Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy birthday Ajay


Umm!!Happy birthday my dear friend Ajay.As you read this you will see many surprises.The other day me and More Orangee actually planned to gift something special to our good friend Ajay.But as we planned,the idea got flopped. Later on we planned to loot a bar shop.We both were dressed in suit and we both had a mask.Yes, you must have seen the news of 2 masked men looting a beer shop in Mumbai and yes the both were me and More Orangee.

We didn't knew Ajay's favourite brand ,so we got few bottles from the shop.This is just for you Ajay.This is yours. And yeah we also saved your party expenses.You are my good friend Ajay.Friends,I really don't know what to say about this guy.He has shared all his secrets to me.Thanks to TechM who came to our college or else I would not have met this soul.

I know ,this is one of the best gift for you.Infact only me and More Orangee could think like this .He hehe !! you rock man!! This is for you.Ek Ek karke peena aaram se . :P
Yes ,I got few more surprises for you as well.So here are your gifts.Enjoy!! Have fun! .

These pretty girls are for you

Hope may all your dreams come true.Wishing you luck


  1. he he ajay...have a great day dear...aur ste and orangee...stop thisand all....ek bache bigaad doge x-(

  2. Happy Birthday Ajay!

  3. hmmm... have a happy b'day ajay...
    booze n hotties.... cant think of anymore better gift...
    OMG megan looks soooooooo foxy... luv her eyes..

    new header luks grt..
    ste,padayappa,cruise,hanks aamir.... yabba... lots...

  4. stibumama...
    this i ur reconsidering...ahmmm...
    u r in ur naughty elements today...
    well all i can say is happy birthday ajay...may god bless you...n may all ur wishes come true...
    god bless u guys..n ur friendship...!

  5. haha m sure this is the best budday for ur friend hehe *wink wink* ;)

  6. hehehe..u r a true frndz nice gifts...neways,,Happy B'day Ajay

  7. megan fox & genelia for my, ur my best frnd...u made my day ste!!!
    thanks a ton ste...& thnks all of u....god bless u all!!!!:)

  8. happy birthday again.....
    and yes... no one was harmed during the loot..... :D

  9. Redirected via Orkut.
    Thanks for friend request.
    Flawless post.

    indeed a good blog...

    ..tough m not very found of reading english blog then too being ur follower seems to be worthwile...

    Congrats ! and best of luck for the future..

    Darpan Sah

  10. haha...ajay with those
    anyways HBD dude

  11. ha ha ha..
    thts nt gud rattu tote.. :P
    lekin doston k liye itna chalta hai ..

  12. haan toh ajay :D
    happy birthday :D

  13. hope ur friend had a good birthday blast!

  14. parull

    thats ur stibumama na stupid.... lolz

  15. thnks a lot ajay....

    u liked the girls naaa