Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One Word Blog Meme !

Shamelessly stole this tag from Emila's blog ;-)

Where is your cell phone? Above my Modem
Relationship? Single
Your hair? Short
Work? Lol Waiting for Joining from my company ;) ,then work :P
Your sister?Just one little sis Anupriya
Your favorite thing?sleep
Your dream last night?I saw my old friends
Your favorite drink?water
Your dream car?Merc
The room youre in?bedroom
Your fears?Water
What do you want to be in 10 years?Riche Rich
Who did you hang out with this weekend?family
What are you not good at?fighting
One of your wish list items? Laptop
Where you grew up?Mumbai,India
Last thing you did?Ate my food
What are you wearing?clothes
What aren't you wearing? Shoes
Your pet?none
Your computer? Samsung
Your life?happy
Your mood?boring
Missing? my friend Sonam
What are you thinking about right now?how to complete this tag
Your kitchen?small
Your summer?hot
Your favorite color? Blue
Last time you laughed? today on Michael Jackson singing Tamil song
Last time you cried?for less Marks in exam
Love? No

I now tag Sahityika,Parul,Anurag,Sugandha,Arjun,Aarthi,Freelancer,Mehreen,Bella,Vedshree,More Orangee and any1 who read this tag is supposed to do this tag

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Anger Management Lessons..

Anger is an important key element in life.Likewise Anger can cause troubles and problems in ones life.It leads to relationship problems,enmity between best friends, hatred etc.Thus it is essential to control our anger.We should know how and when to exhibit our anger.There are various reasons which may imbue this anger within people.Researchers are working hard to find out the reasons.People may not know or may be they may not be in their senses when they get angry.For instance,when I get angry it may directly affect my personality and it will be reflected in my behaviour as well.Thus few group of people also know me as 'the angry man'.This should be reduced and hence we should have effective anger management and control over it.Here I come with the anger management lessons.I will give you 10 lessons.Please take care and read it carefully.

Lesson #1
When you hear someone saying something against you, then it is advisable to focus on the reason of the words rather than concentrating on the tone or language being used.By doing this half of your anger will be controlled and you will come to know the actual reason.For eg I have a friend of mine who used to stay far away from my place.The other day I happened to call her and I could realize some changes in the tone in which she was talking.I asked her to tell me the reason,but she refused.I inferred that she was rude after this.She actually told me that she would tell me later when we meet online,but I insisted her to say.If she didn't want to tell me the reason then she wouldn't have told me that she would tell me later.With her tone which deviated from her actual tone,I should have realized that something was wrong,but I didn't and for some time I even forgot that she was my best friend.Thus one should focus on the reason rather than concentrating on the tone or language being used.

Lesson #2
On a serious note whenever one gets angry one should have a glass of water.Water has this unique ability to reduce or minimize anger.It can calm you down.Also breathing in and out exercises would work.Some people count numbers from 1 to 10.A smile on face is essential.You may have heard of Laughter clubs,groups etc.This may sound funny ,but trust me it works.

Lesson #3

This is very important. Don't give into your impulses.Think twice before you speak.At times there may be words which would wound others feeling.The impact would be so high that this wound may take time to heal and may on worst case scenario may end up putting knots in our relationship. Sometimes we may say something when we are angry not realising the impact it puts on the other person.Later on we may realize our mistake and may even try to apologise,but its not always easy to forgive.So its better we should avoid taking risk and be careful whenever we are angry.No one here is perfect and we understand.We get angry and make mistakes,but we should be careful.

Lesson #4
Displacement of Anger is wrong.We know that anger is something beyond our control but why should someone else pay for someone else's mistake.The targets are people who are close to us.We may not wish to offend them by any chance.As we can only take them for granted and hurt them for somebody who hold no rights on our lives often.

Lesson #5

Listen Carefully and Develop patience. Only then you will develop the time to interpret your impulses before making them your reactions.And when you do that you will respond and not react.And when you respond,you are right because it involves thinking.

Lesson #6
Anger leads to unhealthy changes in our body.It is not good for our physical and mental health.Sometimes it may invite various diseases such as high blood pressure or depression which are the root causes for various diseases related to digestive,circulatory and nervous system.

Lesson #7
When we are angry,it is better to take it off in a composed way rather than taking it in.When we take it in ,it leads to frustration and the anger may come out in front of the wrong person at a wrong time.

