mailed abt Mr "ste" ki karthoot :P

    well abt the shows..i like Balika V..nd yeh sometimes i watch Bhaskar bharti also :P

  5. ..hmmm nice u wrote dis so erly..
    bhagyavidhata- I don't know y u cry while u watch dis serial I was really shocked wn I heard tht dese things do happen in reality..n ya
    for Bharti Bhaskar I think Lalola was far bttr thn dis one..
    n ya Baalika Vadhu is really good one ..I luv it...n
    your post is nice fusion of TV soaps & cricket..gud one..!!

  6. belissimo trabalho/sou apaixonado pela cultura indiana-parabens!!!

  7. hehehe...

    U r good at writing such stuff bro..!! i dont watch any of the soaps....

    Gayle ka chasma.... Buy me also one whn u find it... okay? ;)


  8. andre

    é realmente grande SIR.Thanks por ter vindo à minha blog.I sentir como estou honrado tão popular blogueiros do Brasil visitar a minha blog.I estou feliz que eu sou um índio e orgulhoso de um lote it.thanks senhor:-D

  9. arrey one more amazing write up...well thought of...n very well written...n hello who gv u d permission 2 cry...chuck watching the show if it bring tears 2 ur eyes...
    should stay happy n keep smiling always....
    gr888 always!

  10. Well now Mr gayle should know he has all the attention on his yellow glares. He sholud certainly get rid of it now.

    Good work dude.Nice Work of observation and opinion!Keep penning!


  11. Hey Solitary Writer... great blog you've got here! I will definitely be back often here =D
    Good post :)

  12. Of all these..Bv is the only soap I watch..rather am forced to watch by my mom. Hate it though..never been much of a soap person if u ask me!

  13. He he....

    Nice one!!

    TV serials ke emotional pal make me laugh rather than cry :D

    Don't know why....


    How I wish I could mail this poem to Chris Gayle...[though I hardly watch cricket & I don't even know for which country does he play...]

    Congrats on "more than 100" followers!!
    May you have even more followers. :)

  14. Ahh I cannot watch any serial for long! but well.. some seem to be glued to it! to each their own

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  16. shweta
    haha yes kuch nahi ho sakta mera :p

  17. haha gayle wont come to knw abt this u dnt need to worry pj

  18. vidisha

    i agree lalolaa was better than bhaskar bharti

    nd yes i like tv soaps

  19. arjun

    u sure u want that chasma...gayle can give it u for free...haha

  20. parzi

    cant help beta....i wnt stop watching tv soaps :p

  21. shanu

    bv is really a gr8 soap....i remember crying everytime i watch it :p

  22. haha disha,,,...gayle ko mail karogi uhhhh