Lesson #8

Anger is not the solution,its just a vent out.For instance,if you are happy for whatever reason and even if someone offend you by say pushing you in a train or something ,you will excuse it with a smile saying its OK.But on the other hand if you get pissed then anything or anybody will get onto your nerves and you won't be solving things just uttering bitterness and straining relationships.

Lesson #9
Try to empathise.It is not easy to keep everything in your mind when you are losing it,but if possible the person from which the reaction that is offending you is coming.And if you know that its not the person's usual behaviours try and give him some grace and see if you can be of some help.If you know that the person is like that only then why waste your energy.Your shouting will certainly not help or improve him.It will cause unpleasantness.Few say that Fire can't extinguish fire..only water can.If we stretch a thread from two ends it will break,so its better to let go sometimes.

Lesson #10
Last but not least Learn to forgive and try and stay happy.This can change your life.
I do believe that these lessons would have helped you in minimizing your anger. I take this opportunity to thank my teacher and my best friend Parul(aka Parzi in Blog world) for taking such wonderful lessons.Yes,she taught me these lessons and I wished to share it with my

Thank you for everything Parz :)..and sorry for yesterday :) ;).. This is for you and you know it why :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Autobiography of a 13 yr old..

Hello Everyone,
I am Riya and I am 19 years old virtually and 13 as per my birth certificate.Well don't get confused between the numbers. Being 13 is like curse. Just remember that we are the next big thing on Earth. We have entered our teenage and yup we are unstoppable. Well, now I'm going to write about the difficulties that people of my age face. Let me write two separate parts. One of them will be the difficulties faced in real world and the other one in Virtual world. Bohoooo! don't think that I am stupid. After reading this if you call me a kid ,bachhuu or baby  then I will break your head into two equal halves. Well,  you can call me baby in other sense *blushes * but not the one referring to age. Bohooo! Lets shoot! Where is the gun? hihi :P

Real World.
Other day Momma was doing some important office work and I soon grabbed this opportunity to watch my favorite cartoon show shinchan. Damn! how cute and naughty Shinchan is! I love this naughty guy. I ran towards the drawing room to check if no one was watching TV. But I learned that my brother was watching highlights of India-Australia World cup match.

"I want to watch Sinchan, bhai let me see naa," I requested.
"Bhaiyya please," I cried.
He did not budge nor spoke a word.
"Abhey motte,dinosaur ke miniature form." I got angry and ran away.
I ran to my room and started studying once again.

My brother has been a big problem for me.Wait till I get to know his girlfriends name.
The other day I impersonated him and spoke to his girlfriend. Her voice was cute, but Riya doesn't gives a damn about it. I even kissed her on phone, who cares ? :P

But sooner  my brother came to know about this. He started his regular dialogues.
"Hey Ullu,Saaand, Rhinosauras ki bachhi." He was linking me with all the animals that he knew.
Even Mumma feels brother deserves the best and thinks that I am dumb. My parents love
that Motu and detest me. You know some great baba once said that it is difficult to think and behave like a 13 yr old. Ask a 30 yr old man to behave like a 13 yr old. But I  can as I'm 13 hahaha. Not funny !Hah!.
Papa brings just 1 cadbury chocolates for me. He says that since I'm a kid I could get germs and cavities on my teeth.

Virtual World.
Most of the time my fat and stout brother would be watching highlights of cricket matches that were played decades ago. Such a loser my brother is! He  doesn't allows me to use the PC. I could get a chance to touch the Computer dearest only when he is out to meet his girlfriend who don't give a damn to him. Yes, Loser guy my brother is! But I have to take care that no one is watching me. No No, I don't watch porn! Let me share my first experience in a Yahoo Chatroom  That was 2 years back and  I was studying in class 5th .It was the same period when  my dad got us an internet connection. No one was at home. I soon made a fake Yahoo and Gmail id. It was emma.hudson11. I logged into Yahoo Messenger using this id. As soon as I entered one of the chatrooms, I was scared. My PC was flooded with too many instant messages. At the rate at which the chat windows popped on the screen, I realized that these guys were just waiting for me. I didn't know what to do. I was afraid and was aware of the consequences too. I was closing the instant chats one by one. Those guys were asking for ASL and many things.

ashiq: Hey sexy Emma.
emma.hudson11: Hi!
ashiq: ASL pls
emma.hudson11: What?

I never knew the exact   meaning of ASL. I soon called my best friend Nikita  who knew the A to Z of internet and chatting. She told me that ASL stands for Age,Sex and Location.

emma.hudson11: 11 Female,  Delhi.
ashiq: Oh achhi!! Haha go to school kid.
emma.hudson11: Hey don't call me kid.
ashiq: Bye.

I was angry on Ashiq. He seemed to me more like an internet troll. So I decided to fake my ASL to 27 Female Mumbai. The next person to ping me was Aawara_Aashiq. 
WTF! Whats with this Aashiq's out here! I said to myself.

aawara_aashiq: Hello Emma. 
emma.hudson11: Hello
aawara_aashiq: 18M Delhi
emma.hudson11: 27 Female Mumbai here
aawara_aashiq: Oh wow! are you hot? Got nice boobs? 

I stood stunned for a while. He seemed to be a pervert. I blocked him at the same time. But sadly most of the guys whom I encountered were perverts and assholes. 

But I decided to have fun of these guys by faking my identity. From that day itself I changed my so called ASL  to 19 F Delhi. And since then I am 19 for all the virtual guys. This will continue till I actually celebrate my 19th birthday. Recently Less Mango ,one of my close friend in the virtual world invited me to a group chat with his friends Tee, Notfreedancer and Bijay in Gmail. I loved chatting with them.But thing is that at the end of the chat people came to know my real age. Then they all would tease me by calling me kid , baby, bachhi and so on. Notfreedancer called me a kid and I would get vexed. "The goats young one is called Kid," I would snap back at him instantly.

Uh Huh!!I'm very upset and sad. Virtual guys search for girls of their age and what will happen to little girls like me. Even guys of my age search for older girls in virtual world. What is happening? Oh God! I forgot to write my Maths homework. My teacher will kick me out the class. Let me write it before hand or else I'm dead.

Bye take care! Love you all xox :*

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy birthday Ajay


Umm!!Happy birthday my dear friend Ajay.As you read this you will see many surprises.The other day me and More Orangee actually planned to gift something special to our good friend Ajay.But as we planned,the idea got flopped. Later on we planned to loot a bar shop.We both were dressed in suit and we both had a mask.Yes, you must have seen the news of 2 masked men looting a beer shop in Mumbai and yes the both were me and More Orangee.

We didn't knew Ajay's favourite brand ,so we got few bottles from the shop.This is just for you Ajay.This is yours. And yeah we also saved your party expenses.You are my good friend Ajay.Friends,I really don't know what to say about this guy.He has shared all his secrets to me.Thanks to TechM who came to our college or else I would not have met this soul.

I know ,this is one of the best gift for you.Infact only me and More Orangee could think like this .He hehe !! you rock man!! This is for you.Ek Ek karke peena aaram se . :P
Yes ,I got few more surprises for you as well.So here are your gifts.Enjoy!! Have fun! .

These pretty girls are for you

Hope may all your dreams come true.Wishing you luck

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hey honey this is Tanya here!!

**This is a work of fiction based purely on the Writers Imagination.

Umm!!! The word Tanya reminds me of the gorgeous chick who studied with us during our Junior college days at Shrirams.She was not a superstar, not even a supergirl,but she had a big fan club. Just imagine normal girls like her have fan clubs then what will happen to filmstars in future.We could concieve her as the next Miss World during those times.She was the heartthrob of almost everyone.I still remember Kishore running behind her like mad on the Valentines day. He was our senior.Our Student Counsellor,General Secretary,Prefect and every one was on the queue.

"Yaar,Apna number kabh aayega," Krystofaar,my room mate used to ask me. I still have vivid memories of Krystofaar chasing Tanya when she was tramping alone at Chandi Chowk. Tanya was unaware of Krystofaar chasing her since long. Perhaps she had never seen him in our class as she was amongst the 'out'standing student and even I was a part of this great fame league.This was how I befriended Tanya.On the other hand Krystofaar used to attend all lectures. That night when the street seemed to be isolated from normal crowded region of Delhi, Krystofaar was chasing Tanya. Finally after few hours they paused.They both were panting heavily.
"Hangon dude!why the fuck are you chasing me?," She asked him with a cruel look on her face.

"Please for god sake don't use the F word again,it is bad," Krystofaar replied.
"Whatever?," she was losing her temper.
"Actually I wanted to say that you look beautiful today !,"He added.
"Who are you silly?you ratface,"She said .
"Ratface," he winked at her.
"Ok fine dude,thanks ,shall we go for a coffee,"She said to him.
"Hainnn!!! Coffee, Hanjii," He said.
Soon they both left for CCD.Little they knew that some one was following them from sidelines and the spy was none other than me.

I'd seen entered the coffee shop like Agent Bond as if Tanya's dad had asked me to follow her activity.After watching both of them it was for the first time I noticed that Krystofaar could actually blush.

"Damn! Sala" I said.
Finally the waiter arrived with the bill.Tanya was a typical 21st century girl who relied on the guys to pay her bills.Our college student chairman Rishi was paying her phone bills for few months which was replaced by Nishikanth,our GS. Our principal's son was taking care of her make up and other accessories.
Krystofaar never had the habit of carrying Wallets.
"165 Rs Madam," the waiter said.
"Can't you see,Sir will pay," She pointed towards Krystofaar.
Krystofaar pretended as if he was carrying his wallet and he forgot.So he asked Tanya to pay the bill.
"Damn!Ratface,"She was vexed.
"Waiter jiii please can you wait for few minutes till I get my money," He said to the waiter.
"Chalo tum dono Bhartan gisso abh!," the waiter replied.

"Bhartan and me,my foot,"Tanya said.
It was then the time for me to exhibit my hero giri.I entered the scene like a superhero.
"Hey Tanya," I said.
"Hi Shravan," she replied.
"What are you doing with Krystofaar?," I curiously asked her.
"Well you know this Ratface?," she said.
"Yup he is from our class,didn't you know?," I asked her.
Krystofaar was feeling sheepish for his behaviour.

Finally the problem was solved as I settled the bill amount.
Krystofaar ,me and Tanya went on to become good friends during the course of our junior college days. I had a strong intuition that Krystofaar had a crush on her.Krystofaar and me went on to crack IITentrance and we both studied in the same class once again. Tanya was doing her BMS from some reputed institution. We never had Tanya's new phone number . It was after 4 years that I again decided to play a prank on Krystofaar.Few days ago,I actually came across a TV commercial Ad where few girls ask the viewers to call them. The devil in my mind started working. I noted the number on my mobile phone and saved it. It was 09987333333.
I tried to call her for fun.
"Hey honey this is Tanya here, how are you sexy ?," the person said.
I soon realized that it was a computer recorded message and the name 'TANYA' once again tickled my brain.
I asked Krystofaar to call her saying that it was Tanya's new number.
Soon outright he dialled the number without any second thought.
"Hey honey this is Tanya here, how are you sexy ?," the person said.
"Tell her that you love her ," I said.
"Hi Tanya, I love you so much," Krystofaar said.
"What will you do if I say I am feeling cold?," the voice said.
"Will you give me a hug or not?," it said.
"Yes,I will hug you and even kiss you," Krystofaar grinned.
I could not control my laughter.
"Press 1 if you say yes or press 2 for no,"she said.
"yaar seems she is playing number games with me," he blushed.
"Hey sweety,I will give you morning call tommorow, chillax!," and the phone got cut.
Krystofaar was overwhelmed and excited. Every day he used to get up early because of the computer generated Tanya.
Poor Krystofaar never knew that it was a recored voice.
Later on when he came to know this,he got vexed.
He never spoke to us for few weeks until some one actually came to meet him.
"Hey Ratface! won't you talk to me,"some girl said.
Krystofaar thought that it was me who was impersonating Tanya.
Later on it was Tanya who was in the city for vacations.It was me who asked her to meet our cute champu.
"Oh Ratface!!," she said again.
"Oh my god! Tanya," Krystofaar came running towards her like the 1970's Indian hero.
Krystofaar confessed his love to Tanya.Tanya accepted it happily and Krystofaar was allset to become her 75th boyfriend. Any idea who was her 5th boyfriend!!:P

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Proposal 2

Disclaimer: All characters are fictitious.It is based on the writers imagination.This is an exclusive fiction work.

Read Proposal 1 from here

Finally , we left for our Camp. I made sure that I had the book with me.It had the most important letter of my life which would decide the relationship between Mandeep and me.“Sandy ,dude,don’t get scared,” Andy said to me.

Life is an enigma for me.I have met many people in my life. Some were friendly and some who ignored me most often.Getting Andy as my friend is one of the most luckiest thing that I have in my life. He is my alter ego and my roomie since many years.

“Yar Sandy ,where were you ?,” Mandy came running towards me as we reached the destination.

“No, yar actually we were late ,” I replied.

“Uff, dude today is the last time we people are going to meet ,” She said.

“Yes,Mandy,” I replied.

“I wish these days could remain forever and yes we should meet again in future,” I added.

“Ullu ,Buddhu, we will,” She grabbed my hand and took me to introduce her other friends.

“Andy! come with me na,” I asked Andy to accompany me.

“Andy,tu bhi aaja !,” Mandy said to Anandit.

We reached the place. She took us to meet her friends.It was a precious moment for her.“Sandeep,do you have the letter with you,”Andy asked me.

“Yes ,I do,” I replied.

"Give it to her,” he impatiently said to me.

“Yaar,ok I will,” I said.

“Disha and Parul meet my friend Sandeep,” Mandeep introduced me to her friends Disha and Parul. They once used to be her school friend. “This Parul,the pink babe from Kashmir used to be a naughy girl during school days,” Mandeep winked.

“Now see her,damn beautiful she is naa, Andy,” She said.

"True,Mandy.Your friends are as beautiful as you," Andy replied. I was scared and I could not open my mouth .I had the letter with me ,but I didn’t had the courage to confess my love to her.Meanwhile Mandeep was searching for some one. May be she was looking for her other friends whom I didn’t knew.

“Abhey should I tell her everything,” Andy said to me.

“No, I will tell,” I was nervous.

Some unwanted thoughts were running through my mind.

What if she says no? and what if she stops talking to me. I didn’t want to lose her friendship.

After few minutes I went close to her.

“Hang on Sandy ,I’ll come back,” she said and left.

After 10 minutes she came with some Sikh sardar . “Achha,bol de saale,” Andy was insisting me to tell my love for her.

“Yaar,ok ,” I told and I removed the letter from my pocket.

“Sandy my baby, meet my fiance Manpreet Singh,” She said.

Tears came out of my eyes suddenly.It felt as if the sad breeze had brushed me. I was feeling low and sad. I was broken from within.

“Hi, Manpreet,” I wished him. After few hours,both me and Andy left for the hostel.

He removed the letter from my pocket and tore it into peices.

“She is not lucky dude,” Andy said to me.

“Probably she didn’t deserve you ,” he added.

“You rock man,don’t get dishartened .You have your good buddies with you,” he said to me.

I felt like crying and I cried to the core. It was the first time I was crying after long.I was not a cry baby and never wanted to be one.I always wanted to see smiles on people’s faces. But now there was no one to soothe me.

Later Mandeep had called me.I refused to pick up her phone call.

After few minutes I got an sms.

“Manpreet and me are getting married soon,you are invited. Love you Sandy bless”

The next day I left for my home town in Delhi. I left uninformed.


Dear friends,

I am extremely sorry for this long delay.This is not a fiction as the disclaimer says.This is the story of my best friend. I am none other than the ‘Andy’ of this story.I just hope that he is happy wherever he is. Thanks a lot dude.We all love you .


The Solitary Writer.

Friday, July 03, 2009

The Birth of Snake Dance - the hidden history

Disclaimer:This post is purely based on the writers imagination.This is a work of fiction.

Once upon a time in blogpur,an incident occurred which was scripted in history.This led to the emergence of a new dance form.It was the time when the humans and the beasts were amongst the best buddies.It was the era of friendship and where cultural civilization was too far .The time period encountered various events which is devoid to today's generation.This hasn't been mentioned in history .
In blogpur, humans and the snake community lived together in harmony.Snakes never hissed and humans never danced.This ancient historic event took place ages ago during the reign of Prince Arjuna,the great ruler of the Choudary kingdom.
Prince Arjuna had a special liking for dance and hunting.Dancing and Hunting are not directly related to each other .He was the only person who was skilled with the art of 'Nrutya'.He was modest and humble.He was benevolent.His ministry comprised of highly talented ministers like Bahadur Sunil,Vaidya Riya,Intelligent Richa and many more.Snakes were friendly and intelligent unlike humans.Saapo,the president of the Snake community was malicious and was against the humans .He didn't want the humans to mingle with the snakes.
"Prince Arjuna,I won't let you rule our dynasty," Saapo,the snake screamed in front of the snake community members.
"I'm planning an attack on the humans ,"he added.
"But, great , humans are supposed to be snakes' best friends, aren't they?," Junior Saapo said.
"I don't give a damn about it, my target is Prince Arjuna," Saapo was furious.

Meanwhile Prince Arjuna of the Royal Choudary family was getting ready for his dance classes.He bowed down in front of his mother to seek her blessings.
"Ammo,me want to develop unity amongst the snake and the humans," he said to his mother.
"Lord Shiva,bless me," he prayed to god.

Saapo overheard all this."Unity between snake and humans,my foot," he said.
He soon thought for a while and churned out a reason from his wicked mind.
"I will see you in Panchayat ,Prince," he gave a wicked smile.

The next day Panchayat was called and all biggies of the blog world including Chronic writer,Solitary writer,Busy writer,Pink Orchid and Yem bee Aye were called.
"May I know the reason for the panchayat,"Prince Arjuna asked Saapo.
"I don't support your selfish attitude," Saapo replied.
"What are you talking ,Saapo? make sense," the prince replied.

"I don't advocate this idea of yours," Saapo,the snake replied.
"Abhey Langoor ke aulad ," the prince got annoyed.
"Why don't you take our snakes with you and teach them the dance ," Saapo said.
"We want justice," Saapo added.

Prince Arjuna didn't have any answer for this question of Saapo.
The Panchayati Samiti soon arranged a meeting.Chronic writer,Solitary writer,Busy writer,Pink Orchid and Yem bee Aye attended the meeting.
"Well ,what is the appropriate solution guys?," Chronic writer said.
"We should ask Arjuna to teach the Snakes," Pink Orchid replied.
"Naa,wait ,We should have a contest between Arjuna and Saapo,a dance contest,"Solitary Writer said.
"I second Solitary writer,we should have some sort of dance contest guys," Yem bee yae smiled.
"But Saapo said snakes don't know dance," Chronic writer said.
"He is a liar Chrony,I've seen Saapo doing rain dance many times," Busy writer said to her team.
"So,there will be a contest between both the parties ,hmm,interesting guys,"Chronic writer giggled.
"Who will be our judge?,"Chronic writer added.
"Lets call Farah Khan and Saroj Khan," Busy writer winked.
"Naa,lets get some guys from our field,call our techie "Saif"," Solitary writer said with a smile.
Saif,the techie for the community was called.He was a scientist and his inventions were famous.It is said that few of his inventions were modified by Sir Isaac Newton as at that era there were no provision of Copyright and Patents.

Saif was made to get in few bloggers from the 21st century with the help of his time machine. The samitee decided to call Ste,Sandeep Balan,Priyanka and Bharghav.
They even called blog fame Leo and Aarthi to host the contest.
Both Prince Arjuna and Saapo agreed to the accord and contest dates were announced.

A week later the contest started. People from "Simply me" ,"Conjuring Kreativity","Pragmatic Utopia"," Illusions","More Orangee","Chemerical thoughts"," Where words are thoughts" and many had come to witness this unique event.
The dance floor was arranged.
"Guys ,its a unique battle between the snakes and the human community," hosts Leo and Aarthi announced.
"We have Sandeep Balan,Ste,Priyanka and Bharghav Saika as our judges for todays contest," Aarthi said.
"It's an important event guys,if humans win,then snakes will lose their ability to stand erect and speech.If snakes win,then humans will lose their ability to speak and think," Leo said.

Prince Arjun and Saapo looked at each other with anger.
"There will be 2 rounds.Fast songs will be played in the first round and Slow songs will be played in the second round.Each judge will give you 25 points and the game will be decided by the scores out of 200 after end of round 2," Leo and Aarthi said.

"Lets start the show," the judges said in unison.
Prince Arjuna came to dance. He twined his body in all possible directions. He danced for 5 minutes.

"Aila,man Arjuna dancing hip hop," Sandeep Balan said to the other judges.
The judges were highly impressed with Arjuna's performance.

"Arjuna,something was missing daa,I am still finding it out, so I give you 21 out of 25,"Priyanka said.
"24 for you da ,no comments simply amazing," Ste gave him a standing ovation.
"22 for you,as Pri said some elements were missing," Sandeep Balan said.
"14 for you ,no expressions,no entertainment ,no excitement," Bharghav said to the prince.

The hosts next called Saapo ,the snake.
The snake was dancing pretty aggresively.He was performing continous movements.
"God,the snake is doing rock and roll," Bhargav grinned.
"23 for you Saapo,you rock," Priyanka said.
"24 for you,superb expressions and aggresions Saapo," Ste said.
"25 for the cute Saapo,god bless you," Sandeep Balan said.
"25 for you.Everything was perfect.Had a perfect feast," Bharghav said.

"So at the end of the first round Prince Arjuna is 81 and Saapo is 97," the anchors said and everyone cheered for Saapo.

It seemed the human race was about to lose the contest.It would be a humiliating defeat.Everyone from the human community encouraged and cheered for their dance representative Prince Arjun.

The second round started and Prince Arjuna came to dance.
He was better than the previous round.He performed some dance.
"24 for you ,perfect fete for us," Priyanka said.
"24 ,you were dancing well this time," Ste said.
"25,I'm impressed ," Sandeep Balan said.
"25,was a delight for us,I will write a review about this dance of yours," Bhargav gave him a standing ovation.

Saapo was over confident and he slipped while dancing.This reflected in his marks.
"10,Sorry," Priyanka refused to speak a word.
"11,didn't expect this," Ste said.
"10,disappointed," Sandeep said with a straight face.
"10," Bhargav said.

"So total after round 2 is different.Prince Arjuna gets 179 and Saapo gets 138," the hosts smiled.
Prince Arjuna laughed and screamed.Saapo was clearly disappointed.His face exhibited his frown.The snakes lost their ability to sense and stand erect.Prince Arjuna rolled on the floor and gigled.
"Snake dance ,Snake dance!," The judges were stunned.
"Thats a perfect snake dance,"They said.

"And thats how snake dance came into existence," Arjun Choudary, the great great grandson of Prince Arjuna said to his other blogger friends.
Arjun Choudary was an expert snake dancer and he used to teach Sandeep Malan sir in his acting school.

"Wow!,so you guys created history ,eh!," the blogger friends said in unison.
"Yes,"Arjun said to his friends with pride.

Arjuns best friend from Indonesia recently came to India to Learn Snake dance.


Umm, actually I loved writing this one for Arjun,the humour king.

It takes just one smile to stop 1000 tears!!

I just love this statement since long.It has nothing to do with this post.How often do we realize that any act of yours could hurt some one. We may have not intented to hurt the person,but the message may be misinterpreted and the person may feel bad. In this post I'm going to talk about such people who have this unique talent of hurting people.I call it as a talent just because in some way or the other I find myself associated with this thing.When you speak something,we often fail to take a note of the impact it creates on the opponent.I can relate myself to this category of people.I have hurt few of my best people which includes my parents,my sibling,my friends,cousins etc.Its only after that I regret hurting a wonderful person.I have no doubts that god has send me his best people to be my friends.It is these people who have supported me and encouraged me for things which I couldn't do. I remember how I spoke against my parents for irritating me early morning. Infact they both were making sense ,its just that I took it the wrong way.I was already pissed of due to this recession saga and it was 7 am early morning. The same day I don't know why ,but I was too stupid.I badly hurted some one who knew me so well.It was one of my best friend. I mean the bestest of my friend.I don't know if such word exists in English dictionary ,I just want to say that this person has done so many wonders.At times,I plan to make decisions hastily.Deleting my blog was a long time goal ....hehe its not going to be an achievement though.It is this person who protested against this decision and told me the importance of my blog and my small little readers group. My blog would have died long ago in mid 2008 if it wasn't this person. It was this persons advice and words or few which have made me smile at a time. Thanks a lot best friend,you don't cease to make me smile.
The title of the post was actually a thought provoking statement which was my friends statement.Just concentrate on this line and think for a while.How meaningful it is naa??Its quite true that its just one smile that could stop people's tear.All that I want from you is just one smile. I know you could very well fake smiles and I was very well aware of it.I can easily find out the difference between original and fake smiles.I know I am rude and stupid soul on Earth.I know how much I irritate you.And the same thing continous everytime.I am so sorry for it .
Thanks a lot for being my best buddy on earth. I just want to show you this picture. If you still don't smile ,then this is what gonna happen.

Congratulations for scoring good marks in your final sem marks .Hope you get all that you want and god bless you.

And hey this is for you....Just accept this .I know you got a special liking for roses ....:D..
I cannot see my best friend sad and hope you know it...

This is for you and only you know it why :)